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January - December 2000


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December 12, 2000
Ron Fevang
Return Transportation
We are hoping to cycle from Beaverdell to Penticton next Summer and are wondering what would be the best way to get from Penticton back to Beaverdell to pick up our vehecle. AI hope that there is a good way.

Dec 3, 2000
Deborah Keith
Re: keeping cars off Kettle Valley Railbed
Yes. I think we should keep cars off the trail. I cycled the Carmi subdivision this August and it was wonderful. Part of the beauty was the lack of cars Human powered vehicles are so much quieter and more compatible with the surroundings. Cars have plenty of roads to travel. Thanks for bringing up this issue.

October 23, 2000
Paula Pateman

Dear Sandra and Dan Langford, I have enjoyed your second edition of Cycling the K.V R. very much. I have also sold many many copies in my STORE. This is where my point comes in .... I have a store between Osprey lake and Princeton, backing directly onto the railway. I have been open for many years as a gift shop and COFFEE BAR. I have been open since 1991. I have in the last four years also taken dogsled tours out along the section of the railway that has been designated officially as the Trans Canada Trail as of April 22 of which I was one of the water bearers with my dogsled team. I know that in writing a book you could not possibly put every little detail in and I am certainly not up in arms over my ommission from your book. However now I am seeing more and more quotes from your book saying that " The Three Lakes Store is the ONLY store and ONLY place to get a coffee between Osprey Lake and Princeton on the web concerning this area, I must comment. I was here before The 3 Lakes store was even constructed. So if there is to be a third addition of your book ( which might be a thought now that it is so much a part of the Trans Canada Trail) I hope you will please stop in and have a cup of coffee and put an end to the myth that I do not exsist Yours sincerely Paula@Pinewood

September 27, 2000
Jennifer Dykstra
Development of the KVR

Hey everyone, I'm a student in Vancouver studying Tourism Management. One of my projects I am focusing on this year is the developement of the Kettle Valley Railroad for recreational use. If anyone has any contact names or information that could help me out please contact me.
Thank you

September 27,2000
Gary Denny
Kettle Valley Railway Trestle abandonment

Hi I work for Cn and on my way to work I took my toyota over the trestles at mileage 62 the trestle was there when I went to work but one is gone just below Larson hill. I was wondering why and what can we do to prevent any further loss of a great railway heritage? Wayne Denny

September 22, 2000
David Westell
VV&E How to drive to Myncaster

Was recently seeking access to VV&E at or near Myncaster. Found a paved road south from Rock Creek. Left Fork heads south toward border. Following this road, can see trestle at 21.8 km about 500 meters to east, but road soon turns to dirt road and passes under a sign for someone's ranch. Is the road still a public road at this point? or is it private? Has the VV&E right of way in this area reverted to Crown land? or is it private as the signs would indicate?

September 19, 2000
Steve & Carla
6 day loop from Midway

Completed 6 day loop from Midway at the end of August. Last day was on the highway back to Midway. Good food and accomodations. Great Trip!

September 15, 2000
Keith Duhaime
X-country skiing / Snowshoeing trip along the KVR?

Hello! I was wondering if you could make some recommendations about doing a winter camping trip on the KVR. I would like to plan about a 4 day trip towards the end of February with a small group (5-6 people). Is this possible? If so, what stretches would you recommend? Thanks! Keith

Septmeber 12, 2000
Gail Rines
On the trail

Hi Dan, Well that was fun. I took my three boys, aged 11,13 and 15 from Rock Creek to Penticton. The boys did circles around me and i'm fairly fit. At the end they were talking about me like i was a part of the camping gear..."Okay, you take her sleeping bag and all the heavy stuff from her pannier and i'll take...." In the end, the boys reduced me to carrying foamies. But, we had a GREAT time!! a few things, the gas station guy at the RC bus depot was going to charge us $2 a day to leave our car with him. He told us it would be towed from anywhere else. The craft shop owner across the street laughed and insisted i park in her lot. The first night we camped at the provincial campground between RC and Westrbridge. In the morning we drove the car back to RC and then started our cycle stopping by the campground to pick up our gear. The shop keeper at the Westbridge store was absolutely no help, more of a hindrance...we finally, accidentally, ran into Paul Lautard who inspired me and got us on our way. We didn't even know where to start. I almost bailed the next morning in RC at Zak's. After 7.5 hours in solid rain with three very tired but brave kids, i needed to know whether there was a bus back to RC. I crept out of my tent at 7:30 and snuck over to "our place" for the scoop. I couldn't even walk as far as the no smoking section, so joined the morning coffee and smoke crowd. Bus? No. Back at Zak's my kids were raring to go. Come on mom you pack while we take down the tents. We went for Breakfast at OP. Spirits lifted. Five minutes out of town a carrier broke. John at John's ATV was out of town but his wife let me into his shop to "help myself to whatever tools i needed". Ya right, like i would know what i should really use. What i saw was some great wire and pliers. Great job, mom!! And John's wife gave me the pliers (the very only thing i didn't pack that was on my trip list) in case i needed them again, and i did. We decided to make better time to McCullough and we would have had it not been for the cows. 20 km outside of McCullough there were cows...and a huge bull with horns. 45 minutes of herding cows, blowing whistles (which was another thing i almost didn't bring) and yelling "NO COWS!" alternately with "STEAK, STEAK, STEAK, STEAK." My poor son was positive he was hard of hearing until the next day. Once again in at 7:30 at night and close to nightfall. Third night in a row. And, once again, thank goodness for hot showers. Next morning....the plan was to get better at this!! The boys were in high gear. We made much better time getting to McClure.....but the cheap camping sites are right on the lake, the expensive ones are in the trees. The vote was for the cheap seats....but, the wind....cold wind. In the lodge was another group of cyclists "doing" the same route as us. Gosh they looked chipper! No kids, a car following, reservations in each lodge/hotel, meals in the restaurants, no hot cereal on a whisperlite, no gear....but of all that, the only thing i was really envious of was the beer. I really could have gone for the beer! The next morning as they rode past while we enjoyed hot cereal outside the tent i felt fantastic about the way we were travelling.....the only way for this trip. And, they knew they couldn't do what we were doing, of course, i wasn't absolutely sure i could do what we were doing. The rest, of course, was easy. What i saw of the views over Kelowna was great. By this time the boys were calling out speeds, Hey mom 23km/hour....but boys....the view!? Spillers corner was a good stop for smoothies...did you know their son has a PhD from Stanford and he teaches in Beverly Hills?... Thanks for the book....suggestion....split each side just with directions and descriptions of turn-offs and what the road looks like; history etc on the other. In the rain, i just wanted to cut to the chase. gail from Roberts Creek, B.C.

August 30, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
RE: Pat Amundsen

Thanks for the information Pat. I assume that if we follow these instructions and the trail you describe, we would not have to pedal the bikes up that steep hill out of Summerland to get to Foulder station? Now that would be a blessing on a hot day! Does the trail presently end at the Prairie Valley station?

August 27, 2000
Amy Leibensberger
Accomodations north of Otter Lake

If you would like to get away from the crowd at Otter Lake and enjoy some true Canadian hospitality, I would suggest you contacting Myra Brewer and Bill Ayer at Buckhorn Ranch just 8 K north of Tulameen. They are most accomodating and, if you want a break from the bike saddle, you can even take a trail ride with them (horse)! Their number is 250-295-7168. We were just extremely LUCKY to have been the recipients of their kindness at the end of a very long, hot and windy day on the bikes.

August 25, 2000
Elaine Spittlehouse
Rosedale Motel, Summerland

We have a motel in Summerland and have many cylclist of the Kettle Valley Railway stay with us. As we talk to them we find that once cyclists cross the trestle over Trout Creek Canyon by the Summerland Agricultural Research Station they are faced with going left or right. The trail suggests left and they are loathe to go right in search of accommodation as they think it may mean going back down the hill that they have just climbed. This is not the case. By going right then left at the next junction and first right on to the Giant's Head Road, they will find Summerland town at the far end (all on the flat!) Our motel Rosedale Motel ( is in the down town, almost opposite a pub, next door to a restaurant and one block from several grocery stores (two 24hour convenience stores) and one block from the Coin Laundry.

August 25, 2000

Anybody please give me a lift to Nelson, Hope or anywhere in between - 1 Person 1 Mountain Bike, will split gas costs. Leaving Downtown Vancouver Friday 1st PM or Sat 2nd PM.
I plan to cycle as much of the trail as I can in one week!

August 23, 2000
Rock Creek to Rhone
My son & I cycled from Rock Creek to Rhone on Aug. 19th. 2nd ed. of your book, p. 49 talks about 3 ungated fences after Zamora Station . We didn't encounter any gates or fences on that stretch . In one spot it looked like a fence had been removed by the owner (but no evidence of anyone having torn down someone else's fence). Also the trail just before Westbridge was narrow and weedy but easily passable. We also cycled the C&W the day before from Santa Rosa Rd. to Paulson and back. At Fife Rd. on the uphill side someone has cut a hole in the wire fence behind the red shed and towards Fife Rd. so it was only necessary to throw our bikes over the fence on the downhill side of Fife Rd.

August 19, 2000
Bob Riley
Need someone to ride with
On Sunday, September 10, 2000 I am going to ride the KVR from km 135.8 Mrya Canyon (Midway to Penticton) to km 58.1 (Penticton to Osoyoos). On my first day I am going to ride from Myra Canyon to Penticton, then on the second day I will ride from Penticton to Osoyoos. If you need a lift back to Kelowna or Penticton, I have one extra space on my bike rack. If anyone is interested please e-mail me. Hope to hear from someone soon. Bob

August 19, 2000
Cindy Clouse
Rock Creek to Coquihalla Lakes July. 29-Aug7

We had planned to start at Midway but because of the pipeline work we had to back track to Rock Creek. We averaged about 50k a day which sometimes took 4hrs and other days it took 8hrs. Our bikes were fully loaded down with camping & food supplies. Made it to Beaverdell to camp at Zaks.(He has showers! and it is really in his backyard) We did get to stop at Rhone and Paul's rest stop to hear about the Railway history and have a cold drink. 2nd day we got to McCulloch resort to camp which was a harder ride for us that day. 3rd day camped at Chute lake which had a nice lodge and campsite. Meet with Gary and check out his antiques in the back. The Myra canyon has beautiful scenery and is an easy ride. Day 4 riding into Penticton was also downhill and an easy day. By the rock ovens is the only time we saw a bear which was fine with us. +Day 5 Penticton to Thirsk Lake was rough. We wanted to take the train but it didn't run on Tues and Wed. so we were forced to take the road which was very uphill. The bridge that was out at Trout Creek took us 2hrs to unload & get our bikes across. The hill is very steep but the log is not had to maneuver. Day 6 only went 11km then took the day off. We ran into Mr. Wong who lives by Osprey lake and he convinced us to stay by Link Lake which was very relaxing. Next year stop and see Mr. Wong for coffee or water he hopes to be set up for bikers going by. You can't miss him it is the street sign that says Wong Way or Right Way. Day 7 camped at Coalmont by Granite City. It was a hot day through Princeton but all the washouts have been repaired so fairly easy to get through. Day 8 was another short day for us because of the heat so we stayed at Burts Horse Motel which has a great place to camp with running creek water and even a shower (cold but felt great) Day 9 Left Burts to make it to Coquihalla Lakes Lodge. We had to do a bit of hwy because we couldn't find the railway for about 15k before the Lodge. We camped at the Lodge hoping to make it to Hope the next day when there was a gas line explosion and the road was closed. The trip was a great experience and would advise anyone to try it. We didn't run into many cyclists but the people at the stops and campsites were very friendly. Hi to Mark & Curtis we met on the way to Penticton hope you made it to Osoyoos.
Cindy & Tracy

Brad Drew
August 19, 2000

On August 15th, work was initiated on the Trans Canada Trail (KVR grade) to rebuild a washout of the old grade adjacent to the Tulameen River. For public safety, the area from the Princeton tunnel to about two kilometres west of the tunnel is closed during grade reconstruction. Full trail closures are in effect during the hours of 7am to 7pm from Monday to Thursday until September 8th, 2000 (later if required). Please observe the posted closures and check with the local Tourist Information Centre to receive updates after September 8th. Thank you for your consideration.

August 11, 2000
Chad Grimm
Nearest phone to Rock Creek I am wondering if one were heading west from Rock Creek on the Trail, how far is it to the next phone? I am worried that my Step Father is a day late in checking in. Is there a phone a day or two out of Rock Creek? Or, if you have seen him he is from Cranbrook riding to the coast, his bike will be very loaded down and you may have seen him fixing a flat, as he has had many. Thanks

August 11, 2000
Leah Terry
KVR trail from Penticton to Chute Lake

My boyfriend James and I just finished cycling the KVR from Princeton to Midway and we had a question that we hope you can answer. While cycling up the very long hill from Penticton to Chute Lake we noticed all the work that the Wood Whackers put in to maintaining and upgrading the trail. We also met Ray, one of the volunteers who was so friendly and helpful and went out of his way to help us and some other cyclists. Because of everything he did for us, we wanted to make a donation to the Wood Whackers to help them with their work. Do you know an address where we could reach them or a person we could contact? We would appreciate it very much. We had an amazing time on the trip and, thanks to the information in your book, everything went very smoothly. Thanks!

August 11, 2000
E. Suzie Sims
KVR - Brodie to Beaverdell

Great trip from Brodie to Beaverdell (3 to 7 August 2000), "portaging" the section from Summerland to Ruth Station (west end of Myra trestles). Hot days but no lack of water, given proper filtration which we carried with us. Used a Princeton motel our first night, then had vehicle support and camping gear at Thirsk and McCulloch. Just missed the outbreak of the forest fire south of Brookmere by a couple of days. KVR in excellent condition except stretches accessible by ATVs and trail (dirt?) bikes - a fact which annoyed us no end; these and bicycles do not mix. That at least some sections of the KVR form part of the Trans Canada Trail is a hopeful sign; my understanding is that - except for sections in northern Canada - motorized 'vehicles' are banned. Without this kind of mandate, I can see the KVR suffering from degradation and no one group showing up to maintain it's non-motorized use; eventually it will fall into total disuse - and the ATVs etc will have it for themselves. Of particular note were the section coming east into Tulameen, through to Coalmont/Granite Creek (kms 138.7 to 130.7 in the 1994 book), and the whole section around Arlington Lakes - both easily accessible from roads. At the 'infamous' Trout Creek crossing we had cycled to the western bridge abutment for a look-see and were almost mown down on our way back to Hwy 40, by a rip-snorting young punk on a trailbike; I yelled a warning, although I'm sure he knew the bridge WAS out, but almost wished I'd left him to his fate I was so hopping mad! Beyond that, one would have to be an out-and-out Purist not to use the well-marked detour trail on the north side of the Hwy 40 bridge! It was a snap and greatly appreciated. And even though I'm a relative "local" (north Okanagan) I was pleasantly surprised to see how much work the trestle preservation group has done between Ruth and Myra stations. Well done and heartfelt thanks!
E. Suzie Sims

August 4, 2000
Natascha & Erwin Smits
Just back
Hi! We are just back from our visit to BC. We bicycled the KVR from Midway to Summerland. We had planned to go to Princeton, but as it was up to 40 degrees C, we came back to Summerland from the mountains north west of Summerland and stayed at the lake. The trail from Penticton to West-Summerland through the Indian Reserve was very hard but the Troutcreeck crossing was grea, although my wive had "shaking knees".
I have a question. We met a group of people who were wearing shirts with an image of the KVR cycling trail. I thought it to be a great souvenir of our "expedition" but we never saw these shirts again in a shop. Does anyone know if I still can get one, by buying online?
Erwin Smits
Horst - Netherland

August 4, 2000
Pat Amundsen
Trail above actual working railway-Summerland

We are currantly working on a trail thats more or less follows the stam get on it you start from the West Summerland station. At the corner of Simpson & Victoria, follow Simpson until you get to Fife Rd, stay on Fife & Fenwick until you get to a gate, Please ignore the large house on your left, Fenwick road is an actual gazeeted road and is owned by Summerland.Turn left immediately after the gate and follow the road. You can follow this road out all the way to Summerland Rodeo grounds.We are currantly working on the Prarie valley station to foulder section of the trial. Presently we are suggesting for people to use highway 40 until you get to foulder and follow the rest of the railbed from there. If you need any other directions please phone or email me at 250-494 3169 email- My address is S.61, C.53, R.R.2, 11206 adams

July 31, 2000
Mark Humbke
Shuttle Service

Greetings! I was cruising the web the other day and I noticed a posting in regards to "Cycling The Kettle Valley" - Carmi Subdivision - 215.0 Pentiction from Dennis Beddows, Aug. 24th ,99. A few things have changed on how I can be reached and are as follows: Mark Humbke, S-11,C-42, Naramata,B.C. VOH 1NO, Phone # (250)496-0066,Fax # (250)496-0067,e-mail address mark I know longer have a pager but I do have an answering service so I'll get back to who ever calls that "Day"! As of now I'm out in Alberta due to my parents health but Rob Greno is taking care of it for me. He can be contacted on Phone # (250) 493-8809. I thank you for your time and hopefully this can be posted. If you have any questions in regards to this please feel free to contacted me at any time my e-mail.

July 28, 2000
Flo Rublee
kvr - princeton subdivision

A friend and I are planning to cycle the Princeton to Brookmere section in early August.I made a p.m. reservation on the KVR train in Summerland which would put us at Prairie ValleyStation at 2 :45/3:00.We are not planning to camp, so would have to ride to Bankier to stay at the B&B.Is this reasonable ( in terms of time it would take to ride those 50 km)? I don't want to arrive too late in the evening. Thanks for your help. Flo Rublee

July 28, 2000
Springinotic, Brian LUCO:EX
Dogs along the trail

I would like to advise caution around taking dogs along the KVR, and if it is necessary, please make sure that they are on a leash. There have been a number of situations where unleashed dogs have harassed livestock and/or wildlife, or suffered from a wildlife encounter, particularly black bears and porcupines. If you must travel with your dog, in addition to keeping it on a leash, please make sure you have sufficient water for your pet. Some sections of the KVR can be extremely hot, dry and dusty.

July, 18 2000
Ron Zadorozny
Rock Creek to Penticton
Just completed the Rock Creek to Penticton section of the KVR, and had a great time. I took my 14 year old son who also really enjoyed exploring the rail line.
We had a bike breakdown just 20K into our trip. The back cog set with the 7 gears on it came loose somehow and most of the bearings dropped out on the trail. We made it back to Westbridge store and hitched a ride to the Little Dipper campground. {KM 42.3). A generous father in-law drove down from Salmon Arm to pick us up.
Before you leave home, make sure both of your sets of wheel bearings have been freshly inspected and greased. Also have your crank(the drum between your pedals) inspected and greased. Another cyclist on the trail had his back wheel lock up on him.
You have to eat breakfast at the 'Our Place' Restaurant in Beaverdell. They have the best breakfasts ever. Be sure to stock up on fresh water and food in Beaverdell as there are no other stores until you get to Penticton. McCulloch Lake resort has a very small store which has almost nothing.
Also in Beaverdell we stayed at a new campsite called 'Zacks Tenting'. He has camping in his beautiful, rather large, back yard which includes a small stream. He has 4 or 5 rooms to rent also. Brand new clean washrooms. He is one block north of the Beaverdell Hote, and one block to the east.
The ride from Beaverdell to McCulloch Lake was a long 57 K. and no fresh water in between. Cooksen Creek had a culvert with a little waterfall and clean fresh water though. Several people drank from it and didn't get sick but I brought a water purifier and pumped water for 12 people just to be on the safe side.
The sections of the trail that were still natural railbed were by far the best to travel on. I hated the sections that were basically gravel roads because the were very washboard like.
Crossing Wilkinson Creek was a high point of the trip also. So was the Myra Canyon.
Just as you get into Penticton you will run into Spillers Corner, a small fruit stand on the road from Naramata. They have great 'Smoothies' and homemade Pie and muffins, which is just what you need when you come into Penticton from Chute Lake and it's 102 Degrees F.
We took the Greyhound Bus home to Vancouver from Penticton, which was a pleasant experience. $45.00 per person and $33.00 for 2 bikes. You have to put your bike in a Bike Box which you can get from the Bike Barn which is 3 blocks from the Bus depot. Make sure that you have the tools to take off your pedals (15mm wrench), seat, front wheel and handlebars. I can't wait until next year to try another section. I think that I will go from Brodie, Princeton, to Penticton. How was it?

July 17, 2000
Marty Kovacs & Jennifer Kinney
NK&S - Merritt To Spences Bridge
Hello everyone - I thought we'd give a recent update on the conditions of the Nicola, Kamloops & Similkameen Railway ("NK&S") - Merritt to Spences Bridge. We rode the 64.3-km trip yesterday (July 15"00) and enjoyed the trip immensely. On our trip we counted 12 eagles, and even saw a mother bald eagle feed 3 of it's young a fish freshly plucked from the Nicola River. We also watched a bear catching fish, and watch it run like hell once it caught our scent (we were approx. 500metres up river). The railbed goes right through downtown Merritt and meanders parallel to Highway 8. There are some weedy sections close to Merritt (Sunshine Valley Rd), but just plow through it - don't forget to take your allergy pill!! As mentioned in the update, there is a washout at kilometre 18.8 (kilometre 30.4 if your coming from Nicola), just before the Nooaitch Indian Reserve ("NIR"). We traversed the washout, and continued on the NK&S railbed. Well worth the effort! If scaling the washout makes anyone a little nervous, I would take Petit Creek road into the NIR, and then turn towards the Nicola to re-access the railbed. I would advise calling the reserve for permission (378-6141). We tried calling, but there was no answer, so we went anyways. There are other relatively minor washouts, but nothing to worry about. We're relatively fit, and took the route with leisure. It took us 8 hours including stops - 5 hours ride time (12-km/hr average). The entire grade is a slight downhill. We were tempted to take our dogs, but in retrospect, I'm glad we didn't. The rock railbed would have been hard on their paws, and too many temptations to chase (horses). If anyone wants more specifics, I would be happy to tell them. Ciao

July 16, 2000
Jim Stolth - Backroads Bike Shop
KVR Update Princeton

The Trans Canada Trail in Princeton will undergo construction to repair the railbed to it's former width from km 114 (the Tunnel) to km 117 heavy equipment will be working beginning August 8 for approximately 2 weeks. Extreme Caution is advised.

July 16, 2000
David Kahl
pipeline construstion on C&W railbed
A group of us will be riding from Castlegar to midway starting July 29"00. I've noticed a few postings about pipeline construction west of cascade and would be very greatful if someone could tell me if these are isolated sections that are passible or major problems.

July 15, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
Re: Biking and camping from Castlegar to Midway and points west (marsha and jules, July 7)
A group of us rode from Castlegar to Christina Lake and then Grand Forks to Christina Lake and back on July 1st and 3rd. No problem at all to Christina and the surface is excellent. We did not find the ballast on the Castlegar side too bad but were relatively lightly loaded as we did not overnight.
There was work being done on the trestle bridge just east of the old Billings station, but it was a Monday holiday and we walked over, no problem. I thought they were just doing bridge maintenance. We saw no sign of pipeline work from Christina to Grand Forks. We did ride the highway from about two km east of Grand Forks into town as there was a bridge boarded up over the Kettle about 1.5 km east of town (you can see it to the south from the highway). The rails are also intact and being used from that bridge and west into a log sorting yard in town centre. On our drive back to the west, we saw active gas pipeline construction between Midway and Greenwood. You can still ride that section of the railbed, but you will have to use the highway for 2-3 kms to bypass the work. The same for Midway to Rock Creek. Construction going on all over the place. However that section has been a little difficult to ride in the past and many of us rode the road last year before construction.

July 15, 2000
kevin solomons
Could you advise on the best/different way(s) of travelling back from Penticton to Midway to collect the car at the end of the Midway-Penticton route. I'll be doing the trip next week with my 13 year old son. Thank you. And thank you too for your very informative book.
Kevin Solomons.

July 15, 2000
Duncan Rice
KVR on a Trek 520
Hi guys, I am going to do a four day trip on the KVR in a week and a bit. I own a Trek 520, which is a touring bike but designed for heavy road touring. That is, it has narrow tires (not sliks), drop handle bars, bar end shifters, long chainstay, ie... a road touring bike, not a mountain bike. I am wondering if it is ok to do the KVR on? Any thoughts?

July 15, 2000
Marty Kovacs
Dogs; Spences Bridge - Hope
Has anyone taken their dogs cycling the KVR? If so, did you have any problems? We plan on cycling the Spences Bridge to Hope route, and would like to take our dogs. Any helpful advise would be great.

July 15, 2000
Duncan Rice
Question on bicycle type and water
A friend and I are going to do part of the KVR. We plan on an easy three or four days in mid July and maybe the whole thing in September. The book is on order but may not arrive before we leave, so my questions;
1. I ride a Trek520. It's designed for serious road touring. It has narrow rims, drop handle bars, bar end shifters, long chainstay, etc... It's designed for hauling big loads a long way, but mainly on roads. Is this bike going to be ok for the KVR? Do I need a mountainbike?
2. Being mid July hyderation will be a huge concern. What is it like finding water on the way? Will we find water to boil, or will there be shops on the way we can supply from?

July 15, 2000
Ron Zad
Little Dipper Campground
After leaving Rock Creek, we stayed at the Little Dipper Campground. Cyclists should be aware that this is a great little campground at Km 42.3 just north of Rhone. It has fire pits, a little beach, water, and really clean outhouses. A lot of cyclists bypass this campground because it's not listed in the book.

July 7, 2000
Pat Hildebrandt
Re:Brookmere - Summerland

We did this section a few weeks ago, and had no problems with the Indian Land section, and in fact did not realize where it was exactly, as we did the route in reverse. It's not posted or patrolled. The Trout Creek crossing was a challenge, and we lost an hour trying to figure the best route. Stay on the road, rather than trying to use the log, is my advice, as the water is quite high. We stayed at Roxy's and found the hospitality superb! They even spotted a vehicle for us for a fee, which saved us a lot of driving and time. Now, a question!!! Has anyone done the Brookmere-Merritt section recently? Is it o.k or not re: Indian Land and washout problems. We would like to do it on July 22 weekend.

July 7, 2000
marsha and jules
biking and camping from Castlegar to midway and points west

Are whole sections of the trail closed due to pipeline construction and if so will they still be closed in mid August? Are the sections long or can they be circumvented easily? Who do we get a permit from for going through Penticton which First Nations Bands? Any input is appreciated. Thanks. Marhsa

July 7, 2000
From Midway to Penticton

Hello, My husband and I want to do the Midway to Penticton route on the KVR. We are novice riders and can bike about 35 to 40 km in a day. We would like to know how difficult is the bike terrain i.e. will we have to do a lot of portaging, uphill rides and do we carry camping equipment and food with us as well. Are there any B&B on this route of the KVR. We shall be in Penticton on the 14th of July and plan to do the route from 15th onwards. Would you suggest leaving our vehicle at Midway or in Penticton and how do we commute? What kind of weather can we expect about this time of the year. We thank you for all the suggestions.

July 7, 2000
Cycling Penticton to Beaverdell

Have been puzzling over the various info on the Kettle Valley Railway. A group of us would like to do part of the Carmi section ending at Beaverdell. We would need lodgings along the way (we have some non-campers with us). I understand that two places to stay would be Chute Lake and then McCulloch. What I can't figure out though is (1) where to start from--Penticton or Kelowna for that first day ride. (2) Kilometre-wise what is the best for a first day and which would be the nicest of the two. (3) We also have to figure out how to get our bikes on to the KVR at Penticton or Kelowna and then return somehow from Beaverdell. This is all very new to all of our group and I would love some input from someone who has done this before. (4) if you know of some good affordable lodgings at any of our planned stops, including the night before we start off, please let me know. Also, if something about the above itinerary doesn't jive I would love to hear about it. Thanks for your help.

July 7, 2000
Sandra and Jim
Osoyoos to Rockcreek on the #3

We are planning to cycle the KVR from Rockcreek to Osoyoos in a couple of weeks and are puzzling over how we should complete the loop. We would welcome testimonials from anyone who has cycled the #3 from Osoyoos to Rockcreek or from anyone who has recently driven it, or any other suggestions
Thank You

July 2, 2000
Robin & Colleen
C&WR update
Eight seasoned KVR cyclists, myself, Robin, my wife, Colleen, her sisters, Sharon & Helene, brother-in-law Joe and girlfriends, Karen, Pam and Connie just returned from a ride from McColloch Lake to Castlegar (June 25th to 30th) Paul's 'Bike Rest Stop' at Rhone is better than ever and so is Paul. Between Westbridge and Midway the best way is the Highway #33. After staying at the 'Mile 0 Motel' (great deal and food) , to our dismay , the 'gas pipeline' construction started at Midway. We tried to ride the C&WR , but we ran into construction, soft dirt, so we had to detour on the Hwy for 2km before we got back on the rail bed. We rode into Greenwood , bought lunch at the Anaconda,(very good) and continued on the rail bed, crossing Hwy 3. After about 5km the 'grade' was sandy most of the way to Eholt. Weather was great, except we got caught, between two tunnels , in a downpour and hail storm while riding down into Grand Forks. We heard that , because of the pipeline construction , we couldn't ride the rail bed to Christina Lake. Riding 2km out of Grand Forks we got back on the 'grade'anyway. Just before Cascade Station, we ran into pipeline construction on a trestle, but the friendy pipeline crew let us pass, traveling on to Fife. We maybe the last group to get through, as they are closing that section for construction. Staying at a great B&B on Christina Lake, 'Sunflower' we continued on June 30th, from Fife to Castlegar. Generally the rail bed was in great condition. The view coming down to the Arrow Lakes was spectacular , but aprox. 15km from Castlegar the railway 'ballast' was thick and heavy. On the trip we had 11 flats, one fall (scraps and bruises), sighted two black bears and lots of beautiful wild flowers. As we left the trail at Castlegar, we were all exhausted from the 11 hr cycle that day, but very happy to have completed another great trip. The 'gas pipeline' construction on the railway, will destroy the rail bed, although they are supposed to fix it for the 'Trans Canada Trail', it will no longer be a historic railway bed, a sad loss. The good new is that Christina Lake to Castlegar will not be used for the pipeline.

June 27, 2000
Craig Henderson
Naramata info source

I operate a Naramata-based walking and bike tour company. I'm happy to provide info to any readers of the Langford's book (or, as I call it, 'my bible') about local KVR conditions, attractions. Simply send me an e-mail. During the summer of 2000, I will be offering 3 hr. bike tours on the Naramata portion of the KV, shuttling up by van to Adra Tunnel and cycling on a gentle descent back to the village. In the fall, we'll conduct a couple of four-day, 40 km. walking trips from Kelowna to Osoyoos on the KVR.

June 27, 2000
Jim, Backroads Bike Shop
Trail conditions Osprey Lake to Brookmere

All washouts between Princeton and Coalmont are passable year round now. All are grade level. Anyone wanting up to the minute reports or with questions can check our website or drop us an e mail.

June 27, 2000
Peter G
Princeton Sub

Last September, I did a return day trip between Princeton & Tulameen. I think it was the washout at 126.7Km that now has a marked bypass around it. There is a trail with signs marked "TCT" (or was it "Trans Canada Trail") pointing you up the hillside into a gravel pit. After that, signs guide you to a gravel road that drops back down to the railbed. I think this bypass could be more than 2Km long. I hope someone else can verify this.
There is another great site with an account of cycling from Victoria to Nelson by Paul Travassos at: I would say that it is better than Peter Freeman's account. Thanks for all the work in keeping your website up to date and for the book itself.

June 15, 2000
Steve Stewart
Subject: KVR Midway

The route from Midway "Mile 0' west is coming together. The railbed can be ridden from behind the Midway Museum to Ingram Bridge with one highway crossing just west of Midway and a detour through the mill yard. At Ingram Bridge you have to pass under the bridge and follow a path up to Bubar Rd. which loops around some farms (approx. 2km) and back onto the railroad grade.
The Midway Museum is a great place to get trail updates and vehicles can be left there.
For those who wish to camp in Midway, the Village has a campground on the river with washrooms and firewood for $10.00 a night (better deals for unaccompanied cyclists - especially if it rains). Showers are available for $2.00 across the road from the campground. Motel and Bed and Breakfast accommodation are also available.

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June 14, 2000
Peter S
Brooksmere to Merrit
Can anyone tell me if the existing washouts and restrictions by the indian reserve are still a problem? What do they do if you play stupid? Do they police the route?

June 9, 2000
Randy Millis
Looking for a companion or a small group
I was planning a trip from Castlegar to Penticton along BC's Kettle Valley Rail Trail from Aug 5 - Aug 13, 2000. My partner recently injured his leg and will not be going now. Looking for a companion to pair up with or a small group. I'm a novice in the outdoors and I commute 20 KM round trip, 3 times per week to work and back. I ride 90K on pavement every few weekends. Will be increasing my training very soon. E-mail me if you'd like to hook up
Randy Millis
Calgary, Alberta

June 8, 2000
Jack & Janel Parkin
Accommodations in Midway
Hi, We are the new owners of the Mile Zero Motel (formerly the Midway Motor Inn) in Midway. Along with a name change we are currently upgrading the motel rooms and have renovated the restaurant, bringing in a complete & varied menu. We have regular rooms as well as suites accommodating 8 people. Room rates per night will be discounted for group bookings. There is plenty of open areas for parking & vehicle storage. Need a vehicle shuttle service? Leave your vehicle with us and for a resonable fee we will deliver it to your cycling destination. We would like to invite all cycling groups to start their Kettle Valley Adventure with a stay at Mile Zero Motel. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Jack & Janel Parkin 1-877-688-2231

June 6, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
A few queries regarding the C&W Castlegar to Christina Lk (Billings)
A group of us intend to ride this route on the Canada Day long weekend (July 1-2). I have the following questions for those familiar with the route. (Can it be 'easily' ridden in a day? We stop from time to time and take in the views.We are fit recreational cyclists. (Is the trail in good shape from Castlegar to Farron?) If we have to camp along the way, does anyone have recommendations on a good location? Thanking you in advance for the information.

June 6, 2000
Ruth Thomas
Beaverdell to Penticton
A friend and I are planning to ride from Beaverdell to Penticton this month. How many kilometers is that and (approximately) how long should it take? Do we pass through any B&B type places on the way or can we make the trip in one day?? Thanks for your help!

June 5, 2000
May 27 - June 2 Midway to Osoyoos
Just completed 6 days Midway-Myra-Osoyoos, stopping at Rock Creek, Beaverdell, McCulloch, Chute Lake, OK Falls. Kettle River Inn (Midway) proprietor gave us a lift back to our car for a reasonable fee. Hit rain once, hail twice, but had a great ride. Naramatta area rough due to horse tracks. We found the book mostly still accurate (THANKS!) with updates from the Kettle Valley museum (Midway). Don't miss the homemade pie at Chute Lake. Enjoyed meeting the innkeepers along the way - but only met 4 other cyclists! Did the ride on hybrid/street tires - doable, but knobby dirt tires would have been better. So glad to see this becoming part of the TCT. What a national resource!

June 5, 2000
dan nugent
Transport from osoyoos to midway
my son and I are going to try the midway to osoyoos route. Has anyone rode the highway from O to midway? If risky, is there a bus or private service that can transport us back to the car? Any help wopuld be appreciated. Thanks.

June 5, 2000
Penticton to Osoyoos
My wife did a reconnaissance of this section of the KVR today and discovered private campsites barring access (high fences with barbed wire) to the KVR from the south side of Penticton to the railbed along the west side of Skaha Lake, a route that we had travelled previously. Can anyone enlighten us as to how to access the railbed at this point?

June 5, 2000
Ernie R Hennig
Greenwood Museum

Hi Dan!
Just a note to do some corrections on the information on the Greenwood Museum Our address is
214 S. Copper
Greenwood, BC
V0H 1J0
Phone and fax is 250-445-6355
our email is
our website is
The Greenwood Heritage Society-Museum/Archives/Tourism is the Group responsible from East Boundary of Midway to the Highway #3 crossing before Eholt. We are keeping the name the Boundary Pathway.
Love the book, and can hardly wait for the new edition. We sell quite a few copies here at the museum and a lot of people from all over the world drop by here and get their interest peeked by the us here at the Museum.
Ernie R Hennig
Director Greenwood Heritage Society-Museum/Archives/Tourism (The Greenwood Museum)

May  28, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
Updating information about the Penticton to Princeton route
A group of us rode the Penticton - Princeton route on the 20th and 21st of May.I would like to bring to the attention of other riders that there is now a sheltered stop at the stop referred to as Sixty Mile Tank at 96.2 km in Dan and Sandra Langford's book 'Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway'. It appears to have been recently erected by the Trans-Canada Trail people and consists a roof and sides (about 4-5') erected on the concrete foundation of the old water tank. We were riding into a stiff headwind on the 21st and found this a good place to take shelter and have lunch.
We had overnighted at Osprey Lake and although we didn't stay at Roxy's B&B we went down there for a shower and Rick let us use his newly constructed bathhouse (~5) to take a shower. It felt great after the ride from Penticton.

May 27, 2000
Sean Granville
KVR Camping Trip July 23-29
I am planning a trip for 4 (3 generations) on the Carmi-Osoyoos subdivisions(Kettle River Prov Pk-Beaverdell-McCulloch-Chute Lake-Penticton-Osoyoos). We will be camping-carrying gear. Some questions?
- At that time of year are camping reservations advised?
- We will be renting 2 mountain bikes - any suggestions where to rent from given our route?
- Any suggestions where to leave our van in Rock Creek-Midway area plus shuttle back at the end?
- What bus company services Osoyoos-Rock Creek-Midway?
- I was also thinking of taking side trips (Penticton-Prairie Valley Stn for a ride on the Steam Train plus a visit Quintette Tunnels on our way to Vancouver). How much time should I alot for each?
Thanks in advance for any help.

May 25, 2000
John Richardson
Wilkinson Creek
I am a teacher in Calgary who for the last two years have taken students on a three day ride on the KVR from Beaverdell to Naramata. We have enjoyed it immensely. I was hoping you could send a thank you to all the volunteers who keep the trail in such excellent condition. The students and teachers enjoy the scenery and the camping. This trip provides our students with an opportunity of an outdoor experience which they may never have a chance to experience again.
We have one concern, is there any plan to build a bridge at Wilkinson Creek as we use the detour but would like to cross thee creek iinstead. Our problem is the safety issue for our students.I realize that later in the season the creek is lower and easier to cross but we come out between the middle of May and the first week of June. As a result our students only see the creek as we cross it on highway 33.

May 25, 2000
Gary Ockenden 
Question re: Chute Lake to Beaverdell
A group of 20 12 and 13 year olds and adults are cycling from Chute Lake to Beaverdell on June 10-12. It that entire section of trail open? Can we do Chute Lake to McCullough Lake in one day? Appreciate any other tips. Thanks

May 22, 2000

Osoyoos Subdivision
My wife and I cycled the KVR last August, from
Midway to Penticton. The weather was beautiful and we
thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Thanks again to Paul
Lautard in Rhone for the great drinking water and the
wealth of information he passed on to us. At Adra we
met a young fellow from North Vancouver who was
cycling from Midway, all the way to Merritt solo. He
must have had 50 Lbs. of gear strapped to the back of
his bike, including a spare tire! We enjoyed his humor
and company for a few kilometers until my wife and I
stopped for lunch and he carried on his way singing as
he went. Just west of arawana we saw what we believed
to be a rattle snake on the trail, but it quickly
slithered into the shrubs before we got within twenty
feet of it.
This summer we are planning to cycle from Osoyoos
to Merritt and we are wondering how much of the actual
railbed between Osoyoos and Penticton is still
accessible to cyclists? Also, does anyone know of any
B&B's near Prairie Valley Station?
Thank You.

May 22, 2000
What is the status of the Carmi Section( Myrna Canyon) and C & W ( Castlegar to Midway)? Do we need permits? We would like to do parts of these sections in June. Please Advise
Thank You

May 22, 2000
Never done KVR before
My husband and I and our two teenage sons would like to do a section of the KVR in July. We are all basically novice riders. We would like to do a one day ride and will have to return to our starting point on the same day. Is there a section of the KVR that is more spectacular than another? I know our sons would enjoy the trestles. If you have an ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Is there anything we should be wary of? Also, what type of gear would we need to pack for a day trip besides the obvious? Suggestions on accomodations for the night previous to our trip would also be appreciated.

May 25, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
Never done KVR before
My wife and I cycled a lovely section of the KVR from Chute Lake to the McCulloch Lake resort on the second day of our ride last summer from Penticton to Midway.There were many people of all ages on the section from June Springs Road to Myra road. This stretch of the KVR is spectacular with a great surface. Many of the bridge decks have been upgraded for biking.Both these roads originate near Kelowna and a car can be left at one side while you ride to the opposite side and back. There are lovely views and places to rest and picnic along the way.It can get pretty hot in the hills in July and August so make sure you have sufficient water.Nothing else needed other than that.

May 10, 2000
Carmi Conditions
I am planning on doing the Carmi part of the trail from May 22-May 26. Does anyone know how much snow is still on the higher elevations?

May 10, 2000
Simon Hodge
If we were planning a trip to Myra Canyon is there any use ful tips we might need to know? If you reply to this message my thanks to you

May 10, 2000
Would like a buddy for Myra Canyon ride May 18
I'm going to be visiting relatives in Kalowna next week and would like to find a riding buddy for a days ride between McCullock and Chute Lakes. I'm a intermediate rider in good condition. Please email me with contact information I can use when I get to Kalowna. Thanks.

May 2, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
KVR condition from Penticton to Princeton May 21
I posted a message April 3 regarding a stop at Osprey Lakes.
Thanks Dan, I did contact Rick and he was very helpful. We have found a cottage to rent and will drop gear off there before we start the ride.  Has anyone ridden this section this year? Anything that we should be aware of? Because of car logistics we will ride in two groups, one from Princeton the other from Penticton and meet and overnight at Osprey. Later in the year two of us plan to ride Castlegar to Grand Forks.Is there anything I should be aware of on that section? Thanks to all in advance.

May 2, 2000
Greg and Colleen
Penticton to Kelowna
We are planning a 3 day weekend cycling trip on the KVR. We are flying into Kelowna and getting a lift to McCullough and then staying at Chute Lake and Penticton. We then have to cycle back to Kelowna on the last day or bike towards Osyosos and then get a lift. Is there a trail from Penticton to Kelowna without biking the highway? If not how bad is the grade and is there a bus that would take 4 bikes from south of Penticton to Kelowna? Please advise. Also do you know a nice B&B in Penticton close to the KVR? Thanks for the help.

May 1, 2000
Brenda Webber
Trail Conditions
We are planning a trip from McCulloch Lake to Chute Lake and then to Penticton on May 2. Does anyone know what the trail conditions are right now. Thanks for your help.

April 28, 2000
Brian McAndrew
Paul's Rest Stop
Hello Dan: My name is Brian McAndrew and I publish a community paper that has done stories about the trans canada trail relay 2000 and in particular a story about Pauls rest stop. I just got off the phone with him and he told me that he had lost the pictures of the rest stop unvailing event. he also asked if I could send you a copy of some pictures I took. Here is a pan shot of the rest stop that day. you will be able to access the rest of these latest pictures in a couple of days on my web site.
Rest Stop

April 25, 2000
Craig J. Hunt
Brodie to Otter Creek Road crossing clear of snow
Just thought I'd post that the section from Brodie to Otter Creek Rd. crossing (burned down trestle) is more or less clear of snow. We rode it on Apr. 21st. A few snow patches are still left on the shady portions near Brodie, but easily passable.

April 5, 2000
Jack Marissen
Coquihalla Subdivision
Hello all
I want to take a number of teenagers on a one day tour of a section of the KVR. We want to drive out from Langley BC in the morning, do some biking, and head home again in the evening. My plan is to take them through a portion of the Coquihalla Subdivision. I understand from some reading through the messages on this website that a portion of this division is closed to the public. My wife and I investigated this and found what I believe is an open trail from Portia Station to Hope. I know that some of this simply follows service roads, however the teenagers I am taking are mostly novices to this type of biking.Any comments and cautions
Thanks in advance.

April 3, 2000
Dan Langford
New Edition?
We have been getting a lot of questions about a new edition of Cycling the KVR. At this time there are no plans to put out a new edition of the book. We are waiting to see what changes will take place on the trail now that the KVR is part of the Trans Canada Trail system. We are also currently working on a series of books to cover the TCT through out Western Canada and will be upgrading the website to better cover changes on the KVR and the TCT.

April 3, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
Penticton to Princeton
Can anyone recommmend a good place to get a meal around Osprey Lakes? I am planning a two day ride on the May 20-21 weekend for about 10 people. We can carry camping gear but not food and cooking stuff. A B&B could also be helpful. Thanks.

Call Rick at Roxy's B&B, he should be able to help you. (250) 295-3337.   Dan

April 2, 2000
H. Pendergast
A group of us are going from Rock Creek to Osoyoos in Aug of 2000.  Two questions. We have hybrid mountain bikes.  Do we need the heavier, knobby tires?  Do we need shocks forks?  Is there a safe spot in Osoyoos to park 4-5 cars for 1 week?

April 2, 2000
Dave Tessier
Tour Operators
Dear Anne;
Canadian Trails Adventure Tours offers mulit day tours on the KVR. We cover the area beginning in Lillooet and finish past Castlegar. Our website is at or you can reach us at 1-800-668-2453...hope this helps.

April 2, 2000
Coral Babet
Hello Dan,
 I am writing from Babet's Trailer and RV/Tenting Park in Beaverdell to ask you if you are bringing biking tours through here this season.  We have expanded our services and have 3 showers, 2 bathrooms and new landscaping.  We can accommodate larger groups. We will work with you on times and place to suite your needs.
 This year I am offering something new - Guided tours up the Goats Peak Lookout.  Either a bus trip up - or a hiking trip.  It depends on how long your group would like to hike - a hour or so or a few hours.  I have a van for up to 10 people and their day packs.
 If you would be interested in this offer for your groups I will give you a group rate.  It takes care of several hours in the evening or late afternoon - and the view from the lookout is breathtaking!!!   A "must see" for the Beaverdell area, and also very incredible for early evening viewing. Something your groups will always remember.
 Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if I can help you at all with bookings and more info.
Thanks and we look forward to your visits!
Coral Babet   or
or call 250-484-5651

April 2, 2000
Coley Creek
We are planning our second trip on the KVR this summer. We are trying to find accommodation at or around Brookmere. the phone number for Coley Creek Lodge seems to be disconnected. Does anyone know if they are still in business, or if there is any other accommodation nearby?

April 1, 2000
Ian Bull
Trip planning questions
I am planning a 3 day -2 night trip between Hydraulic Lake and Penticton this June (late). The trip is for approx 9 youth ranging in age from 11-14, there would be at least 2 adult leaders. I have not been on the KVR before so I'm researching it as much as possible.  I am aware that in most places if not all places in BC if you leave the city,  you are in bear country and precautions should be taken. I realise that in many residential areas in the interior, cougar and bear can be a problem depending on the time of year. The previous letter by Elizabeth Dunbar begs the question, is there a bear and cougar problem on this portion of the KVR? Also do we need to obtain permits from band offices? This is the first I have heard of this. Thanks for any answers

April 5, 2000
Lauchlan Glen
Re: Ian Bull re Hydraulic Lake to Penticton section.
Ian, my wife and I rode this section (Penticton to Midway) last summer. First night we camped at Chute Lake and the second night at Hydraulic. We saw no sign of bear or cougar and did not know, and therefore did not get any permission to ride this section.What surprised me was how cold it was at night up on that height of land even at the end of July!

April 1, 2000
Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant
Greetings from Summerland !
I had sent information about the changes for cycling through the Summerland area of the KVR with regards to the Steam Train operation but I don't see the update on your site. Many folks got lost and ended up at the Prairie Valley Station last year and we also had some people who just couldn't understand that it's dangerous  and "illegal" to be on the tracks at all during our operating season.
Cyclists are invited to ride one way on the Steam Train, in either direction but we would appreciate a call in advance, especially if it is from the Canyon View end. (We have to make room for them).
The Trans Canada Trail is coming together but we're still not positive about its exact route around Summerland.
Also there is no link working with "Summerland" or the "Kettle Valley Steam Railway" on your listing. The site for all Summerland info is and for the Kettle Valley Steam Railway, it's
Let me know if I can be of any assistance. I work out at the Station all season and could pass along any new info. I'm including the info sent last August in case it never reached you.
Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant

Re:  Suggested corrections and update on the Steam Railway     operations

 This note to you was prompted by a chat I had with two young men who were cycling from Calgary to Vancouver, using the KVR railbed. They had spent the better part of a day cycling from Penticton to Summerland and described to me how confusing the instructions were in your book, Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway, Second Edition. I took some time to read it over and have these following suggestions:

 page 111 -

11.3 - The Summerland Agricultural Research Station is now labeled  the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre. They do not do regular tours of the main facility anymore. The tourist attraction lies at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens (the research garden is run by a non-profit society) which  has created an interpretive centre in the historical Superintendent’s House. Admission is by donation.

11.7 - The Trout Creek bridge is the highest bridge on the original Kettle Valley Line and the third largest of its type in North America.

12.3 -  Cyclists do walk across the Trout Creek bridge but many prefer not to subject their bikes to the ties (nor are really crazy about walking 73 metres over the Trout Creek Canyon!) and seek an alternate route (9.8, pg. 109) I’m not sure how well-marked this access road is but this would be one way of skirting the bridge and heading down to the highway. Therefore this requires directions as to how to get to the Canyon View Steam Train siding from Highway 97.  Leave Highway 97 at Johnson Street west (left at traffic lights) and head west to Fir Avenue (actually street becomes Fir at corner),  north (right) on Fir which as you climb becomes Gartrell Road; after a fair distance, take  a left hand turn (south) on to Happy Valley Road.  At a corner turning west again, Happy Valley Road becomes Hilborn Street and from Hilborn, another left (south again) is made at Canyon View Road. This road meets up with the southern terminus of the Kettle Valley Steam Railway.
 “An even better idea is to take the train from Canyon View Siding (NOT Summerland Station) to Prairie Valley Station then cycle the road to Faulder....” Hikers and cyclists may board the Steam Train at Canyon View or coming from the other end, at Prairie Valley as well. 2000 fares are $7 and $2 for freight.  Reservations should be made so room may be saved for extra passengers and bikes. (1-877-494-8424, toll-free within BC)
 Just before Victoria Road South intersects with Simpson Road is the site of the original station, West Summerland. Although there is still (1999) a coach, a few other cars, speeders and the locomotive shed at the West Summerland site, the Steam Train operations are now run from the Prairie Valley Station. (We are presently starting the work on a locomotive shed at the Prairie Valley Station.)

15.3 - ... Presently (1999) the Steam Train, now run by a new society (the Kettle Valley Railway Society) makes regular runs between the  Prairie Valley Station and  the Canyon View Siding. (Using 10 km of track; 6 more are in place to Faulder)

 ...  (pg. 115) and east on to Bathfield Road (presently the road sign says BathVILLE then follow the signs to Faulder. This corner is confusing and probably the most identifiable sign says PRINCETON . (I understand that this road is to be called the Princeton-Summerland Road but this sign is not at that corner nor is a sign for Highway 40. No one around here calls it Highway 40!) It has locally always been called Fish Lake Road but this sign is gone as well. So cyclists should be cautioned to veer RIGHT at this fork unless they would like to visit the Prairie Valley Station of the KVR. There is a  new station building at Prairie Valley which opened in May with the start of the 1999 season. It has a concession, gift shop and offices.

20.6 - There is no indication that this is the Summerland Dump Road. There is a huge white sign with “Landfill” on it at the corner of Doherty and Prairie Valley Road however.  From Prairie Valley Road, turn right onto Doherty Ave. and then left on Bathville Road (Bathfield) and the Kettle Valley Railway’s Prairie Valley Station is at 18404 Bathville.

20.7 - “From the Prairie Valley Station, take Bathville Road back to the road to Princeton and turn west (left) to Faulder. “  There is no station at Faulder. The actual stop still has the section house there and it has been renovated into a private residence.  There is a junction of roads near the end of the tracks : the “Princeton-Summerland Road” continues up the hill to Princeton; Fish Lake Road goes east (right) to Darke (Fish) Lake and Kettle Place, a new addition, runs west (left). This short road runs to the end of the track and the empty railbed heads out along Trout Creek.

 I hope you find this information useful. Your book sells well in our gift shop and it is amazing how many calls we get from cyclists and hikers. (I always pass along the name of your book.) As well, many cycling groups are making reservations to take the ten kilometre trip on the Steam Train, one way or the other.
 Thank you for including info about our operations in your publication. Please find our 1999 brochure enclosed and we will forward you the 2000 information when our next brochure is ready.

March 22, 2000
Elizabeth Dunbar
KVR Railway " News " page ... re Questions and Answers
Was checking out the website and the " news " section.
Noticed a few questions re: camping and camping with/without children.

Travelled with a very reputable tour group last Summer. They do pretrips the weekend before to survey the terrain. They have their first aid and are certified, etc.

Am a little concerned that there never seems to be a mention and/or knowledge portrayed to people from other countries re: wildlife, travelling across Aboriginal Lands, and obtaining permits, etc. on your " News " page. The washouts et al seem to be documented ... but I know, from experience that a trestle can be totally in accessible within a week time frame.

This may because of some sort of legal implication. But please read below to see some of my adventures.

However, with the " Trans Canada Trail " being opened wide up, and mums writing in about camping with children ( i.e. taking her 7 year old girl and 11 year old boy ), I think it is worth mentioning the dangers.

Some people are wilderness trained and live their lives in the Outdoors. Others, like myself, have spent a lot of time in the Outdoors, but are not at all wilderness trained. I know some basics ... but am glad I have chosen guides as appropriate.

Canada is a wild country, which is most of the reason why it is so beautiful. But Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, and Rattle Snakes are along the KVR. With Children, cougars are a definite danger.

Last Summer, part of our trip had to be altered because Aboriginals, at the last minute, literally 24 hours prior to the trip, withdrew their permit, which is, by law, their right. During the pretrip, our tour guide was shot at by pellets, which he handled, but I do not know that I would want my seven year old daughter going through that.

Another tour group, other than the one I was on, actually " misplaced " three women from the States. They were found, suffering from heat exhaustion and nerves, just before it was pitch dark.  Their tour had 30 or so people which is too large ... unless there is a guide along per 6 people or so.

We were tracked by what we later suspected as being a cougar, which kept pace in the bushes beside us for 1.8 km, as clocked by our guide. We were all informed to shout, sing, blow our whistles and ride two by two with no straggling. Our guide figured the cat was looking for a straggler or an unleashed dog.  No occurrence ... but I can tell you we all followed our guides instructions.

On the trip before, one woman had gone into the bushes for relief and she came within 1 foot of sitting on a rattle snake.

Another time, one of the dogs which came with us, was constantly trailed by a coyote for 9 km.  In the end, the dog tried to follow the coyote, but was saved by the leash.  As the " lone " coyote " had the rest of its pals stalking along side in the bush at the side of the trail, which no one had detected.

My suggestion is that there be a page specified for Common Dangers or Hazards.

Like, for instance, as an example, did you know that the most common bear to come across between McCulloch Station and Myra Canyon is the Grizzly Bear ?  This is a reasonably easy trip ... well suited for children and families staying at McCulloch, but is Mum, Dad and two children aged 7 and 11, from Belgium, Great Britain, etc. suitably trained and prepared to come across a Grizzly ?

If there is a page, I apologize ... what about incorporating some of the dangers into the questions coming from all over the world.



March 21, 2000
Janine Roberts
Trail Updates - Cycling the KVR
I am Paul Lautard's daughter, and I thought I'd bring you up to date on
the progress of his rest stop.  He has enlarged the cycling shelter, and
is now also listed as stop on the Trans Canada Trail.  I know he enjoyed
meeting you, and would like to encourage everyone to take a few minutes
to stop and sign in!

Janine Roberts

March 21, 2000
steve mccuaig
Galloping goose trail
This is a note to anyone who would like a nice alternative to the KVR. On Vancouver Island starting in Victoria the Galloping Goose Regional Park follows the right of way of the former CNR's cowichan subdivision. I was once a member of the former Sooke River Railway which managed to save 3 miles of track along the side of the Sooke river just prior to the line being torn up. Over the years we cleared the line of much of the overgrowth which clogged the right of way but unfortunately the regional authority wanted our little section of track as part of their lineal park and persuaded the government not to renew our lease and we were forced to abandon our effort to keep some part of the railway alive. Since then the regional parks authority has done much work on the trail, paving it in some places and leaving it as gravel in others. As part of their " improvements " they blew up most of the supposedly unsafe remaining trestles and replaced them with safer and much lower new bridges. One good thing about the entire right of way becoming a regional park though was that no adjacent landowners were permitted to buy chunks of the right of way and it remains a continous cyclable route without any gates or fences or gates or washouts. If you're ever in Victoria I recommend you give the trail a try, while the not the adventure the KVR is it is still a very scenic trip and a fairly long one 60 km or so.

March 21, 2000
Ron Graham
Re: Cycling the KVR with Children
We cycled the Rock Creek to Osoyoos loop last year with our 5 year old. She was on a trail-a-bike. +This loop is pretty good for cycling with kids as there is some civilization around every 50 km. Also Myra Canyon is probably the most interesting section for the kids as there is lots to see and talk about on the third of a five day trip

March 21, 2000
I'm also planning to travel some part of the KVR this summer and have a labrador retriever I would like to take along. Is this a problem on the trail or nighting at B&B's, hotels, etc.<br>
Thanks for a reply

March 19, 2000
Jos de Koning
information about KVR
Can somebody tell us what's the best place to fly in from Amsterdam? And does somebody have suggestion about the trips we can make around the KVR? We have three weeks in July.

March 19, 2000
Bob Pisko
Re:Alberta trails
Dan - Get yourself a copy of Doug Eascott"s "Backcountry Biking in the Canadian Rockies" - it's a fabulous reference and a good read. It's available at MEC or through the "Get the Book" link on this site. There are DOZENS of day-to-week long rides in the Kananaskis, Crowsnest Pass, Castle Crown, and Waterton Park areas, some going from Alberta into the Glacier area in Montana. Good riding!

March 19, 2000
Joe Smuin
Re: Kettle Valley and connectors.
One thing you should plan for is rainy weather. Believe it or not, the second highest period of precipitation in the Okanagan occurs about the end of June. Just ask the cherry growers! Anyway, the weather can be very unpredictable right up until about the 15th of July.
Joe Smuin

March 12, 2000
Anita Hollands
KVR with children
I was given your name from a friend of mine, and have since heard of you on many Internet sites. I am writing to ask your advise on the Kettle Valley. We are planning a cycling trip this summer - we would like to bring both our children (7 years and 10 years old). They are both experienced cyclist and have done many day trips. My 10 year old cycled some overnight trips in Belgium last year. None of us have cycled the Kettle Valley, but I thought it would be a wonderful first experience for our children to experience a camping/cycling trip. With this in mind, I seeking your advise on the best/nicest part of the Valley trail that would be suitable for children. We have about 10 days and the children can easily cycle 50 km a day. I don't want to attempt the entire 600km on the first visit (I say first as I am sure we will want to do it again).

I would really appreciate any advise/suggestions you can give us on this. Thank you so much.

Cheers, Anita

March 11, 2000
Recently I read an article about the Kettle Valley Railway. Your website was mentioned in it and as you'll understand I took a look. There's just one simple question I have: Can you teel me something about renting a bike Somewhere around Hope, Kelowna or Nelson?
Thanks for your help.

Greetings Armand.

February 16, 2000
Debby Keith
Is there one place I can go to find out about all the B&Bs, campsites, and other accomodations along the trailway?

February 13, 2000
Planing my first trip.
I am planing a trip on the KVR this summer but I have a few questions.
We want to cycle the KVR but also to have an ATV to carry our gear. I don't know if ATV's are permitted on the trail, especialy Myra Canyon.
Are there places along the KRV that are good camping spots other than actual campgrounds?

February 8, 2000
Mike Berrisford
Cycling the KVR
Greetings from Penticton!

I'm inquiring to find out if there will be a 3rd addition published anytime in the near future.

At the Hostelling International - Penticton, we host many cyclists and cycle tour groups each year however are not represented in the accommodation listing.  As we cater to cyclists 3 seasons a year (bike tools/alarmed bike storage/ private & shared rooms) we would love be listed and would entertain an opportunity to purchase advertising space in future publications.

Any information you can provide on this cyclists bible would be welcome.

Best regards --- Mike

February 8, 2000
Kettle Valley Railway
Are there any areas that are abandoned with the rails still in place?
Please respond to

February 3, 2000
Chris Peppler
you know any good resourse for planning a trip on the trail?
Chris Peppler

February 3, 2000
Chris Eliassen
KVR and others
Hello Mr. Langford,
I was part of a group which completed an enjoyable 3-day ride from Penticton to Merritt last June on the KVR. We gathered much information from your book, and I certainly appreciate its availability. We did have one mishap -- a shoulder fracture/dislocation from a fall on a trestle just short of Coalmont.

I am now researching another ride in the West Kootenays. I understand there is a ridable railbed between Nakusp and New Denver. In my web wanderings I found a site for the Kaslo-Slocan Railway. However, I haven't yet been able to determine the exact route of this abandoned railway. Do you have any knowledge of this railway? Or can you perhaps suggest a source of information? I have e-mailed the person whose name appears on the web page, but do not know yet if the address was good and the mail delivered.

At any rate, any info you might have would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Chris Eliassen

February 3, 2000
I would like info on what would be a good route to do bike camping for 7-10 days.  I will be coming from Oregon,  Thanks, Bob

January 31, 2000
Ron Zadorozny
Cell Phone Coverage
This coming summer plan on going from Midway to Penticton. Is there any cell phone coverage along the route? For emergency purposes.
Thanks Ron

January 25, 2000
L. Sernowski & R. Derkson
Kettle Valley and connectors???
Hi Dan, Robert here. My girlfriend and I are planning a tour of KVR hopefully from Castelgar to Princton this summer and we have a few questions that I have not been able to answer by reading your book.

#1- Would bringing our lab dogs (Brodie & Fisher) become a huge hassle?
#2- What time of year would you suggest, we are planning on about 7-8 days of riding, thinking of around 1st or 2nd week in July?
#3- Are there any services that you are aware of which can be easily accessed to get back to vehical?

Any tips or comments that you may have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx Rob & Loreen

February 11, 2000
Springinotic, Brian
Dogs along the trail
Please think long and hard about bringing your dogs along on the trip.
Many adjacent landowners, particularly ranchers, have had a lot of grief from dogs chasing and harrassing stock (calves, sheep and in one case, horses).
If you do bring your dogs, please keep them on a leash - it is actually legal for a farmer to shoot a dog that is harrassing stock, though I am not aware of this happening (yet) along the trail. Additionally, water supplies can be a challenge for dogs (and humans) along certain portions of the trail in summer.

Have a safe trip!
Brian Springinotic
Trans Canada Trail Coordinator
PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC  V8W 9V1

Home Page:

January 14, 2000
Jill Crosina
Kettle Valley Railway
We are interested in biking a section of the railway this summer.  We have two boys aged 10 and 12.  We are avid cyclers, but the boys are still young for great daily distances.  We would want to access the area with our truck and camper, park and leave it at a monitored parking lot (campsite, etc.), and head off for a few days.  Obviously, we understand that we would have to back track on our route to get back to the vehicle.  We are hoping you might suggest a section which is approx. 25 - 30 km. long which would be the most exciting - views, tunnels, etc.

Sure have enjoyed your info. on the net.  Thanks so much for helping us out!!
Daryl and Jill Crosina

January 20, 2000
Craig Henderson
Jill Crosina
Dear Jill;
We live on a farm in Naramata. This year I am starting a walking tour business on the KVR and also leading some family cycling KVR trips for the Naramata (Conference) Centre. You could park in our yard, start biking at Chute Lake with fantastic views of the OK. Valley, the rock ovens (see the book), Adra Tunnel and Little Tunnel. Closer to Naramata there are wineries for Mom and Dad to stop at. It's all a 2.2% downhill grade so the kids should be able to handle it, if not there are a few shortcuts to get faster back to where your vehicle would be parked at my place. Please contact me for more information.

January 27, 2000
V Anderson
Jill, Cycling with kids
Last June I cycled with my family and a large group of Middle School students. My 10 year old son rode with us. We rode 60 km a day for 3 days. I think with a little training your sons could ride farther than 25 km per day. I would suggest leaving your vehicle at Chute Lake resort and ride to the Idabel Lodge. Its a wonderful spot to stay for a few days. Lots things for two busy boys to do there.

January 9, 2000
Ian Staines
GPS Waypoints for KVR route
My wife and I cycled the KVR in July of 99 from Castlegar to Penticton. We had a great time and hope to go back and complete some of the sections we missed in the future.

I did some research beforehand and made up a route in my Garmin GPSIII GPS receiver. Although it is hard to get lost along the route, I found the GPS really added to the enjoyment of the trip. It helped in finding the station stops and getting a feel for the route. I could look down at the "ETA to next Waypoint" and decide if I wanted to tell my wife how long it would be until our next stop..or just lie about it.

Several people have already asked me for my GPS waypoint list so I thought I would post here. If you want a list of waypoints, drop me an Email.

January 2, 2000
Ellis O'Brien
Accommodations in Beaverdell

We really enjoy your book and website and would like you to know about a new accommodation alternative in Beaverdell.  Located right downtown, Highland Cabins offers fully self-contained units including kitchens.  Bachelor, 1 bedroom and two bedroom units are available at reasonable rates.  Group rates with space for tenting can be arranged.  Call Highland Cabins at (250) 484-5505 to reserve.

Please post this info on your next update.  Thanks!
Ellis O'Brien

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