Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Carmi Subdivision

Midway to Penticton, 215 km

Trail Updates

Changes since the 1st edition are shown in black 12.8
Changes since the 2nd edition are shown in red 14.6


0.0 Village of Midway

The route from Midway "Mile 0' west is coming together. The railbed can be ridden from behind the Midway Museum to Ingram Bridge with one highway crossing just west of Midway and a detour through the mill yard. At Ingram Bridge you have to pass under the bridge and follow a path up to Bubar Rd. which loops around some farms (approx. 2km) and back onto the railroad grade. The Midway Museum is a great place to get trail updates and vehicles can be left there. For those who wish to camp in Midway, the Village has a campground on the river with washrooms and firewood for $10.00 a night (better deals for unaccompanied cyclists - especially if it rains). Showers are available for $2.00 across the road from the campground. Motel and Bed and Breakfast accommodation are also available. (June 2000, Steve Stewart.)

18.2 Rock Creek

24.9 Kettle River Recreation Area

33.0 Westbridge

Paul39.9 Paul Lautard's War Memorial in Rhone has become a rest stop for cyclists. Paul has built a beautiful shelter with hammock inside, an out house and picnic table on the site and a bicycle railing for leaning heavily ladened pannier bicycles against. Hopefully every one will have a chance to meet Paul and share in some of the history of the area and some of that great tasting water he carries down from his house. Paul has also informed me that Rhone was named after the Rhone Valley by a family that had come from the Rhone Valley and settled in the area, and not after the Rhone River as I have stated in the book. Paul was born in Carmi in 1922. .(Sept, 1998)

42.3 Little Dipper Campground B&B and Campground
George & Frauke Delisle
P.O. Box 27
Westbridge, B.C. V0H 2B0
Phone / Fax (250) 446-2213

68.1 Beaverdell

Dollar Mtn. B&B CLOSED
 85 Ernest Ave. Beverdell - End of 3rd street 
 New and can Accommodate 6 Singles or up to 4 Couples.
 Phone Judy or Richard @ 250-484-5589
 New Website:
 Email: May 2011

Beaverdell Tamarack Lodge CLOSED
The Tamarack Lodge is open, we cater to the cyclists as well as work crews needing lodging. We supply rooms, bag lunches ect, we are fully lisenced, and children are allowed. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our new # is 250-484-5348. Please if you could clear the old ads and replace it with this info and # it would be a great help and would end the confusion that we are closed as i say we are fully open, with a new phone so people can contact us. With our beaverdell hotel gone we need to keep the tourism going for our little community. Thanks Dan, my e-mai is Again thank you.

Beaverdell Hotel
The Beaverdel Hotel is gone due to a fire... Burned to the ground. - May 2011

Highland Cabins
Beaverdell, BC

CLOSED- July 2010
Beaver Creek Services & bakery/deli no longer here. new business is beaverdell gas, bakery & deli closes at 7:00pm

86.4 Wilkinson Creek Detour - There appears to be a road just pior to the 4x4 road that leads up from Wilkinson Creek Forest Service Road to the KVR at Lois. Chris Gilfoyle wrote me to say that a number of cyclists are getting lost mistaking this road for the 4x4 road to the rail-bed. This road runs out in about 1.5 km and does not connect to the KVR. The right road is about 500m from Highway 33 and is a grassy 4x4 road that forks about 150 metres from the start and both forks connect to the KVR. (Nov 6, 1997)

118.1 Ok falls 201 forestry road to Idabel Lake Ravens Lodging for Cyclists only:  #32 Paradise rd.. Call Louise 250-718-9570 

121.8 McCulloch Lake Resort (9995 McCulloch Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1P 1K3)
Since the fires in Myra Canyon McCulloch Lake Resort has undergone ownership changes and does not offer services. The new owners are looking into suppling services at a latter date fors cyclists.
Camping is available at Hydraulic Lake Forestry Campground which is expanding and making cycle into only sites along the lake shore. Expected completion of sites later in 2008. ( km 121.4)

135.3 Myra Canyon
Myra Canyon Trestles were open in March.
Grand opening of Myra Canyon Trestles was held on July 6, 2008.

Ten of the Sixteen Wooden Trestles In Myra Canyon were destroyed in the Okanagan Mountain Fire in August of 2003. The two steel bridges had the wooden decks burnt off. All of the trestles have been rebuilt.Below is a record of the damage.

The Myra Canyon Trestle Society numbered the 18 trestles in Myra Canyon from west to east.
Those in Red were destroyed in the fire.

136.76 Frame trestle #18 55x10
137.16 Frame trestle #17 27x8
137.22 Frame trestle #16 27x12
137.27 Frame trestle #15 46x12
137.48 Frame trestle #14 73x12
137.73 Frame trestle #13 87x15
137.81 Frame trestle #12 24x10
137.96 Tunnel. 114
138.22 Frame trestle #11 132x24 This is the summit of the Carmi Subdivision at 1274 metres.
138.91 Tunnel. 84
139.03 Frame trestle #10 59x9
139.28 Klo Creek—East Fork Canyon Creek Bridge #9 111x48 This was originally a frame trestle, changed when CPR upgraded the line. The present bridge consists of five steel through-plate girder spans on steel towers. (The wooden deck was burnt off in the fire)
139.42 Frame trestle #8 73x21
139.80 Water tower The concrete foundation blocks are still here.
140.81 S-Curve frame trestle #7. 90x25
141.50 Pooley Creek—West Fork Canyon Creek Bridge #6 220x55 This is the longest and highest bridge in Myra Canyon. Originally a frame trestle, it was replaced in 1931-32 with steel. The bridge consists of twelve steel through-plate girder spans on steel towers. (The wooden deck was burnt off in the fire)
141.74 Frame trestle #5 23x3
141.89 Frame trestle #4 150x37
142.40 Frame trestle #3 82x9
142.6 The KVR was relocated, diverting a 142 metre-long trestle. Sections of the original trestle are still standing and the original grade is passable and worth exploring. (Condition of this trestle is unknown since the fire.)
144.0 Frame trestle #2 110x15
145.5 Frame trestle #1. 78x15

The numbers after the trestles is the length and height of the trestle in meters. The number after the tunnels is the length of the tunnel in meters.

Check out the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

171.4 Chute Lake Resort
Adra Tunnel Bypass

183.1 - 184.3 Adra Tunnel Bypass Trail - There is a dirt 4x4 road which runs over Adra tunnel which is not indicated on map 8 (page 66). This road has been mistaken for the tunnel bypass trail when coming up from Penticton, causing a few people to get lost. The road crosses the KVR approximately 100 metres from the lower tunnel entrance, where as the trail can be found about 550 metres from the tunnel. See map.

208.0 Hillside Estate Winery A great place to stop for lunch and sample the wines.

208.4 The rail grade has been reclaimed by the City of Penticton and the trail now follows for most part on top of the original rail bed through the orchards across a newly constructed bridge over Randolf Draw and along the top of the bench over looking Lake Okanagan into the City of Penticton.

215.0 Penticton

If you know of any trail problems sent me a note.



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