Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Princeton Subdivison

Pentiction to Brookmere, 174.4 km

Trail Updates

Changes since the 1st edition are shown in black 12.8
Changes since the 2nd edition are shown in red 14.6 km

Vermilion Trails Society

0.0 Penticton

11.3 - The Summerland Agricultural Research Station is now labeled  the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre. They do not do regular tours of the main facility anymore. The tourist attraction lies at the Summerland Ornamental Gardens (the research garden is run by a non-profit society) which  has created an interpretive centre in the historical Superintendent’s House. Admission is by donation. (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

11.7 - The Trout Creek bridge is the highest bridge on the original Kettle Valley Line and the third largest of its type in North America.  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

12.3 -  Cyclists do walk across the Trout Creek bridge but many prefer not to subject their bikes to the ties (nor are really crazy about walking 73 metres over the Trout Creek Canyon!) and seek an alternate route (9.8, pg. 109) I’m not sure how well-marked this access road is but this would be one way of skirting the bridge and heading down to the highway. Therefore this requires directions as to how to get to the Canyon View Steam Train siding from Highway 97.  Leave Highway 97 at Johnson Street west (left at traffic lights) and head west to Fir Avenue (actually street becomes Fir at corner),  north (right) on Fir which as you climb becomes Gartrell Road; after a fair distance, take  a left hand turn (south) on to Happy Valley Road.  At a corner turning west again, Happy Valley Road becomes Hilborn Street and from Hilborn, another left (south again) is made at Canyon View Road. This road meets up with the southern terminus of the Kettle Valley Steam Railway.
 “An even better idea is to take the train from Canyon View Siding (NOT Summerland Station) to Prairie Valley Station then cycle the road to Faulder....” Hikers and cyclists may board the Steam Train at Canyon View or coming from the other end, at Prairie Valley as well. 2000 fares are $7 and $2 for freight.  Reservations should be made so room may be saved for extra passengers and bikes. (1-877-494-8424, toll-free within BC)
 Just before Victoria Road South intersects with Simpson Road is the site of the original station, West Summerland. Although there is still (1999) a coach, a few other cars, speeders and the locomotive shed at the West Summerland site, the Steam Train operations are now run from the Prairie Valley Station. (We are presently starting the work on a locomotive shed at the Prairie Valley Station.)  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

15.3 - Summerland Station  ... Presently (1999) the Steam Train, now run by a new society (the Kettle Valley Railway Society) makes regular runs between the  Prairie Valley Station and  the Canyon View Siding. (Using 10 km of track; 6 more are in place to Faulder)  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

 ...  (pg. 115) and east on to Bathfield Road (presently the road sign says BathVILLE then follow the signs to Faulder. This corner is confusing and probably the most identifiable sign says PRINCETON . (I understand that this road is to be called the Princeton-Summerland Road but this sign is not at that corner nor is a sign for Highway 40. No one around here calls it Highway 40!) It has locally always been called Fish Lake Road but this sign is gone as well. So cyclists should be cautioned to veer RIGHT at this fork unless they would like to visit the Prairie Valley Station of the KVR. There is a  new station building at Prairie Valley which opened in May with the start of the 1999 season. It has a concession, gift shop and offices.  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

20.6 - There is no indication that this is the Summerland Dump Road. There is a huge white sign with “Landfill” on it at the corner of Doherty and Prairie Valley Road however.  From Prairie Valley Road, turn right onto Doherty Ave. and then left on Bathville Road (Bathfield) and the Kettle Valley Railway’s Prairie Valley Station is at 18404 Bathville.  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

20.7 - “From the Prairie Valley Station, take Bathville Road back to the road to Princeton and turn west (left) to Faulder. “  There is no station at Faulder. The actual stop still has the section house there and it has been renovated into a private residence.  There is a junction of roads near the end of the tracks : the “Princeton-Summerland Road” continues up the hill to Princeton; Fish Lake Road goes east (right) to Darke (Fish) Lake and Kettle Place, a new addition, runs west (left). This short road runs to the end of the track and the empty railbed heads out along Trout Creek.  (April 1, 2000 Sherril Foster, KVSR, Admin Assistant )

25.5 Faulder
A new campground backing Trout Creek.
Alison Drummond, RR#3 Site 43A Comp 90, Summerland, B.C., V0H 1Z0
(250) 494-9035 (Sept. 23 & Oct. 25, 1999, Alison Drummond)

Crossing Trout Creek

37.7 Trout Creek - 58 metre bridge has been replaced.

38.3, 40.4 The text under 40.4 and and campground symbol should be under 38.3 in the second edition. The campground is just down the road where the KVR crosses the road at 38.3.

53.8 Highway 40 jumps onto to original KVR grade for the next 2.3 km.

56.1 Highway 40 departs KVR.

65.0 Osprey Lake Retreat
We offer anything from water to those passing through to a full dinner or breakfast. We also have camping sites available with full shower facilities for $25 night.

66.7 Bankier

3 Lakes General Store ( TeePee Lakes store)
It has been permanently closed since 2014

The B&B formerly known as Roxy's has been reopened. It is now called Birds of a Feather
Phone 250 295-7676 or email for reservations.

109.4 Princeton Castle Resort

113.4 Princeton Station
Princeton Acommodations
Backroads Bike Shop, 308 Bridge St., Princeton

132.1 Coalmont - A restaurant has recently opened at the Coalmont Hotel and offers wonderful home-baked food. It is currently open 7 days a week but she is thinking of closing for one day a week. (Aug. 1998, Tara Alexander)

Goldpan Inn Lodge and rustic cabins on the shore of the Tulameen River. (250) 295-3366

Backroads Bike Shop, 5th & Nicola, Tulameen


Thanks to Jim at Backroads Bike Shop for the update on this section of the trail.


Copper Mountain Subdivision

Princeton to Copper Mountain, 21.4 km

km 9.6 The site of the Allenby concentrator mill has been bulldozed.

Thanks to Alan Enns for the update on this section of the trail.

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