Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Map of the Kettle Valley Railway

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Map of the Kettle Valley Railway


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Topographical Maps

Topographical Maps of the entire route, in tif image format, and pdf, are avaliable from Natural Resources Canada at:     © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada

These maps may be of interest to those seeking more information on the topography of the area the trail goes though and may be useful in the initial planning of a trip to the area, but these maps will prove to be of little value once on the trail as compared to those in the book.

Direct links to the maps covering the Kettle Valley Railway are provided below. Each map is approximately 10 - 40 mb in size.
The abandoned railway trail is shown on these topomaps as an active railway as shown in the example below.
(Caution: The few active railways shown on these maps are also shown with the same line.)

Kettle Valley Railway
92 H Hope    82 E Penticton

C&W Railway
82 E Penticton    82 F Nelson

NK&S Railway
92 H Hope    92 I Ashcroft

N&FS and C&K Railway
82 F Nelson

N&RS Railway
82 F Nelson    82 K Lardeau

VV&E Railway
92 H Hope    82 E Penticton

Midway to Penticton
82 E/2 Greenwood    82 E/3 Osoyoos    82 E/6 Beaverdell    82 E/11 Wilkinson Creek    82 E/14 Kelowna    82 E/12 Summerland    82 E/5 Penticton    82 E/4 Keremeos

Penticton to Princeton
82 E/12 Summerland    92 H/9 Bandeir    92 H/8 Hedley    92 H/7 Princeton

Princeton to Brookmere
92 H/7 Princeton    92 H/10 Tulameen    92 H/15 Aspen Grove

Brookmere to Merritt
92 H/15 Aspen Grove    92 I/2 Merritt

Brookmere to Hope
92 H/15 Aspen Grove    92 H/14 Boston Bar    92 H/11 Spuzzum    92 H/6 Hope

C&W Railway
82 F/5 Castlegar    82 E/8 Deer Park    82 E/1 Grand Forks    82E/2 Greenwood

NK&S Railway
92 I/2 Merritt    92 I/3 Prospect Creek    92 I/6 Spences Bridge

N&FS Railway
82 F/3 Salmo    82 F/6 Nelson    82 F/11 Kokanee Peak

C&K Railway
82 F/5 Castlegar    82 F/12 Passmore    82 F/14 Slocan

N&S Railway  
82 F/14 Slocan    82 K/3 Rosebery    82 K/4 Nakusp

VV&E Railway
92 H/7 Princeton    92 H/8 Hedley    92 H/1 Ashnola River    82 E/4 Keremeos    82 E/3 Osoyoos    82 E/2 Greenwood

The map files can be used in such programs as Oziexplorer, GPS Trackmaker, GPSMapEdit, Global Mapper and others.


GPS Trackmaker


Global Mapper. Great for changing file formats and projections.





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