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January - December 2001

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August 27, 2001
Hans Rolfsmeier
Transport Penticton to Beaverdell-Rock Creek
Hello, we're 2 german chaps who are keen on cycling the KVR and we are wondering if anyone has some info about transport from Penticton to Rock Creek for bikes and their riders. We wanna ride from Rock Creek to Penticton and stay the first night in the Beaverdell Hotel. Do they have an e-mail address or fax number?We'd appreciate any info. Thank you.

August 24, 2001
John Warlimont
Found Clothing

Found item of clothing around Jura Stock ranch-Jura Station area (above Princeton) on August 21-2001. Please describe to claim.Travelling the next few days will get back to you as soon as possible.

August 23, 2001
Gail Dickson
Campsites Available!

Hi! Dan, We have a small private campsite just east of Roxy's B&B on the Kettle Valley railbed right on Link Lake. We will welcome any cyclists that would like to stop. We offer hot showers and quiet camping sites. I am an avid birder so there are lots of birds around to look at. How do we go about getting our site mentioned on your webpage and in the guide book? Thank you, Gail

August 23, 2001

A touring bike is fine. and you really only need 1 or 2 middle gears for the whole trip as the railbed and grade are almost flat

August 23, 2001

This may be late for you, but there is a place in Midway that will take your can back to Penticton for $50. Its a Motor lodge. Then you can ride back to Penticton which is a better way to go. No big hill. If you search on this web site someone will have the name. (Midway is not very big)
It was a great trip though.

August 22, 2001
Jacques Tremblay, Calgary, Alberta
Carmi subdivision on touring/hybrid bike with kids and trailer full of camping gear

Hi everyone, To answer on of the most FAQs: Yes the carmi subdivision can be done on touring/hybrid bikes
Yes kids can do it with little mountain bike 20" wheels. My kids are 7yrs and 9yrs old and had the time of their life.
Yes you can do it with a trailer (some spots between Rock Creek and WestBridge require you to push it over some rock piles)
We even did it with a 2yrs old little fellow in the back seat!
We averaged 30 km a day (up to 50km when going downhill)
We just had a wonderful time!
Hope everyone will try it!
The secret is in the planning- this book is great!
We'll try Columbia & Western Railway next year.

August 22, 2001
Rena Lee

Has anyone found a camera at the north Myra parking lot on August the 4th?

August 20, 2001
Ernie And Sandy Scherck
accomodation at Link-Osprey lake area
A great place to stay in the Osprey-Link lake area between Princeton and Summerland is with Stan and Gail Quinton - #138 Country Lane at Link Lake (Just a Km or so from the Bankier Store if you are coming from Summerland, and their driveway is just off the rail grade). Their campsite sits right on Link Lake, and is a lovely peaceful place to spend an evening or more. They have showers, tent sites and a cabin. We spent a couple of days there on our way through and thoroughly enjoyed the tranquil beauty of their lakefront property. Reservations are recommended, and they can be reached by Phone (250) 295-6898 or email:

August 20, 2001
Scott Holmen
Biking the KVR with a BikeE recumbent tandem

We just got back from biking the KVR near Princeton and through Myra Canyon on our BikeE recumbent tandem. I debated about the choice of bikes before the trip and chose the recumbent because of the better views and seating position, but I was worried about how it would handle on the trail. For those of you not familiar with the BikeE tandem, it has a 16"x1.5" front tire and a 20"x1.75" rear tire. Both tires are normally run at 100+ PSI pressure and you risk pinch flats at lower pressures. For more info you can go to their web site at We had problems riding the trail near the Princeton Castle where it had a loose surface due to frequent horse trips out of the campground. We tried to go uphill but gave up after too many problems with the rear wheel spinning out in the loose dirt. We turned around and rode downhill into town with no problems. We rode the Myra Canyon section from McCulloch Lake Resort to the canyon and back with no problems at all. A recumbent definitely gives you the best views of the railway and trestles. This has to be the most spectacular easy ride I have ever done. Just make sure you bring plenty to drink since there is no water available along this section. There is a warning about treating the water at McCulloch Lake so either bring your own or take a filter system. They are in the process of upgrading the resort and it looks like by next summer there will be a new bath-house and some more cabins. Campsites were $12 per night. If you want a campfire you can buy a tiny bundle of wood for $3. The resort is rustic but the people running it were quite friendly and nice. I saw a news flash that the old hotel at Carmi burned down two weeks ago and was totally destroyed.

August 19, 2001
Anna Mueller
Road bike on Kettle Valley Trail?
Hi, I have a study Trek road bike with pretty wide tires on it -have done some touring on dirt with it - how do you think this would be on the Kettle Valley Trail?
Anna Mueller

August 15, 2001
Robbin McKinney - Great Explorations

Dan and Sandra Langford to join special departure on the Kettle Valley Trail in September- opportunity for the public to join.

Dan and Sandra Langford, author's of 'Cycling the Kettle Valley', and an experienced crew of guides for Great Explorations will be leading a unique trip on the Kettle Valley Trail this fall from September 3-16. The Kettle Valley Trail has grown to become one of the more famous cycling trails in North America (Bike Magazine rates it one of the top 50 in the world). Dan will share his knowledge of the trail and its history during the ride. In addition to visits to museums and other sites, there are a variety of festivities planned with the host communities enroute. Participants will be entertained by fiddlers, folksingers, storytellers and more. They will learn to goldpan, canoe at sunrise and ride a horse and buggy with a 70 year old singing cowboy!

The trip is being run in three stages (stage 1 is 7 days/ 6 nights, stage 2 is 7 days/ 6 nights and stage 3 is 4 days/3 nights); these run back-to-back allowing participants to do one or more sections (doing all 3 stages will take 2 weeks). There is a choice of camping or lodging and the registration price includes all meals, transfer of luggage daily, vehicle support, and a personally autographed copy of Dan's book. Prices for Stage 1 & 2 is CAD $695 (camping) & CAD $965 (lodging) & Stage 3 is CAD $285 (camping) and CAD $395 (lodging) and registering is easy. By phone: Call 800-242-1825 (in Vancouver 604-730-1247 By Email:

The full itineraries can be found on We invite you to join Dan and Sandra and the Great Explorations crew on this trip. September is a great time to be on the trail and it promises to be a very festive trip!

Robbin McKinney
Great Explorations
#305-1510 West 1st Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4S3 CANADA
Tel. 604-730-1247
Fax. 604-738-7655

August 15, 2001

Hi, My daughter and I are plannig a trip much like yours and are wondering how you did with yours. Emily is eight. We hope to spend a week or so on the kvr taking a rather liesurely pace. Did your son ride his own bike? Or did you put him on a trail a bike? How will traffic concerns affect my decision in that regard? We will fly into Kelowna, rent a setup, catch some kind of transportation to our trailhead, probably Beaverdell, and head west. It is our hope to travel until we run out of poop and then call in our transportation back to Kelowna, from which we will head home. Any insights you have regarding any of these plans would be greatly appreciated. Good for you for taking such an adventure with your child. It is my hope that these things will burn values into our kids.

August 13, 2001
Lauchlan Glen
Re:bike - Adam Hicks
Your hybrid will be just fine.

August 13, 2001
Lauchlan Glen
Re: Rosann

You can leave your car at the KVR museum parking lot(also the station) in Midway.

August 13, 2001
KVR with kids
Just finished our trip. Rock Creek- Penticton- Princeton.9 days. (including one rest day) Two families with two kids each. Ages,3,4,6,7 Older kids were on Burley Picollo. Younger kids were on Adams Trail a bike. We carried all our camping gear / food for 5 day period. No major problems. Everybody had a great time. Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions on riding with kids.

August 12, 2001
Re:Parking at Midway

I left my car at the KVR Museum(old RR station). They also have a signin list for KVR cyclists, don't forget to add your name. Just a note, going from Penticton south, you can easily follow the RR south along Skaha lake even though the first few km are within the Indian reserve. Enter through the trailer park just before Hwy 99 starts going uphill. No signs and nobody will bother you.

August 11, 2001
Is it possible to follow threads?
Hi there. Great info site. Is it possible to follow the threads so I can learn the answers to some of these great questions? I live in Greenwood, and would be happy to answer any questions regarding this area. Also I can direct riders to some great single track rides in the Greenwood/Grand Forks area. TJ

August 5, 2001
Rosann and Mark
Where do I leave my car?
Hi there. We are cycling the route from Midway to Osyoos. Any suggestions on where we could leave our car in Midway? Our plan is to take the bus from Osoyoos to Midway when we've finished our trip.

July 31

My son and I plan on leaving my car in Penticton and hope to somehow catch a shuttle with our bikes and gear to Beaverdell, then ride KVR back to Penticton. Can anyone suggest who I might contact in Penticton for such a service, and will they allow me to leave my car there for 3 days?

July 31, 2001
Roger Dorscheid
KVR Kettle River PP - Penticton
Just finished our trip. weather was great and scenery was beautiful. 9 kids (ages 11 - 16) and 3 adults rode every day 40 - 50 kms/day with no problems. Our trip was supported by 4 vehicles that met us at the next campground. Met lots of riders on the trail from all over the world. Everyone was enjoying the trail, even the ones with sore butts. am willing to answer questions.

July 29, 2001
Anne Leechman
Lavender Lane Guesthouse, Naramata

We have a BC Tourism Approved B&B which is in close proximity to the KVR being situated at the corner of Arawana and Debeck in Naramata, and 300 yds from the Old Arawana Station. We offer 3 rooms with ensuites, Queen size beds and TV/VCR in all the rooms. You can visit our web site at We also offer Bike rentals for the public and our guests. We can be reached at

July 24, 2001
Len Soet
Item of value found on KVR

Hi Dan
I found an item of value between Midway and Kettle River Provincial Park on Friday, July 20th. If anyone can describe what it is they can have it.

July 24, 2001
Mary Downey
Parking and General Information.
A group of friendly bikers from Clearwater are on thier maiden voyage on Saturday July 28'01 for a ride from Myra Canyon to Chute Lake (we have reservations for the nite). Can we leave our vehicles at Myra Canyon for 1 nite? We plan on riding to Poplar Grove Station on Sunday and will be met there by our support vehicle.
If you have any sugestions or Info please let me know thanks for your help.

July 23, 2001
Columbia and Western -- Upgrade
Now that BC Gas has finished putting in the pipeline, the trail between Christina Lake and Grand Forks has been upgraded a lot. It is no longer overgrown with weeds, in fact it has been graveled and packed.

July 22, 2001
Ray Douthwaite
Carmi Subdivision Changes
Seventeen of us just completed the trail from Rock Creek through to Osoyoos five days later. Some of us had done this section before but that did not take away from the enjoyment. The trail is in good shape at the moment.
Going from Penticton to Osoyoos we were able to avoid going on the highway (and the big hill) at kilometer 3.6 by following a detour that we heard about. Just as we started up the hill, there is a go-cart track on the right and an abandoned log home manufacturing site on the left. We cut acroos the log home site and followed a rough trail in the north-east corner of his lot. This wound down to the trail on the side of the lake - which we followed all the way into Okanagan Falls. We had one small detour around Kaleden Station area. The tressel going into Ok Falls has now been repaired, which eliminated the detour at 17km. It was a great ride - much preferable to riding on the highway.
We talked to a local in OK Falls who advised us to follow Maple Street out of town all the way until it joined Highway 97. Then we followed the highway until just after the McAlpine Bridge, at which point we picked up the trail which is PAVED until a short way after Oliver. Unfortunately there has been a fire in the old station at Oliver so it is currently boarded up.
If this info is not currently posted, I hope you can share it with other riders. Keep on peddling !!!!

July 18, 2001
Bethany Fieber
Up dateon Trans Canada Trail from Kettle River Museum, Midway
The Trans Canada Trail from Midway west to Ingram Bridge has now been upgraded. Pope & Talbot have developed a seperate and distinct path adjacent to the mill yard. Signage is excellent. West from Pope & Talbot, the rail bed has received major improvements and is in better shape than original. The railbed meanders along the Kettle River through two large ranches. Self closing gates have been installed for the ease of cyclists.
From Ingram Bridge west, cyclists still should follow Bubar Road, to East Kettle River Road.
We are told that "Zacks" at Beaverdell is an excellent campground.
The "Little Dipper" campground at Taurus is expanding their services and by 2002 will have simple cabins and B & B.

July 17, 2001
Brian Fletcher
Chain Reaction Bike and Board

Great website!! I've just recently opened a business in Grand Forks that caters to travellers along the Trans-Canada Trail. Chain Reaction Bike and Board offers parts, accessories and repair services to anyone cycling through the Boundary subdivision of the old CPR line which runs from Midway to Castlegar.
We are located 1/2 a block north of City Park [TC Trail] on 5th Street at Market Avenue. Downtown Grand Forks. Phone 250-442-0118.
In the same location Aromas Espresso Cafe offers respite from the heat with great food and drink, caffeinated or otherwise.
We are both open for business Monday to Saturday. For emergency repairs try phoning 250-442-8561.
Thanks for this opportunity to serve.
Brian Fletcher

July 15, 2001
Rick Letkeman
Carmi trip
Just completed Carmi section from Rock Creek to Penticton. We went with another family; 5 kids (9 - 15) and 4 adults. We cycled an average of 45km/ day and camped along the way. It was hot and we learned to carry all the water we could; some days we still came close to running out. We always aimed for a spot close to the river or lake for swimming. This was a bonus! We met very few cyclists along the way until Chute Lake.
I think we made a great new campsite at Taurus Station. A place we'd really recommend is Arlington Lake campgrounds. We were the only ones there; wonderful sites, great lake, fish if you can. There is a water warning at McCulloch; the water is warm and dirty, although you can buy treated water for $1/L. That adds up with 9 people. Riding to Chute Lake was awful; the "trail' is a logging road, severe washboard, and choking dust. At the "resort" service/ welcome/ simple acknowledgement was minimal. You pay $10 per 2 people/tent on an open bumpy field close to the lake beside the road with no water.
All the kids did very well, they were awesome; no complaints or whining at all. They seemed to find their own pace as the days went by. We completed the section to Penticton in 5 days. The highlights, of course, were the swimming holes we found along the way. We then spent 2 great days in Penticton (by the lake of course) winding down and celebrating. Would we do it again? Absolutely!

July 15, 2001
Al Reynish

Greetings all I am a railway artist specializing in the KVR and railways of Southern B.C. I have spent the last 10 years going over everything from Hope to Nelson, (Including spur lines). I do watercolor aratwork showing what the now abandoned railways used to look like. Buildings, Engines and other structures are part of it. In my time on the railbeds I have been keeping up on the condition of abandoned structures. On Wednesday July 4th of this year Hector Turner and I went to the Ladner Creek bridge (Mile 36.8 Coquihalla Sub). THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL PERSONS . . The timbers that make up the bridge deck are now becoming unsafe. I could break large pieces from them and one broke in half when I pushed on it! Those of you intending to cross this bridge should walk on the timbers where the steel underneath supports it. Thanks to Todd Barker for cleaning out a lot of the debris from Tunnel 8 (Mile 36.7). The pathway to and over the tunnel is much easier now. But for those wishing to examine and cross the bridge itself TAKE EXTREME CAUTION!
Bye for now.

July 11, 2001
Ron Severn
Beaverdell to Penticton

WooHoo, we made it!!! Thanks to Dan's book, Creg from Vistatrek for his e-mail info, my nephew in law for shuttling us, the weather, McCulough lodge and Chute Lake lodge we had a very successful trip. We have started to plan the next leg for 2002. Good luck to all who are traveling up there this summer, hope you all had as great a trip as we did Ron & Josh from Portland

July 10, 2001
Adam Hicks

Can the KVR be done on a touring/hybrid bike, or would one need a mountain bike?

July 7, 2001
Merritt-Spences Bridge-Clarifying cyclist's access..

Back in early May some friends and I rode from Merritt to Spences Bridge as a day trip. It was a great ride, except for the xenophobic tendencies of some of the local ranchers. One fellow claimed we were on his private property, and expressed his intention to step-up actions that would block access to cyclists (or anyone else I guess...) Being respectful and not wishing to trespass, we detoured around his place, but resolved to clarify this issue for next time. According to an officer with the British Columbia Assets and Land Corporation, the old KVR right-of-way is Crown land and is fully open to the public. The only exceptions are native indian reserves--as noted in Dan's book. I regret not knowing this at the time of our ride, but as it turned out, the brief detour we took along the highway provided a few nice hill climbs and some great photo opps. I wanted to share with other cyclists the lesson we learned- study the route so you know exactly where you cannot ride (native reserves) and where you can ride (everywhere else). If you choose to respect the wishes of some of the locals and stay off parts of the route, fine, but don't be deceived by false claims of "private property", or intimidated by threats of legal action or other forms of harrassment.PS: watch for livestock and please close all gates. Happy riding

July 5, 2001

I live in Grand Forks and I have your second edition book, great job by the way, thought I would send you an update on the section between Grand Forks and Christina Lake. The trail was dug up by BC Gas for thier new pipeline last year, but they have done a great job restoring it and have now put down gravel and packed it in. It is very hard and nice to ride on. I like the Web page, Keep up the great work!!

July 4, 2001
Rock Creek to Penticton

I plan to ride Rock Creek to Penticton with young kids We plan on camping. Can anyone tell me where one can buy food along the way. Is there any store in Brookmere? Thanks Yoel

July 4, 2001
Tony Dowsett
Rock Creek to Beaverdell

My family and I will be cycling the Rock Creek to Penticton route in July this year. I have recently heard that the Rock Creek to Beaverdell section is not worth doing as the road surface is in bad condition and you need to be lifting your bikes over fences along the way. Has anyone done this section recently who can give me some advice as to whether it is better to start our trip in Beaverdell or Rock Creek.

July 2, 2001
Jim Crawford
Columbia and Western Railway
By way of introduction -- I am a retired school counsellor -- Stanley Humphries Secondary School in Castlegar. At 77 years of age, I usually ride roads and lanes. I was fortunate to have been selected as one of the TCT relay riders -- riding my bike between Waneta and Nelway, along the Pend D'Oreille River. A couple of times during the summer I will ride my bike to Nelson and back to Castlegar in a day. Among other things, I do the composition and layout for the Castlegar Parks & Trails newsletters (Elaine Robinson, editor) and I am also a member of the Columbia- Western Railway Trail Society. ================ my recent experience with the "loose gravel" - ballast -- whatever .. for the first 6 km of the railbed from Castlegar (Hi Arrow Dam) to Bonanza Siding (Paulson bridge) on the Columbia Western Railway was last Friday -- June 29. I rode the first 5 km of that railbed and the gravel has NOT been removed .. and I would actually doubt if very much (if any) of it has been graded. ALTHOUGH, ATV's have been through there with their big tires and they definitely have flattened out the gravel. It is not as bad as it has been -- early summer of 2000 you were skidding and sliding quite a bit along that first 6 km. Now ... you still skid and slide -- probably out of control about 50% of the time; my wife complains loudly. At times when you are caught in a loose section of gravel, your command of vile and obscene language is very fluent. BUT IT IS BETTER THAN IT WAS!! I have yet to make the entire ride from Paulson down to Castlegar this year, but I expect to within the next 2 - 3 weeks. The people that I ride with like the downhill way best .. west to east. ANOTHER ITEM; last week my wife and I rode from Christina to Grand Forks roughly 20 km each way -- on the pipe line trail (old railbed). It was a great outing! Good surface; wide track; level; -- excellent for families. I would imagine much too tame and easy for wild off-road types. Incidentally when people contact the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce, the old CPR Train Station - Castlegar & District Heritage Society - or Friends of Parks & Trails, they often are referred to me for local information. One of the first things I ask them -- "have you read Dan Langford's 2nd Edition of Cycling the KVR?"

July 2, 2001
Princeton to Tulameen

I have enjoyed the book. Thanks for helping keep the interest in an important part of our history. I first engaged portions of the KVR in 91 and in first did the whole KVR in the summer of 94, Midway to Spence's Bridge, just before the book came out, and again in 96, Castlegar to Hope. I just spent the past week-end biking around Princeton and noticed how much work has been done on the Princeton to Tulameen section for the Trans Canada Trail. There is a sign up by the Princeton tunnel that warns of week-day closure from Aug 1 to the end of August from 7 am to 7 pm for trail repair. I though you might want to post.

July 1, 2001
Re: Stoker and Friend

TRip is awesome and I am certain you could do the entire ride, one thing you could consider is to reverse your direction, THere is one hell of a climb on loose large gravel trail up from Penticton to summi( Chute Lake) as you head east to Midway. Took us 3 hours going down (experienced riders), is the steepest part of the entire railbed. Advise looking into it.

June 28, 2001
Joyce Parsons
Update on Faulder Campground site
Greetings from the Summerland/TransCanadian Trail Society! Our volunteer group is busy fundraising and making steady progress in working on the Trail improvements from the Rodeo Grounds (at the Kettle Valley Train Station in Summerland) towards Faulder. The campgrounds that you have listed as 25.5 Faulder is now defunct and should be replaced by this new information: Kettle Valley Campgrounds located on beautiful Trout Creek provides 10 seasonal campsites for hikers, bikers and others using tents. Season runs from May 1st to October 30th. Adjacent to the TransCanadian Trail and the historic Kettle Valley Railroad. 6.5 km West of Summerland, B.C. on the Summerland-Princeton Hwy.A true wilderness camping adventure for the outdoor enthusiasts. Scenic campsites on the banks of Trout Creek offer easy access to the rugged backcountry of beautiful B.C. Bring your cameras to catch the breathtaking canyon views, the beaver colony at work and the endless wildlife viewing opportunities on the world famous TransCanadian Trail. Cubs and organizations welcome. For information and reservations contact: Telephone: 250-494-4130 FAX 250-494-3022 email:d& Cordially yours, Joyce Parsons, Consultant Summerland/TransCanadian Trail Society RR3, S43A,C65, Summerland, B.C. V0H 1Z0

June 26, 2001
John Q Gregg
Re: recommended tires

Two of us last week completed the Carmi Subdivison with 700 x 40c, inverse tread tires on hybrid bikes. This is what we found(1) The few soft sand spots seem to challenge the mountain bikers as much as ourselves.(2) These tires provided a distinct advantage on detours onto blacktop.(3) They were only deficient on a few rockier and steeper detours from the KVR itself(4) Narrower than 40 or 38, tough, might cause some trouble.

June 26, 2001
John Q Gregg
Re: Anarchist Mountain
James, it's a challenge, a real challenge. Two of us, 50plus, did it last week. Took 4 hours to the summit, 4 hours 20 to a fine lunch at the Wooden Crate -- where we were told that the all time fastest time to their place was done by a 25 year old ball of muscle. Took 2 hours 20 minutes -- but, then, he couldn't sit down, paced madly, trying to stop his muscles from cramping On the other hand, two guys in their 60's, who train daily (and one was on the Yugoslavia national racing team as a teen) did it the same day as us, about 45 minutes faster. In summary-(1) I'm glad I did it.(2) I'll never do it again.(3) I could not find any service in Osoyoos to deliver us to or past the summit -- though I will pass along an email to their Chamber. +$25 each, with a minimum two passengers, would be well worth it.

June 26, 2001
John Q Gregg
Re: Midway Loop
Just completed Carmi Subdivision two days ago. Suggestions
(1) Detours There's a number of detours, and these comments are in relation to the Langford book Between Rock Creek and Zamora there's more welcoming gates than previously, but -- at the first one (posted "no motorized vehicles") you'll encounter two thoroughly ugly and loud German shephards. Keep your cool, talk softly, and walk your bikes through their property -- or maintain the detour on #33 a little longer. But the entire trail through Zamora and Westbridge is now accessible.
@Wilkinson Creek the water was about knee high and fast -- but readily fordable. The listed detour is a pain worth ignoring. And you've got time(if aiming for Beaverdell to McCulloch), so try the ford first. If you don't like it, then backtrack to the detour. The ford route requires no detour, and is much more pleasant and picturesque Entering Penticton (just after passing Hillside Estate Winery), there's a new city bike path -- but it takes you only so far to where they're still raising funds for a bridge -- and they posted no detour signs back to town. Easiest route might be to follow Naramata Road into town. You'll come to bike route signs. Careful, though, if you end up on Government. The sign there is missing, and you end up continuing on, trying to find the sign, on a route under construction and rougher than the KVR you've just travelled. If you end up downtown, Westminster Avenue will take you out to the channel trail starting at Riverside Park. (Less expensive motels out that way, too. Consider the Black Forest. The International Hostel is highly recommended if you"re into that( but (a) it's more downtown, and (b) it opens in the afternoon at 5pm, and you may want to wash off the road dust earlier.)
@Skaha Lake, heading south, ignore concerns about Pentiction Band. Turn back onto KVR about 350m after entering Hwy 97 from Okanagan River Channel Trail. Look for abandoned log home construction site to east, turn downhill to water's edge. Short detour off trail at Kaleden onto Ponderosa Avenue extremely well marked. From OK Falls, heading south, best (or easiest) bet is to follow 97 until just past the Oasis service station at McAlpine, where you pick up the International Trail. Ample shoulders on the highway (except for the few ugly corners where you'd really want them), but limited traffic there on a weekday afternoon last week, no killer Winnepiggos.
(2) Osoyoos to Midway. Again, traffic was surprisingly light last week. Shoulders are excellent. But accept that this will be the most challenging part of your trip, if you really want to do it, climbing Anarchist Mountain. Leave as early as possible to lessen the heat, and make certain you've got adequate water.
(3) Hotels- Strongly recommended (by us, anyway- Beaverdell Hotel (and take the "meal deal") and Chute Lake. Not so highly recommended- Rock Creek Hotel, McCulloch Lake Resort. And reservations suggested.

June 26, 2001
John Q Gregg
Midway Loop
Just completed Carmi Subdivision two days ago. Suggestions
(1) Detours There's a number of detours, and these comments are in relation to the Langford book
Between Rock Creek and Zamora there's more welcoming gates than previously, but -- at the first one (posted "no motorized vehicles") you'll encounter two thoroughly ugly and loud German shephards. Keep your cool, talk softly, and walk your bikes through their property -- or maintain the detour on #33 a little longer. But the entire trail through Zamora and Westbridge is now accessible.
@Wilkinson Creek the water was about knee high and fast -- but readily fordable. The listed detour is a pain worth ignoring. And you've got time (if aiming for Beaverdell to McCulloch), so try the ford first. If you don't like it, then backtrack to the detour. The ford route requires no detour, and is much more pleasant and picturesque. Entering Penticton (just after passing Hillside Estate Winery), there's a new city bike path -- but it takes you only so far to where they're still raising funds for a bridge -- and they posted no detour signs back to town. Easiest route might be to follow Naramata Road into town. You'll come to bike route signs. Careful, though, if you end up on Government. The sign there is missing, and you end up continuing on, trying to find the sign, on a route under construction and rougher than the KVR you've just travelled. If you end up downtown, Westminster Avenue will take you out to the channel trail starting at Riverside Park. (Less expensive motels out that way, too. Consider the Black Forest. The International Hostel is highly recommended if you're into that, but (a) it's more downtown, and (b) it opens in the afternoon at 5pm, and you may want to wash off the road dust earlier.)
@Skaha Lake, heading south, ignore concerns about Pentiction Band. Turn back onto KVR about 350m after entering Hwy 97 from Okanagan River Channel Trail. Look for abandoned log home construction site to east, turn downhill to water's edge. Short detour off trail at Kaleden onto Ponderosa Avenue extremely well marked. From OK Falls' heading south, best (or easiest) bet is to follow 97 until just past the Oasis service station at McAlpine, where you pick up the International Trail. Ample shoulders on the highway (except for the few ugly corners where you"d really want them), but limited traffic there on a weekday afternoon last week, no killer Winnepiggos
(2) Osoyoos to Midway. Again, traffic was surprisingly light last week. Shoulders are excellent. But accept that this will be the most challenging part of your trip, if you really want to do it, climbing Anarchist Mountain. Leave as early as possible to lessen the heat, and make certain you've got adequate water.(3) Hotels- Strongly recommended (by us, anyway- Beaverdell Hotel (and take the "meal deal") and Chute Lake. Not so highly recommended- Rock Creek Hotel, McCulloch Lake Resort. And reservations suggested.

June 23, 2001
Cheryl Douglas
Where to leave your car - Midway

Hello, We biked the section from Midway to Penticton and then to Osoyoos last summer. We left one car at this excellent B & B in Greenwood, about 15 km east of Midway. The B & Bis listed in the book and is called Forshaw House. Cheers

June 19, 2001
kvr- kid's ?
we want to take our 2 children with us on the kvr. we do have 2 carriers, one for the kids and one for luggage. is it ok to go with a carrier? we are in summerland right now, any suggestions where to start or even where there are sections you would not go with a trailer, are trekking tires fine or do we definitely need mtb tires? we would like to start very soon, any answer would be very nice

June 18, 2001
cycling suggestion needed

my friend and I have 3 cycling days to make a trip in the Kettle valley. What is a good place to begin and end? I'd like to avoid cycling on roads and don"t mind rough roads. We want to cycle around 8 hours a day, about 30 miles/day if it's rough and slow.Any suggestions, anyone?

June 17, 2001
Trips on KVR around Penticton
The last week in August myself and a few friends are interestd in doing a two-three day mountain biking trip on the KVR starting and finishing at Penticton. Would like to know which would be the most scenic routes and what type of accomodation is there outside Penticton along the KVR. We would most likly stay in B&B's or Hosteling if possible.

June 17, 2001
Laura & Wayne Gannon

Hi, Dan. We got your name via some website information forwarded by Jim Stolth in Princeton. Have a bit of info for you about the railway in Kingsvale. We were talking with someone who lives locally there yesterday and he said they're going to straighten the Coldwater Road through Kingsvale in the next couple of weeks. We looked and you can see the markers all set out and at least the east side of the abutment will be gone. You may already know about this but, if not, just keeping you up to date. Thanks for the work you're doing that helps the rest of us enjoy this piece of history. Laura & Wayne Gannon

June 16, 2001
Cameron and Florence
KVR railbed

Greetings! We have just been to B.C. for a holiday and to check out the area. We stayed with friends that live in the area< (Beaverdell) and travelled on the railbed many times by pickup truck. Although we did not travel the entire route' we found some sections are narrowed with fallen rock' and other areas are starting to be overgrown by the small trees that line the edge of the gravel.It is a very scenic route to travel' by bike or truck . We are planning to move to the area next spring and become familiar with the KVR.Happy and Safe Cycling Cameron and Florence in Ontario

June 10, 2001
Carman Bennett
Carmi / Osoyoos

Just returned from 5 days Rock Creek to Penticton to Osoyoos. Myra Canyon worth the trip alone. Bike computer/odometer invaluable for guidance along with "the book". One bear, many deer and osprey, no flat tires - what more can you ask for? Anyone with reservations at Mile Zero Motel in Midway better be prepared for alternates - we found it locked and rumoured to be bankrupt.

June 6, 2001
Rocks and washouts

Just went n the KVR last week and we found alot of big fallen rocks. Also we found one wash out part but you can still ride it. It was hot and I burned rember the sunscreen It was a great time and I hope to do it soon in the future

June 6, 2001
Axel Kellner

At 22.8 km: The locked metal gate has been replaced with a metal gate that can be opened by cyclists. Not sure if the fence is still electrified - insulators are in place, but didn't want to touch the wire.
At 183 km: You have to be blind not to see the clearly marked sign indicating the detour around the tunnel. We followed a group of 30 or so kids from John Oliver High in Vancouver, and the all missed it! Kids!
At 208 etc. Still very confusing from Naramata to south of Penticton. Got totally lost and ended up on city bike path (many turns) through Penticton to east side of Skaha Lk. Took the highway along the east side of lake - nice.

June 6, 2001
Charlie McKenna
A recumbent on the Kettle Valley Railway

I am planning on riding the Kettle Valley between june 12-24 and I am planning on using my recumbent. The rear wheel is a 26" so mountain bike tires are possible. Has anyone ever done this? What was your experience?Aloha Charlie McKenna Ma'ili Hawai'i

June 5, 2001
charles bristow
Advice Needed

My son and I are planning a 4-5 day ride on the KVR in late August and want to camp and carry all our own gear. However, we are not sure where to ride from/to. We will drive out from Vancouver. On thwe weekend we read about a ride from Kelowna to Penticton but are not sure if this is our best bet for scenery etc. Any advice would be welcome.Thank you...Charles

June 3, 2001
Laurie and Jen

If I were you I would take the bus to Midway. From Vancouver and then home again from Hope. (If you are from Here) The trail is not crowded at all you will be lucky if you see a dozen or 2 people on the trail in a day. 60 K is fine. When I was on it last year. there was a 70 year old man kept up to us and did 60 k in a day. From midway. Stay in Beaverdell, Great Little spot.There are rooms and camping Then McCulloch lake. There are cabins and camping. Chute lake you may need to book ahead Penticton Lots of Accom. The next section I am doing this summer. From Penticton to the Coquihala toll gates. But I think you are better off if you can camp also It leaves you more options. If its nice out camping is fine. We also had hot showers everywhere we stayed. On the trail you would not see many people but at the night stops there would be 15 or so riders staying the night. Ron

June 1, 2001
Midway Loop

We are planning to do the Midway loop this summer. Does anyone have insights about portions of the route that are not passable or requiring detours? How is the highway portion of the return to Midway from Osoyoos? Is it a busy road? Also any recommendations regarding B&B's or hotels would be appreciated. Do we require reservations? Thanks in advance for any input!

May 29, 2001
Murray Comley
Meet other KVR cyclists for a group trip

I run the Ecospirit Adventure Club. Several members have expressed interest in riding the KVR and that is what directed me to this site. I would like to invite anyone looking for riding mates to post their planned itinerary on my web site at Follow the link to the POST NEW EVENT page and fill in the details. There is no fee to be a member or to post an event. NOTE - This is NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE so do NOT post commercial trips. The adventure club is about self guided adventures. If you have a commercial trip you want to promote email me separately and we can talk about this option for the 'Destinations' portion of the web site.
Murray Comley Ecospirit Adventure Club

May 29, 2001
Greg Byron
Confusion in the Orchards

We(Port Coquitlam 2nd Venturer Company) completed the KVR Carmi section from McCulloch Station to Penticton on May 20' 2001. As you cross over Naramata Road (km 208.4) you enter mixed orchards. Soon you come upon a gate blocking the trail with a sign advising you that you can no longer proceed. Since there was no comprehensive directions given on the sign we had to guess at which road would lead us to our meeting place in Penticton. Would suggest that someone needs to draw a map to tell future groups the most direct route into Penticton.

May 28, 2001
Spences Bridge to Merrit

Is this a good trail for a class of gr. 5-7s? end of June. Any camp grounds at either end? Are 'support' vehicles allowed on trail? Any links/ info appreciated

May 24, 2001
doreen kitagawa
access at Coryell Station

Wondering if you are able to access Coryell Station by car

May 22, 2001
graham dutt
after westbridge

midway to mcculloch lodge may 19-21 2001. great ride. talk to any of the friendly people for info or conversation. Stop off in Rhone and say hello to Paul and sign in. After westbridge it becomes much like a washboard and can be very fatigueing be prepared. good campsite in midway, across from the HOT-L. If your lucky Mark at the HOT-L might make you french toast. Great little place. Beutiful camping at zaks creekside campsites. Lots of camping by Mcculloch station. Great hospitality at the lodge. Good luck, have fun and always be prepared.

May 22, 2001
Doug Hopwood
NK&S Updates

Barriers at Clapperton
The R/W has been blocked in the vicinity of Clapperton Tunnel, as follows. A deep trench has been dug across the R/W at 60.5 km, passable by bicycle, but awkward. A wire fence has been erected at about 59.5 km., very difficult to pass by bike (we didn't try; we went back through the tunnel and detoured via Highway 8). A deep trench has been dug across the R/W near the intersection of the R/W with a secondary road at Clapperton. It appears that these barriers were put in place to prevent use of the R/W in the vicinity of the ranch at Clapperton. We detoured on the road from 60.5 km, over the ten-mile hill and returning to the R/W by taking the first side road after the hill.

Shakan Indian Reserve
We phoned Shakan Indian band to request permission to use the railbed through the Reserve. They said that access was closed at this time, due to some problems with private homes not being respected, and they thanked us for asking. To detour around Shakan Reserve, we left the railbed at 55.8 km (where it joins Highway 8). We returned to the railbed via the Chief Anthony Joe Bridge (which is not shown on the map in your book but is somewhere around 50 km.) As it happened, we were taking a rest at the bridge when a band member came by. He told us it would be OK to use the railbed through the remainder of the Reserve. If this had not happened we would have probably returned to the railbed at 45 km. via Dot Cut-Off Road and Manning Forest Service Road.

Nooaitch Indian Reserve
We phoned Nooaitch Indian band to request permission to use the railbed through the Reserve. They said that access was closed at this time, and that the railbed was in any case impassable due to a washout. We left the railbed via a small dirt road at about 41.5 km, about 200 m west of the arched trestle over the Nicola River. We returned to the railbed via Petitt Creek Road, taking the first left immediately after Canford Bridge, following a small dirt road along the Nicola River and rejoining the railbed at the trestle at 29.8 km. The west abutment of this trestle is eroded and we had to lift the bikes up.

Nicola Mameet Indian Reserve
We phoned Lower Nicola band to request permission to use the railbed through the Reserve. They said we should fax a request and they would fax back an authorization. We didn't manage to do this, so we detoured around the Nicola Mameet Indian Reserve, leaving the railbed via a road at 18 km. (This road ended up taking us through the residential part of the reserve, which pretty much defeated the purpose of leaving the railbed. Probably we should have left the railbed at Coyle Road. We returned to the railbed at Bilwiller Road.

All in all, we enjoyed the NK&S a lot. The Nicola valley is very beautiful. The detours on Highway 8 were not a big problem, as the road has wide shoulders and traffic is light. We saw lots of wildlife including a black bear, coyote, and deer. We encountered a rattlesnake in the lower, hot part of the valley, sunning itself on the railbed. In fact, we rode past about four feet away from it, and didn't see it until it rattled. That was exciting. There were lots of birds, including colorful Western Tanagers. We met a number of very friendly people. The part of the valley east of Canford is a little less pleasant, as it goes through farms. The only serious disappointment was the barricade at Clapperton Tunnel.

KVR Updates - Merritt to Brookmere
Pooley Road Access
On our way out of Merritt, we were unable to locate the access to the KVR from Pooley Road. The map in the book appears to be out of date.

Coldwater Road
Having missed the Pooley Road access, we decided to detour via Coldwater Road as far as Peterson Road, rather than go up and down a lot of hills switching between Coldwater Road and the KVR. This was not unpleasant, as traffic is light on Coldwater Road. We accessed the KVR via Peterson Road at 23.2 km ( i.e., the south end of Peterson Road, where it meets Coldwater Road.)

Coldwater Road / Voght Creek trestle The trestle deck is gone, and a wire fence along the right of way makes it necessary to climb down the steep edge of the abutment. Given the awkwardness of this, it might be as well to stay on Coldwater Road all the way to Kingsvale. The section from Kingsvale to Brookmere is very scenic, and we found no problems.

KVR Updates - Brookmere to Princeton
"No Trespassing" signs
A small sign saying "Private Property - No Trespassing" has been posted near the trestle at 152.5 km. (facing north) and another one facing south at 147.5 km. We ignored these signs and passed through this section with no problems, although there were a lot of cattle on the right-of-way in this vicinity.

Washouts repaired
All of the washouts between Tulameen and Princeton have been recently fixed. In some places the surface material is rough, but in general this section is in excellent condition and the scenery along the river is very enjoyable

May 18, 2001
Re:pipeline on C&W

There is/was no construction on our part! I am a member of tehe Columbia & Western Trail Society, the group that maintains the section from Castlegar to Christina Lake (sec/treas, newsletter editor, videographer. etc.)

May 16, 2001
Bob Riley
More riders

Hi, there is about five middle aged adults that are going to cycle from Midway to Chute Lake, from August 26,2001 to Sept 2,2001. I have a support car coming and I am also a bicycle mechanic. Have all tenting sites book and a cabin in Chute Lake. This should be a very nice(not hard)ride. Would like to have four or five more cyclist come along. How about you?

May 15, 2001
Eric Karjaluoto
Cool Site

Just wanted to get the word out on a very cool new mountain biking site. If you have a minute, check out Some neat stuff, useful info, rad pics, nice video.
BTW - This is just to get the word out on a great site. Nothing is being sold, and we are not sending spam. Just check it out and see if you like.
It's a lot of fun!
If you have comments, please let us know:

May 14, 2001
Highway 3

How is the cyckling on Highway 3 from Osoyoos to Midway? I've heard how bad it is and its better to take a bus or shuttle vehicles betwwen the two ends of a nice loop. Anyone ridder this part care to comment?

May 7, 2001
Joe Kyle
Web Site

Hello Dan, I have read and enjoyed your book many times. It is a great reference and have recommended it to many of my guests. I have been operating a family mtn. bike tour company based in Kelowna for 4 years now. You can check out our online brochure at our e-mail address is Thanks for a great source of information and keep up the great work. Happy trails! Joe Kyle

May 7, 2001
Beginner cyclists
My husband and I are interested in cycling the Kettle Valley Trail. Any suggestions for a short, easy grade ride for our first time. We are pulling a child trailer. Would we have any problems with the Child Trailer? We would prefer something not too far from Kelowna. We live in Vernon and would like to do just a day trip for the first time. Thanks

May, 7 2001
Bike Tour
Hi there,
I hope you will do us a favour and give us some information about the rideability of the KVR. Us, that is my stoker and girlfriend Claudia, and me. You probably are stoked by the term "stoker" by now, but yes, we intend to do the KVR on our MTB-tandem. I do not know if somebody did it before, but I would be surprised if not. We know it is not going to be an easy trip, but I have been mountain biking since '88 and we can do technical trails on our tandem. We also do have sound knowledge of travelling by bike while camping. In addition, I worked as a bike mechanic for several years. Our route is planned like this: Hope, Brookmere, Princeton, Penticton Kelowna, Beaverdell, Midway, Castlegar. I also bought the book "Cycling the KVR" by Dan Langford as a source of information. We plan to ride between July 15 and August 30. I estimated 16 days for the whole journey. Only one thing can stop us: mother natures impacts on the trail. That's where you come into play.
I think you might know, what the trail surfaces are like. That's a very important aspect. We are not afraid of some hike-a-bike sections, but if it's like that for most of the trail, please tell us. We are also not afraid to go on detours, but not all the time. I will listen to your opinion very closely. So, please tell us: do you think it can be done?
One thing I am not so sure about is the kind of apparel to bring. Dressing in layers is always good, but honestly, do we really have to expect temperatures from freezing point upwards to 30 Celsius? In that case we might look into some new sleeping bags for the extreme cold.
Please answer my mail, so I can get this precious information to finish planning on our trip. If you do not have enough time, maybe you can point me to somebody else that knows the KVR equally well. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help.
Greetings from Munich

May 4, 2001
Frank Winters
Cycling KVR- Brookmere to Summerland
4 to 6 of us (males in late 50s' early 60s) and moderate cyclists (mountain bikes) from lower mainland are planning to spend 4-5 days cycling all'or'portions of the KVR between Brookmere and Summerland in early June' 2001. We have the Langford book, Cycling the KVR (1997 edition) and we have accessed Dan Langford's updates on the Net. However, in addition, we would appreciate advice on how best to approach this section. Is it best to use Princeton as base and then cycle to Brookmere and return and likewise cycle to Summerland and return along the KVR? Or, would it be better to cycle to Summerland and return on bikes via the highway to Princeton? Or do you have other suggestions? For example, are there shuttle transportation services, if we chose to ride back to Princeton to retrieve vehicles? is there a "safe" place to leave vehicles in Princeton? are there recommended restaurants, campsites and/or B&Bs along this route? (We'd probably prefer not to carry camping equipment and food if reasonable facilities are available.) Are reservations required for accommodations? apart from info provided in Langford's book and updates on the Net, are there any significant recent updates re KVR conditions that we should know about? Many thanks for your response.
Frank Winters(604) 939-2526.

April 26, 2001
Lauchlan Glen
Where to leave our bikes
Hi Ken, When we did this section two years ago we left our vehicle at the KVR museum in Midway for about three nights without any problem. The good folk at the museum suggested this and told us they had never had a problem there - they were right. There are also a few motels there that would help you out if you stayed the night before leaving on your trip Lauchlan.

April 22, 2001
Erin Shaw
Trans Canada Trail
A group of us, starting in April 2002, are starting in St. John's NFLD. and hiking to Victoria B.C. Some things aren't too clear. Is the "Kettle Valley Railway" part of the Trans Canada Trail? If so, I need maps and info. on the entire stretch. If anyone has info. or knows where I can get it? please e-mail me! Thank-you, Erin Shaw

April 19, 2001
David kahl
Pipeline contruction

Does anyone know the status of the trail from midway to Christina Lake re: pipeline construction. We are planning our trip for the first week of July 01. Kahl

April 14, 2001
Dieter Klink
Bike Tour

Hallo, Three young German men are planning a bicycle-tour to Kettle Valley Railway. We read a lot of interest essays about this area and this special kind of holidays, but it`s rearly hard to organice the trip from Germany by ourself because it`s hard to find the necessary informations. Perhaps someone of you can help us to realice our dream in summer 2001(27.07.-12.08) The following villages/towns are the beginning or end of our daily tours: Castlegar Paulsen Christina Lake Greenwood Beaverdell McCulloch Lake (Campground - Arlington) Chute Lake (resort) Penticton/Summerland Osprey Lake Princeton Tulameen (Thalia Lake) Brookemere Coquikalla Lakes(Lodge) Hope Especially, we need further informations about the following items: Accomodations in each town/village - not to expensive -perhaps campground with rooms to rent, youth hostel or motel Exact adress with email or fax reservation required ? can we do the reservation by mail, phone or fax ? when do we have to pay ? price Perhaps you could give us also the adress of an accommodation before or behind your own place. We would be really happy to get a message from you. Thanks for your help and hope to see you soon. Dieter Klink ( )

April 5, 2001
Ken Pidwysocki
Where to leave car

We would like to know where to leave our car when leaving from Midway to Penticton?

April 5, 2001
Ron Severn
Beaverdell to Pinticton

Hi all, Two friends and I from Portland, OR are planning to ride from Beaverdell to Pinticton the last week in June. We were wondering. How much of that section is passable. How many detours? That is the availability of lodging? Is it a two or three day ride? What type of tires are best? I bought a copy of Dan's book but the edition is 1998 and there could be many changes since then. Sorry for the million questions be we would appreciate all the help we can get. Thanks.Ron

April 4, 2001
Laurie and Jennifer
recommended tires

We have hybrid bikes with the usual tires. Are they sufficient to do the entire KVR in August, or should we invest in real knobby, mtn bike-type tires?

April 4, 2001
Laurie and Jennifer

We are aging, but fit and experienced cyclists who want to "do" the KVR for the first time, in the first two weeks in August. We think we could handle at least 50-60Km a day and want to stay in hotels or B.B.s. Our questions are What is the usual route - Midway to Hope? We plan on driving to Midway and leaving the car there. Is there a bus service from Hope to Midway? Should we assume that the KVR will be busy during August? Given our daily distance plans, can you recommend hotels & BBs along the route? Thanks. Just bought your '97 edcition book at Chapters. It's very helpful.

March 27, 2001
Jacques Tremblay
Biking with kids

We think about doing Midway 2 Penticton next summer with our 9, 7 and 2 yrs old. We are thinking doing about 30km / day. Is it feasible with a trailer for camping stuff and a kid bike seat in the back for the 2 yrs old ? -jacques

March 27, 2001
hope to princeton

hellowe are planning to ride vancouver to slocan vally in mid mayand have questions around using the kvr from hope to princeton. Anyone out there have any recent experiences or tips, we prefer to stay off highway.The big question is hope to brookmere, and all the postings about washouts andprivat land. We are experienced riders.

March 26, 2001
Chris Poot
Cycled the VV&E in the USA?
I'm looking for anyone who has cycled the V V & E across the linenear Oroville. In particular, how far past Molson can you ride, what's the "Molson Summit Road" like, and how is the railbed from Oroville to Nighthawk?

March 26, 2001
Chris Poot
New Services on the KVR
Dan, I had the best luck last summer staying at the Coley Creek Lodge in Brookmere. You can find them at They are some of the nicest people you're ever going to meet on the railway. They have a campground, with new, clean bathrooms.....a small cabin that sleeps 4.....and a big cabin that sleeps 10. It has a full kitchen, barbeque, and bathroom with shower. Definite stop if your in the area. My group of 24 had one of our best stays, and we've been doing the KVR for 5 years.

March 24, 2001
Lauchlan Glen
Re: What lies east of Midway
Hi Jackie; I have ridden most the KVR east of Midway to the start, or end, at Castlegar.The section I have not ridden is the 13 KM from Greenwood to Midway. If you start in Castlegar and ride west it is all rideable except for a section about 3KM east of Grand Forks and into the town itself. There was a bridge out on this section last summer and part of the rail line is still active within the town boundary, also to the east. Without being too confusing, it is best to ride the highway into Grand Forks once you are about 3 KM east of Grand Forks. I think the prettiest section is the one from Castlegar to Christina Lake. At 50 KM per day, this will take you two days. There is no B&B or place to buy groceries on this section. From Christina to Grand Forks would be a half day ride and then from Grand Forks to Greenwood another day. Greenwood to Midway is an hour or two.Hope this helps.

March 22, 2001
W. Oswald
when to ride

I'd like to ride the KVR this spring and am wondering when the trail is usually passable. Aside from snow, I undestand that river levels in the early spring could prohibit some crossings. I'm interested in all parts of the trail.

March 20, 2001
Craig Henderson
Chute Lake to Summerland
With 'KVR cycling season' approaching soon, here are a few notes from my neck of the woods: The trail maintenance folks in the Naramata-area, the KVR Woodwackers, are installing three outhouses between Chute Lake and the Penticton City Limits at Turnbull Creek (about km. 206). The outhouses are in the final stages of offsite construction, the holes will be dug soon, and they'll be ready for use by May. I would like to urge all KVR-lovers to get a donation in to help build the new bridge over Randolph Draw (km. 209.6 in the Langford's book). Penticton's Wine Country Walkways Society is raising $300,000 for the pedestrian and cyclists bridge, to be called the McCulloch Trestle, to honour the legendary chief engineer of the railway. Once the bridge is built, eastbound cyclists will no longer have to detour via busy Naramata Road after leaving the KVR at Poplar Grove Road, near the Hillside Estate Winery. The new trail through orchards and vineyards is in place, but is closed off until the bridge is ready. The BC Goverment has pledged $100,000 to the bridge, and corporate donations have come in for about $100,000. Before they let the contract, they want to see more public donations. (To view the bridge, go to this page on my website: They will start construction in May if enough public donations come in now. If you have approached Penticton from the east on the KVR and were upset about having to detour on a busy road, then you know how important this bridge will be. It will also be a great legacy to honour the man who built the railway against all odds. Cheques can be made out to "Wine Country Walkways Society", which can issue tax receipts for donations of $50+. Send to me and I'll ensure the society hears from cyclists all over that we would like to see the bridge ready for this summer. c/o Vista Treks, Box 186, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0, Canada. Or, send direct to the WCWS at Box 22041, Penticton, BC V2A 8L1. The folks at the Kettle Valley Steam Railway in Summerland urge cyclists to follow the recommendations in the Langford's book at km. 12.3 on the Penticton to Brookmere section, regarding detouring from the KVR right-of-way between the westside of the Trout Creek bridge at Canyon View Road and Faulder. The train is active from May to October, and the Steam Train people, who control the tracks and the right-of-way in this area, must, for safety and liability reasons, prohibit pedestrians and cyclists from using the right-of-way. In future, plans call for a bypass trail. Another option is to plan your cycle trip to meet the train. Cyclists can pay a fee and put their bike and themselves on the steam train. See their website for more info, Or, if you prefer to have a shuttle around the whole section of trackage, see my website for shuttle info, Craig Henderson

March 17, 2001
Pali Kivinen
Kettle Valley

Here is a link to my KVR website which contains over 70 photos and more.

March 8, 2001
What lies East of Midway
Can anyone give me information about the route East of Midway? I've done Midway to Hope and average 40-50 km/day Where would the best 4-5 days be spent? Is it all rideable? Are there B&B's on any of this route? Groceries? Where does the trail begin, Nelson? Thanks in advance.

March 3, 2001
Dan Langford

Book and Web site update

We are updating our database of businesses and services along the trail. If you have a service or business along the trail or know of one that is not listed in the book or on this web site please let us know. We want to insure that everyone is included on this web site and in up coming edition's of Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway.

Feb 27, 2001
Steven Stew

Hi Dan, After talking about it for 5 or 6 years a few friends & I have decided to bike the entire KVR in late June but we are unsure of starting location & if the entire route is ridable. Thanks for your help.

Feb 18, 2001
jan williams
kettle Valley and B&B's

Hi Dan,
We are a group of ladies who get together every year and go hiking. However this year we would like to cycle the KVR and have heard there are portions of the route where you can cycle and stay in B&Bs. If this is correct I wonder if you could pass on some information on locations etc If B&Bs are unavailable, what about camping areas? Thanks in advance for the info.

Feb 3, 2001
Steven Rigby
Columbia&Western Rly
It is Offical ....The Columbia & Western Trail Society "Ma inting the Past- Building for the Future" is the solgan of the Columbia and Western Tail Society.There mission is to promote the heritage rail trail from Castlegar to Christina Lake as a portion of the Kootenay Loop trail and vital link to the Trans- Canada Trail.The C&WTS was activated in 1997 and became a registered society in 2000. All members are volunteers and supporters.The society works to keep up on the ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs,work includes; placeing of water bars,Removal of down fall of trees,tie plates and spikes removel,Rock and culvert patrols. Planning for 2001 is Upgrading of tresles with planking and guardrails, building of camping and picnic facilites, installation of signage and toilets, We need Supporters: For further information or to become an annual member (June to May) For a very Reasonable $10 you will get Up- Dates and Volunteer Information and News on this part of the trail six times a year. Lets make this trail one of the best!
E-mail me for info: Cheers

January 31, 2001
Jim Stolth
Princeton conditions update KVR Princeton Gateway

For those planning KVR rides this coming season, the Princeton to Tulameen section has undergone significant improvements (km 113 to km 145). All trestles have decking and handrails, and all washouts have been restored to the original grade. The scenic backcountry remains the same, only the ride has been changed to provide a pleasant, safe, and comfortable experience. In addition a number of new B&B's have opened. For further info or up to date trail conditions contact Jim at Backroads Bike Shop -

January 31, 2001
Ernie & Sandy Scherck
KVR bike trip

Hi Dan, My husband and I have been cycling different areas of the KVR for a number of years now and love every minute of it. We are now planning our 30th wedding anniversary and yes, you guessed it, we want to cycle from Merritt to Rock Creek on the KVR wherever possible. We are a little concerned about the Larson Hill area, we cycled there in 1996 but have heard that a bridge is out. Also the Coldwater Reserve will apparently not allow cyclist on the stretch of railbed from Merritt to Kingsvale. If you can enlighten us at all re. our planned trip we sure would appreciate it. We are planning the first two weeks in August 2001. Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work!!

January 31, 2001
David Kahl
Cycling the whole KVR

I've cycled all of the KVR with the exception of the section between Christina Lake and Midway which we were unable to do last summer because of pipeline construction. I think 115 kms average is possible but be sure and take grades into account. Two percent may not sound like much but combined with soft gravel and 30C it adds up.The steady 2% grade between Castlegar and Paulson I found the most challenging of the whole KVR as there is 1 section of about 45 kms that just never flattens out. There are other sections of the trail that are level or downhill where it seems you could go on forever. If it were me I'd plan one shorter day in the middle of your ride, you know stop and smell the roses sort of thing. Have a great ride.

January 26, 2001
Yoel Guttmann
kettle valley with young kids

Hi Dan, We have talked a number of time in the past about riding with young children on the Kettle valley. I am planning an unsupported 7-10 day tour this summer. Our kids will be 3 & 7. The plan is to use two Trail A bikes or possibly a rear rack seat for the younger guy. The kids are used to "roughing it" in unsupported tours but I am wondering about the heat and dust on the kettle valley. Have you attempted a longish tour with children? I am looking for relevant information and tips. I would be grateful If you have any information or suggestions for a good route. Thanks Yoel Guttmann

January 3, 2001
Richard Baumgardner
Trouble on the Trail
It's interesting that someone named Champagne is having trouble with Beer. With the humor aside I would like to comment on the resistance to trails through property. I had never been to England until two years ago when my son married an English girl. Her family lives in the English countryside in northern Essex. One evening my wife and I took a walk down the narrow road near their home when we came across a strange site. A set of steps allowed a walker to walk over the farmers fence and along a path right through the farmers fully grown field of corn. So we walked where the path lead and found ourselves at another fence with more steps at some distance from the first, which then passed through a farmers wheat field. We saw no signs of neglected use of the paths. We were puzzled by the nature of these paths, so we enquired as to their nature when we returned to the house. As it happens, these paths have been here since the time of Roman occupation of England, old footpaths, probably predating the Romans. They are owned by the State (Crown) and must be maintained by the farmer (property owner). I thought that this was a fitting application of these right-aways. The landowners need to accept that these right-aways have never been their property, even though they have, in the past, received light use. The users of these paths need to accept their responsibility, treating the right-away through anothers property with respect, as though it were their own property. These actions would bring a happy ending to this story.

January 3, 2001
Richard Zvanciuk
Cycling the whole KVR
Hello and Happy New Year!
A question for the board; A few avid cyclist friends and I are planning to do the KVR from Castlegar to Hope in August 2001 in six days. We will be on mountain bikes carrying just water, tools, food and first aid equipment, as the rest of our gear will be transported via support vehicle. We would be averaging approximately 115 Kms per day. To those who have done sections of the railway before, does this seem like a reasonable task if we are trained and prepared? Nightly stays would be in motels and lodges so we would be well rested. From what I have read, it seems like navigation might be the most time consuming part of the trip. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated
Richard Zvanciuk

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