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Dec 16, 2004
Maureen Welwood
Zacks Tenting, Beaverdell B.C.

RE Zacks Tenting.. I Imagine alot of people out there have camped at this gtreat site...Tradgically Zacks Log home was destroyed by fire December 3, 2004.The community, friends are greatly saddened by the loss suffered by Zack...A fun raiser is in the works, if you would like to contribute make your donation to box #51, Beaverdell, B.C. V0H1A0 Canada..Your generosity would be greatly appreciated

Sept 29, 2004
Kevin Stein
Atv usage

I have read several postings and would like to contribute regarding the complaints of atv use on the abandoned railgrades.
Neil Honkanen states in his post "On July 7, 2004, I cycled from Osprey Lake, B.C. to Princeton, B.C. and found that heavy use of ATVs on the trail is damaging the trail surface. ATV use loosens the surface and turns it from a very hard compact surface into loose gravel which makes for extremely difficult cycling. At several points along the trail I measured between 1 and 2 inches of loose gravel on the trial surface. This makes for very heavy cycling with a fully loaded bike."
This statement is false. The reason that the railgrade has such flat hard surfaces is FROM the many atvs that have been accessing this trail for years and have pushed the loose gravel aside as can be seen on many miles of the KVR. Those 2 hard paths aren't made from skinny bike tires! The places where there is still loose gravel will always be there until some large equipment can completely remove the loose ballast and bring in a material that can be packed. I agree that horses with a small footprint and sharp horseshoes do turn up the hard ground, but they aren't frowned upon as atvers are!. As well, a bicycle will do more damage then a responsibly operated atv. The reason for this is simple physics. The area of an atv tire that touches the ground has a far larger square inch surface and also has 4 tires and therefore the psi (pounds per square inch) is much lower then that of a bicycle. If you will think about a bicycle travelling across deep sand or gravel, it is very hard to do this as the tires sink into the surface. I have tried this experiment with my own mountain bike on a gravel surface then drove my atv across the same ground. The bike tires sank into the gravel from 1-2 inches and it was very difficult to pedal the bike through it. The atv went across the gravel and left almost no impression in the gravel (less then 1/4"). If I were to improperly operate the atv and spin the tires, then of course if would make ruts as deep as the bike tires. A bike tire can also make ruts in all types of surfaces if rode irresponsibily by locking the brakes up and skidding the rear tire. I live near Castlegar and have rode the C&W rail line from Castlegar to Christina Lake many times and if it weren't for the atv usage, the entire railgrade would be impossible to ride for the average bike rider because of the loose gravel. As well, the atv users have contributed to this trail in regards to maintenance. We have rebuilt many parts that have washed out, we have broken up and removed all the large rocks and boulders from the rockslide before Coykendahl, we have cut numerous windfalls and pruned back the bushes that are making the trail very narrow.
I have always shared the C&W trail with all other users, and had a friendly wave for them as they ride or walk by. If I see another user, I will slow down to a crawl long before passing them to avoid raising dust. What would the bicyclists and hikers think if it was the motorized users that were trying to ban the hikers and bikers from that trail? After all WE were the original users after the tracks were removed and have always maintained the trail.
The first time I see a mountain biker with a chainsaw, axe, or shovel attached to his bike, I will gladly buy him dinner and drinks at the nearest restaurant!
I will gladly listen to any responses to this post, both positive or negative, but please leave the immature rants out! If anyone would like to see the difference between bike and atv tires and the impact on different soils, I would be happy to meet with them and demonstrate this.
Kevin Stein
Sept 29, 2004
Steve in Vancouver
Bike Art

As always, thanks Dan 'n Sandra for your dependable info and expertise. No matter how often we all head out on the ol' KVR....always need that book baby! Next edition, will it include Vancouver Island.....good but respectably easy riding there. Nice way to finish the season...with a 'pint' in Sooke, watchin' the autumn leaves fall... About the 26th of August, a Dutch couple rode the CW/KVR from Castlegar....I ran into them again at Kettle River camp.....the fellow was sportin' a tall dangling piece of 'Bike Art' suspended at the rear of his bike which looked like a two foot atom-like-thing on a flagpole. If this is kindly posted, and they read this....I'm very interested how their ride went....but most importantly, (1)Did the bike-art survive, (2) Where's the artwork off to next,and (3) Did anyone receive a concussion while trying to pass this marvellous thing !!! (also, thanks for the beer!) Thanks again to all...nice to meet you on the trail, or share info on this right good site. Let's get busy resting those knees 'n butts for next season Steve W.

Sept 26, 2004
Howard Lee
KVR Journal

I have a webpage describing my trip on the KVR from Castlegar to Hope

Sept 8, 2004
Owen Smith,,
Summerland to Princeton report

Just returned from a three day trip from Summerland to Princeton with my wife. We started out Saturday by taking the steam train from the bridge up to the station. The first day on the trail is slow going as the trail surface is a bit sandy. Just bad enough to slow you down but not considered an obstacle. We camped just after the first bridge (where we rolled the bikes across the log to get across the river. On the west side of this stream crossing is a beautiful little camping spot where we spent the night. Our next night was spent at the BCFS Campground at Chain Lake, the campground attendant provided drinking water from his tank. The last day was great as it was all downhill. Highly recommend doing this trip in the westerly direction since you can coast downhill into Princeton. I don't think you could coast going down into Summerland due to the gentler grade and soft trail conditions. Overall an excellent ride and can't wait to do it again when the bridges are repaired (crossing fingers!)

Owen & Janet

Sept 4, 2004
Steve in Vancouver,
Cowichan Rail Trail

Has anyone rode the Cowichan (not the sweater) Rail Trail on Vancouver Island, Info welcome. Steve in Vancouver

Sept 1, 2004
Nicholas Lanfear

Hi Dan, Can you (or anyone else) provide any updates on the Brookemere-Hope stretch? I am aware of the availability of the pipeline road but am curious as to anyone's recent experience along this route. Does one have to ride on the Coquihalla Hwy much nowadays? Any tips would be appreciated. As well does anyone know of any REASONABLE (price-wise) B&B/hotel accommodations between Tulameen and the Coquihalla Lodge? Thanks, Nick

August 30, 2004
Frauke and George Delisle
Little Dipper Hideaway, Campground and B&B

Hi Dan, thank you very much for responding so quickly. I would like cyclists to know that we are an easy days ride from Midway, especially if that's their first day. Here, at the Little Dipper Hideaway, awaits them a cooling dip in the river and then a great homecooked meal, if they so wish ( we will take dinner reservations, special diatary needs should be stated beforehand. Dinner not included in the B&B price of $85.00 for two people, which however includes a full country breakfast. Lunch can be provided for a little extra.) Cyclists, who want to camp, can also make dinner reservations, in case they don't feel like cooking. Hopefully, this gives you a bit of an idea, as to what we are all about. The rest just needs to be experienced! We'll update you as changes are made.
Thanks again, Frauke and George Delisle, Little Dipper Hideaway, Campground and B&B.
P/S The B&B will be open year round.

August 28, 2004
DiAnne Hewitt

Several of us are planning a trip Sept 4-8 from Summerland to Brookmere. We are hoping to find a place close the Kettle Valley Steam Railways- Canyon View siding. We are arriving in the evening Saturday and hope to camp somewhere close to the siding where we can catch the mornning train Sunday. Does anyone know of a place that is close to the CV Siding where we can camp and leave our vehicles. Also, does anyone have recent trail conditions? Some of what I've been reading is saying that the ATV have loosened up the railbed and its tough riding? True?
What is the trail like between Princeton and Brookmere. That will be our longest day and if trail conditions are bad we may want to rethink doing that many miles in one day. If we choose to break that into two days, any recommendations as to a good place to camp? I am grateful for any information or advice.

Aug. 27, 2004
Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development Office of the Premier Western Economic Diversification Canada
PENTICTON – The Province and community partners will invest $4.2 million to launch a new Spirit of 2010 Trail network that will link 18 B.C. communities through converted recreational rail corridors, creating new jobs and increasing tourism, announced Premier Gordon Campbell and the Honourable Stephen Owen, Minister of Western Economic Diversification and Minister of State (Sport).

“Tourists and communities alike will gain from this world-class trail network,” said Owen. “Community-led investments like these today mean lasting social, environmental and economic opportunities tomorrow. The governments of Canada and B.C. are working together to lay the foundation for a strong, sustainable future in B.C.”

“The Spirit of 2010 Trail will be a lasting legacy for B.C. that will increase tourism and create new jobs, while also promoting physical activity and preserving local history,” said Campbell. “Working together with the federal government and communities, we are establishing a new, upgraded trail network that will open up our world-class tourism attractions and help attract new visitors from across the globe.”

The Government of Canada, through Western Economic Diversification Canada, is providing $2.1 million through the Softwood Industry Community Economic Adjustment Initiative. This initiative helps forest-dependent communities that were affected by the U.S. softwood lumber tariffs. The program helps communities create opportunities for economic development that will stimulate investment and job creation. The province and its partners, including Tourism British Columbia and four regional districts, will contribute a total of $1.658 million. The Trans Canada Trail Foundation is providing the remaining $415,000.

“The Spirit of 2010 Trail is a great new tourism asset that perfectly embodies the Super, Natural British Columbia brand,” said Mike Duggan, chair of Tourism British Columbia. “It is a very marketable product that is sure to stimulate new visitor activity across all the tourism regions it touches.”

The Spirit of 2010 Trail network encompasses approximately 700 km of existing rail corridors that cross the Central Kootenays, Kootenay Boundary, Okanagan Similkameen and Cowichan Valley regional districts. The four trails to be improved as part of the Spirit of 2010 Trail network are:

· Kettle Valley Railroad Rail Trail: Brodie Station – Princeton; Princeton – Summerland; Penticton – June Springs; Myra Station – Beaverdell; Beaverdell – Rock Creek; Rock Creek – Midway; Midway – Grand Forks; Grand Forks – Christina Lake; Christina Lake – Castlegar.

· Slocan Rail Trail: South Slocan – Slocan.

· Salmo – Troupe Rail Trail: Salmo – Ymir/Nelson/Troupe.

· Cowichan Valley Rail Trail: Lake Cowichan – Shawnigan Lake.

Funds from the partnership will support improvements such as culvert repairs, rock scaling, tunnel assessment, trailhead development, trestle decking and railings, new bridge construction, trail surfacing, community access, and signage. Trail improvements and related construction are expected to be complete by the spring of 2005.

“The improvements to this trail network are not only an incredible benefit to the various Regional Districts but an incredible benefit to the province,” said Dan Ashton, chair of the Okanagan Similkameen Regional District. “Interconnecting the regions with this improved trail network will be an economic and recreational opportunity for everyone.”

“The Trans Canada Trail Foundation is pleased to support the Spirit of 2010 Trail with Opportunity for Trans Canada Trail with a grant of $415,000,” said the foundation’s president and CEO John Bellini. “Work on the Cowichan Valley and Kettle Valley Rail Trails will ensure that the Trans Canada Trail is complete by 2010.”

The trails will be accessible for activities such as cycling, hiking, horseback riding and nordic skiing. Based on benefits created by other rails-to-trails projects elsewhere in North America, the Spirit of 2010 Trail network is expected to create up 250 jobs over five years as well as increased tourism spending. Communities will further benefit from increased recreational and transportation opportunities, improved community health and environmental preservations.

Federal funding for this initiative was provided for in the March 2004 budget.

A map of the Spirit of 2010 Trail network is available at online.

Province of British Columbia

News Release

August 26, 2004
Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, Office of the Premier, Government of Canada
- 2004WLAP0047-000668

KELOWNA – Reconstruction of the historic Myra Canyon trestles destroyed by wildfire will begin this fall thanks to a $13.5-million partnership between the provincial and federal governments, Premier Gordon Campbell and Senator Ross Fitzpatrick announced today.

“The Myra Canyon trestles are a national treasure, a major tourism asset for the Okanagan economy and an invaluable part of our provincial heritage,” Campbell said. “The loss of the trestles was a devastating blow, and their reconstruction is a priority for us all. The same spirit of co-operation that helped us face the fires last summer has allowed governments, the community and local residents to work together to rebuild these vital pieces of B.C.’s history.”

Twelve of the 16 wooden trestles were destroyed and two steel trestles damaged last summer when the wildfire swept through Myra-Bellevue Protected Area. In October, Premier Campbell appointed a task force to develop a recovery and restoration plan. The task force included representatives from the federal, provincial and local governments and the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society. Working from recommendations of a steering committee, the task force selected a plan that includes a combination of scaled-down and historic look-alike rebuilds.

Campbell said reconstruction is expected to begin in October on Trestle #18, adding that the reconstruction plan calls for all work to be complete in 2007. Under the government of Canada’s Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA), the federal government will contribute up to 90 per cent of the eligible expenses associated with the restoration costs, and the provincial government will fund the remaining amount.

“The government of Canada is committed to helping British Columbia restore the historic trestles that were damaged or destroyed by the forest fires of 2003,” said the Honourable D. Ross Fitzpatrick, Senator for Okanagan-Similkameen, on behalf of the government of Canada. “The residents of British Columbia can be assured that our governments will continue to work together to help them rebuild their communities and a national historic site for all Canadians to enjoy.

” The Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society, which has already raised more than $400,000 in additional funds for enhancements such as interpretive displays and programs that will be included in the restoration, will oversee the reconstruction. “Since 1992, the society has led the effort to restore the Myra Canyon corridor and trestles, transforming it into one of British Columbia's most popular hiking and cycling trails,” said Ken Campbell, past president of the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society and a member of the Premier's Task Force. “We have been involved in the recovery plan process and our members and volunteers look forward to participating fully in the reconstruction.

” Built between 1912 and 1914 by Canadian Pacific Railway, the trestles were part of the Kettle Valley Railway that linked the centre and southeast regions of the province with the main railway at Hope. Decommissioned in 1973, the rail line was purchased in 1990 by the Province and transformed into one of British Columbia’s most popular hiking and cycling trails. In January 2003, just seven months before the wildfire, the Myra Canyon section of the Kettle Valley Railway, now part of the Trans Canada Trail, was named a National Historic Site.

In May 2004, the province converted the majority of Myra-Bellevue from a Protected Area to a Class A Provincial Park.

Each year, 50,000 people visit Myra Canyon and its trestles, generating $5 million in economic benefit

Province of British Columbia

News Release

August 26, 2004
Kettle Valley Trestles Money
BC-Wildfires-Trestles-update (funds announced)

KELOWNA -- The federal and provincial governments are putting up 13.5 (m) million dollars to rebuild the Kettle Valley railway trestles destroyed by wildfires last summer near Kelowna. Premier Gordon Campbell and Senator Ross Fitzpatrick have announced the work in the Myra Canyon will begin this fall. Campbell says the trestles are a national treasure and their loss was a devastating blow, but he says the spirit that helped B-C through the fires last summer will also see the bridges re-built. Twelve of the 16 wooden trestles were destroyed and two steel trestles damaged when the Okanagan Mountain Park fire roared through the area one year ago. The same fire destroyed more than 200 homes in Kelowna. The trestles will be rebuilt to appear the same as the ones that were lost and all the work should be complete by 2007. The original spans were built by the Canadian Pacific Railway between 1910 and 1916 but the line was abandoned in the 1980's, becoming a draw for hikers and cyclists

August 24, 2004
Daryl Foster
Brookmere to Princeton

Hello Dan,
My fiancée, Tanya, and I just returned from an excellent cycling trip on the KVR from Brookmere to Penticton. We started on the morning of August 17th in Brookmere. The trail from Brookmere to Princeton is quite good even with loaded bikes. Our next day was our hardest UPHILL through the Jura loops, which were beautiful. From Princeton to the tunnel at Erris the trail is pretty good but after the tunnel the horses and ATV’s have really caused loose conditions that made the ride very difficult. We spent the night camped at the Jellico station B&B. Les and Darleen Sirokai were the most welcoming hosts and we really enjoyed our stay. We had the opportunity to speak with Richard from Kettle Valley Railway ATV tours who happens to be a member of the Vermillion trails and he said they are continuing to try and find ways to make that section of trail accessible to everyone. I personally think that this trail will be harder to maintain if we exclude certain users. The next day we spent heading towards Summerland and the trail was much improved. The short cut around the upper trout creek bridge is very rough and steep. We missed the turn off to the kettle valley steam railway to prairie Valley Station but we retuned on Saturday and had a great time. The people that run the KVRSR are the best and if you ask nicely maybe Felix will serenade you with German love songs!! The trout creek trestle was under repair so we swam in the lake and waited out the heat. We rode the final 12 km to Penticton on the highway. Your book was very helpful and we will be planning to do Penticton to midway as soon as the Myra canyon is sorted out. Daryl Foster

August 23, 2004
Rob Gill
3 Lakes Store

Was just up at Bankeir (between Summerland and Princeton) on the weekend and wanted to let you know the "3 Lakes Store" is now closed. There was a sign on the trail advising that water and basic supplies could be found at Chain Lake through the camp ground host.

August 22, 2004
Matthew Taylor
Carmi Sub Update

We did a McCulloch Lake to Midway KVR cycle last week. Here are some of our observations. McCulloch Lake Resort is closed completely. There is a caretaker there who said that the varies owners are planning to reopen in September. The trail from McCulloch to Beaverdell is in about as good condition as it gets. The new bridge at Wilkinson Creek eliminates any need to detour or to get your feet wet. In Beaverdell we stayed at Zack’s Tenting for the night. Excellent basic clean accommodations. We stayed in one of his rooms but he has great areas for tenting. Give him some business, we were the only ones staying there that night. The trail to Rock Creek is in fair to good condition a little more loose rock and rougher surface and some detouring required but still a good cycle. DO NOT try to be “more adventuresome” at Km. 42.8 as the book suggests because there is not a sensible place to ford the river plus it is to deep even in August. The picture on page 52 of the 3rd edition is not fording Kettle Valley River but of Wilkinson Creek. So take the Blythe-Rhone detour. Met Paul Lautard, he is looking good and so is his rest stop He came down with a big jug of cold water that was much appreciated. Stayed at the Grouse Ridge B&B 10Ks up Hwy. 3. Carol and Wilf are great hosts they picked us up in Rock Creek and served us a fabulous dinner and breakfast at their hilltop home. The next morning it was an easy coast back down to Rock Creek. The short stretch from R.C. to Midway is mostly on the road and through farmer’s fields. There are some rough sections and many gates but well worth doing as it is quite scenic along the riverbank. For the entire 3-day ride we only saw a couple other cyclists. It seems that everyone thinks the whole KVR went up in flames last year. Spread the word that it is in great condition and doing fine.

Matt & Barb Taylor
Aug. 18th 2004 Vancouver British Columbia

August 21, 2004
Lorne Harris
Fall Ride

Dan/Sandra – First of all, I just bought the third edition of your book Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway. Congratulations. An excellent book, full of good information on the TCT, beautiful photos, etc

. I am a 68 year old experienced cyclist (been riding for almost 30 years after giving up my car). I’ve cycled over many of the mountain passes in the west including the Coquihalla, Manning Pass, Paulson Pass, Rogers Pass, Kicking Horse Pass, etc. But I’m getting older, and looking for an easier route east from Hope. Four years ago I cycled through the Fraser Canyon on my way to Winnipeg. My route took me through the canyon, east to Revelstoke, south to Nakusp, New Denver, Slocan and Nelson, then east across Kootenay Lake, south to Creston, then east on No 3 through the Crowsnest Pass and out onto the prairies. Just east of Medicine Hat I turned south through Cypress Hills to just north of the American border, and then rode the small lightly traveled highway east to Winnipeg. I highly recommend this tour through the mountains and across the prairies. The only difficulty is the tunnels in the Fraser Canyon, especially the China Bar tunnel, which is 2000 feet long and curves in the middle. In my opinion too dangerous to ride the roadway. There is a walkway on the left hand side, but it’s very difficult as it’s a little too narrow to push one’s bike, so one has to ride, bouncing back and forth between the cement wall on one side and the iron railings on the other, while the traffic roads a few feet to one’s right. Not a pleasant experience.

Anyway, I’m contemplating another trip this fall, and thought about the TCT from Hope to Princeton. I was under the illusion that one could just get onto the trail at Hope and have an easy ride to Brookmere, and then on to Princeton. However I gather from your book that most of the TCT between Hope and the summit is either closed or obliterated. I’m wondering if this is still the case, or can one now ride it. Any information you can give me would be appreciated.

I’ve also been in touch with Great Explorations. They advise that there is or will be a detour in the Myra Canyon so one can get through there. Do you have any current information on this area? I thank you in advance for anything you can tell me.
Lorne Harris Victoria, B.C.

August 4, 2004
Louise Middlemiss louise@idabellake
Accommodations for Rent at Idabel Lake.

Due to the closure of McCulloch Lake Resort, I have had a few people contact me for accommodations. I have available a private cabin with a 2 bedroom suite next to our residence attached by a balcony and can also do some sort of meal package if needed. A basement suite next door can also be used for bigger groups. Please email me for more info. Only 4 km from the KVR.

August 4, 2004
Curt Conklin

Dan, My daughter and I are set to ride the KVR trail starting at Midway in early September. We are wondering about the feasibility of riding a loop: Midway, Penticton, Okanagan Falls Osoyoos and then ride the paved road ((3) back to Midway. Is this feasible? Or is the paved road too steep? If so, what do you recommend? We'll be taking camping gear and panniers, light two man tent, food, etc. We're in no hurry, plan to take a leisurely ride and camp. I assume there is no food availability between Beaverdell and Penticton? Typically, what is the weather like in early to mid Sept.? I know we have to come prepared for rain showers. Also, I believe a detour trail has been built around the Myra Canyon and her burnt trestles (sad) is it marked? How hard it it in terms of grade? Can we do it with panniers and camping gear? Sure do appreciate your help! Curt Conklin, Heather Conklin Provo UT, Lancaster CA

August 2, 2004
Stephen Webb
Washout north of Kingsvale

Hey all, just got in from disturbing some good old KVR dust. If heading north from Kingsvale towards Merritt, the washout's a tad nasty as it's been very dry 'n sandy...but very do-able. Perhaps shoulder your bike for the few obvious metres where there's no trail left....well....except down.....the water's fresh!
Cheers, see you out there! Steve

July 27, 2004
Jeil Honkanen
ATV use of TC Trail damaging the surface

On July 7, 2004, I cycled from Osprey Lake, B.C. to Princeton, B.C. and found that heavy use of ATVs on the trail is damaging the trail surface. ATV use loosens the surface and turns it from a very hard compact surface into loose gravel which makes for extremely difficult cycling. At several points along the trail I measured between 1 and 2 inches of loose gravel on the trial surface. This makes for very heavy cycling with a fully loaded bike.

One company called Kettle Valley Scenic ATV Excursions is actually using the trail for its business and is using ATVs on the the TC trail extensively to give tours:
Kettle Valley Scenic ATV Excursions
RR#1 Site 11E Comp 44
Princeton, British Columbia
V0X-1W0 Canada

The next day, I found a similar situation west of Summerland where the trail starts west of the Steam Train tracks where ATV use has created heavy gravel on the trail which made for very difficult cycling. I have cycled from Castlegar to Hope, so I know what a good trail surface is.

Unless ATV use of the TC Trail is terminated, the trail will soon be impassable for all but the most powerful cyclists. Is that what we want??
Regards, Neil Honkanen Victoria, B.C.

July 25, 2004
Tony Jongedijik
B&B in Hope

Hi Dan I found your website on the net while doing a bit of research for one of our guests from Holland. My wife Joyce and I run a bed and breakfast in Hope,B.C. and most of our business is from Europe. We have had a great number of guests that expressed an interest in doing the Kettle Valley railway by mountain bike and I have on one or two occasions given them our own bikes. They were very enthusiastic and loved the ride. Next month I will have a special section on our website devoted to mountain biking in and around this area. Please include us in your data base. Our website is:
Thanks and regards. Tony & Joyce Jongedijk

July 14, 2004
Roy Allen
Prairie Valley Station to Faulder

Dan I would first like to thank you for your excellent work in putting together your book on cycling the Kettle Valley Railway. I am sure that thousands of people have benefited and enjoyed cycling the KVR due to your research and obvious love for the trail and the KVR. The group of us, are hoping to ride from Pentiction to Spenses Bridge this September 2004. In June 2004 I drove the backroad from Penticton to Princeton and as far as Tulameen to scout out some of the trail. In question still is your reference in the third edition of your book as to a trail along side the Railway tracks from Prairie Valley Station to Faulder. I talked to a couple of cyclists on the trail in June who said that they were not allowed to ride alongside the track from Prairie Valley Station to Faulder. Do you know what the status is of this trail? Many Thanks Roy Allen and the Over the Hill Gang

July 13, 2004
Harvey Leroux
B&B Between Nelson and Salmo

Are there any places to stay (inexpensive) just north of Ymir

July 11, 2004
Clive Burgess
2005 youth expedition

I wonder if you could help me with my planning for the above. I have led numerous youth expeditions in Canada and the USA. I am fascinated by the Kettle Valley Trail. My plan is to mountain bike and wilderness trek over a period of one month. The young people will be selected in the UK and they will expect a real challenge on the expedition.Clearly the gradient is not demanding considering the nature of the trail and I would look to cover the 600 kms. Realistically how long would you estimate it would take to cover this distance ? In view of the historic nature of the trail, etc I can assure you that it wouldn't be a question of head down and blast the trail ! But I do want to ensure that the youngsters are stretched. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
July 10, 2004
Anne Mullens
Seattle- PI story on the KVR
Hi Dan, It was nice to talk to you 10 days ago. I thought you might like to see the finished product.
Here is the link to the Seattle-PI story. Thanks for your input. Regards, Anne Mullens

July 3, 2004
John Wright
Penticton to Hope
Hello Dan, I'm sure that you're inundated with emails but I thought that I'd take a chance writing to you as you are the authority on the KVR. My son and I had a wonderful trip the summer before last going from Penticton to Midway. Now that he's 14 he has has heart set on the two of us (or more) cycling from Penticton to Hope. I have heard that from Brodie on down is pretty tough going and I wondered if you could offer any information on that. Also, we would need to find our way back to Penticton and I wonder if there is some kind of shuttle that you know of. I am now buying my 4th copy of your book as it seams that once they're lent out they don't come back. Thanks for everything that you've provided so far and I hope you're having a great summer. Kind regards, John Wright

July 2, 2004
Ken Kure
Suggestions Please

My daughter and I are planning to do a section of the KVR this month. We only have 1 vehicle so pick up may be a problem. I have the 3rd edition of your book, but there is so much to read. I have only about 3 days and need some advice of the best stretches to go on. Probably will not carry all our gear - rather just day packs. Can you please give me advice on what would be the biggest bang for our limited time ? Thanks, Ken Kure and daughter Taylor

June 27, 2004
Tony Jongedijk
New B&B in Hope

Hi Dan We are a new B&B in Hope and have had several requests for accommodations in the past couple of years from Canadian mountain bikers as well as our European travelers Re: the Kettle valley railway. I was able to get a lot of info: of the internet and would like our B&B to be included in your database. I am an avid mountain biker myself and we have some great trails just outside our door. In particular the trail from Sunshine Valley to the silvertip glacier. Please visit our website for more info;
Thanks in advance and happy biking
Tony Jongedijk

June 15, 2004
Nick Lanfear
Update on the KVR trail

Hello again Dan, Some updates on the KVR from my recent rides:
On May 30th I went on the Crosstrails tour of the KVR from Brookmere-Merritt.

Very pretty scenery along here and the railbed is in good overall shape, just a little overgrown in spots. It is possible to ride to KM 32.2 and exit to the Coldwater road via the private farm road as the book says. I personally spoke to the farmer and he has no problem with bikers using this road.

Last weekend (June 12-13) I rode the KVR/C&W from Myra station-Grand Forks.

From Myra station looking West towards the Myra canyon there is a Forestry sign stating "Park Closed" FYI.

East of Myra station the railbed was in very good shape but there were some massive puddles to navigate.

MCulloch lodge is now back in the previous owner's hands and I gather they are receiving guests again.

At KM 81.2 there is a wonderful new bridge spanning Wilkinson creek so no need for a detour via logging roads nowadays.

Paul Lautard's stop is nice and looks well maintained but no water (the pump was padlocked) and no sign of Paul on the day I went through.

Southbound from Zamora rd (KM 30.4) the owner has fenced the railgrade off entering his field with an official "Agricultural use only sign". Beyond this sign the grade looked grassed/tilled over. This situation requires a detour via Highway 33 to Kettle River Provincial Park at KM 24.9.

East of Rock Creek, the Bubar road detour (KM 13.4) is no longer needed as the KVR (TCT labeled) right of way is now open to cyclists through to the Ingram bridge. It is very grassy and appears to be underused so I assume few are aware of this! Just West of Midway (Eastbound) the Pope & Talbot parking lot route is still unsigned! I took the highway into Midway instead as there is no obvious route through there.

C & W: East of Midway is great, with some wet patches near Greenwood. Route is continously well marked with TCT signage all the way into Grand Forks.

Highlights?: The Rhone Canyon on the KVR and the descent from Eholt into Grand Forks.

Hope this helps a few of you.

Once I do Brodie-Hope later this Summer I will have completed the entire C&W/KVR!

Thanks for the great book Dan. Nick

June 13, 2004
Barb Robinson
summerland to princton

We just completed this section, you can bike from Prairie Valley Station to faulder along the KVR rail, no need to detour on to the road,expect heavy pea gravel in some areas, and the track is still in place as well.If you stay at the Heritage House B&B in sumerland, Mike will let you leave your vehicle there. Jellicoe Station Inn B&B is a wonderful place to stay. Les & Darleen have a wealth of info on the trails, they are equipped to pick you up along the trail if needed, Darleen is a fantastic cook and will make you supper, a delicious breakfast as well as lunches for the trail. They also have cabins and camping. a great place to stay on the trail.

June 10. 2004
DiAnne Hewitt
The Easton Lake Family

If you are the husband, wife and son biking the Iron Horse trail and staying at Easton Lake State Park Memorial weekend, drop us a line.
I'm glad we chatted and hope you found this website. This is an awesome network of rails to trails. I think your family would enjoy it. We are doing the section of the C &W from Castlegar to Grand Forks this weekend (6-11-04).
We will be doing Penticton to Brookmere at a later date this summer. Enjoy!

June 9, 2004

I am planning on going on the Nelson-Salmo leg this summer. Would prefer to go with someone. If interested e-mail me. Am also looking for a file to d/l containing waypoints to use in a GPS.

June 8, 2004
Matt Taylor
McCullouch Lake Resort

My Wife and I are planning a KVR ride from McCullouch Lake to Midway in Aug'04. Now that the resort is been taken over by a boys & girls club does anyone know of a B&B or lodging (not interested in camping)in the same area as McCullouch Lake

June 7, 2004

Looking for information on this trail. If plans go right I will be riding it in July (mid to end). I hope to have a GPS at that time and would like to know if someone has a route file that I could have.
Also if anyone is intersted in buddying up for this trip please give me a shout.

June 2, 2004
Matk Rickerby
C&W - Paulson to Castlegar

Hi Dan. The C&W railbed from Paulson to Castlegar is in good shape as of May 25, 2004, But for the irritating wash-boarding effect of the ubiquitous ATV, there has been no significant deterioration over 2003. Some brushing required, particularly east of Farron, that trail volunteers will be on to this summer.

May 28, 2004
Murphy Shewchuck
Trails BC News

Chilliwack River Valley Trans Canada Trail Challenge

Special Event: Sunday, July 11, 2004 - Chilliwack Lake to Lickman Rd. on the Rotary Vedder River Trail.

Hike, cycle or horse ride along the Chilliwack River for a distance of 13 to 58 km Chilliwack Lake to Lickman Road on the Rotary Vedder River Trail. A personal 13, 17, 24, 28, 37, or 58 km adventure/challenge.

For information and registration forms, visit the Trails BC website at:

 Myra Canyon Update
We are still waiting for word from the Premier’s Task Force regarding the start of the major fundraising and reconstruction of the fire-damaged trestles.  We will keep you informed as events progress.

In the meantime, the Trails BC Trestle and Trail Fund has received approximately $17,000 in donations to help with the work that lies ahead.

We are also please to let you know that we have received permission to construct a bypass trail that will take travellers above the canyon utilizing existing forest roads and about two kilometres of new trail.  We have received permission from BC Parks to construct about 700 metres of trail through a narrow section of the Myra-Bellevue Protected Area.  We have flagged the route and actual construction could begin as early as May 25, weather permitting.

We don’t have a target completion date yet. The spring runoff and the recent rains will have a major effect on the timetable for both safety and environmental reasons.

We will try to keep you up-to-date via the Trails BC website at:

Kettle Valley Trail Cycle Tour - September, 2004

Castlegar to Hope - Sept 6-19, 2004
A joint Trails BC - Great Explorations Project

Join Trails BC and Great Explorations as we bicycle 650 kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail on historic rail grades across southern British Columbia. This FUNdraising event can be tackled in one, two or three segments. The first two are six-day jaunts while the third is a mere three days in the saddle.

For information and registration forms, visit the Trails BC website at:

Renew your Trails BC membership today!

Trails BC relies on your support for much of our work.  100 percent of our work is presently done by volunteers, but with the busy summer ahead we may have to hire part-time staff to help free up our volunteers for trail work.  We also want to be able to help offset the out-of-pocket expenses that are incurred building and maintaining the Trans Canada Trail.

Your membership is very important to us in helping to show the support for the Trans Canada Trail in British Columbia. Your donations are tax deductible.

Trails BC member volunteers are covered by personal accident insurance while working on recognized trail projects.

We also offer an Associate Membership with the opportunity to display your logo and information on the Trails BC website. It may also be worth noting that our site is currently averaging over 775 page views or 7,000 hits per day. A link to your business website could pay dividends well above the $100.00 per year cost.

For information and membership forms, visit the Trails BC website at:


If you have any comments, questions or additional information or news items, please e-mail .

The Trails Society of British Columbia

315 - 1367 West Broadway



Phone: (604) 737-3188 - Fax: (604) 738-7175


May 27, 2004
Princeton to Brookmere

Cycled this section over the May long weekend. Trail is in great shape. Most interesting sections are Princeton to Coalmont (great cycling by the river through some mountain gorges/ ochre cliffs/ big tunnels) and beyond Brookmere (Cold Water River is beautiful). Middle section from Coalmont to Brookmere is mostly agricultural area - in sections, the farms have moved their fences to right beside the right-of-way so there's nowhere to get off and sit down. Learn to love ATV's and trail bikes in this section, as there's no escaping them. I'd avoid weekends on this stretch in future. Definitely recommend the Coalmont Hotel Pub - the beer goes down easy, and the food is slow, basic and great. Thanks to Peter Jack, the proprietor, for some interesting tales and great refreshments.

May 18, 2004
Don Harris
Summer trip

We are planning a trip in the first week of July from Midway to Penticton. Will the burned area be rideable by then? If not what is you opinion about the trip from Midway to Castlegar? We will be going with about 12 Boy Scouts and 5 adults and are looking for good cycling, scenery, and vehicle accessible camp sites. Thanks!

May 15, 2004
Accommodations at Idabel Lake

Hi Dan...... Just went over the "Cycling the KVR" site and was wondering How can I get added to the list of accommodations? I live at Idabel Lake and will have a 2 bedroom suite/cabin available with meal packages when needed. The resort here has been mostly sold and is private now and the possibility of McCulloch Lake Resort closing it's doors permanently in June, there will be a great need of some kind of accommodations for the cyclists. We are 4 km away from the Railbed, and a scenic trail leading back the next day passed three lakes I will guide them personally. Hope to hear from you, Cheers, Louise

May 3, 2004
Robbin McKinney

Trails BC ride
Hi Dan, As you may have heard, we are organizing a large Ride for this September with Trails BC; it will be a fundraiser for the trail and we are hopeful of getting up to 100 people per stage. There is information on the Trails BC web site, and we'll have a full-color brochure out this week. Are you able to join on this trip? Let me know if you have anywhere you think we should mail brochures to. It promises to be a great event?
Robbin McKinney
Great Explorations
#305-1510 West 1st Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6J 4S3
Tel. 604-730-1247
Fax. 604-738-7655
explore your world

April 28, 2004
Steve Stewart

Midway Campsite
Steve Stewart from M
idway Campsite here. Could you add to your listings. Lots of information on this one.

April 18, 2004
The Allure of Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

If you are thinking of exploring the KVR perhaps you might enjoy reading a humorous account of a mid-life crisis adventure along this wonderful trail.
Enjoy the ride!

April 18, 2004
Nicholas Lanfear,,
Galloping Goose rail-trail

Hi Dan,
I'm not sure if you have thought of including the above trail in your next book. I know you currently have other rail-trails in your current edition (K&S, etc). I'm sure a lot of your readers would be very interested.
The Galloping Goose trail starts in Victoria and runs past Sooke to an abandoned mining camp called Leechtown. The total length (paved and gravel) is 55km and it is "doable" in a day.
The path is on an old railbed that carried people from Victoria to Sooke in the 20s. There is a wide range of scenery, the highlight of which are the seaviews near Sooke. Signage is excellent and the surface well maintained. The main downsides to this trail are the frequent road crossings, particularly at the Victoria end.
A nice point to everyone is there are many paved access points and the trail is accessible YEAR ROUND! I know I hate waiting for the KVR to be snow-free. There is another old rail-trail called the "Lochside regional trail" that you can ride from the Swartz Bay ferry terminal to the Galloping Goose trailhead (29km). That way no ferry waits....
The Capitol Regional District has a good website with maps and points of interest along both trails. Nick

April 13, 2004
Jim Stolth, Backroads Bike Shop
Princeton Sub

Just a note to let folks know that the TCT / KVR at Princeton is open for business. The Vermilion Trails Society are the stewards covering the area from Brookmere through to Osprey Lake (113km). The trestles are all in tact, decked and handrails, the views are spectacular. Jim Stolth Backroads Bike Shop Princeton and Tulameen

April 12, 2004


Does anybody know of anybody else doing a Penticton to Chute Lake shuttle now that Vista Treks no longer is around?

April 9, 2004

Mark Rickerby

Hello Linda.
Your message re the C&W was just posted yesterday, along with several months of other messages from people -- problems with the website, I presume.

If riding from Castlegar to Christina Lake, I would recommend camping at the siding location formerly known as "Tunnel". From the perspective of an uphill ride from Castelgar, you are roughly half-way to Christina Lake; you will have an hour or so uphill remaining to Farron, then it's easy going downhill to Christina.

Tunnel is a large site which opens up approx 50 yards west of the west portal of Bulldog Tunnel. The site is very flat for tents, and large enough to turn a vehicle + trailer in one motion. It is west-facing for best sunlight in the evening, and has among the best views across Dog Creek valley to Mount Faith and Mount Gladstone. If it is a hot day, you can cool off in the tunnel (we often see deer cooling down in the tunnel; later in the year, a bear comes to nibble on the apples from the old roadmaster's tree) or some shady spots just west of the camp location; otherwise there can be pleasant breezes and updrafts from the valley. There is no ground water around the site, hence, seldom are there bugs. There are several fire pits around the site and it's a very safe location to have a fire; lots of windfall/firewood in the bush behind the site.

Water is available at the east portal of Bulldog Tunnel; this water that flows from over top of and down the sides of the east portal is the "headwater" of Brooklyn Creek (it's delicious, we bottle/drink it frequently). It has been safe to drive a vehicle through the tunnel for the past 12 years; we've gone through numerous times on bike or by vehicle, without a flat, despite large amounts of track ballast that wasn't removed by the railway. Depending on your vehicle and your nerves, you can't go too much distance beyond the east portal of the Bulldog Tunnel in a vehicle; there is one washout (traversable, but careful pls!) followed by a very large rock fall (walk/carry bikes across only). That said, the views are superb from this rock fall area.

If you have lots of time -- say, on the heels of an mid-afternoon arrival -- you could explore the old switchbacks above the west portal. Standing at the concrete foundations of old railway buildings you can still see the faint outlines of the switchbacks, including some masonry rockwork. Once you're up a 100-150 feet or so from the railway grade the going is easy, with lots of wide open spaces. If you're lucky, you'll come across several sets of old railway wheels (VERY old -- the cast, spoked kind common to railways at the turn of the century) from a wreck at the end of a switchback.

An alternate to Tunnel is Farron, at the summit of the C&W. A distant second to Tunnel in my opinion, since it lacks the big views, air circulation, extended sunlight, running water (though not far to Dog Creek), often has bugs (standing water nearby) and can be dusty/noisy if the (early morning) logging trucks and ATVs are using the nearby P&T road. It does have more/better shady spots if it's a scorcher on the ride, which could be a plus. There are several interesting remains of old railway buildings, a water stand (inoperable) for the trains, a few fire pits, it's as flat as Tunnel, and easy to turn a vehicle + trailer in one motion.

Have a good trip; if you have a moment, let me know how it went. Regards, Mark R.

nb - attached a pic of my daughter at Farron, and one from May, looking south up the Dog Creek valley toward Mt Gladstone; the valley and the railway grade runs north-south until Bulldog Tunnel, where it shifts to an orientation (east-west) that parallels Lower Arrow Lake

April 7, 2004
Jerry Munro
Myra Detour?

I have your book on the KVR, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I've been planning on doing the ride from Midway to Penticton,with my teenage grandson, around the end of this May, but after getting a positive, what I thought was "authentic" report, that there is a detour around the Myra Canyon section to Chute Lake/Penticton, heard at the CyclePath shop in Kelowna today, that a detour is not available. (The entire area is closed, and helicopter logging on the burned is underway now, so this chap said.)
My original information was, " You will have to travel down to Kelowna on Myra road, then on to June Springs road and back up Little White road to the KVR O.K.!"
Now, Myra Rd. I can find on maps, and even June Springs Rd, but Little White Rd., not.
Are you aware of what the actual situation on the ground is at that Kelowna end of the KVR ride, from Myra, around to Chute Lake? If it is not too problematic for you, I would appreciate hearing from you on this matter, or reference to someone who might more certainly know.
Do you know what the current situation is at this Kelowna end of the ride? Is a detour in place around the Myra Canyon section, and if so, is there a map of the detour available, online or anywhere?

April 5, 2004
Dustin Rand
Cycling with Children

We are considering a two week trip on the KVR this summer with our 15 month old daughter. We have a trailer that she would be riding in and wondered if the conditions of the trails would make this possible? Have you heard of anyone pulling a trailer with a child on the KVR or are we just crazy? Our main concerns is the trail surface being too bumpy, narrow or numerous conditions that would require us to lift the bike and trailer over various obstacles. Thanks

March 30, 2004
myra Canyon bypass

Do you have any idea about a bypass around the canyon for this year? We have cycled the route from McCullogh to Penticton the past two summers, would like to continue the annual event somehow. thanks for you help Peter.

March 27 2004
Biking for toddlers

I am planning a trip on the KVR this summer and have read a little bit about the fire damage. Can you give me an update or point me in the right direction to find out how much of the trail has detoured or damaged trail? Also, is the trail paved or is it a mountain biking trail on old railroad ballast? We have a 1yr old who we would pull in a two wheel trailer. Is the trail rough? Would a child get tossed around too much on the rough bike path? Have others taken their kids in trailers on these trails?

March 12, 2004
steve baril
Merritt Subdivision

I am interested in cycling from spenses bridge to merritt sometime this spring. Can this be done in a day, considering the many detours around the indian reserves??? how much time in the saddle is required?? And does anyone know if either of the reserves are letting people through yet?? Cheers!! steve and lori

March 5, 2004
Latest KVR Video release, (Princeton Subdivision.)

This is to inform you that my latest KVR video is out,(as of Monday March 8th 2004.) Silent Subdivisions 3 The Princeton Subdivision covers the railbed from Brookmere, going eastbound to Penticton. Total footage is 5 hours in length, two tapes in SP mode. Footage was taken in the years 1999,2000,2001 with some 1994 footage included.
WHAT YOU GET - Brookmere to Thalia trestle, 1994 footage of the trestle before it was burned by vandals. Then go through to Manning, crossing the Otter Creek bridges and on to Otter Lake. Tulameen to Coalmont in detail and on down to Princeton. Continuous uninterrupted footage of the Belfort Loops from Belfort to Jura is then seen. Then it continues eastbound to the Erris tunnel,Dry Creek, Siwash Creek and Jellicoe. After a look around Jellicoe it continues on through Osprey Lake. On the way from there to Faulder the footage is slightly edited. The now removed bridges are shown, then you get 1994 footage showing them still in place. After arriving at Faulder you will then go on board the KVSR steam train. Continuous footage of the train ride from Prairie Valley to Canyon view is presented.
From Canyon View you get a detailed look at the Trout Creek bridge near Summerland. The rest of the footage shows highlights of the railbed down into Penticton Yard. SPECIAL BONUS FOOTAGE of the Copper Mountain Sub is presented starting at Allenby. Then a detailed close up look at the Silmilkameen Canyon tunnels. (These are the tunnels seen from across the canyon on highway 3.) I can only do a limited number of tapes per run so get to me now before this run sells out.
You can find the ordering info at ,go to the "documents/videos" page to get your copy. If all goes well then the Carmi Subdivision video should be out in the fall.

March 1, 2004
Dirk Terpstra
KVR fietsen voor Nederlanders

Wij hebben voor 2004 tweeweekse reizen over de KVR.
AIn kleine groepjes een avontuurlijk Canada ontdekken.
Kijk voor meer gegevens op

Feb 27, 2004
b+b on the kvr

Hi im the Webmistress of , just wondering if we could link up, i could put your site on my day trips/adventure page, and perhaps you could post our likn somewhere. Also working on a new site, a new luxury atv tour coming to princeton, no dare devils, just low speed excursions. Thanks, hope to hear from you Christine

Feb 21, 2004
Andrew Schibli
Myra Canyon

Our family has been planning to cycle the KVR from Midway to Penticon for a couple of years now. After last summers tragic fires that destroyed some of the tressels is it still possible to cycle the myra canyon? Or, is there an alternate route, possibly a shuttle service around that section? We would be greatfull if you could help us out with any info you may have, Thankyou Andrew

Feb, 18, 2004
Linda Wood
Camping C&W

A group of us are planning to ride the C&W section in July. We have ridden the Carmi division and from Brookmere to Penticton. We would like to do this with vehicle supported camping. Can you suggest where to break the trip from Castlegar to Christina? Water would not be such an issue because the van would bring it. Any advice is welcome. Thanks Linda

Feb 16, 2004
Vikki Gardner

Be sure to get your Kettle Valley Railway Bike Trail Passport/Travel log before your start your journey. You'll have lots of fun collecting the over 240 free ink stamps from a wide variety of business, reataurants, B&B, shops, golf courses, pubs and museums all along the KVR/Trans Canada Trail from Hope to Castlegar. Visit us at

Feb 13, 2004
Craig Henderson, Vista Treks
Kettle Valley Trail

As you know, last summer's Okanagan Mountain forest fire burned 14 Myra Canyon trestles, severing the link of the Kettle Valley Railway trail.
Best estimates are that the link will not be reestablished until the spring of 2006.
80% of the revenue of my company was due to customers wanting to access these amazing trestles. The loss of Myra Canyon is going to result in a big loss of revenue. That factor, coupled with a huge hike in liability insurance rates in 2003 and a new fee system by the province on the commercial use of crown land has resulted in the decision to close Kettle Valley Trail Tours & Shuttle. We were doing well after four full seasons of operation and surely would have continued service had it not been for the combined affect of those factors. However, it does not seem possible to recover a moderate profit over the next several seasons given the overhead.
Anyway, we fortunately were able to raise about $8000 for trail enhancement over the past four years, INCLUDING over $2500 for the trestle fund last fall through t-shirt sales (we still have some pins and t-shirts by the way if you are interested, albeit most sizes are long sleeve XL and XXL, with a few small ad kid size short sleeve. No medium or large available. Call or e-mail for details if interested).

Karen and I are now focussing our energies on filling another void in our community. This spring we will open Village Grounds Coffeehouse in Naramata. Please come by if you're in the area!

Ed Kruger of Monashee Adventure Tours in Kelowna will continue to operate KVR services. I highly recommend Ed if you wish to explore other points of the trail.

I thank you for your support in recent years and I'm sure we'll all watch with interest as the trail is reestablished.

Feb 9, 2004
Don Lawrence

I was wondering if any of the bridges from Chute Lake to Penticton were lost in the fires of last summer. We are planning to cycle this route in the summer, and we were wondering if there are any problems.

Feb 5, 2004
donna peterson
fire damage

we are planning to ride the carmi section from midway as a loop tour up to chute lake and down to pentiction and osoyos and back to midway in june. what areas have been affected by the fire and are there alternative routes around the damage? particularily concerning the myra trestle. thanks, donna peterson

Feb 4, 2004
steve baril
Coquhallia to Penticton

I am interested in a ride this summer along the kvr from the highway toll booths to princeton, summerland, penticton. I sure would appreciate advice from any person that has done this route, ie things to look out for, places to stay and eat, etc.... Is this route readily cycleable, and are there major re-routes, obstacles, etc.... Appreciate any advice!!! sincerely steve baril

Feb 3, 2004
Jim Short
Princeton KVR

66.7 Roxy's B&B - take out, no longer in service Replace with Jellicoe Station Inn - hosts Les and Darleen Sirokai 250-295-0160 Overlooking Chain Lake, 3 B&B rooms with extra beds, 3 baths, games room. Cabins and tenting area with full outdoor kitchen and showers, can house large groups. email: website:

113.4 - put ... now a Subway and an office. (not a Real Estate office) Princeton Accommodations - link to town website at and go to accommodation from there - wait a couple of weeks as we are currently changing the site.

116.2 - 128.2 - Washout Updates - All washouts have been repaired and are now passable. We will check again in the Spring and let you know if there are any changes Coalmont Hotel - change to: The Historic Coalmont Hotel is open 7 days a week. Enjoy the historic dining room, heritage rooms and gold panners pub. Call 250-295-6066 for more information

Tulameen 151.0 - 167.4 - information is incorrect - get new information from Jim at the Backroads Bike Shop

Feb 1, 2004
Michael Walker
The Heritage House B&B

Hi Dan, My name is Michael Walker, owner operator of The Heritage House B&Bc.1907 in Summerland. We just purchased your 3rd edition of Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway book, and were happy to see our Bed & Breakfast listed. We have had great success with your listing in the book and if you would, kindly update our info. We no longer have a Fax number, but have a sight of our own on the net. If you are planning a 4th edition, would you kindly consider our changes? Thank you so much. The book is a great read.... Best regards ....Michael Walker..

Jan 31, 2004
Steve Baril
Coquihallia to Penticton

I am planning a ride from the toll booths on the coquihalla to penticton and could really use some info from anyone that has done it. is the rail grade in good shape and how many obstacles (gates,detours) are there to worry about. we would be doing it with another couple, and would need acomodations on route at tulameen or coal,mont, and also between princeton and summerland. thank you!!! steve baril

Jan 18, 2004
Bill White
your book and other things

Hi Dan

Wanted to let you know that i have enjoyed your book very much.... it is a real gem. I am not a cyclist and here I am in Nova Scotia... my interest is in the abandoned railways of southern BC..... and you have certainly added a lot to my knowledge.... I am probably a bit more interested in the VV&E than the KVR but it is all fascinating... I had not really known about the Myra area until i read the book,, unfortunately of course much of that is in ruins now......

I was wondering... you didnt really give the details by map of the VV&E... and on the KVR maps you didnt show where the two joined at Princeton... I wonder if you know of a map that would show that junction.... or at what mileage on the KVR that was.... you mention the junction in the VV&E section but not a KVR milepoint for it.

The other one similar would be at Hope where the VV&E joined with the CNR to continue with running rights past Chilliwack before branching off on its own to New Westminster. I was trying to figure if there would be any traces of that junction........ I suppose even with the demise of the VV&E, even the KVR should have had a junction with CNR still active there.....

I know your thing isnt so much the history.. though obviously you are interested in that as well..... I have read that only one VV&E train ever went through the Coquihalla... right after JJHill died and after that they gave up on it... though they did operate to Hope from the west.. and of course the area to the east of Coquihalla as well....

I would love to be out there at least walking, if not riding the railbeds......

By the way I am a British Columbian who has been here in Nova Scotia since the early 70's.... you have made me more than ever want to come home..!! Thanks for a great book....


Jan 16, 2004
Erik Veenstra
question about the fire damage and the possibility of biking on the KVR

Hello, I am Erik Veenstra from Holland (Europe). I have the following questions and would be pleased by an answer?
How many kilometres of the KVR have been destroyed bij the woodfire?
Is it still possible to cycle on the burnt parts of the KVR and if not?
are there diversions for cyclists?
I'm planning to cycle the KVR this summer.
Does anyone know whether there's a bus going from Calgary to Sparwood or Cranbrook and if so, how many hours is this trip and is it possible to take a bicycle as luggage on the bus?
Thank you very much for answering these questions, I'm looking forward for this beautiful trip.
Erik Veenstra

Jan 14, 2004
Ed Kruger, Monashee Adventure Tours,
Re: Myra Canyon bypass

Hello,Dan Yes I will be offering such a service for people. The transport would be between the Myra and Gillard road accesses because Ruth is still in the park and as of now I am not allowed in the park. If this changes I will let you know. The cost is a minimum of $100 or $30 per person for 4 people or more.G.S.T. IS ADDED TO THIS FEE. I will do an historical of the area on the transport.
Thanx for any assistance you can give me on letting people know of this service. I AM HOPING FOR A GOOD SEASON WITH EXPANSION INTO OTHER PARTS OF THE K.V.R. Midway to Brookmere for tours and Transport from Castlegar to Hope.
Thanx Ed Kruger Monashee Adventure Tours 1-888-76CYCLE (2-9253)

Jan 11, 2004
Hugo Blank
Wtr: biketrip

Hallo Dan, my name is hugo blank and I live in Germany. The reason for writing you is that we are planning a biketrip in Canada. My girlfriend and me will come to Calgary september 19th and then ride our bikes to Vancouver where we will leave for home october 16th. Right now I am trying to put our route together and of course we would like to go on the Kettle Valley Railway Trail, perhaps not all the way but at least some of it. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me out with some information.
How are trailconditions that time of the year? We are riding 28" bikes with 1.125" tires, big enough for the trail?
We are experienced long distance race and touring riders and are used to camping in shitty weather, I figure we might have to expect some cold nights out there especially when crossing the rockies. Do you have some suggestions how to ride and not use the big highways? Some links or even some kind of maps designed for that kind of trip?
Well I think that`ll be enough for now .
I am looking forward for your answer, best regards hugo

Jan 7, 2004
Looking for friends and information

Myself and two friends (tony and judy) cycled the KVR from Midway to Penticton this summer. We were just ahead of the fires by a day or two. We had smoke and ash at McCullough and Chute Lakes. It was such a memorable trip. Myra Canyon was awesome and I feel privledged to have ridden it. Along the way we met some very nice people and had a great time. I lost everyones email addresses when my hard drive crashed. If we met you we'd like to keep in contact. Especially Angelo and Marty, you two were the greatest!!! Thanks for lunch.
My friend Judy and I (sans Tony) are planning on doing the section between Penticton and Brookmere the middle of June.
We hope to see some of you there. And are looking forward to making new freinds.
AI see where there may be a shuttle service from Brookmere, that would be awesome! If anyone has done that section and has any words of wisdom, feel free to email us.
Happy Trails and keep on keepin' on


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