Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Merritt Subdivision

Brookmere to Merritt, 47.3 km

Trail Updates

Changes since the 1st edition are shown in black 12.8
Changes since the 2nd edition are shown in red 14.6


5.4 Washout - Thirty metres of the railbed has been swept off the face of the mountain. A trail cuts up and through the trees and around the missing railbed.

6.4 Brodie - To access Brodie from the Coquihalla highway, exit at Exit 250, drive South 2 km on Brodie Siding Road. (Rick Sewell, August 22, 1999)

25.9 Major Washout - 180 metres of railbed has been washed away by the Coldwater River. This is a difficult washout to get through with a bike. High water levels may make it impossible.

32.6 - 39.2 Coldwater Indian Reserve - When the B.C. government purchased the right of way from the CPR it gave the Indian Reserve that part of the right off way that bisected their land. The Chief of the Coldwater Indian Reserve is not allowing anyone to travel on the railbed through the Coldwater Reserve. Presently this requires a detour on to the Coldwater Road from Pine (km 28.4) to Merritt (km 47.3).

40.4 Coldwater River Bridge - Washout - Coldwater River has cut a new channel south of the bridge instead of going under the bridge, taking out the railbed. The south abutment is now left standing about 100 metres from the end of the railbed. The water is just above knee deep.

42.3 The northern approach the the bridge has been washed out. The river can be forded at low stream levels.

43.1 A small access road from Coldwater road connects with the KVR. This is the only access point between Merritt and the Coldwater Indian Reserve boundary.

47.3 Merritt

Thanks to John White, Robin McKinney, Brad Hagen & Rick Sewell for their updates on this section of the trail.

If you know of any trail problems sent me a note.



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