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January - December 2003


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Dec 17, 2003
Martin Podehl
What can still be cycled?

I postponed the idea cycling the KVR and now the trestles are gone. Two questions?
A) Which particular section cannot be cycled anymore because of the missing trestles?
B) What is the earliest time in April-May one could plan to cycle the KVR? Thanks Martin Podehl

Dec 17, 2003
John Giliberti

I am very interested in biking on the KVR. I would also like to do some other outdoor activities, such as hiking and swimming. I am a beginner hiker. Do you have any suggestions on where I should be based in order to enjoy all of these activities? Thank you for any suggestions you have. John

Dec 17, 2003
Alan Koehler
Replacement of Trestles

I watched with interest the story on the CBC National news last night about the destruction of the trestles due to the tragic fires over the summer. Although I have not personally seen the trestles, they certainly were a thing of beauty and a significant historical treasure. I work for the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation - Sports, Culture and Tourism Partnerships Secretariat, on infrastructure projects funded under the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program. One of the projects that I am involved with is located in Tiny Township and involves the replacement and reconstruction of several old wooden railroad trestles which now serve a 23 km. trail used by both hikers and snowmobiles. The major trestle they are replacing is much smaller than the ones you have lost and only crosses a very small river.

However, when they tendered the work, they discovered that the cost was significantly more than originally budgeted for. In addition, there was only one bidder and apparently this company is one of few in Canada that can do this type of work. With some modifications made to the overall project in order to reduce costs, the replacement work is well underway and they expect to be completed this month or early January.
While I realize that it will be well into the future before sufficient funds will be available for your rebuilding but I thought I would provide a contact name for you with Tiny Township as what it is worth

Best wishes and good luck in your future rebuilding efforts.

Dec 14, 2003
Steve Webb
Steve in Vancouver

Hello all.....anyone going to be doing a 'Kristmas on the Kettle' ride.....would be nice to read some riding stories.......'Endo Snow Angels'? Steve Webb

Dec 7, 2003
The Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration 2004 Calendar

We are excited about our communities' initiative to restore this national treasure - the magnificent Myra Canyon Trestles. This calendar created through the efforts of dedicated Kelowna volunteers, commemorates the history, beauty and drama of the Myra Canyon. Net proceeds from the sale of these beautiful keepsake calendars will be contributed to the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society. People can order the calendars through Morningstar Enterprises Inc.

Morningstar Enterprises Inc.
Landmark Square Two
901 - 1708 Dolphin Avenue
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9S4

office: 250-861-9474


November 24, 2003
Bernie Pawlik
Myra Canyon Poster

Having spent many years exploring & photographing Myra Canyon and the Kettle Valley Railway, I was deeply saddened by the destruction of Myra Canyon's fabulous wooden trestle bridges during this summer's raging Okanagan forest fire. Fortunately I have some fabulous photographs; one of which I have made into a beautiful 20 by 30 inch poster (a PDF file of the poster is attached). The poster sells for $20.00 plus shipping, with $10.00 from each sale going to the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society. This group has, for the past ten years maintained the bridges, installed handrails & walkways on the bridges, and serviced the trail through the Canyon. They are eager to rebuild the bridges and are actively fundraising to rebuild these magnificent structures.
With Christmas fast approaching, this poster makes a fabulous gift for friends, family or yourself, and while you are giving a stunning looking gift you are also contributing to the restoration of one of British Columbia's finest pieces of history.
We are solely marketing this poster through word of mouth and ask that you forward this email to everyone on your email list. To place an order please email

November 5, 2003
Myra Canyon Video release

This is to announce that I have released " MYRA CANYON REMEMBERED " the Special Limited Edition Video. It is just under 2 hours long and goes from Little Tunnel to Myra Station site. The footage from Little Tunnel to Ruth is edited but shows all of the major points of interest. Including a rare detailed walk through Adra or "Big" Tunnel, which is blocked. The Chute Lake area is also shown, along with Gillard and Bellevue Creeks.

Every foot of Myra Canyon itself is shown in detail. I rode from Ruth to Myra holding a video camera and taped continuous footage. All bridges are shown,detailed narration is included along with Mileposts and dimensional facts. This video is a visual Milepost guide that even includes some sceneic shots.

NOTE - My web site has a detailed pictoral guide to all Myra Canyon Bridges. Listed are the Trans Canada Trail designations, railway numbering as well as detailed dimensional information. I also have done two new pieces of artwork showing steam engines in Myra Canyon.

You can see these at my web site

Oct 28, 2003
Nicholas Lanfear

Hi Dan, A friend and I just biked the KVR from Princeton-Penticton last weekend. Current info for the late season biker considering this route:

On the first day up to Osprey Lake (aprx 50K) the trail was in good shape except for a few sandy stretches due to horses and ATVs. All bridges are OK and no deadfalls across the grade. Roxie's B&B at Bankeir has now been sold and is closed. The Bankeir general store was open but poorly stocked. We stayed at the Osprey Lake B&B and enjoyed a good dinner for an extra charge ($15pp). Base rate is $85/night and the hosts are very helpful and friendly.
Osprey Lake to Penticton: Again no deadfall & all bridges OK. Again though some soft sandy stretches. The Kathleen creek detour is mostly signposted with silver TCT signs and is straight forward enough, however a proper sign is missing at the first Eastbound junction where only an ambigous white arrow points the way, we went past it and had to turn around. The Trout creek bypass is well marked with the silver TCT signs and flagging tape.
At Faulder the new track bypass trail in now complete and well marked. It is a big help but unfortunatly uses a pea gravel surface that makes for very difficult cycling especially with panniers. This trail puts you on the road near West Summerland station and provides no further direction. Dan's book is very helpful here as it sends you down the right roads to get you to the trout creek bridge. There is no sign on the grade saying you are entering the Penticton Indian band's land, so we merrily rode through as we were unsure of where the boundary was! We exited the grade at the Jaycees path in Penticon. A great time all in all.

Oct 17, 2003
Photos of Myra

Hi, I am working on a project with the Myra Canyon Tresstles. What I need is some pictures of the trestles before the fires. I am asking if anyone can donate some pictures or we could work it out that I will purchase the photos from you. Anyone who is interested can reach me at the following email address. Thank you Jenifer

Oct 10, 2003
Les Falk
My recent poem on Myra Canyon

Hello! One week after the fire ravaged Myra Canyon, I felt inspired to write a poem. Although I do not have much poetry "under my belt" most people who have read it have liked it very much, and I would very much like to share it with as many people as possible. I am forwarding a copy of the poem, along with a covering letter that I have forwarded to a few media outlets in Kelowna already. As I state in the letter, I seek no profit, but ask that my name be attached to the poem, although with a brief bio. If it can facilitate fundraising for the reconstruction of the Myra Canyon trestles (which seems to be making great progress already) then I would be very happy.


I am a retired Kelowna secondary school teacher, who, from 1972 to 1984 led a loosely organized hiking group called the Kelowna Outdoor Club. In 1984, Mosaic Books published my guide: Hiking Trails of the Okanagan, which has long since gone out of print.

Like many thousands of other people, I have been distraught about the effects of the OK Mountain Park Fire, and, as an erstwhile outdoors person, feel particularly strongly about the damage in Myra Canyon, which I have visited many times. Although I wrote and published a hiking guide, I have written very little poetry in my life (only a little when I was in my teens) and then the poem which I am enclosing, which seemed to struggle out of me during the course of last week.

I would like to share this poem with others. I have put copyrighting in motion, but do not expect any personal profit from publication. Rather, if it can serve some useful purpose in assisting the rebuilding of the trestles in Myra Canyon, or at least celebrate the Canyon and the hard work that has occurred there, then I will be satisfied. The only thing I ask is that my name be attached to it, with a brief bio, which could read something like this: "By Les Falk, retired Kelowna teacher, former leader of the Kelowna Outdoor Club, and a longtime fan of Myra Canyon."


Voice of Myra Canyon

You’ve called me “Myra” - once the name
McCulloch1 gave to daughter cherished,
And to a station, sidings, yard
That once met trains, but now have vanished.

For once I was a proud hostess
To a railway
Through our tortuous land
Of azure lakes, green forests tall,
And buried wealth that lured you all.

With long debate and lurking doubt,
In nineteen ten, you despatched out
McCulloch’s engineering host.
“From Coast to Kootenays” was your boast.

From Midway west, east from Penticton,
‘Tween Kettle Valley and the Lake2,
‘Cross massive ridge and on your maps drawn,
Strings of survey lines did snake.

And when my chasm you did see,
You pondered how to deal with me.
Some said, “Yes,” while others, “No.”
“Let’s go around.” “Let’s build down low,
Through fair Kelowna’s orchard land.”
But bold McCulloch raised his hand.

He placed around my emerald nape
A necklace
Strung with iron rails,
And for its jewels he set aloft
What engineering skill entails:
Along firm roadbed, ‘neath my edge -
Eighteen trestles, two of steel,
A pair of tunnels - seemed not real!

Through numerous years,
The trains came creeping,
With throttles low, and wheels shrieking,
Along my gaping, cavernous throat.
And from the heights, down through my moat,
I sent you streams, from melting snow,
That watered thirsty engines black
And homes and orchards far below.

But then, in time, the trains were gone
To gentler and less costly grade.
Said CPR, “Since there’s no trade,
Remove the rails, uproot the ties,
And then we’ll see what value lies.”

But you did not much time need take,
For swiftly in the Railway’s wake,
Because my marvels you’d beheld
Even ‘fore the Railway’s yen had failed,
You saved my trestles, smoothed my bed,
Drove vehicles, or walked instead
Around my lips.
And as your wonders did accrue,
You asked in awe,
“Is all this true?”

You organized your interest strong,
You blocked my roadbed at both ends,
So only stout pedestrians,
Or cyclists could my joys behold,
And save me damage, all foretold.

You planked my trestles, set guardrail,
Erected plaques, tamped down the trail,
You sang my praise in many lands,
And tourists came in growing bands.

And as my fame the world did stride,
You shared, with me, a burgeoning pride.
And high officials took my measure,
Proclaiming me historic treasure!

But then there came a fear-fraught season,
In that sad year, two thousand three.
Through rain-starved land (and for that reason)
A monster fire
Came raging free.

It came from far, near curve of Lake,
Left desolate park in its grim wake,
It torched fine homes,
Charred countless trees,
Cavorted devilishly in strong breeze,
And taking a gargantuan path,
It sent you fleeing from its wrath.

And when it played at half-asleep,
Up loftier slopes did boldly creep
Its right-hand claw.
It crossed the Kettle Valley line,
Climbed sister Bellevue’s3 east incline,
Then, roaring down from high plateau,
Invaded me.

Brave fire crews cried, “How can we keep
This priceless treasure from the sweep
Of this consuming, hideous blaze?
For if we leave, ‘twill surely raze,
From ancient creosoted heap.”

But though they tried preventive art,
They finally said, “We must depart!”
For my topography’s too steep
For hose and manpower to leap.

For four long days, I heard you sigh,
“Could her destruction now be nigh?”
Twelve wooden trestles turned to smoke,
And wooden planking on the metal
Fell down to ash around my hem -
The flames, they were too much for them.

And when the smoke at last did clear,
Stood four survivors, now held dear.

Now here I lie, though not alone,
My trees are scorched, most trestles gone.
But through the mists, I bid you cheer,
My dearest friends, for I’m still here!

My roadbed’s good, foundations strong,
Four trestles live, should you take long
To reconstruct my cherished site?
For once you did, with bold foresight,
Create it.

If such is what you will to do,
With open arms, I’ll welcome you!

Then you’ll return from far and near,
And my soul’s secret clearly hear.
For it can never be confused
That in me both of these are fused:
Within one single, sweeping sight -
Great works of Man,
And Nature’s might.

And from my depths, this would I say,
An affirmation like no other:
This truth - we have a common mother.

For we both do most clearly see
That Nature made both you and me.

1 Andrew McCulloch (1864-1945) was the Chief Engineer, later Superintendent, of the Kettle Valley Railway during its most critical construction years. He is recognized as having been one of the most brilliant locating surveyors in the history of Canadian railroading.

2 The "Lake" in this poem refers to Okanagan Lake, not Hydraulic Lake, although Hydraulic Lake was a major objective of Kettle Valley Railway surveys and construction.

3 Bellevue Canyon lies to the southwest of Myra Canyon. Although a similar geological feature, it is smaller and less spectacular.

Oct 9, 2003
Steve Gordy
NO-BURN Canada

Hello; My name is Steve Gordy and I am a representative for NO-BURN Canada in the Lower Mainland. We are a fire retardant company and would like to offer the assistance of our company in the restoration of the trestles. We are able to offer protection for wooden structures from fire damage. Our products are non-toxic, non carcinogenic and ULC listed. NO-BURN products have passed the following tests on a wide variety of materials as conducted by nationally recognized independent U.S. laboratories including:
-California State Fire Marshall -Underwriters Laboratories -Southwest Research Institute -Underwrites Laboratories Canada -SGS US Testing Company, Inc.
If our company can be of assistance in the rebuilding process, please feel free to contact us. Thank you Sincerely, Steve Gordy NO-BURN Canada

Oct 6, 2003
Don Barcham
Nelson Fort Sheppard Railway Management Plan

Hello Dan.
My name is Don Barcham. I am a planning consultant in Nelson, and have been retained by the Regional District of Central Kootenay to prepare a recreational trail management plan for the NFSR from Salmo to Troup Junction.The trail is owned by the Ministry of Transportation, and the Regional District is considering leasing it as a regional park. Truly amazing really!

We have an extensive public process in this project; public meetings, open houses, surveys, and a broad range of interests from both individuals and stewardship groups. We are in the process, this week, of completing the draft management plan for consideration by the Regional Parks Committee, prior to our next round of open houses. The plan will include a detailed description of the corridor, and there are several available, but none as thorough and well-illustrated as the one in your fine book, Cycling the Kettle Valley, (3rd ed.) How pleasantly surprized I was to find it covered the NFSR as well.

Question: rather than my reinventing the wheel, could you arrange permission for us to incorporate the text from your book, as an appendix to our management plan? We would of course provide full acknowledgement and credit to you and Sandra, and to Rocky Mountain Books, in whatever form you wish. Your maps are excellent, and convenient to carry, but we may not need them as we have mapped the corridor in substantial detail @ 1:10,000. The intent is that our maps will be used as a working document in support of management, maintenance, and stewardship activities.
Thank you for your consideration Dan. I look forward to hearing from you. Happy trails!

Oct 4, 2003
Roby Perepolkin

Hi Dan My name is Ruby. I recently moved to Beverdell and started working at McCulloch Lake resort. I was just checking out your web site and I thought I should let you know that Brian Collins( Tamarak Lodge ) is no longer in business there. He does rent out cabins in Beverdell the business name is "Collins Cabins". The Tamarak opened recently under new management. All of the phone numbers listed on your site have changed.

Brian Collins 484-5121
Tamarak Lodge 484-5353

There is also Zack's tenting and cabins, I know a lot of the cyclists that come to McCulloch Lake tell me that they stayed there. I can't find a number for that one but I am sure the Bevedell Hotel has that info.

Oct 2, 2003
Randy Millis ""
Oct 11 trip to Penticton?

Hoping to take an Oct 11 trip to Penticton. Anyone know if this is possible at present? I was hoping to get a shuttle up past the Myra canyon and ride from there to Chute Lake and on to Penticton the next day? Will also need shuttle if anyone can suggest companies that do this that are still looking for business. reports:
-cut- In the interest of public safety, the following provincial parks, as well as all trails and facilities within these parks, are closed to all public use until further notice: * (Okanagan Region) Okanagan Mountain; Myra/Bellevue; -cut-

Oct 1, 2003
Mary Krupa
Re: Fundraising Initiative for Myra Canyon Trestles

Dear Dan, Morningstar Enterprises in collaboration with the City of Kelowna, the Kelowna Daily Courier, Sun FM, Mike Roberts of CHBC and SHAW is spear heading a project to raise funds for the restoration of the trestles in the Myra Canyon. Morningstar will be producing a calendar, which will feature the Trestles (since 12 trestles were lost, a different one will be featured each month). In addition, small photo’s of the firefighters, fire and local hero’s will be inserted. Quotes from prominent conservationists, community members, politicians, society members and fire fighters will also be included. Proceeds from the calendar sales will be 100% donated to the Myra Canyon Trestles Society. Calendars will be promoted through retail outlets in the BC interior as well as to significant stake holders such as outdoor adventure enthusiasts and conservationists nationally and internationally. Media partners will have their logo’s featured on the back of the calendar in exchange for helping promote the product. We hope that you will join us in working together to restore this magnificent national treasure. Mary Krupa

Oct 1, 2003
Great Explorations
Quick Release

Dear Traveler,
To those unable to have traveled in 2003, it has been a year of exciting adventure for those of us who have; we invite you to have a peek at some of the destinations visited and some of the exotic and enticing places we’ll be traveling to in the months ahead. We continue to add new trips at Great Explorations; after 3 months (and 4000 km of cycling) through Southeast Asia we are pleased to introduce our Thailand & Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia and Burma trips among others.

Sept 26, 2003
Vikki and Wendy from the Kettle Valley Railroad Bike Trail Passport Co.
KVR Commemorative Passports and T-shirts

The KVR Myra canyon trestles have given thousands of cyclists untold enjoyment each year and now most of them are gone due to the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire 2003. We are selling KVR Commemorative Passports and T-shirts depicting the World Famous Mars bomber defending the Myra Canyon Trestles. Help us get this wonderful stretch of the KVR Bike Trail rebuilt. Samples and order forms are on our site Thanks Dan for posting this. Vikki and Wendy from the Kettle Valley Railroad Bike Trail Passport Co.

Sept 24, 2003
Trails BC,
Trestle and Trail Building Fund

Greetings, Dan ,
Trails BC has created a "Trestle and Trail Building Fund" to held rebuild the fire-ravaged Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) Trail. The KVR, a 600 kilometre section of BC's Trans Canada Trail, has been transformed in recent years into an internationally renowned cycling and hiking destination. The recent fires in the Kelowna area totally destroyed 14 out of 18 trestles in the Myra Canyon section of the KVR. This trail was spectacular and unsurpassed due to the large number of restored railway trestles in a 10 kilometre section of the TCT.
The trestles and trail were restored through the 1990's through the efforts of dedicated trail groups such as the Myra Canyon Restoration Society, the Friends of South Slopes and Trails BC. Trails BC, as the provincial non-profit society which coordinates the development of the Trans Canada Trail, established a "Trestle and Trail Building Fund". Trails BC is confident that the trestles will be restored, rebuilt and revitalized with the support of provincial and federal governments and with the help of its trail groups and volunteers.
Donations can be made at Mountain Equipment Coop or mailed to Trails BC, #315 - 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver, V6H 4A9. Anyone making a donation over $10 will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Potential trail building volunteers can also leave their names and contact information at the Trails BC office at 604-737-3188, email:

Sept 22, 2003
Blair Baldwin
News Release

The process of rebuilding the Kettle Valley Rail Trail through historic Myra Canyon and area has begun and donations are being accepted to start the process. The Kelowna and Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Trust Fund is available to accept your donation. Donations may be made online at or sent to the City of Kelowna, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4. Cheques should be made payable to the "City of Kelowna Fire Recovery Fund" and should specify that your donation is for the "Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Fund". The Federal Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, the Central Okanagan Regional District, the City of Kelowna and the Myra Canyon Restoration Society as well as many national and local organizations have acknowledged the need to rebuild. Once the fires in Myra Canyon have been put out, an immediate site assessment will be conducted this autumn to determine the steps required to rebuild. It will be a large effort to rebuild involving many levels of government, the private sector and the community. To kick start the project, initial funding will be provided by the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada for the site assessment.

Please help to restore one of the most important heritage and recreational assets in the Central Okanagan through a donation to the Kelowna and Area Okanagan Fire Recovery Trust Fund. The pioneering spirit that built the world famous Myra Canyon will once again be demonstrated through our community's leadership.

Donations are also being accepted through Trails BC and the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society.

Blair Baldwin

Sept 19, 2003
Dirk Terpstra Footloose Outdoor Adventures
Dear Dan,
Every summer we cycle the Kettle Valley Railway from Castlegar to Penticton about 6 times with European guests (mainly from The Netherlands and also from the UK). One of our Dutch agents is "Fietsvakantiewinkel" who sell actively your book.

As our tour is promoted heavily in Western Europe there is quite some interest.

We would like to ask you if you could link our site to your site. Of course we want to link back with you.

Our description is as follows: Special, fully guided tours, designed for Europeans. Come and join us and experience what British Columbia has to offer you.


Sept 17, 2003
Tim Mepham
lost trestles

An unbelieveble loss. My wife and I marvelled at the trestles from our bikes September 2002.

They will never be rebuilt to their original specifications because of expense. However if one considers their purpose it was to carry freight and passenger trains weighing thousands of tons. Compare this to their present purpose which is to carry bicycles, people and the occasional service vehicle. This amounts to a mere fraction of their original requirement.

I can imagine a series of suspension bridges being built. These would have nothing like the aesthetic of a graceful and curved trestle but it will at least complete the gap in the Trans Canada Trail and thereby restore the biking/hiking activity to the area.

Sept 17, 2003
Ken Wuschke
Re:BCCC Discusses Restoration of KVR Trestles with BC Government and Volunteers

It is a great tragedy that so many people lost their homes this summer due the forest fires in British Columbia's interior. And it is strong expression of community that individuals from across Canada, non-profit groups such as the Canadian Red Cross, the various levels of governments, and the insurance companies, are helping these people reestablish their lives.

However, from a historical perspective we also lost an important part of British Columbia's heritage with the devastation of the many trestles at Myra Canyon near Kelowna. If this is a concern for you as a either a rail fan, a local historian, or cyclist/hiker you might be interested in the efforts of the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society and the British Columbia Cycling Coalition.

While the first priority should be to help those people who lost homes and businesses due the many forest fires this summer, a long term goal is help the many organizations that have been caretakers of the Myra Canyon section of the Trans-Canada Trail and rebuild these trestles. That way the Trans-Canada Trail can be a continuous route again.

For information about the Myra Canyon section of the Kettle Valley Railway you can look at
Ken Wuschke.

Sept 17, 2003
Allan Dunlop
BCCC Discusses Restoration of KVR Trestles with BC Government and Volunteers

The British Columbia Cycling Coalition deeply regrets the loss of so many of the national heritage trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway as the Kelowna fire swept through the Myra Canyon.

The directors of the BCCC would like to extend our sincere sympathy to all area residents affected by the fire, and to all who share in the deep sense of loss--the volunteers who gave so much of themselves to restore the trestles, and those who have travelled (or have wanted to travel) this amazing stretch of country.

The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR), besides being a national treasure, is a magnificent tourism attraction, bringing people to this area from all over the globe. 50,000 tourists come to the Kelowna area annually, generating a $5 million boost each year to the Central Okanagan economy. The dollar value of the loss is estimated at $30 million.

The devastation of the result of innumerable hours of volunteer effort and dollars in restoring these bridges saddens us greatly. Having followed this story day by day along with many others, hearing of the loss trestle by trestle, we have had great interest in the commitments to rebuild.

The Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society is the immensely dedicated volunteer group responsible for the initial restoration of the trestles, allowing for the huge success that we know the KVR to be. President Denis Frie told us today that they are committed to seeing the renewal of this incredibly important series of connections on the Kettle Valley Railway. They are already working on establishing an interim detour around the trestle locations to allow travel along the route to continue, but the commitment is to full restoration.

Can they be rebuilt? Yes. In a conversation today with the Honourable Rick Thorpe, BC Minister of Competition, Science and Enterprise and MLA for Okanagan-Westside, the BCCC was told that CP has the original plans for the lost trestles and will be making these available for use. As the loads now carried by the trestles are not as large as those for which they were originally built, it is said that finding beams of the original size (now rare) is not necessary. Rebuilding will, of course, not happen immediately, but a team is already working on the assessment of existing and lost trestles leading up to development of a restoration plan.

Minister Thorpe stated that the provincial government is committed to rebuilding the trestles, and that the goal should be to work with the community, volunteers and other groups to do this using BC wood products and technology. Regarding the controversy over spending money on infrastructure such as this when people have lost their homes, he went on to say that the restoration is an important goal and that this is not an issue of creating conflict over trestles vs. people--we can look after both.

Heritage Minister Sheila Copps has stated the federal government's intention to rebuild. The federal government will cover the assessment costs, and Copps suggested that the cost of rebuilding may be equally shared between Ottawa, Victoria and local governments. Copps has said that the federal government will team up with other groups to rebuild the structures "to their former historic status."

We strongly support the initiative by all groups--volunteers, government and business--to rebuild these magnificent structures, as a step in restoring this region so tragically hit by loss. The original trestles are gone, and that is a terrible reality to bear. However, the trestles' transportation and recreational opportunities, the pride and pleasure they engender and the significant levels of employment they support is something that must, and will, be restored.

Donations toward the rebuilding may be sent to:
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society
PBC Box 611
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 7P2

Tax receipts will be issued on request for donations of $10 or more.
Contacts: Denis Frie President,
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society
Phone: (250) 766-3804

Ken Campbell
Past President,
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

To Denis and Ken and the countless other volunteers, business owners and government officials involved in this--we wish you all the best and thank you sincerely for your efforts and spirit.

Allan Dunlop
President British Columbia Cycling Coalition

Sept 15, 2003
Shirley Anderson
Restoration Fund

The City of Kelowna has initated the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Fund. The web site for donation is The money will be handled by local business people and used in the Myra Canyon area.

Sept 15, 2003
Biking Girl
RE: Cycling the KVR
Hello,I am interested in day routes from Kelowna on the KVR. I am looking to bike about 80 km a day. Any suggestions? Are there any trestles left in Myra Canyon to bike?

Sept 14, 2003
Denise Axhorn
Vaseux Lake

Dan, thanks for including us on your accommodations list. We have had some interesting folks along the way....
Guess a new edition is in order sad. Vaseux Lake Fire (see our web site for photos) did not affect us and the sheep are already back in the unburned fields.
I did also want to thank you for the using the CORRECT spelling of Vaseux - the editor of the Oliver No News insists on spelling it VaseAux. They say the meaning is bastardized for oisseaux - birds - a true Chamber type not wanting to scare people off with slimy Vaseux. However, since this is the federal spelling we went with that when we built the lodge....and it has proved true - Vaseux has the best warmest swimming in the OKanagan, bar none - but around the first week of May (when you can watch the baby sheep being born on the cliffs), weather dependent, the lake becomes covered in this yellow slime - PINE POLLEN - I wonder how much we will have next year after the fire....
Keep up the good work - too bad the trail all gets so mirky (ha ha) around Vaseux........
Regards, Denise Axhorn

Sept 12, 2003
Dave Somerford no to e-mail
Reflections on Myra.

This past July 16-19 eight friends spent 4 memorable days cycling from Rock Creek to Penticton and each of us were understandably impressed with Myra Canyon. As it is with anyone who has spent any time walking or cycling the trestles each member of our group has been deeply affected with the loss of so much history. As we cycled along the railbed our talk was of our anticipation to enter the Canyon and take in that spectacular sight of the cut of the railway and the majestic trestles. As someone else wrote, for now, we grieve.
Though we are secure that every effort will be made to rebuild, we know that things will never be the same in Myra Canyon. I know I speak for everyone who has experienced Myra our heartfelt appreciation for the incredible efforts made by the firefighters to save our beloved trestles. We are forever in your debt.

We will return to the KVR and we will once again cycle in Myra Canyon, but we will cycle just a little bit slower and remember.

Sept 11, 2003
Chute Lake Resort - what is the status?

Is there any new news on whether Chute Lake Resort survived the fire?
Last time I was in the area, I road the bike from Chute Lake to the other end of Myra Canyon and back ... and shot lots of picture. This was one of the truly great off road experiences!

Sept 10, 2003
Glen Frea
rebuilding trestles

I am willing to contribute to the rebuilding of the trestles. I have done a series of paintings of the KVR, four of which are of the Myra Canyon. I have done paintings of trestles 17 and 14 as well as a panorama of the canyon with 14, 15, 16 and 17 visable. What I propose is to donate a portion of the proceeds of the sale of these paintings to the rebuilding efforts, and if it were possible to do a print run I would donate all profits towards that goal. I plan to continue with the series and hope to have other paintings done soon. They can be viewed at my website;

Sept 10, 2003


Sept 10, 2003
Michael Cox
Re web site

It might be an idea now to add the current situation re the trestle fires to your web site, Dan, for the foreign visitor interested in the route, as yours pops up in the top of the google search. Also, the CDN dept of agriculture based in Summerland, BC has a contest to name a new apple. I entered it today and suggested MYRA, in honour of the canyon trail, the fires and the many people affected by it. Michael Cox Vancouver

Sept 9, 2003
Chute Lake?

Does anyone know if the lodge at Chute Lake was destroyed by the fire? I was there the last week of July. It was a strange place and their water left me with an intestinal bug, but I'd hate to think they lost their home and business. If anyone know how those folks fared, please let us know.

Sept 9, 2003
Neil Sparks

My wife and I have been planning a late-Sept/early Oct. cycling trip to the interior since well before the fires. What sort of an impact can we expect to see with regards to the trail, trestle, and other fire-related concerns? I feel it could be more interesting than ever before. Can you recommend any B+Bs or camping spots? Neil Sparks

Sept 9, 2003

Re: Burned Trestles on KVR
Hi Dan, Thanks very much for your reply. Now the news says that a dozen trestles have been destroyed. I heard Sheila Copps, the Heritage Minister, say that the Federal Government will also be contributing, though she didn't say what amount. If the provincial government gets involved as well as the federal, that's good. I agree that we'll have to wait until the destruction and other damage can be assessed. Perhaps the groups in and around Kelowna can work with the provincial and federal governments so that individuals can contribute directly. Sincerely, Manuel
Sept 9, 2003
Colin Fenby
Bridge Rebuilding

Hi Dan, I'm originally from BC and was in Kelowna this July and hiked the KVR - and was astounded at what a beautiful place it was. I had only ever hiked the Coast Mountains and never thought much about the interior until while visiting a friend, discovered the amazing trestle bridges. I read in the Globe and Mail that there's a fund started to rebuild. This should be publicized better, as not much comes up on the Google search. Can you advise me on where I could contribute, please? -Colin Fenby

Sept 8, 2003
Don Thomas
re Save the Kettle Valley Railway Campaign

I would like to see the Trans Canada Trail Foundation help organize and contribute financially to restore the Kettle Valley Railway trestles. I believe the Myra Canyon section of the KVR Trail is the most enjoy spectacular section of the most vital section of Trans Canada Trail. %0D%0
The trestles MUST be rebuilt!
Folks in my province, Alberta, with 9 per cent of Canada's population, have, to date, donated $1,742,500 to the TCF or 14% of all its total cash donations. The TCF has funded five projects in Alberta, to date, for a total of $284,120. It's unlikely that the trail portion in Alberta will require a great deal more of capital spending. Speaking as an Albertan, I'd like to see the TCF organize a national "Save the Kettle Valley Railway Trail Campaign" in which it would set an example by providing a major contribution and temporarily deferring future Alberta projects. The Canadian Military Engineers are building bridges along the Trail. The Field Engineer Squadron hosted the 75 Engineer Regiment (V), Royal Engineers from England. Battling through heavy heat and humidity, the Royal Engineers decked the 170-ft Cascade Gorge Trestle, which spans the Kettle River over a treacherous 100-ft drop. I'm sure they'd be willing to pitch in. For more specific information on the "Bridges For Canada" program and the work done to date, see

Sept 8, 2003
Patti Daum
Lost trestles

Dear Dan:
My name is Patti Daum and I work for a chartered accountancy/management consulting firm. Our firm has been retained by the Province of BC to quantify the total economic impact of the forest fires in BC's interior. A component of these costs are of course and most unfortunately, the costs of "replacing" the lost trestles, which I understand now totals 14. I am emailing you to ask if you have any contacts who may be able to assist me with coming up with some very rough numbers of the costs to repair/replace the trestles. When there were only 4 lost trestles, the numbers floating around by the press were $15 to $30 Million, although I'm not aware of the source of these figures.
I will also be examining the spin off economic effects of the lost trestles (i.e. lost tourism dollars and the businesses who relied on such dollars, etc.); therefore, I will be looking for information such as the number of people who visited the Myra Canyon/Trestles each year, how long it would take to rebuild, etc.
If you can assist in any way, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Sept 8, 2003
KVR Trestles

Trestle Update Only four wooden trestles remain 1, 12, 16, 17. The wood decks on the metal trestles 6 and 8 have been burned off.

Sept 8, 2003
Stefan Neumeier
Trestles, Campground at Eholt, travelling by Greyhound with bicycle

Trestles: I cycled the Kettle Valley Railway all the way from Castlegar to Merrit this summer. It really was a great holiday. I cycled throug Myra Canyon just the day after lightening has started the devastating Okanagan fire. I am really disappointed to hear that the unique trestles in Myra Canyon have been destroyed by the fire. Myra Canyon is or was one of the highlights of the tour but as already mentioned below only one amongst others. So the great loss should not keep anyone from cycling the railbed. I especially enjoied the Castlegar to Midway section or the section between Grand Forks and Midway.I am curios to hear if unique Chute Lake Resort was also destroyed by the fire.

Campground at Eholt: In the book Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway is mentioned that near Eholt ther should be a campground for cyclists near the highway rest area. Therefore I intended to stay ther after a long day cycling. but unfortunately I could not find this spot. The described short trail that should lead to this campground is well marked on the railbed by a sign saying that a rest area is about one km ahead. But following this trail you yust end up an the higway, thats it. (If you have lots of luggage with you ist is really hard to use this sometimes very steep trail. But it can be detourd by cycling the railbed a little bit further until you see a forest road leading to the higway). At the rest area there is also no sign about a campground but a big sign saying "no overnight camping". So the next campground can be found in Greenwood which can fast and easily be reached when using the higway that nearly all the way is downhill.

Travelling by bike and Greyhound: As I am from Europe I travelled by bike and plane right to Castlegar. Taking the bike into tha plane was absolutely no problem! But the problems started on the way back from Merrit to Vancouver using Greyhound. They require to box the bike but do not provide boxes!! (Actually they do but only if they coincidentally happen to have one...; otherwise they refuse to take the bike) Besides they you have to pay quite a lot of money for the kilograms and the oversized box. And now the funny thing: Normally you have several small bicicle baggages when travelling by bike. But Greyhoud only allows two pices of luggage :-). So they required me to stuff all my smal baggages ino something bigger so that I only had one pice of luggage. Apart from this really annoying circumstances nearly all Greyhound staff I met was, atypical for Canadians, extremely unfriendly. At the Greyhound station in Vancouver tey do not provide any package storage facility. So if you want to store your bike for some time I would recommend using the package storage facility at Vancouver Airport. You can reach the Airport from the Greyhound terminal by the Airporter that also takes your bicycle if it is boxed (of course). So my advice is to use a plane wherever possible (check the possibility to take the bike on plane before booking). Otherwise make sure there will be a bicycle box available for you in advance. Maybe it would be a good idea to add a further section to the next edition of the Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway book covering the theme of taking bicycles in public transport in canada.

Sept 7, 2003
Rob Boyd
Sad News

Hello Dan. I was very saddened to hear the news about the trestles in Myra Canyon. I was hoping they would be able to save at least some of them, but that looks very unlikely. I realize that the firefighters are doing all they can, considering the magnitude of the fire. I know from personal experience working as a firefighter with the B.C. Forest Service what they are up against. I would like to help out financially with the rebuilding of the trestles. Is there any organization I can contact regarding a contribution? If you know of one, please let me know. Thanks, Rob Boyd

Sept 7, 2003
Glen S Boulier
Myra Canyon...

Hello Dan; Have been watching this section of the KVR for sometime now, and we are saddened by the loss of most of the trestles on this route. I have a question in these hard tmes. Will the trestles be rebuilt by Groups and the B.C. Government? It is possible, that we could possibly supply a few hours and a small small donation as a hope that many can rebuild this area. It might be possible with many involved. We are from Calgary, Alberta. Cordially; Glen S Boulier

Sept 7, 2003
Tim Mepham
Loss of 9 KVR trestles

An unbelievable loss. My wife and I marvelled at them last September. They will never be rebuilt in their original form because of expense but fortunately don't have to be. The trestles were engineered to carry freight and passenger trains weighing thousands of tons. When replaced they only have to handle bicycles, humans and an occasioal emergency vehicle amounting to but a fraction of the weight.
I can visualise a series of suspension bridges for this purpose; not as aesthetic and they'd have to be straight, not curved. It would however reconnect the Trans Canada Trail through Myra Canyon.

Sept 6, 2003
Rob Scrimgeour
Trails BC's new Trestle& Trail Building Fund

Due to the devastaing damage in the Myra Canyon and the KVR Trail portion of the Trans Canada Trail, Trails BC has set up a Trestle & Trail Buiding Fund. Donations to the Trestle & Trail Building Fund support the rebuilding the Myra Canyon Trestles as well as the peripheral Trans Canada Trail infrastructure such as repairing route damage, replacing trail marker signs and installing route maps.
Please consider making a donation to this fund.Go to:
Rob Scrimgeour
Victoria, BC

Sept 6, 2003
Tom Anderson

So much talk of rebuilding. History cannot be rebuilt. The forest cannot be rebuilt. I think we need to pause, accept these terrible losses, and for now, simply grieve
Tom Anderson

Sept 5, 2003
D Neufeld,
A sad day, but not hopeless...

As tragic as the Kelowna fire and destroyed trestles are, all is not gone. The KVR is a lot more than the Myra Canyon. From Christina Lake to Hope to Merrit to Spencers Bridge to Osoyoos, there are 100's of kms of varied cycling for all abilities. And communities near the railbed continue to improve services for visitors, and should be encouraged to do so even more.

With the media's attention on the KVR at this time, those in contact with the media should take the opportunity to point out that the railbed still has a lot to offer. Myra Canyon was a spectacular, but only a small part of it.

Take advantage of the current media attention to raise awareness of the KVR provincially, nationally, and internationally to encourage visitors to see it next year -- or even sections of it this fall (once those glorious rains arrive...)

Increase awareness so that communities near the rest of the railbed improve services, and that right of way issues are resolved.

Many people still don't know of or appreciate the KVR and associated railbed trails. Make the best of this unfortunate opportunity to inform them.

Sept 5, 2003
wendy gorner, abbotsford, bc
So sorry

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of several trestle bridges in Myra Canyon. My husband and sons cycled from Rock Creek to Princeton in 1999, and my daughter and I did Myra to Rock Creek a year later. It was spectacular, and Myra was the highlight. I was so thankful to all the volunteers who made those bridges so safe for families to enjoy. The time and effort they put into the restoration was just incredible. I want to send out my sympathy to all of those who are seeing their hard work disappear. Somehow the little donation box at the beginning of the trestles doesn't seem like enough to fix this now. Thank you all for giving our family some wonderful memories.

Sept 5, 2003
Manuel Erickson
Burned Trestles on KVR

Dear Dan, We don't know each other (I got your name from the Internet site, Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway), but I've heard, as have so many thousands of others, about the destruction of the KVR's historic trestles by the fire. As I am writing a book, "Romance of the Rails in British Columbia," I feel I have a personal stake in what has happened. I heard on the CBC news this morning that thought is being given to rebuilding the destroyed trestles, in spite of the high cost -- they estimated $30 million, but it will probably be much more. I want to contribute to this project. Do you know of an organization that could be involved?

Sept 5, 2003
Randy Mills
5 KVR trestles have been destroyed.

FYI as of 03:50 a.m. 09/05/2003 from It is now reported that 5 KVR trestles have been destroyed. The affected trestles were numbers 3,4,5,6 and 7. September 4 - 5:30 pm A Castanet reader forwarded this map of Myra Canyon and the KVR from a draft of a book that was not published. Note trestles 3,4,5,6 and 7 have been destroyed. (GIF 87K) September 4 - 8:30 pm

Sept 5, 2003
Dan Langford
Map of Myra

Sept 5, 2003
Tim Fix
A sad day.

Hi Dan. I heard your interview on the radio about the KVR. And I just heard on the 11:00 pm news, they have now lost six of the trestles. I have been planning to do the KVR for about four years. This year, was the year we were to go. We ended up with about 6 people who were going to do the Carmi section from September 13-16. Like many of you, I was quite sad when I heard of the many homes destroyed in the Kelowna area. But being selfish, I was hoping we might still be able to make our ride, (I have been trying to organize a handful of peoples holidays, schedules and abilities, for the last 7 months.) But, when they had shut down all back country use in BC, I assumed at that point, we would have to post phone until next year. I was devastated when I heard earlier, two trestles had been destroyed. Now to hear four more are gone, and the others in Myra Canyon might not last the week. I am at a lost for words. There was mention on the radio of a Kelowna resident who had lost their home. But they felt more moved by the loss of this historic route. Last I had heard, Chute Lake Resort was not in good condition either. I hope they made it out okay. As sad as these losses are, at least there was no lives lost. My heart goes out to all the residents of Kelowna and area who have lost their homes, the fire fighters doing their best to protect us and to my fellow cyclists, whom will either miss, or never get to enjoy the Myra Canyon section of the KVR. Tim Fix Cranbrook, BC ps. I think we will attempt to do the Castlegar to Midway section next year.

Sept 4, 2003
Craig Hunt story: Kettle Valley rail trestles topple to fire

Hi Dan: Story on this page:


Sept 4, 2003
Dennis G. Shogren
Myra Canyon Trestles Destroyed
I just read a message on another web site that six trestles have now gone up in flames with another 12 threatened. Is this true? Any other news or details of the fire in the region?

Sept 4, 2003
Mark McVittie
MYRA Trestles lost to OK fire

It has reported that 5 KVR trestles have been destroyed. The affected trestles were numbers 3,4,5,6 and 7. The remaining trestles are also in grave danger of being lost.
September 4 - 5:30 pm

Sept 4, 2003
Don Chisholm,
Trestles Destroyed By Fire

I just heard (Sept 4,2003)on CBC that two trestles in the Myra Canyon had been burnt down. The official interviewed said that he 'feared for the survival of the other 12'. Needless to say this is very bad news for all of us users of the KVR and of course for those volunteers who have done so much work over the years. Don Chisholm

Sept 4, 2003
Jim Wright
KVR and Okanagan Mtn Fire

This is from Ministry of Forests press releast Sept 4:
The Okanagan Mountain Park fire is estimated to be 22,840 hectares in size. Resources in place include 650 fire-fighters, 19 helicopters and 197 pieces of heavy equipment. The fire grew by approximately 1,700 hectares in the last 24 hours, and is estimated to be 60 percent contained. Yesterday's winds in combination with the extremely dry forest created very volatile burning conditions and extreme fire behaviour. The fire spread in a northeasterly direction between Bellevue Creek to Myra Canyon. The fire has moved into the west side of Myra Canyon; two trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway were lost, an additional two were damaged. The rest of the trestles are considered to be at risk. Jim

Sept 4, 2003
CaroL Kluthe
Forest Fire Burns Myra Canyon Trestles - Article

Bad news. I can only hope enough money can be raised to rebuild. Here's the latest.

Sept 4, 2003
Myra Canyon - Fire

According to a Ministry of Forests press release
The fire has moved into the west side of Myra Canyon two trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway were lost, an additional two were damaged. The rest of the trestles are considered to be at risk.

Sept 4, 2003
Doug Heaslip
Sad News

I have completed muliple annual rides on all subdivisions of the KVR and this june and august completed two trips on the C&W-Castlegar-Merritt-Highway 5A-Kamloops. I need to move the family closer to the right-of-ways!!!!
To those "wise" people who have been fortunate enough to have experienced bike tours of the "Columbia & Western Railway" (C&W) and the "Kettle Valley Railway" (KVR) during past recent years, congratulations to you and your families for your foresight and intelligence.
From observing the gif map (URL above) of last midnight, you will now know that the six wooden trestles on the western wall of Myra Canyon have probably been consumed by the forest fire advance of last night's fire. The remaining eleven wooden trestles on the eastern wall of the canyon will most probably be destroyed within the next twenty-four hours. So far, the steel-wooden decked Belvue Creek trestle further west on the right-of-way has escaped fire or heat damage. But this trestle is surrounded on three sides by the forest fire.
Those historic eighty-plus year old trestles have offered me a connection with the construction crews, the train crews, and the passengers from years past every year for the past ten years of biking the canyon. The engineering feat, and human dedication in construction was always something to marvel at during my many rides each year on the C&W-KVR systems. Life is always such a constant test of our observations and values. A very sad day in our history!! Thank you, Doug

Sept 4, 2003
Pamela Carlsen
Sad news today regarding the trestles near Myra Canyon

Two of the historic Kettle Valley railway trestles have been destroyed by the Okanagan Mountain fire near Kelowna.

Sept 4, 2003
Al Reynish

This is the latest update as of this morning, Thursday September 4th 2003 at 11:00 hrs PST. From the province of B.C.'s fire information services Steve Bachop. The Okanagan Mountain fire has grown overnight by another 1700 hectares (4200 acres). The gusty winds overnight pushed flames northeast from near Bellevue Creek to Myra Canyon. The thick timber and dry fuel has allowed the fire to burn down to the former Kettle Valley Railway grade this morning. Firefighters have done their best to keep the flames away from the nearby wooden trestles. Unfortunately, as of this morning the latest news is that two trestles have been burned. The entire railbed from just east of the trestle at Mile 87.4 to Myra is now involved. The remaining bridges from former Mileposts 87.4 to 89.4 are now in danger of burning, possibly by the end of the day. The latest word from firefighters in the area is that they are worried about losing the whole canyon. The weather forecast for the area shows no sign of significant rain for the next 72 hours. The large steel bridge at Bellevue Creek is still threatened as the fire remains fairly close.

Sept 4, 2003
Paula Loewen
KVR -Myra Canyon

I am sad to say (in case you hadn't already heard) that is reporting that 2 trestles were lost in the spread of the Okanagan Mountain Fir last night, and 2 more trestles were damaged. The exact quote is: "The fire has moved into the west side of Myra Canyon; two trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway were lost, an additional two were damaged. The rest of the trestles are considered to be at risk" What a sad loss. Paula Loewen Kelowna, BC

August 29, 2003
Ministry of Forests
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

VICTORIA – The government has upgraded a backcountry travel advisory issued last week to a backcountry travel restriction to reduce the risk of new human-caused fires in southern British Columbia, Forests Minister Michael de Jong announced today.

“Public safety comes first,” said de Jong. “With the continuing tinder dry conditions and extreme fire danger in British Columbia’s forests, the risks of allowing people into the backcountry in the Southern Interior and Southern Coast regions are just too great.”

The restriction order for Crown land covers the southern one-third of the province – from Clearwater south to the U.S. border and from south Vancouver Island east to the Alberta border. A map of the restricted area is available on the Ministry of Forests’ Web site at Unlike the voluntary travel advisory issued last week, this travel restriction does not include the Cariboo region, since the forest fire risk has been downgraded there.

The restriction order, under section 84 of the Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act, covers all Crown land and Forest Service roads in the restricted areas. Private, municipal and First Nations reserve land are exempt from the order.

Forest Service roads accessing private property and commercial lodges remain open. As well, roads into provincial parks that are not closed remain open. All areas in provincial parks in the restricted areas are closed, except supervised camping and day use-areas.

“We are confident that outdoor enthusiasts understand the extreme risk and the need to prohibit access,” said Water, Land and Air Protection Minister Joyce Murray. “While the majority of our parks remain open, park visitors will have to limit their activities to supervised camping and day-use.”

“Although this is a serious move by the government, we are fully supportive and recognize that public safety and fire prevention are paramount at this time,” said Council of Forest Industries vice-president Peter Affleck.

B.C. Forest Service staff, conservation officers and volunteers will be patrolling the woods this weekend to inform people already in the backcountry of the new travel restriction. The travel restriction comes into effect Friday, Aug. 29 at noon and remains in effect until Sept. 14, 2003, but may be extended if the extreme forest fire hazard rating continues. Violators may face penalties of $10,000 and six months imprisonment.

The B.C. Forest Service is also encouraging the public to report wildfires by calling 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks. To report any suspicious activity, please call the above number (1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cellular networks) or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). A reward of up to $50,000 is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in deliberately setting wildfires.Arson is a criminal offence and is punishable by significant fines and/or imprisonment.

For travel-related details and information on tourism and recreational options, travellers are advised to contact 1-800-hellobc or one of 100 visitor information centres located across the province. For more information on the specific Forest Service road closures, see the Ministry of Forests Protection Branch Web site at or contact the local forest district office. For specific fire ban, park and protected areas closures and restrictions information see the B.C. Parks Web site at

August 29, 2003
Craig Henderson - Vista Treks
Travel Ban

Hi Dan: KVR bound cyclists should be aware of this new ban on backwoods travel efffective today (announced yesterday). Note it is in effect until September 14, and could be extended. So, that pretty much shuts down the KV line and other stretches of rail trail in southern BC. We'll have to get used to riding on pavement! Thanks for keeping everyone up to date.

August 26, 2003
Current conditions as of August 29?

Thanks for the great guidebook. It is excellent. My question: I'm hoping to ride Brookmere to Summerland on the upcoming Labour Day weekend. I'd appreciate any fire information/backcountry access info for that section, and/or first-hand accommodation recommendations in the Princeton/Jura area. Cheers! Darryl ------------------------------------

August 25, 2003
Craig J. Hunt
Vancouver Sun story on KVR: "Crews work to save historic railway line"
Hi Dan: Thought you might like to see this story if you haven't already.
also on Chute Lake.

August 24, 2003
Greenwood to Castlegar

I wonder if the forest fires around the KVR bike trail from McCollough to Naramata have devoured any of the precious trestles on that line. That would be a real disasster too lose any of that line.
The KVR bike trail from Greenwood to Castlegar is a most rewarding ride. I did it last Nov. and enjoyed it so much. The overlooks were spectacular. The fall colors were never to be forgotten. The ride was breathtaking!!! For those not in great shape the trip is most rewarding taken in downhill sections. Ride from Greenwood (or Midway) to Grand Forks one day, and rest overnight there.Be sure to have dinner at the great restored train station in upper G.F., swim and soak in the hot tub at the fabulous aquatic center near by. The next day DRIVE to the paulson by-pass road just about 1 1/2 km. past the Paulson bridge on Hwy 3. The KVR bike trail crosses the by-pass road at the bottom of the hill. Ride west downhill back to G.F. enjoying some wonderful overlooks of the mountains and Christina Lake. Rest overnight in one of the many camping sites or in a motel in the Grand Forks area. The next day drive back or shuttle to the trailhead you left from yesterday at the by-pass road and this time ride east to Castlegar. You will experience some great overlooks again, the famous 1 km. long bulldog tunnel (bring a light) -kiss your love in the tunnel for good luck! Several high trestles will need to be crossed ...don't be a brave...
Need a shuttle, call Wild Ways in Christina Lake or Mountain Spirit Adventures in Fruitvale (367-7939) Both companies run tours on the KVR regularily. This section of the KVR is fun, exciting, and economical with lots to see and do other than cycling! Been there done that!

August 23, 2003
Nicholas Lanfear
Okanagan shuttle

Hi Dan, Not the best timing on this with the current fires but I did want to let you know about a bike shuttle service out of Kelowna. It's name is "Tykes can tour" and I used it to get brought to the Myra Canyon trailhead and was later picked up in Penticton after my one way ride (in Sept 2002). The fee for this was $100. The service was great and the owner Joe Kyle was very helpful and friendly. His office number is: 1-888-211-9043/250-212-5531. I know he offers guided tours as well of the KVR and other Kelowna attractions in case anyone is interested. Nick Surrey BC

August 21, 2003
Dan Langford
Myra Canyon Closure

BC Parks has announced all areas of Myra Bellvue Provincial Park, in the hills east of Kelowna, are closed to public use until further notice. Signs will be posted to inform the public of the areas that are closed.
For updates on the fire situation check

Map of burned area as of morning August 21th
( web site)

August 21, 2003
Dave Staples


August 21, 2003
Al Reynish kvartist at kvart dot net
Okanagan Mountain fire reaches railbed at Chute Lake.

The former KVR Carmi Subdivision between Naramata and east of Chute Lake may be unsafe at this time, (around Thu August 21st). On the local news, (Wednesday August 20th 2003.) a CHBC news clip showed that the fire has spread to the forests at Chute Lake lodge. As the news crew had driven up that way they filmed as they went. The railbed was very smoky and fires were visible through the trees beside the right of way. Before travelling on the Carmi Subdivision in this area you should contact local authorities to get the latest fire information. Or contact Chute Lake lodge if they can still be reached,( they were facing the prospect of evacuation on August 21st.) Local police are restricting access along Naramata road north of Penticton along the east side of Okanagan Lake. Check before you go make sure that you will be safe and not suffer the disappointment should you come across road blocks and fire related detours.

August 20, 2003
Dan Langford
Fires above Kelowna

The KVR above Kelowna to Penticton has been closed due to the fires in and around Okanagan Mountain Park. The province is issuing a travel advisory for forested and backcountry areas in the Southern Interior and the Coast in order to reduce the risk of new human-caused fires.. Check with The Ministry of Forests as your time to leave on your trip nears to get the latest info. For local information on the fires check out CHBC, Kelowna Capital News
, Castanet
Map of burned area as of August 20th

August 20, 2003
Jennifer Hendricks
New service Brookmere

I am contacting you on behalf of my in-laws, Karin and Vern Hendricks, who have recently started a shuttle service for cyclists out of Brookmere. They have yet to establish an e-mail address, but wanted to take the opportunity to be included on your website and in your book. Karin and Vern are permanent residents of Brookmere and are available for shuttle bookings at any time. Please contact them for further details at 250-378-2398 or fax at 250-378-2396.

August 19, 2003
Dannie Carsen
KVR Very smoky on Carmi Subdivision

Hello Folks, I'm thinking of doing the Carmi and Princeton sections of the KVR starting on August 27. Anyone just been that can update me as to the conditions and proximity to the local fires? Regards,

August 18, 2003
Biking the KVR
I just discovered the KVR through a colleague. I would like to take a 3 or 4 day bicycling/wine tasting?relaxing trip on part of this trail. I am an avid biker, as is my companion. Any suggestions on the best way to go about this - where to start, where to stay? I am interested in picturesque scenery and would prefer to start?finish in Kelowna.

August 14, 2003
Lauchlan Glen
Trestle Bridge south of Summerland

Can anyone tell me if it is still possible to cross the trestle bridge over Trout Creek? I have crossed it many times in the past but have not been on that section since 2001.

August 12, 2003
Sandi Warnke
Chute Lake Resort

Just like to give you my 2 cents' worth about Chute Lake. It was a welcome sight after a long day riding from Beaverdell, but did not enjoy staying there. Felt like sleeping in a fire trap - very old and no smoke alarms to be seen anywhere. Went with a group of people and some of them could actually "see" the others in the next room through the walls. Could certainly speak to each other without leaving our rooms. Did not like the bathrooms one bit. Showers sprayed very cold or very hot (enough to make you jump out occasionally) I realise that it must be very difficult maintaining a place the size and age of Chute Lake, but would not opt to stay there a second time. Also found it pretty pricey for what it offered.
Thoroughly enjoyed the ride - great book to follow!!! ( it inspired us to do the trip in the first place) - would just try to plan around Chute Lake next time.
There you go - that's your unsolicited opinion for the day. Hope it's worth something. Thankx again for the inspiration to do the trip!

August 9, 2003
David Fairfield
Sand and Water

We've just completed a four day ride from Rock Creek to Penticton, cut a bit short by a broken axle and collapsing wheel. The book, "Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway" was an excellent resource, and was certainly more than accurate enough for our purposes. Aside from a few typo/spelling errors (which annoy the heck out of the Englsh teacher in me), I've never seen a more detailed or carefully laid out trail guide.

But, this has been a dry summer, and we found sections of the trail hard to ride because of the deep sand which seems to cover the trail in sections -- notably in the Beaverdell area, between McCulloch and Myra Canyon, and in the Chute Lake area. Certainly, for people doing a "loaded" tour rather than using the lodges, the sand was a real problem; and could be noted in the book. And, then there was water -- or the lack thereof. We filtered water when we could find it, but should have carried much more of it with us -- our two litres per person was not adequate. The "boil orders" at McCulloch and Chute Lake certainly didn't help. Perhaps sources of water could be listed in the book -- a drop of water might make an appropriate symbol! The trip could not be easily done without a water filter.

Finally, there's the cost of campgrounds. Our group of four paid a considerable amount each night for the privilege of showering. Zach's in Beaverdell, the McCulloch Lake Lodge, and the Chute Lake resort all charged us around $ 30.00 for our group - a bit pricey for the facilities provided, and the lack of potable water at McCulloch and Chute Lake.

But the views were spectacular, the history was interesting, and the people we met were friendly.

August 08, 2003
Joe Smuin

Dear family, friends, foes, etc.
After a long construction period, I am pleased to announce the arrival of my newest book:
KETTLE VALLEY RAILWAY MILEBOARDS A Historical field guide to the KVR by Joe Smuin
Retail Price: $44.95 CDN
This book is a 200+ page book detailing the physical layout of the Kettle Valley Railway. It contains never before published maps, photographs and historical details. This book is a must-have for historically minded mountain bikers as much as for Kettle Valley Railway buffs. Orders for the book may be placed with the publisher at:
Fax: (204) 669-9821
Voice: (204) 668-0168
Mailing Address: North Kildonan Publications Box 99 Stn. F - 355 Henderson Hwy,
Dealers are requested to direct any enquires about wholesale prices to the publisher. Joe Smuin

August 7, 2003
Calvin Doyle
Pentiction to Beaverdale or Beaverdale to Penticton

Just wondering which direction to go in. If we were to camp near McCulluch one night and Chute Lake another night, is there places to get food and beer/wine? Is is easy access to the forestry sites to drop a car with camping gear etc? How far off the railway are the camping sites and/or resorts. What are the resorts like at McCulluch and Chute Lake? Any other information would be great. Thanks

August 6, 2003
Karen and Hakon Nielsen
Kettle Country B&B - Kettle Valley BC

just opened July 1st 2003 we are on the KVR about 10 kilometers from Midway beside the Ingram bridge at the start of Kettle valley.We can accommodate four people at present and are presently expanding. We are bicycle riders ourselves and would be happy to accommodate travellers.
Pls .respond to our email address at - and we can send more information.
Karen and Hakon Nielsen Thankyou

August 6, 2003
Does anyone know if the fires in BC are burning near the KVR? Specifically near the Carmi subdivision. Planning a trip Sept 1st.

August 6, 2003
Kathleen Savory
KVR-Carmi Subdivision

Hi there Just got back from our first trip along a small portion of the KVR, using your book. We travelled from McCullough to Naramata. Perhaps just because of hot dry weather, the section from Belleview (sp) trestle to Chute lake is a real slog – soft, slippery sand, and lots of vehicle traffic causing no end of dust. It’s about 11 ugly kms. Also, Chute Lake Resort was closed (for siesta?) from about 2 pm – 4 pm. We enjoyed your book!

August 5, 2003
Bob Riley
Peddlers Cycle Tours

Hello Dan, I don’t know if you will remember me, but we talked on the phone last year about me starting a cycle tour company on the KVR. I just wanted to let you know that I have redone my website.

August 1, 2003
Vivian Paterson

I have recently purchased a new copy of your book and I would like to request a correction for your next edition. On page 268, there is a listing for my B&B OSPREY LAKE LODGE. The phone number 250-295-6866 is correct, but I no longer have the 1-800 number. Will you please delete the 1-800 number and put in its place my web adress which is: A photo ad re my B&B can be veiwed by going to and searching either Princeton or Summerland. Thank you Vivian Paterson

July 28, 2003
Mark Broerken
Cycling the Penticton to Brookmere Section

My wife and I want to cycle the KVR in the middle of August.
We were thinking of using Penticton as a base and cycling east to Chute and then maybe west to Summerland. does anybody have any info about the trail this time of year or any experience lately on the trail? Any recomnedations for accomidation in Penticton? Cheers Mark B

July 28, 2003
Robert Stevenson
KVR ... Penticton to Kelowna

Our family will be in Penticton the first week of August and wondered about the possibility of doing the KVR from Penticton to Kelowna . Would appreciate any information as to how possible this is ... Are we going against the grade going this way or would it be better to do Myra Canyon to penticton?

July 25, 2003
Brian Smith
Early July KVR Trip( Carmi)

Hope this web page attached helpssome people in planning. the Kettle Valley Railway.htm

July 24, 2003
Nancy Porter
Parking Help Osoyoos

Hi again Dan! Just wanted to pass on this helpful info I got when investigating the parking situation in Osoyoos. There is a 1 - 800 number for Visitor Information at Osoyoos which your book doesn't give (at least I couldn't find it!), which of course is NOT long distance and it is : 1 888 676-9667. There is also a website: When I phoned the Visitor Info Centre they told me that many people park at the Husky gas station in town which is located at the intersection of Hwy 3 and Hwy 97. The local number there is : 250 495-6443 When I phoned there to inquire, the guy answering was most helpful and said it was no problem to park there, it didn't cost any $ (big bonus!) and because it is open 24 is relatively safe to leave your vehicle there. You just have to go in and tell them that you are leaving your vehicle there. Hope this info is helpful! ~N

July 22, 2003

Don Hadford       
Midway to Penticton
We have just returned from the Midway to Penticton leg.  I was the driving support (large thirsty rental Chev crew cab 4x4 with utility trailer)  for a small group of Venturers.   My views on what we did/saw:
Midway: municipal campground  is a grassed, open area along the river and is run by Steve Stewart (  This was a good way to start our trip...he is very congenial, searched out some more tubes for our group to float the lazy river, very helpful.   There are hot showers, and he has one 10x10 roofed area to book if you are concerned about the weather ($10 extra I believe).
Beaverdell:  we stayed at Zach's campground.  Open area camping, new washroom with 2 stalls and showers, clean.    6 people, 3 small tents - $42.   Limited large convenience store type supplies, nice small bakery & deli, hotel etc as noted in the book.
Make time to stop at Paul Lautard's rest stop...a most congenial and helpful gentleman.   He has lots of stories so its easy to spend 1/2 hr or more there.
He will tell you the location of a swimming hole - try it - very clear water. 
Arlington Lakes:  look carefully for the road - no signs on the hgwy...there are some 30 yards in.  Go slow - its a little rough and dusty.   There is a vehicle impassable washout 75 ft before you join the N & S roads up and down the lakes, the KVR trail is only 20 feet past the Arlington lakes viewing road.   200 feet back from the washout is a trail to the south for 1/2 mile to view the south Arlington lake. 
McCullough lake - beautiful setting, friendly staff.  The rustic cabins are rustic...$110? for 6.  There is also new large A-frame with a number of rooms.   Drinking water is scarce - 1st - 4 litres free, after that $1 / litre.   I believe that also have had staff problems and they have to haul their drinking water in so give them a break.   Washroom facilities, an old Atco trailer w 2 toilets, 3 showers, either lock the door if you're shy or you may be joined by ? (reminds me of Ally McBeal and their coed washroom).    Bicyclists all want a shower after a dusty day on the trail, I drive and stay cool so I showered in the morning - no problem.  Staff was friendly 
Now the good stuff.   I wanted to pedal a portion of the Myra canyon.   I left McCullough lake and headed west....washboard, dust, slow with lots of curvers etc.   When you hit pavement start to look for the Myra canyon is signed.   Forestry has decided to not maintain the roads so the Myra canyon road is VERY dusty, lots of elevation change, VERY, VERY washboardy.....a slow go.   The parking lot at Myra is maintained by volunteers, good job.   Bathrooms here.  1 km pedal to start of the trestles.  WOW.  I went back to Kelowna for supplies and set out to drive to Chute Lake by the forestry road off Lakeshore Drive.   TACTICAL ERROR.   Very dusty, sandy, steep, HEAVY washboard .....then the road comes to a 3 way fork...I never saw any signs so I read sign and took the right fork....this was the KVR and road to Chute Lake.   Pass bicyclists slowly here - its very dusty, sandy and disliked this last 10 K or so the most.   They really needed the lake and a shower when we reached Chute Lake.
Chute Lake - lake is off color due to growth - kids did swim ok.   Staff problems again in the problems for owners.   Again - give them some leeway....they are very nice.   We camped in the RV lot and paid the price for water & power.  We were totally self sufficient so we didn't eat out on the trail so I can't give any advice here - but we did have pie and icecream at Chute Lake - very reasonable and a real treat.
The peddle down was dusty, rough in spots - pay attention to softening your tires.  Hotter that H in Penticton.
Best part - Myra Canyon.
Worst part for me - road to Myra and Kelowna to Chute Lake - advice- drive the highway to Penticton and drive to Chute lake from there. - its much better..
Best decision: since I was running support - we used bottled water.  I could keep it cold, no one had to pump a filter to resupply on the trail, no one got sick.
Midway to Penticton is not real cell phone friendly....I got signal out of Beaverdell for a while, sketchy at McCullough lake, full signal close to Chute lake and down.
We used FRS radios - limited range but very handy for everyone.
Enjoy the trail everyone.

July 22, 2003
Pat Cannon
KVR web page update - change in phone number for the Tamarack Lodge

Thank you for providing this web site. We have used it to help plan a trip on the KVR The phone number you list for the Tamarack lodge did not work for us. We used directory assistance, and they came up with a different number. It is 250-484-5353.

July 21, 2003
Newton Hockey
Columbia &Western Railway

Can anyone tell me the condition of the section from Christina Lake to Castlegar? I have not found any updates for a while. Thanks.

July 19, 2003
A. Brown
Beaverdell-Rock Creek

Just came back from riding the Beaverdell to Rock Creek section of the Carmi section of the KVR. At Zamora road the trail "ends" in a farmers plowed field and you have to take highway 33. Would not have known this had a group of bikers not warned us of this. It is worse heading north.Tried leaving the campground and headed north the next day just to see how far we could get...not far, gate and a sign posted for "agricultural use only". Did not go far enough to find an access to the highway. A real shame to lose this part of the trail. There was also a lack of signs along this whole section of the trail when there were detours in various spots. Untied loud barking dogs were a negative feature near Westbridge. Paul's Stop was great! Sorry we did not get to meet him but appreciated filling out water bottles from the jugs in the cooler. A.Brown

July 19, 2003
Brian Fletcher
Chain Reaction Bike and Board in Grand Forks

Hi Dan; A quick update on Chain Reaction Bike and Board in Grand Forks. We are now located at 7236-3rd Street about one block the tct. We offer a full service bike repair shop along with parts, accessories and bike rentals. Our mailing address is Box 2006, Grand Forks, BC. VOH 1HO. Website; Thanks and happy trails Brian Fletcher

July 18, 2003
garnet smith
Tandem bikes on KVR

Has anyone cycled parts of the KVR on a tandem? I've never been on the trail but have recently purchased a tandem. What areas (if any) would be more suitable? Perhaps we shouldn't bother? What are some thoughts?? Thanks Garnet

July 14, 2003
Ric Woods
Kettle Valley/Trans Canada Trail

I am specifically copying this rather long-winded email to Parks Canada (separate email), the Town of Midway and Dan and Sandra Langford (Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway), because most of it is relevant to each and every party.

I am a 56 year old business man from Vancouver who has been a bicyclist for about 48 years. I love it and, as my aging body somewhat limits other sports, I use bicycling for recreation and fitness. I don’t have to tell Dan and Sandra that it is an environmentally compatible pollution-free sport that is enjoyed by all ages. The KVR/Trans Canada Trail concept is not only a wonderful local pastime but it is potentially a major international tourist attraction. I have biked in Europe and offer the opinion that the KVR has the potential to attract many international travelers who appreciate the outdoors. Enough background.

My brother-in-law and I recently completed the “loop” that we started previously from Penticton up to Chute Lake to McCulloch and on down to Midway via Beaverdell. We did McCulloch to Penticton previously but decided to do McCulloch to Midway this trip with a stop over in Beaverdell. The direction was counter to the script in the book and reversing the order posed some challenges in reading the book “backwards” but it generally worked out well.

Even with updates downloaded from the web we found that the trail was much improved over what was laid out in the text. New bridges and trail work led to no portages and few detours. However, a few distractions do stand out in my mind. I will discuss them in the reverse order in which they occurred to save some of you some time:

1. Midway We noticed that the supportive friendly people of the Town of Midway have utilized their resources and talents to enhance the trail through the township. They obviously understand that the trail is public property and that it will economically benefit the local businesses by drawing bicyclists from far and near who will buy products and services and use local accommodation. In mid June 2003 the majority of the path through the town had been cleared and a bed of sand put down. We are hoping that the town people realize that a biker’s worst nightmare is sand and that they are only using sand as a sub-base for a compact gravel or limestone surface. Otherwise the path would be dangerous and avoided by one and all.

Our sincere and best regards to the people of Midway, in particular Mark Rivers of the Hot L hotel (aka Kettle Valley River Inn and Saloon).

2. Bubar Road The biggest frustration of our trip concerned some property located just west of the town along Bubar Road between the Ginseng farm and a small 65-acre farm and residence located at 3585 Bubar (I presume) Road. The property immediately east of 3585 Bubar Road is a farm through which the trail is supposed to pass but at whose western boundary the metal fence has been padlocked and a sign posted that reads “access is denied due to parties causing damage to the property [paraphrased]”. The owner of 3585 Bubar Road, Trevor, told us that he was told that motorcyclists had scared farm animals on the adjacent farm causing a calf to fall in the river and die. As a result, the managers of the farm padlocked the gate and deny access. Trevor also indicated that the farm is managed for absentee owners and it was probably the manager’s decision, not the owners. When we eventually traversed Trevor’s property to access Bubar Road (with Trevor’s permission) we were chagrined to find a short distance down the road an unfenced portion of the property (that was obviously not new) that was large enough to drive a transport truck through and that had no gate. I wonder why the manager’s aren’t concerned about calves escaping via that opening as opposed to the padlocked gate a short distance to the west?

Bubar Road going west (the opposite direction to our course) appears to turn south at the 3585 Bubar Road property, cross it for about 100 metres, and carry on as the KVR. We were told by Trevor that the 100 metre portion that crosses his property is not a road but is in fact his driveway. He often “allows” bicyclists to use it. On the other hand, It didn’t escape our attention that Trevor obviously uses the KVR as a private access road to his property from the west, whether Parks Canada “allows” it or not. If I lived there, so would I. It provides him with dual convenient access from Bubar and the KVR. However, if I were him, I would be a little more humble about “allowing” people to cross his property or someone might shut off his access from the KVR.

Back to the adjacent farm with the padlocked gate. Although I appreciate the owner’s and/or manager’s dilema regarding farm animals, it is not their property to padlock as I understand it. Perhaps Park’s Canada should have a talk with them and/or fence the trail through their property, effectively segregating the farm into two exclusive parcels. I presume the property to the south of the KVR is crown land and the farm only has, if anything, an easement from the KVR land to the high water mark. This is the case with many farms along the way and the farmers feel proprietary rights to the easement area as they have used it for grazing or growing crops for many years. Most are co-operative and acknowledge the KVR trail as they know they have a lot to lose if they are physically cut off from the easement area.

I would also suggest to Park’s Canada that they provide better signage along the entire KVR Trail that clearly says who has the right to use the trail. Most signs say something to the effect of “no vehicular access unless authorized”. That language implies to some people that vehicles (including trail bikes and ATV’s) do use it and it is only a matter of authorization. Therefore, if you are a trail motorcyclists you might be tempted to use it and let the locals figure out who is authorized and who isn’t. I for one do not know whether motorcyclists and ATV’s are allowed or not. We saw many along the KVR trail typically close to tourist stops and/or vehicle access to the trail. The “locals” seemed to think that the trail motorcyclists and ATV’s were typically locals (not tourists) and, in some cases, transient tourists using local campgrounds or RV Parks.

3. Gates Dan and Sandra mentioned in their book that there are several fences between mile 26.1 and 28.5 and that we should be courteous and close the gates behind us. We are and we did. However, I was glad we were two strong men as the gates are basically junk lumber posts connected by wire with a clothes hanger catch at top and bottom. Without precision handling and considerable strength they are impossible. We came across one open gate that was obviously too hard for someone to close. We also came across an elderly couple that needed our assistance to close them. It is obviously spite on the part of the farmers. Why would they put up such monstrosities when other farmers have installed gates that close with the touch of a finger?

Mile 23.4 didn’t require “throwing bikes over the old railway fence.”

Mile 28.5 at Ed James Creek exhibited no wash out and didn’t require getting wet at all.

Summary Hopefully the readers will take our comments constructively and with the spirit of co-operation that most users and benefactors of the trail seem to exhibit. It is a shame that there are obviously some “small minds in small towns” along the way but such is life. I will continue to work diligently at completely the entire KVR and related routes over the coming years and I will encourage friends and visitors to do the same.
Yours truly, Ric Woods and Pedro Carmona-Silva
PS. Your book is great!

July 14, 2003
Enid Watt
Bike Theifs

My family selected Penticton as a holiday destination, primarily because we wanted to bike section of the KVR. We drove into town Tuesday afternoon, parked for less than 3 hours and returned to find our locked bike rack vandalized and my $1300 bike stolen. I filed a report with the RCMP but was told by several residents not to expect much in the way of action. Last Thursday we returned downtown but couldn't find a place to park our car, with the remaining bikes, that looked secure. We left it momentarily only to return to find a group of transients around it, with 2 of them peering closely into the windows to see what was worth stealing. We decided to try to locate a safer parking spot when a man I can only describe as a thug appeared on the other side of the street(riding a bike that is valued in the thousands of dollars). He spotted our vehicle, immediately changed directions, crossed the street and pulled up right at the back. He very closely investigated the remaining bikes and how they were locked to the rack. His intentions could not have been more obvious.
Thursday's Penticton Herald ran a cover story about the alarming frequency of bike thefts, with virtually none of them recovered and no charges ever laid.
You might want to warn potential cyclists visiting the area that their equipment is particularly vulnerable. The thiefs, it seems, will stop at nothing to get what they want.

July 14, 2003
Rob Kelly
KVR Questions

Hi Dan, I’m sure you’re getting lots of e-mail questions at this time of year from people planning on cycling the KVR.
Here’s mine: The kind folks at the Kettle River Inn & Saloon in Midway offer a deal in which you can park your car at their place, ride the KVR to Penticton or Osoyoos, and then arrange for them to come and pick you and your bike up and bring you back to Midway and your car (cost: $100). My question is…do you know of anyone offering this service if you want to ride from Penticton to Midway (in other words the opposite direction) so that we can park our vehicle in Penticton, ride to Midway and then get ourselves and our bikes back to Penticton? After we’ve finished riding the Carmi Subdivision we’re going on to Manning Park – so it would be a lot more convenient if we, our bikes and our vehicle all ended up finishing in Penticton instead of Midway. We were originally going to drive Vancouver to Penticton, box our bikes and ride the Greyhound to Midway and then ride the KVR back to Penticton. We may still stick with this plan. Do you have any suggestions? Finally, is there any advantage or disadvantage of riding the KVR/Carmi Subdivision from Penticton to Midway as compared to the other direction? Thanks for your help Dan. And thanks for your great book (I purchased it online from Rocky Mountain Books).

July 13, 2003
Ron Stephens

I thought I would give you a bit of my opinion on the KVR. We biked it a couple weeks ago. Thinking I was being quite wise I booked us to stay at Beaverdell and Chute Lake. I have to say that I think there should be some information included about the Chute Lake accommodations. They are not very amenable to comfort. The rooms, while quite expensive (and charge an extra 15 dollars if you want a sheet for the hide-a-bed have no bathrooms or sinks. They are very poorly maintained and I hope you have good friends staying in any adjoining rooms since you can see and hear between them. Gaps in the walls (log cabin style) allow this. Meals are somewhat like eating at home when you were a child. Eat what I put in front of you. The difference is that my Mom didn't charge me for it, and if I wanted my eggs scrambled she would just do them that way. Not so at Chute Lake. You pay full price for what they serve for breakfast and you better like it the way they feel like preparing it. Also there is no choice. You get bacon and eggs, with toast, if they happen to remember. Let none of this deter you from riding this route. I would just suggest you stay at Beaverdell and Macullough and bypass staying at Chute Lake unless you are camping. A tent will provide you a bit more privacy and probably even get you closer to the bathrooms. Although it may seem I am complaining about the trip let me assure you that is not the case. I just feel it would be a good idea to make people aware of what to expect in that one location. Thanks for listening. Hope this finds you well and riding hard. Ron

July 13, 2003
Shirley Martin

Does anyone know if there is a shuttle service of any type between Penticton and Kelowna? What do people do to get back to their car once they get to the other end?

July 11, 2003
Amy & Dwight Brown
Please list Adobe Rose B&B in your next Edition

Dear Dan Langford, Last night we had guests who introduced us to your book 'Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway' 3rd Edition. They are completing the loop from Midway to Kelowna and back to Midway via road. WE are located about 10 blocks from the hike and bike trail in the Town of Oliver. This is what they wrote in our guest book this morning, and said we could send it to you with their photo. "Thanks Amy and Dwight for your warm hospitality, great breakfast & the beauty of your house & its stunning setting." I am buying a copy of your book today. Bet regards, Amy & Dwight Brown Check out our bed and breakfast website at: For reservation information call 1-877-674-4626 (Canada & USA)

July 10, 2003
Gunther Smith
Tandems of the KVR

My female better half and I are planning to bike a part of the railway bed this fall. We don't know which section as of yet. We've never experienced this "railway" before. We recently purchased a tandem and are hopeful in using it on our trip. I was wondering if anyone has cycled the KVR on a tandem and what they felt their experience was like with it. Are there sections that are not suitable for tandems? Does it really make no difference? What are some thoughts?

July 5, 2003
Léon Lebrun, Southwest Region Director, Trails BC
Coquihalla Summit Trans Canada Trail Challenge - Last minute Considerations

Please find on the following link: last minute instructions for the Coquihalla Summit Trans Canada Trail Challenge.

July 4, 2003
Judy Harvey
Lost camera

I was cycling the beautiful KVR on July 1st from Christina lake to Grand Forks and my green camera case with a nikkon camera inside fell out of my backpack.If anyone has seen or heard anything relating to this I would sure appreciate you contacting me as the film inside contained some pretty special pictures of my son's grad.Thanks so much,Judy

July 3, 2003
Shirley Anderson
Souvenir Bike trail Passports

Have you seen the souvenir passports for the Kettle Valley Bike Trail? Nicely Expos. On sale at many places--Watch for the Bright Yellow Signs.
Lots of businesses along the trail are providing some neat stamps for you to collect along with your daily log of your highlights.
A few of the special ones to watch for areBeaverdale hotel.Pauls Caboose, Station Pub Grand Forks, Hogs Breath Coffee Co Penticton, SS Sicamous on the lake in Penticton.%0D%0A
Want to know more go to

July 3, 2003
Frank Rayment
Highway 40

Can anyone tell me what kind of road hwy 40 is? Is it paved, gravel? Do I need a truck as a support vehicle when I'm cycling the KVR? What about the Coalmont Tulameen road to Brookmere?

July 3, 2003
Updates on Carmi Subdivision

Dan: I cycled the Carmi subdivision this last weekend starting at Midway and noted that your postings on your website re; Carmi Subdivision

- Midway to Pentiction, are not up to date. Perhaps the updates are in your new book, but people, including me, use your posting for updates, so I thought I'd contribute - The Midway museum is only open a few days per week, so if you come on the off days, you are SOL
- as a point of interest, George Delisle who operates the Little Dipper Campground is Paul Lautard's nephew, according to George's wife Frauke
- Brian Collins no longer operates the Tamarack Lodge in Beaverdell ...he now has two cabins , Collins Cabins, which serve the cycling crowd. Met him personally on the trail as he was out exercising his dog.
- According to Brian, the new chef at the Tamarck serves up really good food
- The Wilkinson Creek Detour doesn't need to occur anymore as a beautiful bridge has been built over the Creek by the Trans Canada Trail folk. If I hadn't missed Carmi, I would have taken the detour, which is an additional slug back up the hill and missed that nice section between Carmi and Wilkinson the creek, which is where I met Brian Collins. (don't ask how I missed Carmi )
- The Arlington Lakes Forestry Road is washed out between the Lakes. If there are no logging trucks using that road, it is not likely that washout will be filled. This information may be of interest to those who may want to shuttle to that point of the trail, (or meet one's wife, who is the driving the support vehicle, for lunch and a restocking of water )
Regards and thanks for you work John

June 30, 2003
Gabe Comolli
Riding to Myra Canyon
A friend and I are flying into Kelowna mid July and plan to ride from the airport to Myra Canyon. We are both very fit and competent cyclists. Could anyone provide an approximate distance from the airport to Myra Canyon? Any suggestion on the best route to follow or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

June 27, 2003
JoAnn McCaffrey
In the third edition of Cycling the Kettle Valley it says that Osprey Lake is an easy ride from Penticton and you can either camp there or stay in one of the bed and breakfasts. I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate the names, phone numbers or email addresses of the b&bs at Osprey Lake. We would like to ride from Penticton one day and then back the next. Can anyone help me with how to find out this information? We are planning to cycle with another couple and two children (5 and 7) on tag-a-long bikes. We have cycled parts of the KVR previously and thought that our best bet for this trip would be to do Myra Canyon one day with all the bridges and then from Chute Lake into Penticton or Naramata the next day (for the downhill and the views). Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

June 27, 2003
Dean and Cynthia Fortin
Connecting Railway

.Hi Dan..My wife daughter and I cycled our first trip in 1998 after reading your 1st edition...After 600 kms over three four day trips, we're back for more..I was wondering if there are any updates on the Coquihalla Subdivision, Nakusp and Slocan, South Slocan to Slocan and Nelson and Fort Sheppard..we are considering these routes this summer...thanks for the info..awesome third edition, keep up the great work...later.Dean

June 23, 2003
Water treatment and back country camping
We're heading out on the Carmi subdivision section of the KVR the long weekend and were quite interested in some back country camping and also water treatment.
Any comments from your experience would be appreciated.

June 20, 2003
Mel & Joy Harris
Majestic Hills B&B in Naramata

Please let me introduce ourselves. Mel & Joy Harris of Majestic Hills B&B in Naramata. We have just opened our B&B up this June, and several of our cycling guests have advised us that we should contact your site and have our B&B added to your Cycling the Kettle Valley book and the update section for this year, for B&B Accommodations.
I am very impressed with your site and book and would love to have you add us to it if you would. The driveway to our B&B enters right onto the KVR Trail, which as our guests have told us is perfect for them. You can check out our B&B at under Penticton listings. We are also under and If you would like to contact us our telephone # is 250-496-5525. I hope you will consider putting us in your book.......... Always Best Regards............Mel & Joy Harris Majestic Hills B&B

June 20, 2003
Raymond Maaske
Walking the KVR Summerland to Merritt (210 km)
I plan to leave July 11th but have a few questions
-Do I need to filter?
-treat the water?
-Any concerns about bears or cougars?
- Should I take salt tablets, as I WILL NOT get any from the food I will be eating?
I have not found anyone crazy enough to join me. Any special precautions in that respect?
I plan to sleep in the open (no tent). Any thoughts or cancers on that?
- Will a fire burning in the night keep any 'snoopy' animals away?


June 17, 2003
Cycling the KVR with dogs

I am interested to hear from anyone who has cycled the KVR with a dog. My husband and I are hoping to bike a small section of the trail with my two dogs this summer - approximately 3 days out and 3 days back. I'm looking for any general advice and specifically if any particular part of the trail be most suited to dogs in the summer (ie good access to jump into a river / lake to cool down, passable trellises, B&B's that will welcome dogs, etc)? And in addition, is there any safe way to assess the speed and distance my dogs could safely travel in a day - I've haven't been able to find information on this subject at all. Thanks.

June 16, 2003
Chute Lake Resort

Last weekend our family, 2 adults and 2 children ages 8 & 11, did a self-supported cycle trip from Penticton, to Chute Lake, to McCullough and back over three days. I have to tell you that your book was EVERYWHERE! It seemed to be an appendage to every touring bike along the way!
Dan, we notice that your only site reference to Chute Lake is of Chute's new website. Good idea, good site. We have two comments though, and leave it up to your professional discretion as to what you do with the following information.
1. Chute Lake charges $20 per adult, plus $2 per child, for one tenting site, bringing our family total for one night ringing in at $47.08. We've all heard of highway robbery - now our new one is "trail robbery". We were shocked, to say the least. Note that their website does not list any accommodation prices.
2. As for amenities at Chute, even on the weekend the kitchen was closed. We heard rumours that since Doreen (owner) can't get staff to work up there, she has decided not to open the kitchen this summer. Shame. Lost market. Disappointing.
Otherwise, as you have discovered, the Penticton to McCullough section is awesome. Wonderful memories.
Keep up the great work! MANY people are depending on you!!

June 16, 2003
Scott Duncan
Monashee Pass

Hi, I'm in the middle of trying to figure out where this year's pedalling adventure will take me. One option I have been looking at is doing the "Monashee Loop".... that is Rock Creek to Kelowna via the KVR. Road ride to Vernon. Take Hwy 6 over Monashee Pass to Nakusp. Rail trail to New Denver. Road ride to Slocan. Rail trail to South Slocan. Road ride to Castlegar. And finally rail trail back to Rock Creek. Now the big question is how wicked is Monashee Pass on a bike?(And any other part of that route!) If any knows the area well could you please email me at Thanks, Scott Duncan

June 14, 2003

Judy Thompson
Washout north of Arlington Lakes

We are planning to cycle the KVR trail, Carmi Subdivision, at the end of June, 2003. We read a report on the condition of the small trestle just before Arlington Lake. The report stated the trestle had been severely damaged in May and can be risky to cross. Has this been repaired or is there a way to bypass the trestle? Any information on the condition of the trail would be appreciated. Thanks

June 10, 2003
jan mcammond
Trip on Carmi Sub

We just came off the trail June 8, 2003 after starting at Myra June 4 (stayed Penticton, Osoyoos, Rock Creek, Beaverdell, and ending at McCullough at 3pm (4 nights.) Temperatures were 30-37 degrees. The trail is in excellent shape. There was a lot of bear scat between Beaverdell and McCullough so keep singing to give fair warning- you are in their living room. Take lots of water on this leg.
-Great Drop off/Pick up shuttle and super bike rentals in Kelowna by Monashee Tour's Ed Kruger and his dog 'Buzz'.
-Apple pie at Chute Lake. -Hillside Winery at Naramata.
-Hawthorne Winery up the hill from Okanagan Falls (well worth the climb and the back roads into Oliver are beautiful)
The ascent from Osoyoos (Anarchist Mtn) was undertaken by 4 of our group-the rest got a shuttle to Rock Creek. Believe it when they tell you that the Greyhound requires bike boxing. The people at the Greyhound/gas station were very negative even tho I had phoned ahead and they assured me they would bus the bikes unboxed. Never mind -the shuttle by KVR Tours (based in Naramata) was really first class.(gave us iced water bottles) pins and told us about the area. The hosts at Edelweiss in Rock Creek were super-rooms basic/good price and food excellent. The Prospectors Pub was a welcome sight-nachos and beer first rate. Great atomsphere.There is a nice woodworks shop-some local stuff and great coffee. En route to Beverdell we were welcomed by Paul Lautard. It is hard to believe how giving this gentleman is-he rushed down to meet us with fresh water and told fascinating stories about the area and railroad. vThe Beaverdell Hotel was a wonderful experience-very rustic and much the same as the saloon at the beginning of the century. It is lost in time which is a real nice break. Diane, the bartender etc, out did herself making us comfortable as we had a few at the bar, ate an excellent dinner, then danced and sang the night away. Breakfast across the street was perfect-the locals gather there and are fun to talk to. I am sure we left a few shaking their heads. Have the Beaverdell Hotel cook make your lunch-you will need it the next day. We stopped at Arlington Lakes for Lunch on the last day-beautiful setting. We encountered dirt bikes between Chute Lake and Naramata then ATV's and Dirt Bikes after Beaverdell. They should be banned-(dusty and noisy) and they come up on you quickly. However, they were very respectful once they saw us. (pulled over) Have fun!

June 5, 2003
Robert Jirava
Westward flow of cyclists

This will be the year of my first KVR trip as follows. July 12 - Greyhound bus from Langley, BC to Castlegar. Ride - Castlegar - Grand Forks - Midway - Beaverdell - Myra Canyon - Naramata - Hillside Winery - Penticton / Skaha - Summerland - Princeton - Brookmere - Coquihalla - Hope total 639.1 km.
Ride from Hope to Surrey/Langley - about 150 km Time allowed - 14 days Estimated pace - 10 days to 14 days. As I am the only one I know of in my sphere of influence who can go at this time, are there any other people out there planning to embark on the same or similar course?
It is wiser to travel with companions but still possible, albeit more risky, to go solo. I am 32 years old, reasonably experienced in touring and back-country travel, and I have maintained a decent level of fitness for the last 15 years
1988 (road touring) - Jasper-Lake Louise-Rogers Pass-Kamloops-Vancouver (1000 miles)
1993 (road touring) - Nanaimo-Ucluelet-Tofino-Port Alberni-Vancouver
1996 - West Coast Trail hike 1985-present - numerous day / overnight trips in Lower Mainland in all types of weather conditions on bike and on foot
1987-1993 - Category 3 / 4 road racing.
Please let me know if you'll be starting at/near my time and place. - RJ

May 30, 2003
Leonard & Jean Roberts
Stillwaters B&B is sold

To our Customers and those who have Enquired regarding accommodation at Stillwaters Bed & Breakfast and Rentals:

Due to Health and Economic Reasons we have sold our home on Otter Lake.  We did not sell it as a business therefore Stillwaters B & B and Rentals is closed permanently.

To Those Who Currently Hold Reservations: It has been our pledge to serve our guests to the best of our ability:  Therefore we have considered how to make our change the least inconvenient to you.
There are two alternative places of accommodation in the Tulameen area.

Tulameen Retreat B & B 336 River Road, Tulameen, B.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Liss This is a large log house which will accommodate 15 persons with a log fireplace and cosy living room, across the River Road from the Tulameen River. It is about 10 mins west of the town. Food is provided and you cook it to your preference.
I have contacted the Liss's and awaiting a reply regarding their vacancies for the dates
you have reserved with us.  If it is your wish, we would be glad to pursue on your behalf accommodation here or you may contact them directly at tel:1-250-295-7005/ .

The other is,
Otter-Sleep-In, a small modern motel (approx. 5yrs old) located on the main street of Tulameen across from the Trading Post from where meals are served.
It too has recently been sold and I'm not sure what amenities are still available but I do know that there is a laundramat in the building. Tel: 1-250-295-7494, address  2591 Otter Avenue, Tulameen B.C. V0X 2L0
To Our Past Customers,  thank you so much for your patronage over the last few years.  We have wonderful memories of you and the place here that are going to be missed.

To Our Enquirors,  thank you for considering us in your search for accommodation in our area.  Do continue to come to the area as it is still a considerably new recreational area so close to the U.S. border and Lower Mainland British Columbia. Cycling, boating and Snowmobiling being the foremost activities.

Good-Bye and Happy Holidays

--Stillwaters B & B and Rentals
Leonard & Jean Roberts
Box 3A Comp 4
3297 Otter Lake Road
Tulameen, BC V0X 2L0
ph/fax 250-295-3728

May 29, 2003
Joseph Kyle Tykes Can Tour
Bear near McCulloch Lake

I was just speaking with Nancy at McCulloch Lake and apparently a moose has been killed east of McCulloch near Summit Lake, I believe it is a black bear is now in the area. Someone is supposed to be disposing off the carcass but cyclists should be aware if travelling in this area in the next few days or week. Apparently someone also left alot of garbage around the regional park here which has also attracted him.

May 22, 2003
Grant Walker
ATV's on the KVR

Four friends and I rode a few sections of the KVR over the May Long Weekend. It was my first time seeing the Myra Canyon, and yes it is spectacular. Relatively easy riding through the canyon. We also did a stretch from Summerland to Osprey Lake. This too was a great trip, although we all agreed it is disappointing to see so many ATV's and motorcross bikes on the trail or having used the trail. Unfortunately the use of the KVR by motorized vehicles is chewing up many sections of the railbed. As well, the drivers tend to travel at unsafe speeds, so an accident is a definite possibility as the volume of use rises. There are so many places that ATV's can go that most cyclists would never attempt. It is too bad they have to also use the KVR.

May 14, 2003
Lynne & Ray Nigalis
Steelhead Inn - Garuda Inn

Hi there. My husband and I just bought an inn in Spences Bridge. We had a phone call the other day ago from someone who had a copy of your book, but the listing of this inn was a bit out of date. Seeing as you are actually asking for info, here it is! We used to be called the Steelhead Inn. We are now called The Garuda Inn, after the mythical eagle that the Hindu god Vishnu rode to earth upon. The previous owners were Hare Krishna, hence the radical name change. We have a vegetarian restaurant with take out available. We know of a fellow in the area who can provide transportation for many bikes if one way tours are being planned. I could go on and on. I guess the most pertinent info is name address etc. We can be reached at The Garuda Inn, P.O. Box 100, Spences Bridge, B.C., V0K 2L0, Phone 250-458-2311, Toll Free 1-877-354-1997, Fax 250-458-2318, or e-mail Our soon to be updated website is If you need any more information about us or the area, please call. Thanks, Lynne & Ray Nigalis @ The Garuda Inn

May 12, 2003
Chris Eliassen
Log over Trout Creek - Slocan Valley

4 years ago, we biked the entire Princeton Subdivision to Merrit. The log used as a bridge over a creek at km 37.7 was not in good shape then, and I’m wondering if there is any news regarding its current condition.

Our group biked the Slocan Valley and the Columbia and Western last year. In the event anyone inquires, I would pass along that we were basically disappointed in the section south of Slocan City to Pass Creek Road. The ballast was three and four-inch rock and extremely difficult riding. We struggled for about 12 km and then headed out to the road. I don’t know if the entire length is like this. I do hope it is remedied in the future, as this could be a very enjoyable trip. Thanks for your assistance.

May 8, 2003
Léon Lebrun, Southwest Region Director, Trails BC
Coquihalla Summit Trans Canada Trail Challenge

The Coquihalla Summit Trans Canada Trail Challenge is on!

Trails BC and its volunteers are pleased to invite you to join us for this fun oriented inaugural and historical non-competitive event. All proceeds will go towards trail construction along the Coquihalla section of the Trans Canada Trail.

Check the following link: to find out all about it and to register. Print out the registration form and send it in by mail (Coquihalla Summit TCT Challenge, 1247 Charter Hill Drive, COQUITLAM BC V3E 1P1.

Are you planning to make a weekend of it? If you plan to stay overnight on Saturday (or Friday and Saturday) it is important to reserve early because you will be there at height of the tourist season. For Hotel and Camping Accommodation select Hope in the menu of the above link and go to the end of the page.

On Saturday night there will be a performance by the KVR Brakemen at the Blue Moose Coffee House. They have a restaurant liquor license allowing for families with younger members to enjoy them too. For a small cover charge I guarantee an enjoyable evening of railroad songs and tall tales of the railroad days. There is very limited space. Should we be overwhelmed with reservations, we may organize an early and a later sitting. Phone 604-869-0729 for reservations. Let them know if you are participating in the event. The cover charge will be less.

Registration for the event will also be on a first come first save basis. The registration is done by mail and needs to be sent in before June 20, especially if you want to use the shuttle service that will be provided. Again, we are limiting registration.

May 9, 2003
Craig Henderson Kettle Valley Trail Tours & Shuttle
McCulloch to Midway

Hi Dan: We had a staff orientation ride on the KVR from McCulloch to Midway, split over two days in the past two weeks. A couple of problem to note:

There is quite a raging seasonal creek on the north end of a cow pasture between Kettle River Provincial Park and Zamora, probably Ed James Creek at KM. 28.5. We waded through--knee deep for two of us at 6-feet. Jacquie, my 120-lb. female shuttle and tour driver, felt the torrent could have easily swept her away had she not quickly had a hand to hold. As spring runoff subsides, this creek will recede.

And it looks like there will be a future major washout at Devil Creek, south of Cooksen. There is a narrow two metres path left after much erosion. It looks like the remaining fill could collapse and leave a 20-30 metre void if spring runoff increases the flow of water dramatically. It would be quite a scramble down the bank to bypass this spot once the rest of the landbridge falls. Please encourage cyclists to watch this area and report changing conditions to me, so I can pass it on to others and I can post it at places on either side of the trail. Once it collapses, I think the best solution would be a suspension foot bridge. If anyone could help with something like that let me know. This piece of trail sort of sits in "no mans land" when it comes to trail stewardship.

Thirdly, you may know already about a rock slide in Myra Canyon, east of the West Fork Canyon Creek bridge. It has blocked the trail for about 30 metres, but a bypass has been beaten through the bush. Inconvenient, but easily passable.

May 4, 2003
Pali Kivinen
Coquihalla Subdivision.

Hi Dan. I just got the new edition of your "Cycling The Kettle Valley Railway" book. Great job! I am planning to ride the KVR again this summer, but, instead of ending in Merritt, this time I will be taking the Coquihalla Subdivision to Hope. Does anyone have any new, detailed information about the trail between Brodie and Hope? I have heard bits and pieces of info about problems on this section of the KVR, such as; major washouts, impassible fences, missing trestles, landslides, collapsed tunnels, locked gates, private pipeline property, etc. If anyone can provide me with any up-to-date information about this section of trail, it would be much appreciated! Also, what is the status of the fenced off section of trail in Kingsvale? Here is a link to my newest KVR website (still in the works), containing 200 photographs from my 1999 KVR ride. Thanks in advance. Pali Kivinen, North Vancouver, BC.

May 4, 2003
Mark D
Rock Slide - Myra

There is a recent rock slide 5 km west of Myra parking lot which requires a bit of a bush crash to get around (100 feet). People should be careful in this section as the rock wall above may still be unstable. Mark D

April 27, 2003
Robert K.
Luggage Shuttle

My brother's friends are planning to bike the Kettle Valley Railway system this summer. They are flying in from Germany and were wondering how to lug along the bulk of their luggage while biking the trail. They have heard of special buses accompanying organized biker groups, but would prefer to do it on their own. Is there a possibility for them to ship their luggage from one daily destination to the next via local or Greyhound bus, or by some other means ?

April 27, 2003
Hansjoerg Franz
Spring Trip

I am a cyclist from Austria and want to cycle the kettle valley railway this may. I have already read your book, which is really excellent, and got all the informations from the website. So I am already very good prepared mentally and physically. But here is still a question I want to ask you: I want to start my trip on May 20th from Castlegar to Hope. I heard that the winter in canada was not so cold that year and that you do not have too much snow, Still I am not shure if all of the railbed is already free of snow or are there any sections which are closed at the moment. Of course i know that it still can snow in may also, but what is your opinion. Should I do the trip in May? I am very experienced in cycling. I have already crossed the states by bike and do lot of tours in Austria. Would be great to hear your opinion of the trip. with many regards from austria. Hansjoerg Franz

April 25, 2003
Doreen and Gary Reed

Hello, Dan and Sandra: Just a note to let you know that we have a new web page now: . This replaces the page we had before. May we ask that you update our link, please? Thanks! Will we see you this summer? Doreen and Gary Reed, CHUTE LAKE RESORT Phone: (250) 493-3535 Fax (summer): (250) 496-4017

April 25, 2003
Mark Carson
I read a VERY interesting book called COUNTRY ROADS. Pertaining to BC & SW Alberta. It has a chapter on the Kettle Valley. Published in 1991. I'd recommend it, especially if you like history. Mark in Sherwood Park, Alta,

April 22, 2003
Gate on Merritt Section

Hi, I cycled parts of the Merritt and NK&S over the Easter weekend and can add a bit of info for the on-line updates.

On the Merritt section there is a locked gate at 18.5 km. The residence at Kingsvale Station have fenced and locked the part of the raibed that goes through their property. Getting down to the adjacent road means back-tracking 0.5 km to find a way through the old but still effective fence. If this is an enchroachment on Crown Land then the respective Ministry should be contacted, Do you know which Gov. Ministry handles this sort of thing? If you can send me the address, I'll send then an email.

On the NK&S, The Nicola Mameet Band will allow people to cycle across, but a request must be made in writing (Fax:378-6188, Attention: Dena Silvey), The other 2 bands, Nooaitch and Shackan are not letting people cross their reserve. Also watch out for 2 fairly agressive german shepards around 24 Km. (can't say exactly where, I was too preoccupied to look at the computer at that point). They came from a brown house/yard above (south) of the railbed.

West end of the Nicola River bridge at 26.1 is washed out, requires lowering bike off bridge foundation about 3-4 feet.

Gate to Clapperton farm/ranch locked so gained access at 60.5, free sailing from there. Cheers, Jay

April 21, 2003
beaverdell hotel
Beaverdell Hotel

Hello to all avid cyclists, this is the Beaverdell Hotel just wanting to let you know we are looking forward to you staying with us this summer at the historic Beaverdell Hotel. The kitchen will be open daily from 2-9 pm with full service menu and we also do bag lunches. Our hotel is also full service. Your hosts Eugene & Mary Ellen Katchin

April 20, 2003
Mitch Bentley
Return to Midway

I am wondering about the best option for bussing myself and bike from Penticton or Osoyoos to Midway, after cycling from Midway to Penticton (or Osoyoos). Is it possible, do you need to reseve, etc. Thanks. Mitch

April 14, 2003
Beth Caldwell
Trestle crossings--Carmi Subdivision

I have some concern regarding the trestle crossings. Do all have adequate side rails or only the Myra Cannon crossing. This is of great importance to me in deciding as to whether or not I will be able to do the trip as I have a real problem with heights. As well, I am wondering if there are sections of the trail that run closely along high drop-offs. I try not to let this problem restrict my activities and it is helpful to know just what I may encounter to ensure I have a good outcome.

In my reading about this trip it is also pointed out that there is a possibility of "bear" encounters, grizzly as well as black bears. As we will be doing the trip mid-May will the cubs be out with the mothers and, in general, what is the probability of meeting bears along the way.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give to me. Beth

April 10, 2003
Trails BC

Trails BC Conference and AGM to be held in Merritt

"Trails in Transition" -- the 2003 Trails BC Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in Merritt, BC on May 2, 3 & 4, 2003.

The location is the Days Inn on 3350 Voght Street, a short drive toward city centre from Coquihalla Highway 5 Exit 290.

Friday evening, May 2nd, is check-in time for early arrivals with an opportunity to get together with compatriots at the Days Inn Grasslands Pub.

Saturday, May 3rd, is "Conference Day" with the program starting at 08:30 and running to 16:30 with coffee breaks and lunch.

Conference sessions include: "Insurance & Liability Issues"; "Trails in Agriculture Areas"; "The Trans Canada Trail Foundation"; "BC's Rails to Trails Strategy"; "Developing a BC Trail Strategy"; and "Trails in Transition."

The conference registration fee is $15.00 to cover coffee, snacks and a buffet lunch.

The sessions are followed by a guided tour of the nearby Laurie Guichon Memorial Grasslands Interpretive Site and then a buffet banquet at the ABC Country Restaurant.

The banquet fee is $15.00.

Sunday, May 4th, is Trails BC AGM day with the sessions starting at 09:00.

If the subject of recreational trails interests you, go to the Trails BC website at:  and follow the links to the "Trails in Transition" conference, the latest Trails BC "Trail Talk" newsletter and the "Coquihalla Summit Trans Canada Trail Challenge."

You will also find registration forms and membership application forms on the website.

Please register for the "Trails in Transition" conference ASAP as the host hotel and restaurant need numbers by April 22.

April 7, 2003
Judy and Pal
Carmi Subdivision - weather

We want to cycle the Carmi Subdivision this summer, tenting along the way. We are thinking about September. What weather conditions would we be likely to encounter?

April 4, 2003
Steve Stewart
News from Midway

Midway will again be welcoming cyclists this season. The motel and restaurant on the highway have re-opened and there is a new bakery in the motel complex which opens at 6am and offers fresh baked goods and coffee.

The Riverfront Park Campsite has added hot showers to its amenities It also has a new cyclists shelter with room under cover for a tent and a cooking fire. If cyclists wish to reserve this they can contact me by phone at 250 449 2467 or e-mail at "".

Vehicles can be safely left at the museum. We've had no problems with this arrangement over the past few years.

Cyclists looking for a way to return to Midway can take a bus which leaves Penticton at 2.00pm and arrives in Midway at 4.20pm. The bus from Castlegar leaves at 6.10pm and arrives here at 8.30pm.

Mark Rivers at the Kettle River Inn (250 449 2288) offers a shuttle service.

If you have any questions about Midway or the trails please feel free to contact me. Steve Stewart.

March 30, 2003
Betty Chaput

Here we are once again expecting another fantastic year with the numerous cyclists stopping at our establishment. We have a complex consisting of the Gold Pan Cafe, Rock Creek Centre, and the Gold Dust Motel situated at the junction of Hwy #3 and #33 in Rock Creek. Enjoy a full service licensed cafe and outdoor patio, a beautiful park to relax alongside the creek, and a convenience store where we have ice cream cones, souvenirs of biking the KVR, t-shirts, books, snacks and a whole lot more! We are also the Greyhound Bus Centre. We welcome you all another year and look forward to your visit.

March 14, 2003
Irene Kokotailo
cycling with family

We are planning to do a part of kettle creek railway this summer (my husband and 7 year old daughter.) My 7 year old will be on a pull bike, and we are all avid cyclists.
We have cycled the small portion outside of Kelowna as a day trip last year.
I am wondering what section of the railway would be best suited to doing with a child.
We would like to do either a two or three night trip. If it is near Kelowna we would do a one way trip. If it was not near Kelowna we would do an out and back trip.
Is it possible to hotel it for three nights at different towns ?
Or would our best option be to carry our overnight gear ?
Thank you if anyone has some information or experience that would help us with a route.

March 6, 2003
Jay Page
Early season conditions on the KVR-Karmi

I'm planning to cycle the KVR Carmi section in May this year. It's looking like a low snow winter so hopefully the snow will be gone by mid-to-late May. For the first people along the KVR each year is there much of a problem with blowndown trees? Is there past evidence of blowdown, eg cut-up trees and logs beside the trail. Is it useful to carry an axe? Are the T/C Trail people doing any maintance? Also, in the spring are there sections that are really muddy? Any areas where ticks are common? What about rattle snakes, are they common in any particular location, i.e. an inviting-looking lunch stop? I don't expect a problem getting water along the trail in the spring, but later in the summer there must be sections that are bone-dry.

February 20, 2003
Walter Uden
quintette tunnels

Can you tell me who built these tunnels I have been told it was theRoyal Engineers of the British Army Is this right, In the 1800 I was in the British Army during the war and my unit worked with the Engineers on the beaches in Normandy on D day

February 4, 2003
John Rawkins
Trailer & Time

I am planning to tow a camping trailer (2wheel) behind my bike going from Rock Creek to Penticton in the summer of 2003. Does anyone know of any problems I may encounter? I am avid biker and ride 2 to 3 hours per week in the winter and 5-6 hours per week in the summer. My girlfriend doesn't ride that much. How long does it take to go from Rock Creek to Penticton?

February 1, 2003
Trails BC
Annual General Meeting

• The Trails BC AGM will be held in Merritt this year. AGM 2003 “Trails in Transition” The AGM focus this year is the move away from provincial government support and toward Trails BC taking an active roll in fundraising and managing the Trans Canada Trail and related trails with increased financial and volunteer participation from the “user” community. Date:
• May 2, 3 & 4, 2003 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) Location:
• Days Inn (former Grasslands Hotel) in Merritt.
• Special room rates at $44.00 per night (plus taxes) per room any occupancy. Mention Trails BC AGM.
• Days Inn, 3350 Voght Street, Merritt BC V1K 1C7 Phone (250) 378-2292 ­ Fax (250) 378-4546 Toll Free 1-800-665-7117 E-mail:
Check the Trails BC Website at: for details & updates.

January 1, 2003
Neil Haggard
September Cycle tour of the Carmi Subdivision-KVR

A small group of us from Edmonton Mountain Equipment Co-op completed the Carmi from Midway to Penticton and on to Osoyoos in the third week of September 2002. The weather was amazing , most days 22-25C but frost in the higher campgrounds overnite (Beaverdell , McCulloch). A brief summary follows. For more specific information , feel free to e-mail me at
September 19 , 2002 - drove overnight from Edmonton to Midway arriving around 12noon next day.
September 20. Rode Midway to Beaverdell (68.1km) , camped at Zack's
September 21. Continued to McCulloch Lake resort and campground. (53.7km)
September 22. Cycled through mone of the most incredible canyons with many trestles and awesome scenery. Arawana station and on to Lang vineyards. Camped on shores of Skaha Lake. (approx 85km)
September 23 - Cycled to Okanagan falls , visited Stag Hollow and Wild Goose vineyards. Continued south through Oliver and finished at the Tinhorn Creek Vineyard-the best! (41.1km)
September 24 - drove back to Edmonton Cheers , Neil

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