Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Myra Canyon

After the Okanagan Mountain Fire

The Myra Canyon Trestle Society numbered the 18 trestles in Myra Canyon from west to east.
Those in Red were destroyed in the fire.

136.76 Frame trestle #18 55x10
137.16 Frame trestle #17 27x8
137.22 Frame trestle #16 27x12
137.27 Frame trestle #15 46x12
137.48 Frame trestle #14 73x12
137.73 Frame trestle #13 87x15
137.81 Frame trestle #12 24x10
137.96 Tunnel. 114
138.22 Frame trestle #11 132x24 This is the summit of the Carmi Subdivision at 1274 metres.
138.91 Tunnel. 84
139.03 Frame trestle #10 59x9
139.28 Klo Creek—East Fork Canyon Creek Bridge #9 111x48 This was originally a frame trestle, changed when CPR upgraded the line. The present bridge consists of five steel through-plate girder spans on steel towers. (The wooden deck was burnt off in the fire)
139.42 Frame trestle #8 73x21
139.80 Water tower The concrete foundation blocks are still here.
140.81 S-Curve frame trestle #7. 90x25
141.50 Pooley Creek—West Fork Canyon Creek Bridge #6 220x55 This is the longest and highest bridge in Myra Canyon. Originally a frame trestle, it was replaced in 1931-32 with steel. The bridge consists of twelve steel through-plate girder spans on steel towers. (The wooden deck was burnt off in the fire)
141.74 Frame trestle #5 23x3
141.89 Frame trestle #4 150x37
142.40 Frame trestle #3 82x9
142.6 The KVR was relocated, diverting a 142 metre-long trestle. Sections of the original trestle are still standing and the original grade is passable and worth exploring. (Condition of this trestle is unknown since the fire.)
144.0 Frame trestle #2 110x15
145.5 Frame trestle #1. 78x15

The numbers after the trestles is the length and height of the trestle. The number after the tunnels is the length of the tunnel


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