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Hard core mountain bikers may scoff at the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR), an abandoned railway bed that winds through south central British Columbia between Midway and Hope. It is after all a typical railway bed with grades that never exceed 2.2 %. But even the most radical mountain biker will grip the handle bars a little tighter crossing trestles hanging precariously on the sides of Myra Canyon. With countless trestles and tunnels, and environs ranging from cool mountain forests to Canada's only pocket desert the 600 km route offers an endless diversity of experiences.

Abandoned railway corridors hold unparalleled opportunities as recreational trails, and the Kettle Valley Railway is no exception. This corridor is one of the most dynamic routes in Canada, with some truly impressive scenery and spectacular views. The easy grade in most sections makes it suitable for either casual family cycling or easy day riding. The 600 kilometres of travel routes make it challenging for the more adventuresome. Utilizing the numerous unique accommodations and camping facilities along this route allows for weekend or extended trips. Cycling this trail is truly a dynamic and challenging venture that unfolds over the expanse of place and time.

The British Columbia government in it's purchase of the Kettle Valley Railway corridor, voiced a strong commitment to preserve the railbed so that is can play a part in the future of British Columbia just as it did in it's past. Over many years, and with the coordinated efforts of numerous groups and individuals, the conversion of the abandoned Kettle Valley Railway to a multi-use corridor and inclusion in the Trans Canada Trail system is being realized.


Notice: We are updating our database of businesses and services along the trail. If you have a service or business along the trail or know of one that is not listed in the book or on this web site please let us know. We want to insure that everyone is included on this web site and in up coming edition's of Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

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Myra Canyon-After the Okanagan Mountain Fire

March 21, 2008
Trail is now open!
It has been over 4 years in the making, but we are very happy to report that the trestles have all been completed, and it is now possible to travel over the 12km route between Myra and Ruth trailheads. At the time of this writing, there is still, of course, snow on the route, but that will soon be gone. The trail will be re-surfaced once the frost has left the ground, and other finishing touches will be underway, so it will be necessary to watch out for these activities. Enjoy!
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society


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Kettle Valley Railway

[button]Carmi Subdivision - Midway to Penticton, 215 km

[button]Osoyoos Subdivision - Penticton to Osoyoos, 58.1 km

[button]Princeton Subdivision - Penticton to Brookmere, 174.9 km

[button]Merritt Subdivision - Brookmere to Merrit, 47.3 km

[button]Coquihalla Subdivision - Brookmere to Hope, 91.1 km

Connecting Railway Trails

[button]Columbia & Western Railway - Castlegar to Midway, 162.3 km

[button]Nelson & Fort Sheppard Railway - Salmo to Troop, 47.8 km

[button]Columbia & Kootenay Railway - South Slocan to Slocan, 50.4 km

[button]Nakusp & Slocan Railway - Three Forks to Nakusp, 56.6 km

[button]Nicola, Kamloops & Similkameen Railway - Nicola to Spences Bridge, 75.5 km

[button]Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway - Midway to Princeton

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