Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway

Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway

Midway to Princeton, 218.5 km

Trail Updates

Changes since the 1st edition are shown in black 12.8
Changes since the 2nd edition are shown in red 14.6







Bridge at 21.1 km

28.1 Rail bed in good shape. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

35.5 Missing Trestle. Road and cow trail to south of bed to detour around missing trestle. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

36.4 Lot of dead falls on the bed for the next 1.5km. Much walking and climbing required. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

37.9 to 46.2 The rail bed is in very rough shape. Detour to a small road (Molson Rd.?) that follows Baker Creek along the bottom of the valley until it meets up with the rail bed at 37.9. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

41.3 Bridesville

46.2 to 46.7 Posted No Trespassing. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

49.3 Molson

49.3 Road is in good shape. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

67.3 Lots of No Trespassing signs.Follow Nine Mile Road to highway and then highway into Oroville. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

87.7 Oroville - Camping

87.7 Rail bed access beside post office. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

90.4 Trestle, decked and in good shape. The trestle is gated and marked "No Trespassing" with the organization name of "Okanogan P.U.D." Later we were told that we should have got permission and a key from the Okanogan Public Utility District which apparently uses the rail bed as a service road. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

94.1 Bridge, in good shape. Beside this bridge the Similkameen River is dammed. We were told this is what the utility company uses the rail bed to access. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

95.7 Tunnel, 0.6km long, wet inside but passable. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

105.8 Very tall fence and gate with many padlocks on it. We were able to get around it by detouring a little into ranchers land for about 100m. If we had got permission, probably one of the keys would have got us through the gate. Getting bikes and people over this fence would have been very difficult. (Craig Hunt, Sept. 99)

218.5 Princeton - Camping


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