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December 8, 2007
May & friends from Prince George
Osprey Lake to Princeton

We are a group of seniors 60's to 70's, who have biked many times on various sections of the KVR. We always enjoy our trips immensely, especially in the Fall with all the wonderful colours. However, this October we found the area from Osprey Lake to Princeton a real disappointment. It was very sandy and rough and torn up by ATV's. No signage or rest areas. We were surprised that vehicles are used on the trail for access to private homes and No Trespassing signs were everywhere!! We thought this would be part of the TransCanada Trail System and no vehicles would be allowed. What a shame, it is not a pleasant ride until the down hill side to Princeton. Thanks for all the info your site affords.

November 30, 2007
Martin Kandler
some questions

Hello from Germany, My girlfriend, our 8 months old son and me are planning to cycle the KVR next year.
1. The only possible time for us is beginning of May to mid June. Could this be too early in the year to do this trip? Would it maybe better to cycle from west to east because we would reach higher regions later? (Which time of the year would be the best?)
2. How about the Myra Canyon? Does someone knows when the last bridges will be rebuilt?
Thank's for your help, Martin Kandler from Magdeburg, Germany

November 30, 2007
Patti Kagawa
Princeton to Summerland or Midway

Hello, Dan It seems there may be (at least) 2 options of routes from Princeton:
a) Trans Canada Trail from Princeton to Link Lake to Osprey lake to Summerland and then down the highway to Penticton, Oliver, and south; OR
b) the old Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern railbed from Princeton to Oroville to Rock Creek and Midway
Do you know a contact for the conditions for cycling a fully loaded bike? The KVR site mentioned the conditions from Summerland to Link Lake were a "nightmare". Also, it would be nice to know about access (locked gates, etc) issues about the trail from Princeton to Midway. If you have any current information or know who else I could contact, that would be great, so I can try to plan. Thank you. Regards, Patti Kagawa,

October 31, 2007
Neil Humphrey
Kettle Valley Cycling Yahoo Group

With the permission of the Langford's, I would like to invite one and all to a group I have started on Yahoo. I'm sure that the Langford's were beginning to wonder where I was, as they knew of the group, I hadn't been able to give it the time required. I now can. It is a Yahoo Group that will be dedicated to riding "touring" trails in Western Canada. Not just the KVR. Please stop by, add your two cents, leave some photos, reviews of where you stayed, anything that you care to share with others.
My wife and I have not had the pleasure of the KVR as yet but are planning a week next year for our anniversary. For selfish reasons, it would be great to see all of those that can, contribute their knowledge and experience of this, and other fine rides.
Here is the link..........
Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

October 27, 2007
Earl Hunt

Dan, I am writing for my mother,Kaye Hunt, who lives on Whitehall Rd. in Grand Fork. A few days ago , while heading north on Whitehall Rd. she crosses the old railway grade or the now Rails to Trails path, narrowly missing a bicyclist, who does not stop, and is not aware of the car,or the crossing. She has lived at this location for the past 40 years and is very aware of the crossing. Now, for the second time she has come close to hitting someone darting onto the road . The first incident involved a jogger, the second a bicyclist, neither case involved contact. However, the trauma of almost killing someone still haunts her.
I, myself have contacted the Min. of Highways a few years ago about these crossing . I identified the hazards of these crossings and had no positive response from them. Nothing was ever done. Signage on the roadway for the travelling public and signage on the grade would help make the hazard more evident to both the motorist and grade user. Also, crossing hashmarks, would further identify the area of the imminent hazard. Being a user of the grade myself , acute attention can sometimes be distracted, due to the mostly uninterupted travel path, advance signage would certainly help make the user more aware of potential hazards. Thankyou for listening and look forward to hearing from you, sincerly, Earl Hunt

October 16, 2007
Rob Sambrook
KVR: Rock Creek to Hope

Below are details of our 6 day trip from Rock Creek to Hope; total distance 485 km (including the odd detour). The focus is on trail conditions, as this was highly variable, and small differences could be noticed on my hybrid. The trip was from September 23rd to 29th 2007 inclusive, and was cool and mostly dry, with frost overnight, under clear skies, with rain on the penultimate day, and freezing rain over the Coquihalla summit.
There had been a few days of rain before the 23rd, so this may have improved the condition of some soft sections. Rob, Seamus and Ian

Day 1: Rock Creek to Lakevale (74 km)
Good hardpack surface with some fairly loose, sandy sections from Kettle Valley Provincial Park campground to Beaverdell, plus a stretch of road around Rhone. Good surface from Beaverdell to Lakevale Station, with the most scenic stretch being the loop up and back down Wilkinson Creek. There is some minor washboard within a couple of kilometers of Arlington Lakes. Nice, lakeside Forest Service campground; no piped water.
Day 2: Lakevale (Arlington Lakes) to Chute Lake (82 km)
Steady grade and good, hardpack surface from Arlington Lakes to Hydraulic Lake, with minor washboard either side of Hydraulic Lake. Very good, stable surface in the region of Myra Canyon, as far as the Bellevue trestle. Poor, loose washboard from Bellevue to Chute Lake (many motorized vehicles). The current Myra Canyon bypass (15 km) is OK in the dry, but is mostly hard packed mud, so may be tricky in the wet: a lot of ups and downs up to at least 6% grade, a few short, loose, gravelly sections and one very rough descent from the logging road.
Day 3: Chute Lake to Crump
Long downhill (approx 25km) from Chute Lake to Naramata is loose in places, with some washboard. Improves after the tunnel, and then much better from Naramata; hard packed gravel and then asphalt in Penticton. Gradual packed sand/gravel incline up to Summerland is a nice surface with great views of the lake. In Summerland, the road detour around the active railway is very rollercoaster, and rejoins the KVR trail at Faulder. For a few kilometers, the trail runs alongside the railway. Immediately there is about 3 km of truly dreadful, newly laid loose gravel, which provides almost no traction, followed by a small stretch of decent hard pack, and then 5 to 6 km of very loose sand, on a fairly steep grade all the way to Crump. This section is very hard going. Possible bypass of this section on Hwy 40 from Faulder to Trout Creek?
Day 4: Crump to Princeton (81 km)
Good/variable surface on the ascent until just before the trail joins the road at Thirsk Lake. The rail grade is then very loose and sandy for another 30 km approx, improving to hard packed surface at around Erris Tunnel. The payback is an easy descent on a firm surface, with a limited amount of loose rock, through Jura, and all the way to Princeton.Possible detour option is Hwy 40 from Bankeir to Jura, rejoining the trail just past the Jura gazebo. The Princeton Municipal Campground (1.5 km West on Hwy 3) is well priced ($17), conveniently located between the sawmill and the highway, and has showers.
Day 5: Princeton to Brodie (67 km)
Generally good, hard packed surface until Coalmont, with numerous small rockfalls to negotiate along the Tulameen river valley. Becomes very loose and sandy from Coalmont until just past Otter Lake, and then becomes decent hardpack and a steady uphill grade through farmland in the river valley. The right of way becomes nasty washboard approximately 10 km before Brookmere, improving to hard packed narrow cart tracks on the descent from Brookmere to Brodie. Finally, some short (<50m) but rough bypass trails need to be negotiated to reach Brodie station, and the backcountry campground between the Coquihalla Highway and the river.
Day 6: Brodie to Hope (85 km approx)
Good surface for approx 6 km on a logging road until the first washout. Note: the designated bypass trail around the KVR washout is also washed out now, and is loose, dangerous and almost impassable (may well be completely gone by Spring 2008). The lower bypass looked easier, but is on loose material close to the river. The second trail washout on this stretch (800 m further on) is passable on sandy scree below the original trail, but this is also loose, unstable material. Joined the Coquihalla Highway for a 20 km ascent to the Coquihalla summit, then a steep downhill to Aurum. Picked up a 5 km section of the trail from Aurum (accessed up a steep logging road) back to the highway. This section is a mix of logging access roads and narrow trails. The trail was firm with some muddy sections and rockfall and continues to the east side of the highway. We continued down the highway to Othello road to Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. The trail from Othello to Hope is well developed and firm.

General comments: This was tough on a hybrid with 700C 38 tires (Vittoria Adventure Comfort). Though I had only one puncture in 6 days, and the tires held out well, the traction was insufficient for soft sections. Knobbly tires are needed for the soft sections. Water is scarce in some sections. Bring a water purifier/filter, and keep stocked up.Much of the camping is at quite high elevation (>1100 metres). Dress warmly at night.

September 24, 2007
Beaverdell Hotel

Dan, two weeks ago a group of 6 cyclists’ road into Beaverdell to stay at the Beverdell Hotel. I had made reservations a couple of months prior and spoke directly to Ty. They were to provide lodging and meals. When we arrived we were surprised to find the Hotel closed. We spoke to some locals and they indicated that Ty opens when he feels like it. The Tamarack Inn across the street was full so they suggested Zacks. We stayed there and ate at the Tamarack. We heard stories of families arriving in town late in the evening expecting to stay at the Beverdell Hotel to find it closed. Maybe in you updates you could plug Zacks and the Tamarack and remove the Beverdell Hotel. Just a thought. Bruce

September 16, 2007
Bruce Stevenson
Beverdell Hotel on the KVR

Our group of 9 adults traveled the KVR from Penticton to Beverdell and back, September 9-14. Ages varied from 43 to 68
Day 1 - The route from Penticton to Chute Lake Resort is sandy and a tough grind up the grade. Make sure you stop in at Chute Lake Resort (250-493-3535) and have a piece of Doreen’s peach pie.
Day 2- The ride from Chute to Idabel Lake Resort was long and hard as we had to take the by-pass around Myra Canyon. The by-pass is a combination of Forest Service Road and a cut off. Watch for the signs, some can be missed if you are not paying attention. The accommodations at Idabel Lake Resort (250-765-9511) were fantastic. Note there are no services, so take your own food. We arranged a caterer (Mary 250-765-3602) to come and cook for us on the two nights we were there. The food was fantastic!
Day 3- We continued on to Beverdell. When we arrived we found the Beverdell Hotel was closed. We were shocked to find out the new owner of the Beverdell Hotel is a flake and opens when he feels like it. I had made reservations in March and secured it with Visa. The town’s people came together and recommended “Zacks” just around the corner from the Beverdell Hotel. We ate at the Tamarack. The Tamarack Inn was full and did not have room for us but they were willing to set up mattresses in the bar for us if we could not find accommodations. Great and friendly people!
Day 4- Back to Idabel Lake Resort, back to comfort and a great meal. We went canoeing; I wish I brought my telescoping fishing rod, as the fish were jumping. This was a turning point for 5 of our group as they were not willing to return to Cute Lake via the by-pass. We called Monashee Adventure Tours (1-888-762-9253) and they picked the group of 5 and their bike. It was a rough and bumpy ride back to Chute Lake via the van. The rest of us took the by-pass and met up with the group at Chute Lake.
Day 5 - After another great meal and sleep we headed down to Penticton. The trail is sandy and you have to be careful going through the soft sand. I hope they ban all vehicle traffic on the Kettle Valley Rail Road trails. Horses, all terrain vehicles and cars are churning up the trail. We are looking forward to the next time when we can go over the rebuilt trestles.

September 15, 2007
Myra-Canyon Ranch
Hi Dan, How can we point out our new bb&b on your website :
We are very close to KVR and MYRA CANYON.
Check our website, if you like.
Have a great weekend, Joerg
Yvonne Burgin and Joerg Eichhorn
· bed, bale & breakfast
· horseboarding
4675 June Springs Road
Kelowna, BC, V1W 4C8
1-250-764-9731 Cell 1-250-317-8005

September 11, 2007
Ken Walker
Merritt Subdivision

A group of 7 of us biked from Brodie to the first crossing of the Coldwater River (about 40k from Brookmere). I was distressed at how the trail is deteriorating. This was my 3rd trip in 5 years. The second trip there was evidence that a local group had tried to cross the washout at 29 k ( the washout referred to in your book). Unfortunately, the attempt had failed and the crossing over the slide was treacherous and very difficult. I hope that the local group will continue to try to keep the trail up. Maybe the trans Canada trail people need to help. The kvr is a great trail and a wonderful historical trail. It needs all our support and hopefully the federal government will support the whole kvr and get all involved to build as good a trail the "Confederation Trail" in PEI. That trail is in unbelievable condition but the terrain pales to the kvr. Hopefully the Myra canyon initiative will be only a first step. Please feel free to forward this letter to anyone who will support the kvr including the merritt area. Thanks for reading Ken Walker

September 9, 2007
Ed Braun
Princeton Subdivison

Hello Dan, we've just come back from cycling the Princeton Subdivison. At km 37.7 Trout Creek, there is now a very nice bridge, no need to hike down and fork the creek. We also found that the ATVs have really chewed up the railway bed making it challenging to cycle. Wonder if they can be banned from it............. Your book was a great asset to the trip; thanks. Ed Braun Edmonton, AB

September 5, 2007
Brian Fletcher
bike services update

Hi Dan, First of all; THANK YOU for all the good work you continue to do on behalf of this wonderful facilty we call the KVR or Trans-Canada Trail. I'd like to update you data on Chain Reaction Bike and Board of which I am the owner. We are now located at; 7236 - 3rd Street Grand Forks, BC. V0H 1H0 250-442-0118 We are dealers for NORCO and SPECIALIZED bikes. We provide a full repair shop for most bikes. We stock a variety of accessories and parts. We offer bike rentals and a shuttle service to the Eholt access point of the TCT. I can be contacted at this email address or at the above contact info. We are located in downtown Grand Forks very close to the TCT. Again Dan, thanks for providing this important service Regards Brian Fletcher

August 15, 2007
'Rock Creek to Penticton'

Hi there,
We've (4 adults & a dog) just cycled from Rock Creek to Penticton (August 11-13) in an ambitious three days and have a few updates for anyone doing the same route, and in response to some of the questions below... the answers may be a bit late for some of these folks, but may help others. If we think of anything else, we'll add it in another posting.

1. We cycled from Rock Creek to Penticton for a total of 230k. For the better part, it felt like until we arrived at Chute Lake we were climbing; this was mostly a gentle slope but as it's also continuous, this does catch up with you. I wouldn't have enjoyed cycling the reverse route as from Penticton to Chute Lake is a steeper climb through loose sand & rock with very limited water supplies.
2. The night before we set off we camped at Carol & Wilf's Grouse Ridge B&B in Rock Creek (Phone: 250-446-2890, email, website where we had fabulous hospitality, ate an amazing breakfast, left our cars in a safe location, and had them driven to Penticton for a reasonable fee. Note that they are out of Rock Creek so you have to add about 12-15k of downhill to get to Rock Creek.
3. Stop in and say Hi to Paul in Rhone - you get some interesting local history, ice cold water top ups, and to chance to meet a local character - he'll enjoy chatting with you so allow some time. (If anyone found a KVR book lying in the trail before Rhone, please let me know as I'd love to have it back - it shook loose from my rack - luckily we also had an older version with us).
4. Myra Canyon is still closed - you need to do a relatively rough 15k detour route with grades over 5% which adds more time & travel distance than the original (closed) route through the Canyon. The direction we traveled entailed aprox 10k of climbing with 5k steeper and rougher downhill at the end. Again, this appeared to be the better direction of travel. Ensure you have water for this portion.
5. You can only cycle 2.5k into Myra Canyon, over trestles #18-12 and into the first tunnel - it is short and well worth doing this. The rest of the route is still closed - you can visit this site for more updates on the progress of repairs. Not sure about the other end.
6. We camped at designated wilderness campsites and didn't share them with anyone else - Wilkinson Creek first night and Bellevue area close to the awesome trestle bridge on the second night - had trouble finding this one (still not sure if we did) and the water source must have been way down under the impressive trestle bridge. We thought that Chute Lake would've been a great place to stay for a night - maybe next time.
7. My sister & her husband towed a two wheeled child carrier with their dog, and even though Sasha (the dog) did get out and gamble along with us, she spent most of her time in the carrier. She did a fabulous job as did those 2 pulling her - luckily they're both very fit and did manage this ambitious task, but I wouldn't recommend this for those who are not fit and up for a big challenge.
8. Stop and take in the views - they are well worth it! We loved our adventure!!
Anything else comes to mind, one of us will update the site.

1. You might want to wear two pairs of cycling shorts as the sore-butt syndrome attacked due to so much time in the saddle and the rough surfaces with plenty of bouncing around.
2. Carry plenty of water ... just in case.
3. Strap or carabiner everything to your rack or panniers that may be loose as boy oh boy, you sure bounce around on this portion of the trail - we managed to 'donate' the book and a flip-flop to the KVR Trail gods on our first day.
4. Remember that it does get pretty chilly at night if you're camping - hot days but cool nights - so bring the warm vest & gear.
5. Saw plenty of bear scat on our first day, none on the other two days BUT didn't see any bears (phew) - saw a moose, deer, a snake and plenty of cows (didn't think we'd see them milling around).

Have fun - it's well worth the effort and journey!! We'll be doing another portion in the future.

August 12, 2007
3-4 day ride with my son I'm planning a 3-4 day ride on the kettle Valley with my two year old son in a trailer. I've been reading a lot about the different sections but don't know what recent obstructions we might encounter. i have read that many of the detours are challenging to maneuver and am wondering if taking a trailer is feasible. If you have any suggestions of sections to avoid or ones that might be better i would really appreciate the info. thanks ...Renee

August 10, 2007
Danielle Gray
Brookmere to Coldwater Rd Exit.

Hey Cyclists! Way back in Feb, I was looking for info on the Merritt Sub, and after a few recon trips driving ended up only riding from Brookmere to the Coldwater road exit. This was due to the size of my group (25!) and their ages (5-65).
The trail down was do able I thought, knowing that other sections have been rough, and clearly the elements and other users (ATVs, vehicles) take their toll. The track was fairly gravelly and bumpy near the beginning of the trail (sorry, no odo nor gps this trip), but eventually turned into compact trail.
The younger riders with smaller cycle tires found this extremely difficult (not a surprise, but they were determined to do it!). There was a rock chunk on the trail and a minor rock slide to go over and a few hundred meters past this, there was a slough of the trail into the Coldwater river. Luckily someone had marked this small slide as well as the larger one ahead of this, which had been taped off. The detour through the forest cuts off about a kilometer or so of the trail, you don't end up doing the Brodie loop. Once on the "flat", the trail was again quite good, some loose spots but overall rideable. All the bridges were in excellent condition that we passed over.
There were many ATVers, but mainly families who slowed and were cautious (thank you!). It was fairly successful even for the little kids, once they got past the big rocky gravel at the top. They probably wouldn't do it again though. : )
The rest of the recon was only from afar, the cool part with the tunnel near Spence's Bridge I didn't get to see in person, it looked like the trail was quite over grown with sagebrush and the occasional rockslide, but certainly not impassable.
If anyone does do this section, please post up your findings. Thank you!

July 30, 2007
Jamie Greig,,
5-day Cycle

Hello, This "Cycling the [KVR]" site is great! I have spent little time on here, but was wondering what best way to spend 5 days cycling the KVR this September. I would be doing this with my girlfriend; both of us are young and fit, and love wine!! I appreciate that some sections are under repair/construction. Essentially, this trip would be a tester/taster trip, with an extended or complete trip to follow next summer (2008). Thanks for the suggestions, Jamie

July 29, 2007

Dan.......... I received this email from a group of cyclists. (below in Red) and thought you might be interested in posting part of this on your website, to share with all the readers... I noticed that there is no info on the Coquihalla part of the KVR.

Hi Louise,
Thanks very much for the pictures and the great hospitality.

We finished up the trip late Sunday and I'm in North Van staying with
my folks. The schedule for the tour turned out to be a fairly
grueling so we were very glad to have the rest day you provided.

The toughest day was the second to last from Tulamine to the Coquahala
summit -- about 65 km. Once we crossed the Coquahala highway we stayed
on the KVR which turned out to be a HUGE mistake. There was a washout
that was written up in the book. There was a very steep, rough hiking
trail to get around that also had it's own small washout. We were
holding onto roots to get down to the washed out part and had to pass
all the gear down and back up the other side. About 2 k after that
washout there was ANOTHER undocumented washout that had no trail
around it. Going back over the first washout was just too damned hard
so we had to push forward down some steep ankle deep sandy stuff onto
some river boulders and then across a small creek. From there we made
it back to the highway after a lengthy search for a gate in the fence
that keeps wildlife off the highway. By the time we reached the
highway it was dark and raining and we had about 13 k to go to the
Coquahala Lakes lodge. We got there about 10:30 pretty wet cold and
hungry. Diane made a fire in the wood stove and Sylvia had dinner
ready about 11:30. It was really good to be warm & well fed.
Got to go.

Bye, John

Lots of people I have been getting here are only following the book and are not aware of the changes since the book was written... and are surprised to find places closed and other obstacles along the way...will you be putting out another book that's updated in the near future?

Louise - 250-765-0228

July 25, 2007
Bike trailer on the trail?

My wife, three boys aged 10,14, and 15 and I are starting a three day ride from Beaverdell to Penticton on Tues., July 31. We are staying at a b&b at Idabel Lake and at Chute Lake Resort. I am wondering if it is possible to pull a small two-wheel trailer over that route (esp. through the bypass). We are relatively fit but only average bikers. Any info anyone can give would help. Thanks, Niels

July 21, 2007
Midway to Castlegar

We are cycling the KVR, Midway to Castlegar on the Aug long wkd. I hope some one can give me some information on where we can leave our truck and what options there are for returning to Midway with our bikes. Bus? outfitter? We also need some info on camping or B&B along the way. Thankyou, Leslie

July 18, 2007
Penticton to Link Lake

This was our second day of Osoyoos to Princeton and while the trail was great on the climb from Penticton to Summerland, once we got on the TCT/KVR portion afterwards, it was a nightmare. The soft sand and loose gravel makes the uphill riding with panniers a 7-8kmph slog, and for some reason all the sites promoting the KVR as a 'great ride for novice to advanced' don't ever seem to mention the conditions. Based on this experience, I would caution anyone wishing to ride the KVR to try to get a first hand look at the sections you are planning to ride before setting out, and to ensure you are using a mountain bike. In addition, the book that you are almost forced to purchase to gain full information on the trail does not adequately address the actual conditions you may encounter (granted we were using one that was a few years old). I enjoyed most of it (the downhill from Link Lake to Princeton was particularly excellent), but spending a day trying to ride a fully loaded bike on the equivalent of a dry, sandy beach was no fun!

July 16, 2007
Beaverdell, Rock Creek
Hi Dan!

I just wanted to thank you for all your help by making the website. I just cycled Penticton to Midway a few days ago and the site made the trip go so much smoother! You said you were looking for additions to the site so here you are.
In Beaverdell, there is a place called Zack's campground. Zack told me that you actually stayed there once and he was surprised that it wasn't on the site. It was probably my favorite stop on the whole trip! $16.00.
Also, in Rock Creek, near the corner of the bridge and Hwy 33 there is a campsite called "On The Water." It was run by a couple on a piece of land that's 60 acres! They charged us $15 and it was amazing! They had five horses that walked right up to us and we could pet them. It was quite an experience. There is also a decent diner called the Gold Pan Cafe at the corner of Hwys 3 and 33. It filled us up right.
I hope these additions help since there was no info listed for Rock Creek.

July 12, 2007

David P
Brookmere to Penticton

Hi everyone,
We are a group of cyclist planning on doing the KVR section from Brookmere to Penticton. We did Rock Creek to Castlegar last year and loved it so much. Hopefully, it'll be the same this year. How"s the route? Any expected detours. Any recommended places B&B wise to stay along the way. Where's the best place to park our vehicles at the start and at the end of the trip? Thanks in advance

July 10, 2007
Gordon Anderson

I was talking with a friend a little while ago and she mentioned that all the trestles in Myra Canyon have now been repaired. Does anyone know whether or not this is true? Gordon Anderson

July, 9 2007
Elwin Wiens
KVR Update

First, thanks for the excellent info on your website regarding the KVR trail route. We were just hoping to get an update on the status of the trail between Midway and Penticton, as to whether this trail is open in its entirety and whether the trestles along Myra Canyon will be accessible this summer. Any information you can provide would be extremely helpful. Thanks. Elwin Wiens

July 4, 2007
Shelly Hume
best starting point
Hi Dan,

My husband and I are interested in biking the trail this year. There are a few questions I have

-where is the best day to start, so you can take advantage of best scenery tunnels.

- can the trip be planned so that you can stay in b&b or hotels each night?

- how about shuttles back to your vehicle how easy is this to arrange.

- Any advice you can give would be great.

This would be our first biking tour and we are both in reasonable shape but want to be prepared. We could bike up to 5-7 days.

July 3, 2007
ileana Graham
suggestions for cycling with kids

Hi Dan

In 2001 my husband and I cycled part of the KVR from Midway, through Chute Lake and south to Orville and returned to Midway. We had a fantastic time. This month, we are planning to go with our three kids and are trying to map out the best section to do with them. We did enjoy the tunnels and trestles but know that with detours etc..that may not be the best section to do.
We are thinking of possibly camping for two days and maybe doing day trips if that is best. We would like to go for 5 days.

Would you be able to suggest a good section of the KVR to do with the kids? Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.

ileana Graham

June 30, 2007
Alan Sidorov
Penticton to Merritt, June 15-18, 2007

This is our second KVR trip. We did Midway to Osooyos two years ago.

Dianne and I started from Penticton on Friday, June 22, 2007. The folks at the Black Sea Motel on Lakeshore Drive (250 492-5111)were kind enough to look after our car.

The railroad was not running on that day. Bypass is on paved roads,some hills. The people at Prairie Valley Station were in the process of opening for the summer. We topped up on water, bought postcards, etc. Got good pictures of the train, which was doing a couple of test trips.

Trail to Faulder is soft and sandy, slow going with loaded bikes. The hilly but paved road is an option. After that, trail was very good all the way to Osprey Lake. Only significant detour was at Kathleen Creek. The new bridge is nearing completion. Bypass on a short but rather steep track down to the road. It is marked by flagging tape, rider's left. As the Langford's book notes, take the second, not the first side trail to rejoin the railbed. We tried both.

Very pretty near-wilderness riding. Trout Creek is a gem. I'm guessing the great conditions were due to it being early season, so the bed had not been chewed up by tires, hoofs, etc. Met one motorcyclist, two day-tripping cyclists, and a couple on horseback. Saw a very healthy looking cinnamon bear, as well as a few deer. We stayed at the Three Lakes Community Store, in a very tidy cabin(cash or debit card only). Arrived past 8:00 pm, but Rick, the owner, was ready for us and very hospitable. Judy made a great dinner, and we had a piece of her legendary apple pie. Rick offers bike and car shuttle services as well.(250) 295-4144.

June 23. Beautiful ride, mostly a gradual downhill to Princeton. Much more open country, and the trail crosses some active ranch areas. Incredible wildflowers including lupines, fleabane (much prettier than the name suggests)and Indian paintbrush.

June 24. Spectacular ride, mixed rain showers and bright sunshine, to Coalmont and Tulameen. Lunch at Tulameen Trading Post. They were having electrical problems with the breaker switches, but still produced a tasty meal. For Tulameen accommodations, try Heather Koller.( 250 259-6902) She manages a few different cabins, and is a good information source.

Countryside changes again towards Brookmere, as does the trail, which is open to cars and trucks along that section. Lots of washboard provides a test of bike racks/loads, and limits speed. No sign of Buckhorn Cabins, nor anyone around at Burt Sharkey's. We were given to understand that he plans to move back to the place for the summer. He is currently residing in Tulameen.

Might have been the time of day, late Sunday afternoon, but Brookmere didn't look particularly hospitable. Lots of Keep Out signs, no cyclist rest area, info map, or water. (There were Boil Water Advisory signs but we couldn't tell how long they'd been there or if the caution might still apply.) Coley Creek Lodge has been bought, apparently, by a real estate development company. Plans are in the works for a spa development, but currently no accommodation is available. Major rockslide not far past Brookmere, but can be walked across. Spectacular views. A few washouts that could become sketchy after heavy rain. We camped for the night at Brodie. It is an unofficial site, beside the river, and road accessible from the Coquihalla. We found a great spot tucked in the corner and sheltered from the wind. Plenty of highway noise, but pleasant river and wind sounds as well.

Easy and beautiful ride along the Coldwater River to Kingsvale. We rejoined the trail after crossing the road where the bridge used to be. Past here the trail doesn't show much sign of use, and is starting to be overgrown. Plenty of sharp rocks in places. Encountered a major washout, which required some serious mountain goating to get across. Very tricky and dangerous with loaded bikes. Past that there is an area of heavy bank erosion, which makes for a narrowing of the trail. This could wash out easily with a big rain. Until the big washout has been fixed, we recommend that anyone with a loaded bike, or unsure of their scrambling skills, stay on the Coldwater road past Kingsvale. You have to join this road later anyhow, at Patchet Road, to bypass the Coldwater Indian Reserve. There are some hills, but not much traffic, great vistas, plus a sweet and fast downhill to Merritt.

This is a great four-day ride. It could be done in less time travelling light, but spares and toolkit should be carried nonetheless. Fill up with water at every opportunity. Purification tablets and/or a lightweight filter are a good idea. We met very few people, but everyone, including ATV riders and those on trail bikes, was polite, slowed well down, and gave us plenty of room. We hope this spirit of cooperation continues when the route becomes busier.

The only problem we had was with Greyhound. They oversold the bus seats for our trip back to Penticton. I travelled as a standing passenger, or in reality, perched on an armrest. Far less comfortable than the bicycle.

June 29, 2007
McCulloch to Midway

Has anyone recently done McCulloch to Midway? and was route easy to find. Have done McCulloch to Penticton and Osprey to Princeton and enjoyed both. Nelda

June 28, 2007
request general info

Hi Dan – I’m an avid cyclist, but have mostly done road routes, e.g., cycled Victoria BC to St John’s NFLD in 2003 with my son. Since returning from that trip, I’ve got my wife into cycling, but again mostly on roads and she likes to avoid major mountain ranges and heavy traffic. We tend to do a lot of cycling to and from B&B’s around Victoria and the Gulf Islands, using the old railbeds of the Lochside Trail and Galloping Goose bike trails as much as possible. I thought that the KVR might be a perfect trip for the both of us as it is on old railway grades and therefore presumably is pretty flat and has no cars except for the odd road crossing. In doing some background checking I came across your website and wondered if you’d mind answering some questions. Ø How recent is your info on the website and in the 3rd edition? Ø I’m used to doing 100+ km a day on long road trips, and my wife has done up to 80 km on the railway bike trails here. From what I gathered on your website, there appear to be some portions of the KVR that are slow going – for the section from Midway to Princeton, what would be the average, easy day’s ride in km. Ø Are there B&B’s spread along the way so that we could hit one every night, or is bring camping gear a must? Ø Similarly, are there food sources along the way? Ø Most importantly, is a mountain bike a necessity? We both have hybrids which are more comfortable on roads, but can easily handle the Goose and Lochside trails on old rail beds in Victoria where the surface is mostly packed gravel or hardpan. Ø Are all the answers to these and other questions available in the 3rd edition? I bought a book on the West Coast Trail before hiking it and found it invaluable as it was very recent and therefore accounted for every km of the route accurately. I know that the fires in 2003 caused a lot of problems for the KVR and wondered if the 3rd edition was published since then after the repair work was done? Ø Oh, one more thing, we were thing of driving to Princeton, leaving the vehicle their and somehow transporting ourselves and bikes to Midway and then riding back to our vehicle? Are there places in Princeton to leave safely the vehicle and what would be the best way to get us and our bikes to Midway? Thanks for any help you can provide. Cheers, Myke
Hi Dan – I’m an avid cyclist, but have mostly done road routes, e.g., cycled Victoria BC to St John’s NFLD in 2003 with my son. Since returning from that trip, I’ve got my wife into cycling, but again mostly on roads and she likes to avoid major mountain ranges and heavy traffic. We tend to do a lot of cycling to and from B&B’s around Victoria and the Gulf Islands, using the old railbeds of the Lochside Trail and Galloping Goose bike trails as much as possible. I thought that the KVR might be a perfect trip for the both of us as it is on old railway grades and therefore presumably is pretty flat and has no cars except for the odd road crossing. In doing some background checking I came across your website and wondered if you’d mind answering some questions.
Ø How recent is your info on the website and in the 3rd edition?
Ø I’m used to doing 100+ km a day on long road trips, and my wife has done up to 80 km on the railway bike trails here. From what I gathered on your website, there appear to be some portions of the KVR that are slow going – for the section from Midway to Princeton, what would be the average, easy day’s ride in km.
Ø Are there B&B’s spread along the way so that we could hit one every night, or is bring camping gear a must?
Ø Similarly, are there food sources along the way?
Ø Most importantly, is a mountain bike a necessity? We both have hybrids which are more comfortable on roads, but can easily handle the Goose and Lochside trails on old rail beds in Victoria where the surface is mostly packed gravel or hardpan.
Ø Are all the answers to these and other questions available in the 3rd edition? I bought a book on the West Coast Trail before hiking it and found it invaluable as it was very recent and therefore accounted for every km of the route accurately. I know that the fires in 2003 caused a lot of problems for the KVR and wondered if the 3rd edition was published since then after the repair work was done?
Ø Oh, one more thing, we were thing of driving to Princeton, leaving the vehicle their and somehow transporting ourselves and bikes to Midway and then riding back to our vehicle? Are there places in Princeton to leave safely the vehicle and what would be the best way to get us and our bikes to Midway?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Cheers, Myke

Hi Myke,
Ø If you read the stuff in the news section you get up today info. The third edition is 2002. Most of what's in there is current though there have been some change of hands with some of the businesses along the way.
Ø Comfortable distance on the KVR is around 55 km a day. Someone who does a lot of cycling will find this a short day. Personally I average around 77 km/day on the KVR. Accommodations tend to average at 55 km spacings.
Ø B&Bs and Hotels work. Longest day is Castlegar to Christina Lake about 86 km.
Ø The odd section you have the opportunity to be somewhere that you can grab some lunch but mostly you will have to rely on taking lunch with you. Most of the B&B along the way realize this and can make arrangements for supper and lunch.
Ø Hybrids are fine, you need tires that are at least 1.95 or wider to have a comfortable journey. Narrower will require more effort.
Ø You will find the same thing in the 3rd edition as with the west coast trail book. The fire was after the book and the info on the bypass is on the website. Businesses come and go and change hands so call those you are going to depend on before you go.
Ø Talk to the tourism info center in Princeton. They know the best answer to that one as they get the question quite often. Greyhound works but bikes need to be boxed. There are a few guys that will shuttle you and your bike, such as Monashee but prices are high. Check the website for more.
Have great trip,

June 26, 2007
Princeton subdivision

I am planning to cycle the Princeton subdivision in October 07. I would like to start in Penticton and finish at Brookmere. I would like to travel light and stay in motels, cabins or whatever is available along the way. I have cycled the Myra Canyon section (before the fire) and enjoyed it immensely because of the great accommodations along the route. I can easily cover 50 km per day but would prefer a little less to make it a more enjoyable, relaxed trip. I have your book and it looks like there is access back to Hwy. #40 near Trout creek, Kirton station. For the second night I would like to stop near the end of Chain Lakes, then on to Princeton for the third night. Stop over near Coalmont for the fourth night and on to Brookmere for the fifth night. I will also need a shuttle ride back to Penticton from Brookmere. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul

June 23
Jim LaMorte,
KVR - Penticton to Castlegar

The wife and I pedalled from Penticton to Castlegar from May 24 to May 31 2007. Absolutely one of the best vacations we have ever enjoyed. In our “fit fifties,” we decided to book B&Bs along the way. Our stops:

Chute Lake ­ Chute Lake Resort, 250-493-3535, ask Gary and Doreen about their experience with the 2003 wildfire. Great tales! Hydraulic Lake ­ Louise Middlemiss at Idabel Lake,, 250-484-5490, about 10 km off the trail, but great service, great food. Beaverdell ­ Tamarack Lodge, 250-484-5490, where Monique and husband Rosie can share some incredible stories. Rock Creek ­ Grouse Ridge B&B, 250-446-2890, Carol and Wilf at beautiful site near Johnstone Creek, great people, great food, and you have to meet dog Nook and cat Bubba. Grand Forks ­ River Bend B&B, 250-442-5171, Susan on 19th Ave. Christina Lake ­ Brio B&B, 250-447-6393, where Joan offers a cozy cabin.

Heading east from Christina Lake, an unofficial sign at the trail kiosk said “Trail closed, Fife to Ferron” for logging, but we went anyway and saw no trucks. Also, some kind souls built a bypass around the washout east of Lafferty (about 19 trail kms north and east from Christina Lake). Check with the Wild Ways adventure shop in Cristina Lake 250.447.6561,, for the latest news on access. We found two great places for milk shakes along the way ­ The Copper Eagle Deli in Greenwood, and the Great Canadian Ice Creamery in Christina Lake. Next trip, we will also try to spend a Saturday evening in Penticton for music night at the Dream Café (check for entertainment schedule).
We returned our bikes to Penticton by renting a one-way UHaul, but Wilf and Carol at the Grouse Ridge B&B in Rock Creek say they will transport people or vehicles to help KVR cyclers.

June 10, 2007
Midway to Penticton

We just finished the KVT from Midway to Penticton and my comments are: would start at Rock Creek instead of Midway as that 20K is mostly bumpy farmers field. The 12K of logging road just before Beaverdell is wash board, and the detour around the trestles was very rough for me but I am in my late 50s so other may find it easier. 2 of us found the trail long and boring, expected a lot more scenery. Louise at Idabel Lake is fantastic and helped us when one of our bikers hurt her knee and needed to be driven out. We also thought Chute Lake pricey for the accommodations especially having to leave the main building to use the washrooms and showers.

June 6, 2007
Greg & Marietta Egan
We are a B&B located near the rail trail

Hello, Our website is and we are wondering if you would be interested in promoting our little resort on this site. We really do have a beautiful spot off the trail up in the Joe Rich valley . Our acreage is along the north side of the Mission creek and the west side of Cardinal creek . We have kitchenettes in both our log cottages and we have awesome camp site settings . Our BBQ is always available to our guests . We would have to discuss the access to our place from up on the rail trail as people would have to cross the Mission creek or leave the trail and bike highway33 to our place which , from McCullough lake would be mostly downhill to Peregrine road . Otherwise it may be an idea to place log signs along the trail from McCullough road down into the Mission valley and over to us . Thank you for your time and look forward to your reply . Sincerely Greg Egan

June 6, 2007
Laury Family
Oliver to Okanagan Falls

Some friends last week tried to reach Oliver from Okanagan Falls via the KVR railbed trail ( as I did last spring) but were blocked by a landslide and severely overgrown trail sections south of OK Falls. They returned the worse for wear with cuts and scrapes from hidden potholes and rocks in the heavy overgrowth and the slide area. FYI !!

June 5, 2007
Riding the KVR

Hi Dan I took 50 students to bicycle the KVR between Osprey Lake and Brookmere last weekend, and was very disappointed by the soft trails. The students had to work much harder to complete the route and worked hard for very little gain. Two weeks before the trip, a few teachers and myself rode the same route to check out the conditions, and, if we had more time, we would have chosen a different route that was more enjoyable for 11-13 year olds. As we hope to plan more trips in the future, do you know if there are other parts of the KVR that are more enjoyable to ride? Or is this deterioration of the trail an unpleasant but common experience? Thanks Cynthia

June 26, 2007
Re: Riding the KVR

Hi Cynthia, Dry weather and ATVs can soften up the rail bed. You may have just hit a bad combination of the two. Hopefully something will get done about the ATVs and that will help a lot. Rain can harden up the surface. Also those sections of the rail bed on east facing slopes will be much firmer then the west facing sides. My best rides have been after a prolonged period of rain. Hopefully your next rides will be better. Dan

May 18, 2007
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

Trestle Update

Three more trestles have now been completed – Trestles 11, 10 and 9 are now complete. The contract has been let for trestles 8 and 7, to be completed late this year Public access is permitted from the Myra parking lot trailhead through to the first tunnel. Although the next three trestles are rebuilt, the movement of machinery over them and the assembling of materials in the vicinity, makes it unsafe for the public. On the Ruth side of the canyon (Little White Road), trestle 4 is still under construction and completion is scheduled for September. When it is complete, we can rebuild the small trestle 5 and repair the large steel trestle 6. Public access on this side is still from the trailhead at Ruth station to just beyond trestle 2 where the trestle 4 contractor has his gate. We are hopeful that all the trestles will be complete by the end of 2007. It will then be necessary to resurface the trail and to replace amenities lost in the fire. So the target is to have the trail completely open sometime in the spring or early summer of 2008.

May 10, 2007

Terry Malanchuk
Copper mnt spur update

Copper mountain has resumed major strip mining operations. Therefore, access to the KVR from Wolf road or Allenby road is no longer permitted. The roads are being monitored.

May 3, 2007
Status of trestle replacement

In the Summer of 2006 we cycled what sections we could, of the KVR (Myra Canyon, Chute Lake areas) skirting areas that were closed for construction. We are eagerly anticipating when we will have the opportunity to go through all the tunnels and trestles in the Myra Canyon section and be able to do a more complete ride. What is the progress on the trestle replacements? and is the target date still Fall 2007 for completion of repairs?

May 3, 2007
Jeff Peterson
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway

Their is no access from Nelson at Elwyn Road (km 42) for the Nelson to Salmo section. The town of Nelson is installing water mains and the trail is closed. The trail from Elwyn to Troup is open.

April 30, 2007
Bruce Merit
Osprey Lake Retreat

Hey Dan, My name is Bruce Merit, I own and operate a B&B on the KVR at Osprey Lake. Previously the B&B was called Osprey Lake Lodge and was kind of run down but now it’s a real beauty and even run by a bike rider too! So just want to make the Osprey Lake Retreat available to you and let you know about it. Please check out my web site below and hope to hear from you if you have any questions.
Happy cycling!
Bruce Merit
Adventures ‘n’ Relaxation
Princeton, B.C., V0X-1W0

April 30, 2007
G Bucci
Cycling Kettle Valley
Hey we are planning on coming out to cycle a portion of the trail, more specifically the C & W trail between Catlegar and Midway, next month and we are wondering if the trestles were affected by the fires of the last few years or not. We may alternately try the trail between Nakusp and Slocan. We are planning a four-day ride out and back, and would like to know which way is up- or down-hill. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

April 18, 2007
Zack Niegum
ZACKS ROOMS and CAMPING in Beaverdell B.C.

We have 4 clean rooms with a kitchen available,plenty of camping area with clean showers included,we also have been working on a old rustic log building to include rooms and much more.Contact @ or Ph. 1-250-484-5532

April 16, 2007
Joanne Franks
KVR Open?

We want to cycle the KVR from Myra Canyon (Kelowna) to Penticton in one day - next week (middle April 2007). Is it open? Are the trestles restored? Is this a one day trip? I bought the book and it's great, but it was printed prior to the fire etc... Thanks...

April 12, 2007
Calvin M Doyle
Myra Canyon

Like a lot of people out there, I'm interested in riding the rails and I'm interested in the progress of the Myra Canyon Trestles that were burnt in 2003. I searched the web and found two web sites that had some updated info on the construction. and Hopefully we will get some more updated information in this area.

March 25, 2007
Ludwig Beil
message for Margit-Germany 26.feb 2007 Hy

We live in Germany and made the KVR some years ago on a five week trip with a tandem from Vancouver to Edmonton. So if you like you can give our email address to Margit Lu

March 25, 2007
the trail copyright

An Afternoon in Princeton
and tonight i will paint you with red ochre, ravish you wildly under the moon
their laugher gallops the length of the thousand foot tunnel they walk through, and returns
an echo, marbled with voices of those who'd passed through before them.
they walk hand in hand, silently spending hidden gold that baths in the tulameen
lies naked on the beach revealing its wealth to strangers. graffiti greets them
with profanity as they cross the old railway bridge/ modern day pictography.
a shrine for a boy named tanner lies just off the tracks/ three photographs
two poems and an unopened bottle of bud-- he was fourteen. they watch for him
out of their eyes corners/ in the braches of pines, under the waters surface.
as they near the cliffs, shrill cries of red tailed hawks soar over distant tribal chants
of the silmilkameen--ancient warriors with painted faces who left footprints, cast shadows
ground stones from this place. a half eaten deer lies on the rocks, skeleton exposed.
their hands stained red/ weighted with pieces of history, they retrace their steps
through a tunnel that divides two rivers,
over land that whispers say the names

March 22, 2007
Catherine O'Connor Morris

We are looking to take a short bicycle trip throught part of the Kettle Valley and wondered if we would be ok riding Hybrids. Can someone please let us know. We are looking to ride from Coalmont to Hope to "test" the KVR.

March 15, 2007
Joerg Eichhorn

Hi Dan This season we are going to open our BB&B in Kelowna, close to the Kettle Valley Railway Trail (a short 2.5 mile downhill ride on the Little White Forestry Road). Our property boarders Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park and is a serene location with a gorgeous view. We will have space enough for tents as well. And after breakfast, we can bring the guests back to the KVRT. Could this be interesting for you guys?
It’ll be great, if you can link our website on
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards Joerg Eichhorn (Our website works only with IE; we work on a better version)
Myra-Canyon Ranch
4675 June Springs Road
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4C8Canada
phone (250) 764-9731
cell (250) 317-1660

March 13, 2007
Bayan Gordon
KVR in 1947

Hi Dan: A year before you were born, I took the KVR in 1947 from Trail to Chiliwack to attend summer army camp as a high school cadet. It was an overnight trip and I was 12 years old and really didn’t see or think much about the railroad other than we had no bunks or suitable food. Would I have gone over the Myra Trestles, Coquihalla Pass and through the Quintet Tunnels? I’m reading your book and think McCulloch was a terrific engineer but wonder, when everything is said and done, whether his sacrifice was worth it. I understand he’s buried near one of the new trestles. Having grown up in Rossland and knowing the gold mines there and the silver mines in Nelson were finished in the early 1900s, with Kimberly’s Sullivan Mine much later and not a part of the operation, was the KVR really profitable? I’ve thrice travelled to Grand Forks to bike up to the first tunnels and even Phoenix, and hope to also bike from Castlegar to GF over the pass. All the mtn. cuts around GF are intriguing but I doubt if the non-KVR ones are bikable. Best, Bryan Gordon.

March 6, 2007
Simone Hambly
Cycling KVR with a family

Hello. We are looking for a section to cycle with a 6 and 3 year old. The 6 year old is on a bike buddy with her Dad and the 3 year old is pulled in a Chariot by me (Mom). Last year we cycled the Gulf Islands and things went great! Any recommendations for sections to do or suggestions? I have never been to KVR before. Thanks!

March 6, 2007
Myra Canyon

Hi Everyone.We're thinking of biking the Penticton to Midway section this April or May (before the long weekend). Is it possible to do this at this time of year? (weatherwise, snow?) and, regarding the Myra Canyon area -- on the website it says that the 10 destroyed trestles were expected to be complete in fall 2006. Did this happen Thanks for the info

March 5, 2007
Dave Wodchis
Video Message

I've posted a couple of videos of cycling the Kettle Valley Railway on YouTube. Here's the link: and you'll find some photos in the Canada Gallery at

I hear from a person who lives in Midway that the Mile 0 museum has been partially converted into a hostel for cyclists starting the KVR, but I haven't seen confirmation on a website for booking.

March 4, 2007
Phyl Schepens
del Ray b&b

Dan, I have been on your website several times since I first discovered it. Awesome site with so much useful information. I first started reading your site because my grandfather worked the kvr. My mother was born in Ruth BC and raised in Jura. Then I found that your site has been a good resource when my guests want detailed information about cycling the kvr trail. I always refer them to your book.
The second reason for this email is to ask if you would please add our new B&B to your list of accommodations along the trail. The del Ray b&b is 1.5 kms north of the junction of Hwy 97 & and Hwy 3. We are halfway ( less than a minute by bike ) between the highway and where the old kvr rails lay beside the lake, on 122nd Ave. Our website is Thank you for your time and have a nice day. Phyl Schepens

March 3, 2007
Bruce W McLaughlin
Steve Webb Coquihalla February 7, 2007

OK......I'm getting impatient.....any bets on when the Coquihalla will be ride-do-able. Anyone checked it out yet?
I will assume you are refering to the KVR starting at Portia? Last year I was up in April and the snow on the road stopped me at 12 km, I tried again a couple of weeks later and got as far as 18km where again there was snow on the road ( 20 cm makes it impassable) although the woods were completely clear and growing.This year with the steady snowfall I would assume that the road won't be open til late April / early May. I find this section the most enjoyable and reasonable road conditions , however the trail through the woods is getting a bit ragged from traffic in spots.

March 1, 2007
Planning a trip

Hi Dan and Sandra, I recently picked up a copy of your book (3rd edition) and let me thank you for getting my husband and I pumped to actually do a bike trip. We have been talking about doing one for a few years but have never been able to commit or decide where. Your book (and therefore you guys) has helped us make the decision. A few quick questions for you to help with our plans. Have the trestles that were burned in the 2003 fire been repaired? To what extent? Do you have any personal favourite spots along the Carmi Subdivision route?Favourite time of year? Our tentative plan is Midway to Beaverdell day one Beaverdell to McCulloch Lake day 2 to Chute lake day3 to Penticton day 4 We are in fairly decent physical shape - do you think that this is a realistic plan? Thank you so much for your book, your time and your wealth of knowledge. Take Care Sharon

February 26, 2007
Some questions around KVR

Hi Dan and Sandra, - I hope that I got your email right…- As the last edition of your trailbook is already some years old, I wonder if you could answer some of my questions related to that wonderful railtrail. I come from Germany and me and my husband are planning to do the tour this year. We are kind of uncertain about the question whether the quality and the surface of the track has been further improved during the last couple of years: In your book some of the photos really look like bad roads. As we are planning to cycle with full equipment it won't be a problem to overcome such sections as long as they are not too long. Could you give me some feedback on that or let me know where I can get such updated information. Another concern is the question on how to get to the trailhead in Castlegar. Do you know if there is any other chance to go there - carrying our two bikes and all bags - than taking the plane? And the last question: Of course you have no idea of who we are so it is difficult to give a general answer: Do you think that the trail can be done by "normally" trained people or is it really hard? On a good surface a 80 - 90 km day trip with full baggage is not a problem for us but again we are not sure how much power the gravel surface will cost us. I would be very thankful to get your feedback. If there is anything else you think would be of interest for us I would appreciate your input a lot! Many thanks in advance and very warm regards to Canada, Margit from Frankfurt / Germany

February 12, 2007
Summerland ATV Jamboree free-for-all August 2007

if you're planning to peacefully cycle or hike, or even ride a horse along the KVR in August 2007, you might want to make different plans ... (8and tell the BC gov't about it). Apparently, the local Summerland ATV Jamboree - a group of hundreds of atv'ers plan to camp up in the rodeo grounds (near the KVR train station) and go for it from there. The local gov't is convinced that this fuel-burning, polluting "sport" event is a good thing for the town's economy. Guess they haven't checked out the latest popular trends in federal gov't programs lately.

February 7, 2007
Steve Webb

OK......I'm getting impatient.....any bets on when the Coquihalla will be ride-do-able. Anyone checked it out yet? Oh, and what shall we do with our 1st and 2nd editions? Steve Webb

January 27, 2007
Accommodation near Brookmere

A group of eight or nine will possibly be cycling through Brookmere this summer and we're looking for accusation other than camping, i.e.. lodge, cabins or B&B. If anyone has info that could help us out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luker

January 21, 2007
Danielle Gray
Merritt Subdivision

Hello out there! I am looking for information from anyone who has recently cycled the Merritt Subdivision in the past few years. I am hoping to travel from Brookmere to Merritt and from Merritt to Spences Bridge in August 2007. I am curious to know about getting permission from the various bands to cross the reserves along the Coldwater and Nicola Rivers- what it entails, how far ahead I should enquire and so on. I travelled from Princeton to Hope in 2004 and from Rock Creek to Penticton in 2005 and this past summer we cycled from Summerland to Coalmont--really enjoying trail use and greatly appreciate your website and guidebook! Thank you very much, looking forward to hearing from anyone Danielle

January 9, 2007
Danielle Gray
Merritt Subdivision -NK&S

Hello! Has anyone done the Merrit Subdivision lately? We did the Princeton-Hope a few years ago, and the downhill from Brookmere was great! I am curious about detouring the washout and getting permission to travese the Coldwater IR. We are hoping to go from Brookmere to Merritt and then down to Spence's Bridge on the NK&S. Anyone out there tried these routes lately? Anyone get permission from the various bands on crossing their right of way? If so, how far in advance should I arrange? I appreciate any info. Hoping to be on the trails this August. Thank you!

January 3, 2007
Chris Babcock
Duration of trip

Happy New Year. My brother and I are planning to do a bike trip from Hope to Castlegar on the KVR. I've bought the book and we're getting prepared. However, I would like to ask anyone who has done long did it take or how much time would you allot to do this trip? Thank you. Chris Babcock

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