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Last Message - January 20, 2018

January 20, 2018
Byron Eady
small group planning travel  for summer trip on the KVR from Castlegar to Kelowna

Hi As a small group, we are planning a trip on the KVR in summer of 2018, but see no activities on the website since May 2015. We are wondering if there are any other websites that we can peruse for condition of the local sections from Castlegar to the Kelowna area. Thank you Byron

May 9, 2015
Sandra Mendenhall
Myra Canyon


Hi, three of us are planning on cycling 40kms from Myra Canyon (km point 135.3) to Chute Lake Station (km point 171.4) on Saturday, May 16th. 
We plan on backtracking to the campsite at Bellevue Creek (km point 155.2) and returning to Myra Canyon on Monday, May 18th. A few questions for experienced KVR riders: 
I've tried to call the MFLNR Trails Specialist - no response. Can anybody please tell me whether this unstable section has been stabilized since October 2014? 
Thanks so much for any help you can supply!

March 15, 2015
Help in planning for the Midway to Penticton ride.

I am just starting to plan my trip from Midway to Penticton. We are new to Mountain biking and are 50ish in age. I just started my training a week ago and am up to 8 kms per day. Hopefully by June I will easily be able to do the 40 kms a day the group is aiming for. We are seeking advice on where to camp or what cabins we could rent between Midway and Penticton. I am looking forward to this great adventure and would appreciate any advice you can offer. Are the trails muddy in June? What are the main things to pack? Where are the best spots to stay overnight? Please help if you can.
Thanking you in advance,

February 16, 2015
Megan Gray
Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo 2015

Hello Dan!

I am e-mailing you to tell you about Tri 1 Events upcoming event taking place along the historic Kettle Valley Railway this October; the Annual Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo. This will be our second year and it is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever! The event will begin in Penticton and end in Kelowna, with an after party where our cyclists can celebrate their day of riding.

I'm hoping you would be interested in posting about the event on your website Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway, and maybe even attending the event? I would be happy to send you more information or photos to accompany your post. You and Sandra are such champions for the Kettle Valley Railway (I happen to have your book right in front of me!) and we would love to have you both as a part of the event somehow.

Thank you, please let me know if you need any more information or have any questions about the event!

KETTLE METTLE - a Historic Gran Fondo Event

February 16th 2015 – Tri 1 Events has announced the second year of its annual Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo, set for October 3rd, 2015.

A fun and challenging ride, the Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo is proving to be a rewarding experience to all who participate. Surrounded by miles of orchards and wineries, and offering stunning views of the surrounding area from high atop the old railway trestles, you won’t find a ride quite like this anywhere else.

In 1915 the Kettle Valley Railroad was opened and business in the Southern interior region of British Columbia was booming; silver had been discovered, and men and women flocked to the Southern interior with dreams of settling down in striking it rich in a new land. In 2015, people still flock to the Kettle Valley Railway; hikers and cyclists looking for adventure and a chance to be a part of historic British Columbia.

Beginning in Penticton, the Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo takes riders through the trails once ridden by railway cars, carrying freight as well as passengers to their new beginning. Our cyclists will ride over the Myra Canyon trestles with its breathtaking views to reach their final destination in Kelowna.

The race will begin at 8:00am on October 3rd, with a maximum finish time of 4:30pm. Following the race there will be an after party event in Kelowna where racers can relax and celebrate.

Race categories include cyclecross, mountain bike and classic (bicycle at least 20 years or older). You can also register as an individual, or a team of two or four. Racers receive a custom designed t-shirt, a pair of souvenir cycling socks, a beer ticket and more!

More information and registration is available on our website: Connect with us on Facebook: and Twitter:

Megan Gray
Director of Marketing
(778) 908-8877
Kettle Mettle 2015

January 23, 2015
Debra Martinez

Offering accommodation at the KVR summit 1 km west of McCulloch Lake at the McCulloch Meadows Ranch. Rustic Log Cabin located on trail.   250-491-3106

January 09, 2015
Bill Chalk
Cycling the KVR, Carmi subdivision, info and pictures

This web presentation of our ride is from 2008, but I recently recreated it on a different website.

November 1, 2014
Beaverdell accommodations

Tenting and rooms by the creek right in or Ph.250-484-5532

October 29, 2014
Osprey Lake info

Hi Dan
My husband and I recently purchased Osprey Lake Retreat B&B. We are located right on the lake adjacent to the KVR. Our link is and phone # 250-295-6166. I also wanted to let you know that the store/restaurant here has closed and is for sale. I have put a link to your website on my website. Shauna

October 17, 2014

Al "Shooter" Moir
Christina Lake to Castlegar Trail ?
Fellow cycling enthusiasts: does anyone have any recent information on the trail from Christina Lake to Castlegar .......condition; any accoms along the way; distance Our Mancation group has cycled the Midway to Penticton and the Tulameen to Osoyoos spurs in past years but now it's time to tackle the Christina L to Castlegar leg if that is even doable.........?
Cheers everyone......Shooter

October 16, 2014
Robin and Louise
Dear Dan, my wife and I just spent a couple of marvellous days walking and biking along the KVR in both directions from Naramata. We loved it and were just appreciating the easy biking conditions when we hit the first tunnel…and found it paved for about 150 metres. It almost broke the spell! One of the great joys was to be off the pavement and still on a surface that is at once natural and bike-able. Hoping there is a technical reason for the pavement in that particular spot but please don’t let them do more!

Coincidentally, a day or two after we returned to Ottawa we got a call from the Trans Canada Trail crew asking for another donation…with the experience of the previous week in mind we gladly threw another $100 in the pot. Maybe the funds will go to buying more small gravel to smooth out the rough road beyond the tunnel. Great Project Dan and thanks for this marvellous tourist attraction from a pair of delicate older folk who found it so easy to travel.

Sept 4, 2014
Bill Chalk
Columbia & Western Railway trail  & KVR Midway to Merritt
This is really about the Columbia & Western Railway trail which eight of us rode (Castlegar to Midway) Aug 13 - 15, 2014 having done Midway to Penticton previously in 2008 and Penticton to Merritt in 2012. I've put lots of information, maps and pictures on three websites which are interlinked, the latest for the C&W being

August 19, 2014
Castlegar to Penticton Aug 8 to 13, 2014
My son and I cycled the C&W and KVR from Castlegar to Penticton, we will remember this trip for many years to come, fantastic from start to finish!
Although we both are avid cyclists, this was our first overnight trip. Hours of internet research and "Cycling the KVR" by Dan and Sandra helped us prepare and I can honestly say we were. The book (KVR bible) although a bit outdated was a fabulous resource and the only things missing were trail improvements, some wash-outs and slides are no longer there, and at no time did it fall short on information (in other words, the trail is even better than what the book says).
What I found most difficult was determining some trip expectations before going, I read everything from "omg, if you don't have a full suspension bike don't event think of going", to "my eight year old and I did the whole trip in record time". With that said, here are some details of our experience with the hopes that it may help someone make some decisions (in a nut shell, just do it!)
Bikes: Hard tail, 29" mountain bikes with 2" tires (mine is a full suspension but it was locked out most of the way), I had front and rear Panniers, Cody had rear only. (front and rear is better).
Trail surface: everything from a short paved section to loose sand, to tall grass, to logging road, to rocky surface, and everything in between. No matter how sandy or rocky the trail section, there always seemed to be a single track to ride in that was acceptable, just be ready to switch from one track to the other (the trail is double track most of the way, much like an ATV trail), rocks up to 2" in dia. posed a challenge sometimes when switching from one track to the other. The section around Chute Lake was the most difficult part in my opinion. The trail can be ridden at all times, we averaged 10 kph uphill, 15 kph on flat and 20-25 kph down hill (with 30-40 lbs of gear each). The detour around the exposed tunnel/highway crossing at Greenwood was the longest walk, I don't think we pushed our bikes for more than 20 feet at any given obstacle (wash out, slide, etc). Did I mention the gates? gate after gate after gate... as annoying and ineffective as they were, I understand why they are there, it is what it is. The 2% grade made the steepest climb easily manageable, but get ready for a long uphill (40 km or more)
We carried 3 liters of water each and a water filter/purifier, we took creek water twice as water stops are a bit scarce along the way, but we never ran out of water. We also "enjoyed" three de-hydrate meals due to long distances between food stops, but we never ran out of food. By the way, McCulloch resort is still closed. 
Cell phone reception is sketchy at best, two days without cell phones... heaven!
We travelled for six days, the plan was for 65 km/day, shortest day was 40km and longest was 92km, stayed at a hotel one night, campground 2 nights and side of the trail in the middle of nowhere twice (finding a flat area for a tent was difficult in some areas but the back country spots are awesome when you do find one). Many out-houses along the way made "rest" stops more comfortable but bring your own toilet paper.
The wildlife was outstanding, numerous deer, grouse, turkey, moose, quail, squirrels, chipmunks, birds I don't see here in Alberta, garter snakes, etc.
We did not see any bears but we could tell we were in bear country, we are both experienced outdoorsmen and were "Bear Aware" at all times. We took the necessary precautions with our food and carried bear spray, just in case.
We enjoyed the tunnels, trestles, museums, cycling, camping, wildlife, history, scenery, weather, restaurants, people along the way, can wait to do it again. Castlegar to Hope next summer!
I would gladly share more specific information with anyone planning a trip, just email me.

July 29 , 2014

Update onTrestle #3,Fellow Bikers of the C&W-KVR

  This is going to be an inactive summer for myself making other six-seven day rides on the hundred year old rail trails between Castlegar-Merritt-Kamloops. I could blame my neighbour's weeds, my aged relatives needing comfort and attention, or my many delayed home projects that I'm daily tripping over. So, help me out, will you.

Tell us about your bike trip plans this summer. Have you just completed a multi-day C&W, or KVR ride; or do you plan to this summer?
We first started our rides with two cars; then switched to Greyhounding to the eastern starting point and biking back home in the West.
What's your favourite transport plan in use?

We also believe in travelling self-contained with sleeping gear, small pup tent, clothes, tools, and pre-cooked measured meals frozen in ziplock packs in aluminum foil and a garbage bag of ice cubes. This shady side pannier storage has always been good for a week; even if you eat out occasionally and shower too. Remember, hotels burn down/change ownership,or are spread too far apart every night that you're looking for one. Have you ever biked into town on a friday night, just before a marathon start?

What trip experiences are certain to keep you returning for more positive biking memories?

Be well prepared, Keep your eyes open, ask questions, and enjoy each day biking on the trail.

Share any concerns or suggestions with us, while you were biking the C&W-KVR.

My favourite experience is always day one from Castlegar, up the west shore of Lower Arrow Lake, and then the downhill into Grand Forks.
Tied with day one, is the last day, heading north from Merritt. This is because of the PetroCanada breakfasts at the junction of Highway #5-#5A offers free refills of 7-UP, the smell of freshly cut hay/clover, all of the valley's lakes beside you, and home is next!!

What's your strongest trip memory?

            Art Hatch

July 22, 2014
Senior Riders

We're a couple of seniors with mediocre riding skills - 50km a day folk!  Is there someone who can advise us about the Kettle Valley Trail that has cycled it recently?  What condition is the trail in?  We've ridden the 'rail to trail' near us and in places it has terrible "washboard" surface and is really hard on riders like us - we need to know before we head out.  We would appreciate connecting with someone who has ridden the trail. 

We are also interested in suggested stopping places; overnight possibilities; weather issues...  all the essentials!
Thank you,
Jill Gingrich

May 29 , 2013
Update onTrestle #3, Damaged during freshet 2013

check the website: for updates on damaged trestle #3, which is currently un-passable. The Society is building a by-pass around Trestle#3, which should be completed by mid July 2013

Photos: Dave Jaggard

April 30, 2013
Randy Millis
Myra Canyon Updates 

April 30, 2013 Trestle and Trail Inspection A trestle and trail inspection was carried out by the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society and BC Parks on April 29, 2013. The inspection only covered about half of the Myra Canyon as there is still 1-2 feet of snow in the rock cuts and that limited access. In the area inspected the trail is passable and the trestles in good shape. There will still be snow on the trail in sheltered areas such as the rock cuts until at least mid-May

April 29, 2013 Trestle 3 Reconstruction Timeframes We anticipate reconstruction of Trestle 3 to proceed throughout the summer and into the fall. When weather permits, the feasibility of a bypass route around trestle 3 will be looked into. Currently, the only bypass route is around the entire Myra Canyon along a forestry road. It is only recommended for experienced cyclists and we are unaware of present conditions. Keep checking this website for further updates

April 12, 2013 Trestle 3 closed - remainder of trail open As of April 12, 2013 - Trestle 3 in Myra Canyon has been damaged as a result of a rockslide and will be closed until further notice. The trail is impassable at trestle 3. The remainder of the Myra Canyon Trail is open to the public. Trestles 18 to 4 can be accessed from the Myra Station parking lot. Trestles 1 and 2 can be accessed from the Ruth Station parking lot. Photo courtesy Rolf von Andrian

April 10, 2013 WARNING BC Parks have closed the Myra Canyon Trail
BC Parks have closed the Myra Canyon Trail between Myra and Ruth until further notice. There has been significant damage to Trestle 3 from a rockfall rendering it unsafe, and the rock face requires evaluation for stability. Geotechnical and Engineering specialists are being brought in to evaluate the situation. Additional updates will be given on the website as information becomes available.

More updates on Myra Canyon and Trestle 3 damage will be updated on our website. Randy Millis Director Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

November 5, 2012
Jim Cooperman
KVR cycle video
Images and clips from our glorious mountain bike tour along the scenic Kettle Valley Railway Trail across both the original and restored trestles in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park near Kelowna on October 5, 2012. Thanks to Jesse Clarke for the soundtrack, an instrumental version of his song, "Empty Pockets." Learn more about the KVR trails at and  A Shuswap Passion production by Jim Cooperman (see

September 9, 2012
Randy Millis

Peachland forest fire causing high vehicle traffic on trail

Tonight a wild fire is burning in Peachland ( and the police had highway 97 closed between West Kelowna and Penticton off and on since about 6 pm. The highway reopened 8:30 pm.
We ventured up from lakeshore road toward Chute Lake and turned back just before Lebanon Lake on the KVR. The roads and trail were really churned up by HEAVY vehicle traffic. It was literally pandemonium with dozen of vehicles travelling each way using the trail to bypass the closed high  way.

August 17, 2012
Updates from recent trips

I've got a copy of the 2nd edition and have found it motivating and useful, thank you. In 2003, (right before the trestles burnt) I rode Midway to Osoyoos solo and it was an amazing trip. I am grateful to you for the inspiration.

Now I have a 6 year old and in July 2012 She rode with my husband and I, as well as her aunt and cousins from Myra Canyon to Chute Lake and the next day down to Penticton. The updated signage and trail support here is enthusiastic and effective. Because of the new popularity, it is no longer recommended to leave your vehicle at Myra Canyon parking due to break-ins. However there are several tour businesses that cater to cyclists that should be able to help one out. All the ATV and vehicular traffic were respectful but I am astounded that we saw vehicles on the trail regularly the whole way. We were riding over the weekend so I would recommend a weekday trip to avoid the traffic. One particular individual had left their car running inside the Little Tunnel and the resulting air quality in that lovely cool haven was terrible. The KVR is so unique and special in BC; where else can you ride safely away from pollution and danger of motorized traffic on accessible flatter routes? We found that although drivers were generally respectful, their presence affected the quality of the ride as we had to pull over often. This is such a change from my 2003 ride that I am highly disappointed in such a grand display of motorized vehicle access to the KVR.

In August 2012 My husband and I rode from Faulder to Merritt. At Faulder the trail is in excellent shape for 10K: kudos and gratitude to the equestrian folks who maintain the trail here.
After that, it falls apart quite drastically and the trail to Osprey Lake is intermittent heavy sand as the ATV population have free access to the KVR. We found it very difficult pedaling with loaded bikes.

Osprey Lakes to Jura Station: The ATV population has free access to the trail and it is very chewed up. It was sometimes difficult pedaling downhill to make it through the sand. At Siwash Creek where the 2nd edition reports the trail being very chewed up was actually a little better than the rest of the section and I found myself hoping that the presence of equestion population on the trail limits the ATV usage. The location of the "backcountry" (actually vehicle access) campsite at Link Lakes is on the west side of the lake, not the south as the map indicates and is easily bicycle accessed from Bankier, whereas it is a very hilly approach from the south side of the lake.

Jura to Princeton: No gates to open, but perhaps this changes seasonally. Lots of polite farm ATV usage. Trail firm, beautiful views. Pavement from lumber mill to after Princeton.

Princeton to 3rd bridge: ATV usage is strong here with many below the driving age using as an access route to Tulameen but the trail is firm. Beware of ATV's in Parr tunnel as they are not looking out for cyclists and enjoy the thrill of speed in the unlit tunnel.

Excellent rough camping spot at 128.4k bridge.

Coalmont Hotel is no longer a hotel but a pub. There is a quaint motel across the road with informative hosts.

From Coalmont to Tulameen the trail is still firm in areas but very high ATV usage.

Tulameen has a grocery store with little in the way of groceries, an ice cream cooler with no ice cream, a restaurant with nothing available from the menu but was serving burgers on the weekend. They seem to do a fine business in liquor sales and also have a thriving ATV dealership. There will likely be limited supplies here for you in a pinch, but recommend you are fully stocked with what you need from Princeton.

From Tulameen to Aspen Grove Stage Road we found the trail is relatively firm and quiet with polite farm use ATVs. From Aspen Grove Stage Road to Brookmere the road is generally firm with lots of washboard. There is a washout partway along that now limits vehicular traffic (no plan to repair it but simple to cross for loaded bikes) but there is still some car use beyond the washout. Burt Sharkeys is no longer in business. Coley Creek Lodge no longer seems to be a going concern. Recommend phoning in advance if you are looking for a place to stay. Local residents call these 2 places "Flea bag motels" but said we could pitch our tent at the Thynne parking lot. Recommend asking to meet Barrie Sanford, the author of McCullough's Wonder while you are in Brookmere. Don't know his number but everyone knows who he is. He's got a new book out now too for rail enthusiasts.

From Brookmere to Brodie Loop the grade is generally firm. The washout at 5.4 is tricky with loaded bikes but possible.

From Brodie Loop to Coldwater Exit is pretty but noisy, as you say, from the highway. Wish we had stopped for a swim!

Approaching Kingsvale the last 100m or so of trail is obliterated and gated with a no trespassing sign by an acreage owner and the signed road access is recommended. I.e. no need to ride up to the signed gate and back again. ;-)

At Kingsvale more information is needed to clearly access the trail. Follow the Coldwater Road past the intersection and ride several meters but not all the way up the hill. Turn left into an old driveway and push your bikes back up to the rail grade as the drive curves to the right, through the aspens growing on the banks of the grade. From Kingsvale there are several kilometers of beautiful quiet firm trail along the Coldwater River. We only had to open one gate... twice. The first time we opened it we were headed confidently toward the washout at 25.9k. The washout is now impassable with bikes and sketchy without. We doubled back and ascended steeply on the local paved road to access Coldwater Road.

Thank you Dan and Sandra, for helping and inspiring us on fabulous adventures this summer and for the educational value of your work. Reading this over, I feel the timbre of my report sings quite negatively about trail conditions, and I'm sorry about that. I'm even more sorry that ATV usage is co-opting the KVR and making it unusable for non-motorized traffic. My husband and I consider ourselves generally athletic and skilled on our bikes. We commute on our bikes, we do downhill and xc mtn biking as well. We have adventurous spirits. I wouldn't take an enemy on that stretch between Faulder and Osprey lakes; it was much more difficult than I ever imagined. Bikes, horses, hikers, farmers et al can easily and safely share the KVR. ATV's are ruining it for all other users. It's to the point now where it isn't safe for any of us, including all the unhelmeted youth we saw ripping along on their multiple horse powered toys.

I am certain that unless ATV's are legislated off the KVR and infrastructure placed to prevent access, your books, as well as bicycling, will become another bit of history on the Kettle Valley Railway.

Best Wishes, Brenda

Aug 7, 2012
Biking the KVR with a baby in Chariot?

My husband and I are thinking of riding the KVR later this month with our 6 month old in a Chariot and wondering if anyone has any advice for which sections to definitely do, or to definitely avoid. She traveled well this past weekend on the C&W railgrade, closer to our home in Nelson, and so we were hoping to do a longer trip, a week or so later this month. Any thoughts/advice you might have would be most appreciated!

Aug 3, 2012
Bill Chalk

For anyone interested in the KVR trail between Penticton and Merritt, I’ve made a webpage with pictures and info on a ride we did in June 2012.

June 25 2012
camping between Summerland & Osprey Lake

hi Trying to sort out a trip for the summer. Can anyone confirm that the forestry campsite at Thirsk Lake is shut down? Anyone know of any camping between Summerland and Osprey Lake? many thanks Robin

June 24, 2012
Bill Chalk
June 2012 Penticton to Merritt

Ten of us just cycled Penticton to Merritt, June 17 - 20, 2012. Age range of the riders is 50 - 75. Mostly mountain bikes with 2 inch plus tires but a couple of cyclecross bikes with 1.25 inch tires. Our average speed was only 8 k.p.h. (including stops). This is slower than our previous trip from Midway to Penticton, but the Transcanada Trail west of Penticton in general is a slower trail. It lacks any hard packed "wheelrut" areas where you can pick up speed. Instead, much of it has been graded with deep gravel and also it appears to be churned up more from ATV users (we saw many) so it requires more concentration to ride, so lower your expectations for distance/time travelled each day. Once we were off the Transcanada Trail portion on the Merritt spurline the trail was more natural and resembled much of the trail between Midway and Penticton, so we were able to pickup speed, but the trail ends at a major landslide on the Coldwater River about 25 km south of Merritt requiring a major climb using Peterson Road up to Coldwater River Road but we would have been stopped at the Coldwater Indian Reserve boundary anyways so it's only a few additional kilometers of road riding. I can't comment on the condition of the Brodie loop because to shorten our day from Tulameen to Merritt we took the paved road from Brookmere to where the railline recrosses the road at about 12 km from Brookmere. The road is a few kilometers shorter and a lot faster because it's a steep downhill. There were no real issues other than the slow pace on the sloppy trail surface. All landslides have fairly easy detours. A small creek in the Otter Creek valley north of Tulameen had burst its banks over the trail but was not much of a problem. We saw lots of bear scat but only one actual bear and that was out in the open range land on the Jura loops. There were lots of cows, some on the trail, and a number of cattle guards. One highlight of the trip was getting picked up at the Trout Creek trestle by the Kettle Valley Railway steam train, loading our bikes onto the train and being shuttled six or seven kilometers to their main Prairie Creek station. Easier than riding the hilly detour on paved roads through Summerland.

June 23, 2012
Bob & Sylvia Kaytor
Mile Zero Motel

We are the Mile Zero Motel located at the commencement of the Kettle Valley Railway, hence the name "Mile Zero". I'm wondering if you would be so kind as to include us in your web page. Our information is as follows:

Mile Zero Motel
622 Palmerston Avenue
P.O. Box 269 Midway, B.C.
V0H 1M0

Phone 250-449-2828
Fax 250-449-2829
E-mail or
Web Site: Mile Zero

We are BC Tourism Approved Accommodation and may be found at listed under "Midway". We have adequate space at the motel to offer free parking to our guests while they are cycling the trail.

June 23, 2012
KRV report June Springs Road to Bellevue Creek Trestle / Chute lake Road Washout

Hello Dan,

The washout on the access road I reported previously has been repaired. I spoke to Doreen Reed at Chute Lake Resort and she said it's been fixed for quite a while now and she was anticipating her first group of cycling guests this evening.

The track was gravelly, potholed and bumpy with a few small puddles from the access road from Kelowna (Upper Mission) to the Resort. It's certainly not a paved bike path but quite rideable.

From the Chute Lake to Naramata (Arawana Road, really as far as you can drive a vehicle) the trail was very smooth overall with only a few rough or sandy spots.

I got delayed in riding the track myself, but hope to do so in coming weeks and will try and report how the ride feels from the saddle with my BOB trailer. Take care.

June 20, 2012
Info Request: Penticton to Beaverdell on FS roads

I'm looking for info/directions for mountain biking from Beaverdell to Penticton over the old logging roads that run west from Beaverdell.
We intend to do a loop that would return us to Beaverdell via Chute and McCulough Lakes following the KVR.

Any info, directions, GPS track and/or waypoints would be greatly appreciated. Please email replies to


May 16, 2012
Columbia & Western Rail Trail Washout at Brooklyn Creek

There has been a major washout on the trail between Castlegar and Christina Lake. There are more details at the Columbia and Western Facebook page.

May 15, 20012

McCulloch Meadows Ranch
We are the small hay ranch located 1 km west of McCulloch Lake on the KVR Trail. We have seen a substantial increase yearly to the traffic on this trail and hear the same complaint regarding lack of accommodations. We have been happy to help out when we can and have met some wonderful people in the process. The Forestry camp is certainly available but unfortunately the clientele has been more and more orientated towards ATV,s and dirt biking which are not always the experience the cyclists are looking for. We do have spots suited for camping. An outhouse and running water are available. There is also our guest cottage for visitors ..... rustic log with a woodstove, cooking facilities , queen bed, etc.
McCulloch Meadows Ranch 250-491-3975

May 13, 2012
Randy Millis
KVR report June Springs Road to Bellevue Creek Trestle / Chute lake Road Washout

Took our Jeep for a little drive today from: June Springs Road to Bellevue Creek Trestle. Trail was in very good shape. Few bigger puddles here and there and two partial washouts that could be walked around with bicycle (drove Jeep Liberty through them).

Two cyclists from the UK reposted the tail in good condition from McCullough to Bellevue Creek Trestle.

The gravel road that leads to Chute lake resort is washed out at 3.5 KM from the paved Chute Lake Road turnoff, and impassable to all 4 wheel vehicles with smaller wheels and significant ground clearance (we were not trying in our stock Jeep Liberty). Trucks with large tires (32 inch), high ground clearance, motorcycles or owners willing to bash up their vehicles on the rocks did make it through.

Reports from others in vehicles were that the trail was generally in good shape for driving from Naramata back to this washout.

May 12, 2012
Motorized vehicles

I biked the KVR from Osoyoos to Midway the year before the fire. The year of the fire I was biking from Merritt to OK falls. I don't remember where but we reached a part of that trail that was sand and rock 6 inches deep. The reason? The week before there was a motocross race or whatever you call it and is chewed up the trail. We wound up having to push our bikes for over an hour because there was no way down and no way out. Motorized vehicles have no place on the KVR.
What can we do to prevent this?
I am returning this summer, 2012, to do Midway to Penticton albeit a wee bit sad as I just learned the Beaverdell hotel burned to the ground in May 2011. I do not wish to encounter anything other than human powered vehicles. Is there a petition to stop that stupidity?

April 27, 2012
Randy Millis Trail closed from Kelowna to Penticton due to risk of flash floods.

Message trails are close from Kelowna to Penticton according to Emergency Operations Centre due to risk of flash floods.
More info at

January 20, 2012
Video of KVR

I made the wohle trip in summer 2010 :)
Thanks for the book!!! It was just the best helper.
I made a nice Video out off my experience, would be glad if you watch it :)
Greets from Germany

Cycling The Trans Canada Trail (2000km) from Anselm Nathanael on Vimeo.

December 19, 2011
Trail Closure at Kaleden

Hi Dan,
They said it was going to happen, and today it did. Owners who purchased a chunk of land from the CPR a year ago threatened to close an approximately 2 km chunk of the KVR between Penticton and Okanagan Falls. No Trespassing signs are up everywhere, although there are no physical barricades... yet. Despite being devastating to the residents of Kaleden who utilize this portion of the trail daily, a more disturbing loss exists for the many people who enjoy this section of the KVR whether out for a day-ride or on a longer journey. As someone who has ridden the trail from Rock Creek to Kelowna to OK Falls and from Penticton to Brookmere to Hope, on a few occasions, I see this as a sad day for many, no just "us locals." Is there anything you can do to get the word out? I have the names, emails, and phone numbers of 4 BC MLAs who have been deemed "the" ones to contact regarding this situation. Please contact me if you'd like me to pass these names on. In addition, there is a survey at that you might be interested in. An indebted reader, Nancy

November 18 , 2011
Motor Vehicles on the KVR

Further to my Email of yesterday. This is an Email sent by our President to the Regional District of Okakagan-Similkimameen. Our club, a fifty and over hiking/outdoors club, at present has 126 members. We hike twice a week, year round, and have one group which we call 'The Easy Hikers' that use the Kettle Valley on a regular basis as their joints can no longer handle uphill walks and they prefer to hike one hour out along the KVR and one hou
r back after taking a short snack break, along different sections of the KVR. We have had many complaints about the unauthorized use of motor vehicles on the KVR and it is long past when this practise should be curtailed taking legal action if necessary. Feel free to use this and our President's Email and the Email I sent yesterday on your website and fwd them to whom you see fit. 

Dear Diane Vaykovich,

I am president of the Adventurers' Club.  I wish to advise you on behalf of our 126 members that we are strongly opposed to motorized vehicles on the KVR.

First and foremost we are a hiking club of long standing.  Some of our long time members walk the KVR regularly.  The flat surface make it easy on their joints.  To move frequently out of the way of motorized vehicles while walking, would turn what would have been a very pleasant walk into a very painful one.

Tourists would find this a problem also.  The fumes these vehicles leave behind can be a health problem to some people.

Hoping you will deal with this matter favourably.

With kind regards,

Jean Reynolds

November 9, 2011
Trail Users survey
The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen, in cooperation with its member municipalities, is developing a Regional Trails Master Plan (RTMP).  The RDOS is asking residents to help set trail priorities in the South Okanagan-Similkameen by filling in an online survey.  Go to or to learn more.

Aug 23, 2011
Brodie to Britton Creek Rest Area

Rode the Brodie to Britton Creek Rest Area section of the KVR on July 28, 2011 as an ‘out and back’ ride.

The trail around the second washout at km 13.9 has been largely filled in by sand slides and approximately 50m of the southern section has been entirely swept away and ends in a 1m shelf to get back to the rail bed grade. Fairly difficult to cross even without a bike trailer or young kids! Fortunately there is some yellow poly rope at the shelf to use to climb up.

There is now an opening gate in the locked gate at km 15.5 so no need to follow the fence line to the animal gate. Make sure the gate latches behind you!

Where the rail bed ends at km 18.2 you can either ford the (apply named) Coldwater River (which was running thigh high given the late spring runoff) as per the KVR guide or head towards the fence line along the highway and pick up the Trans Canada trail which runs along the fence. The KVR guide route is flatter but requires fording the river twice whereas the TCT route keeps your feet dry.

At approximately km 21 DO NOT follow the pipe line road when it heads away from the fence line and then fords the Coldwater River. Stay along the fence line!

I have posted both the ‘out’ route (via the TCT trail) and the ‘back’ route (via the pipeline trail by fording the Coldwater River) at:

Search ‘Kettle Valley’ after clicking to search by name or key word.

It was a great ride on a sunny day but it is surprising what a difference even a 1% grade with a headwind makes!


PS Hats off to the vending truck guy at Britton Creek who ‘lent’ us $3.50 when my hungry 17 year old son bought more food than the $20 I had with me!

August 8, 2011

Vancouver, August 8, 2011 - Trails BC is expressing concern about a recent petition and a letter writing campaign by the provincial motor sports sectors, lobbying the provincial government for authorized motorized access to the Kettle Valley Trail ail (KVR) trails which are the backbone to BC’s portion of the national Trans Canada Trail as well as the province’s Spirit of 2010 Trail Network.

Spearheaded by the provincial ATV organization, the Quad Riders of BC, this campaign threatens to turn the KVR/Trans Canada Trail into an official motorized trail with major negative implications for non-motorized users.

Over the last two years there has been resurfacing of sections of the KVR trail between Summerland and Faulder. In an attempt to maintain the integrity of these newly surfaced sections as well as to address other concerns impacting non-motorized users, the government of British Columbia Recreation, Sites and Trails posted official non-motorized signs on these sections just before the May long weekend. Non-motorized signs were immediately removed by unauthorized individuals. As a result, motorized users are still using these sections and the newly resurfaced sections are already degraded from motorized use. Such degradation discourages cyclists, the main intended user, from using the trail.

Here is a quote from the government’s new website on the Spirit of 2010 Trail, stating its vision of the Spirit of 2010 Trail originally announced by former Premier Campbell in 2004. The KVR trail is the biggest single component of the Spirit of 2010 trail and BC’s Trans Canada Trail.

“The Spirit of 2010 Trail is the first segment in the creation of world class recreational rails to trails product that will stimulate the development of incremental tourism infrastructure and incremental tourism visits across a significant portion of British Columbia. The Spirit of 2010 Trail is 750 kilometres in length and there is the potential to convert over 2000 kilometres of rail trails in total. The rails to trails movement has become an accepted model in North America for sustainable economic development in rural and urban areas. It is the conversion of former railway corridors into world-class recreational trails for use by cyclists, hikers, equestrians and Nordic skiers. It has enabled primarily rural communities to develop a sustainable business case for economic development using rail trails.”

Trails BC strongly supports this vision as do the vast majority of BC’s self propelled recreational users and Trans Canada Trail donors because it is known that such a quality trail would attract, in great numbers, said users at home and worldwide.

Trails BC urges concerned citizens to contact their provincial government representatives, the premier and the ministry responsible for trails, Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to show their concern about this issue that threatens the vision of a world class trail network for British Columbia and the future of the Trans Canada trail in BC.

For more information Contact: Trails BC - Responsible for establishing the Trans Canada Trail in BC Léon Lebrun, Vice-President or Al Skucas, President, Trails BC, Phone: 604-737-3188

Trans Canada Trail National Deborah Apps, President and CEO, Trans Canada,, 1-800-465-3636

August 8, 2011
Léon Lebrun,
A TCT Challenge in the Cowichan Valley with a difference


A TCT Challenge in the Cowichan Valley with a difference

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island has been restored for recreational use and was opened to the public on July 28. To experience the trestle we are inviting you to experience the Trans Canada Trail in the Cowichan Valley with us.


Have a look at this video:  (It took just over 1 year for this restoration)

A quick video of the Kinsol Trestle through phases of construction


To avoid insurance costs, this activity is not being organized as an official event.  Hence, there won't be shuttles, check points, and the like.  Those interested are asked

·         To RSVP by email ( to receive descriptions, the Google Earth track to create maps, meeting place, etc.  Do specify the activity choice you have made.

·         Or, in place of an RSVP, link to the following to make a donation to the Kinsol preservation fund and/or join Trails BC and specify your choice in the comment section if you plan to come:  Kinsol Trip Form


One of the choices you might like to try are as follows:


A 100-km cycle loop

·         It involves 67 km of rail trail including a bit of other trail and 33 km of somewhat hilly road cycling.

·         Because it is a loop, no shuttle is necessary.

·         Recommend a well maintained hybrid or mountain bike.

·         Features:

o   The Kinsol Trestle and several other trestles with views above the river.  A hiking trail to the bottom of the Kinsol has been constructed for your enjoyment.

o   The former CN and CP/E&N rail corridors

o   The Cowichan River

o   Old maple forest and bogs,

o   Skutz Falls with its fish ladders

o   Heritage sites such as the Sikh Temple at Paldi

o   Lake Cowichan town

o   Shawnigan Lake and centre (along road)

o   Cobble Hill (along road)

o   Charming Cowichan Bay on the sea with its shops and eating places (along road)

·         The course takes a minimum of 7 hrs in a non-stop fast ride to 11 hrs taking in the sites or making stops to eat, take photos, and briefly visit along the way.


67-km rail trail cycle only

  • You will need to organize your own shuttle
    • Leave a vehicle near the Kinsol Trestle at the Shawnigan Lake end and start with the rest of us in North Duncan.
    • Have someone pick you up at the Shawnigan Lake end of the Kinsol at the end of your ride.
    • Recommend a well maintained hybrid or mountain bike.


    • For features you will not take in the road sites listed above.
    • allow 5 to 9 hrs

22-km walk from Skutz Falls to the Kinsol Trestle

  • You will need to organize your own shuttle
    • Leave a vehicle near the Kinsol Trestle at the Shawnigan Lake end and meet us in the North Duncan.
    • Or, have someone pick you up at the Shawnigan Lake end of the Kinsol at the end of your walk.
    • Then you will be directed to go to Skutz Falls to begin your walk.
    • For features you will not take the road sites, Lake Cowichan, and some heritage sites.  However, this section is the highlight of the whole trip.


  • We would like to hear from equestrians if they would like to organize a ride including the Kinsol on the same day.


July 16, 2011
Great Explorations
guided trips on kettle valley

We have been operating guided cycling trips on the Kettle Valley Trail since 1997. We have an upcoming trip to co-incide with the Princeton Folk Festival in case anyone would like to join- we do the cooking, and provide all equipment and support so you don't have to worry about planning, food or lodging.
Details here: We're donating funds to
Join us!Tel. GREAT EXPLORATIONS 604.730.1247

June 17, 2011

Dannie Carsen
Snowy Sections from Beaverdell to Myra Canyon

My nephew and I cycled from above Christina Lake to Osoyoos from May 14-19th. We had to skip the Beaverdell to Myra Canyon section as there was too much snow. Anyone else come through since then...and what were the conditions like? Our favourite places to stay were the Mile 0 Motel in Midway (thanks for the cold beverages!), the BC Motel in Naramata (clean and nice), and the Chute Lake Resort (if it had been open). Zack’s Creekside Campground and Cabins was also most accommodating in Beaverdell (despite the water lapping at the back of the buildings) and his newly renovated rooms are really nice. It was 6C when we passed through Chute Lake and we froze during our tour of the artifacts out back! Trail was rough and gravelly in many places but not too overused by ATVs. We saw bunches of them coming up the Coq on our way back on May 20th.

June 4, 2011
Rhonda Schindel

We are cycling the Kettle Valley between Kelowna and Penticton this July and were looking for accommodation and here we can stay. There may be 5-6 of us alltogher.

June 3, 2011
Glenn Sutter

Advice for cycling with children
I'm aiming to do some cycling on KVR trails this August with my wife and two boys, ages 9 and 13. We like tenting or rustic accommodations and both boys are fairly strong riders, but the youngest is not up to extended trips. Any tips on base-camp locations and potential day-trips would be appreciated!

May 24, 2011
Reena Meijer Drees
Coalmont - Hope, Labour Day 2010

The last section the KVR done! Coalmont - Tulameen meh. Lots of ATV traffic. From Tulameen to Brookmere is spectacular - bucolic scenery with old farms%2C trail in excellent condition and a nice day trip. From Brookmere to the Coquihalla Lakes the trail is challenging, with at least one very major washout requiring ferrying of bikes and gear. Biking along what resemble hiking trails is required. The route is sometimes hard to find (recommend also using Bruce Obee's TCT guide) The pipeline road from Coquihalla Lakes to Carolin Mines Rd is open for cyclists. The last stretch from Jessica to Othello Tunnels requires cycling on the highway - very unpleasant. Check out our KVR blog at http:\\\.

May 16, 2011
Marilynn Hunter
Road access to Ruth from Naramata

I'll be camping in the south Okanagan and want to ride some of the KVR - Myra to Chute Lk (or further down the hill). Just wondering if there is road access through to Ruth from Naramata -Chute Lake, thus avoiding driving and shuttling all the way around through Kelowna. I don't mind doing an out and back on the Myra Canyon section if I can get to Ruth from the south.

May 17 2011
Linda Sheppard
Conditions on the Brodie to Brookmere stretch

My partner and I decided to try the Brodie to Brookmere part of the KVR trail on Sunday, May 15th 2011. Having just done the Princeton to Parr tunnel as our first ever piece of the railway, we found the condition much worse near Brodie. We went over the mud slide area and then found the washout worse than the book’s description. There was a steep trail up, but it did not go up and over. The only option is to get your feet wet and muddy and try to actually push the bike over the washout area (there is not much of a drop downwards). So we went over to the Brodie to Kingsvale stretch instead and went a little ways, it was lovely and in better condition. Looking across the river to the Brookmere section visible through the trees, it looked like more washouts might have occurred. I hope the KVR routes can be maintained in the future by user groups now that Trans Canada Trails seems to have no money or manpower to help out. Lots of evidence of ATV’s, sadly (eg by Tullameen and Otter Lake), using the trails and creating ruts. Flooding also an issue right now due to high river levels. Safe travels!

May 6, 2011
The Beaverdel Hotel is gone due to a fire... Burned to the ground.

The following has a new email address & no website for this year..
68.1 Beaverdell Dollar Mtn. B&B 85 Ernest Ave. End of 3rd street New and can Accommodate 6 Singles or up to 3 Couples. Phone Judy or Richard @ 250-484-5589 Email:

April 16 2011
Tamarack Lodge

Hi Dan, this is Monique from the Tamarack Lodge in Beaverdell BC. The Tamarack Lodge is open, we cater to the cyclists as well as work crews needing lodging. We supply rooms, bag lunches ect, we are fully lisenced, and children are allowed. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our new # is 250-484-5348. Please if you could clear the old ads and replace it with this info and # it would be a great help and would end the confusion that we are closed as i say we are fully open, with a new phone so people can contact us. With our beaverdell hotel gone we need to keep the tourism going for our little community. Thanks Dan, my e-mai is Again thank you.

Jan 25, 2011
Dannie Carsen,,
Best Touring Tires for KVR?

Planning on a fast tip from Castlegar to Brookmere in Spring 2011. I have to buy tires for my hybrid bike and would think 700x32 tires would do with a kevlar belt to reduce flats. Does anyone have any favorite tires to recommend? So far, I've had Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Continental Touring Plus and Vittoria Randonneur Bicycle Tour tires recommended. Anyone have any preferances? Dannie Carsen Brentwood Bay BC

Aug 2, 2010
Midway to Penticton

We cycled from Midway to Penticton, via Little Dipper Campground, Highland Cabins in Beaverdell, Hydraulic Lake Forestry Campground, Chute Lake Resort, July 17-22. The campground at Midway was a great place to start the trip. Steve the campground operator is very friendly and helpful. See The Little Dipper Campground is primitive, although you can take a shower for $2.50 in the owners’ opulent log mansion. I asked if we could buy breakfast in the morning, but they declined.
In Beaverdell, we stayed at the Highland Cabins, contact Ellis O’Brien at, 250-484-5505 to make a reservation. There is also Zack’s Campground. The Beaverdell Hotel does not rent rooms or serve meals, despite advertisements to the contrary. The Beaverdell General Store has lots of good stuff, including a liquor store with cold beer.
Hydraulic Lake Campground is primitive, but we were able to stock up on bottled water at $1.00 per 500 ml.
We rented a cabin at Chute Lake on July 21st and had a great meal of burgers and fries and apple pie a la mode. See While cycling, we averaged between 12kph and 16kph. The trail surface is very good in Myra Canyon. Everywhere else, be prepared for soft sand and gravel, overgrown with weeds, or washboard.

July 27, 2010
Chute Lake

Hi Dan, we just tried to make a reservation at Chute Lake today but they've just lost their summer staff!!!! The staff quit because they found permanent work. So it's only the husband & wife trying to run the place until they can find employees for the rest of the summer. Hopefully they will get help soon.
If you are self-sufficient, you can still stay there, but they do not have kitchen staff so there is no food. We are planning to cycle from Midway to Osoyoos without bringing any camping gear.
Just thought you should know - maybe pass on to others so they are prepared to bring their own freeze-dried dinner perhaps! Otherwise the owner suggested shuttle service to Penticton via Ambrosia Tours 250-492-1095. She was reluctant to lose potential overnighters but she didn't want to take our reservation without knowing if she'd have kitchen service available. We don't want to miss the ride from Chute to Penticton, especially the Hillside Winery for lunch!
So maybe if you pass the word...someone out there can help out at Chute Lake for the rest of the summer???
Regards, Kathy
P.S. we are really studying your book for our trip! We hope to do ~ 50-55 km per day (Rock Creek to Beaverdell, Beaverdell to McCulloch Lake (Raven's lodge), McCulloch to Chute, to Penticton, to Osoyoos). We are all around 50 years old. I hope I am fit enough!

July 16, 2010
Bob Sterne
Coalmont information out of date

We run the Mozey-On-Inn Motel in Coalmont, directly across from the Coalmont Hotel. We frequently have cyclists arrive at our door asking where they can get a meal or food, or to use our bathroom, and when the Coalmont Hotel will be open. The cycling guidebooks are hopelessly out of date when it comes to Coalmont. Reprints have been made without changing the information. Even the sign on the KVR/TCT at the entrance to Coalmont is out of date, stating that there is a store, public washrooms, food, and a restaurant. As I write this, the Coalmont Hotel hours are Friday 2PM to 12PM, Saturday Noon to 12 PM and Sunday 2PM to 6PM and all that is open is the pub, and it is cash only. They do provide a dinner on Saturday night but you better call to make sure they have enough food for your group. They will not allow the public to use their washroom, only customers. Minors are not allowed in the pub, so those travelling with children cannot enter. The fire escape on the Hotel fell off the back two winters ago, and they haven't rented rooms since. We have been coming up here for over 7 years, and the Coalmont Hotel has not had rooms available or a restaurant open, on a daily basis, in all that time. There hasn't been a store open in Coalmont for nearly 15 years. We posted a photo about our 3 unit themed Motel on this website when we opened nearly two years ago and yet we are still not listed on the Links page despite numerous requests. With all due respect, it is time that this site and the information in the cycling guide book is updated to reflect the reality in Coalmont. This message is NOT meant as a criticism of the Coalmont Hotel in any way, but this information is critical to all those cyclling the KVR/TCT, and must be made public. Bob Sterne, Mozey-On-Inn, Coalmont

June 25, 2010
New B&B

Dollar Mtn. B&B - 85 Ernest Ave. End of 3rd street
New and can Accommodate 4 Singles or up to 4 Couples.
Phone Judy or Richard @ 250-484-5589

May 31, 2010
Jill Adamson
Myra Canyon to Rock Creek - May 29-30 2010

Just got back from a great trip once again on the KVR. Lots of giant puddles - some you just can't walk around so count on your feet getting wet.(More if you can't ride through) In Beaverdell - the hotel is open again just this past week- with a great cook in the kitchen - they fed us when we rolled in after 6:30 and opened early for us at 9am in order to feed us a great breakfast. We stayed at Zack's. The Tamarack Lodge is closed - they have been the most reliable in the past for making sure we can eat as long as we book ahead. Just make sure that you check before you arrive in Beaverdell if there will be anything open - the general store is always there with reliable hours so you won't starve! We also saw that a large school group had rented the community centre in order to feed the group themselves, so if you have a large group that might be an option. On a sad note, Paul Lautard's place (Cyclists' Rest stop at Rhone) is for sale so he can "retire" into a place in Midway - at 88 he is as charming and generous as always - so it will be an end of a great tradition when he moves.

Sept 8, 2009
Reena Meijer Drees
Penticton - Coalmont Labour Day 2009

Just completed the Penticton-Coalmont stretch with husband and two sons (11, 13) over the long weekend. Beautiful weather. We averaged 35 km/day or so (not carrying anything but lunch and water) with 5-6 hours of biking. Nice time of year for it - no bugs or heat and berry season mostly over so no bears either.

Trail is in good condition - new bridges and other maintenance visible from Faulder to Bankeir. Lots of ATV and dirtbike traffic around Osprey Lakes area - including trucks on the trail(!), making for some pretty tough going in spots. Most users are friendly and will slow down when they see you. ATVs thin out and trail improves beyond Erris tunnel. Stunning views through Jura into Penticton. From Princeton to Coalmont ATV traffic is heavy - due to long weekend, the campgrounds and forests are full of them. Trail etiquette can be lacking especially with the younger generation - some buzz by at high speeds, spraying gravel. However, they are gone fast, leaving beautiful countryside.

Recommended for a weekend: day trip from Bankeir to Princeton. Downhill the whole way, great views. Can be done in about 5 hours. Nice places to stay: (Bankeir) or (Princeton). Ask them about a bike taxi service - we saw one advertised in the Bankeir area - who can do dropoffs / pickups.

The more cyclists use the trail, the more pressure there will be to maintain it to proper standards and come to terms with the motorized users.

cheers Reena

August 25, 2009
Brian Hampson 40th Marpole Scouts, Vancouver
From Kettle Valley to Penticton Aug 12-15,2009

We cycled with 3 adults, 11 youth (11-17) and 4 support vehicles.

I don't think I've seen this mentioned but in the book it talks about fording a creek or the river... Never a need. All good bridges.

We managed to pick the one cool/cold week the Okanagan had all summer. The trail was good. A little bit washboardy entering Beaverdell. After rains there are some MONSTER puddles in the area around McCulloch. The Myra Canyon area was VERY cold - temps around 10C and rainy. Caught us off guard...we had our support vehicles come and grab us at the west end of the canyon and shuttle us to Chute Lake.

The downhill from Chute Lake was wonderful, but when you go through a new development planning area. (I think between Naramata and Penticton) the tral is very hard with many large rocks. We had a tire changing fest there.

Shout out to Naramata Parks and Rec... That free water stop must be great for people cycling UP from Penticton! Great job on the general trail maintenance in that area - tough when it's a multi use trail.

It would be nice if the city of Penticton or some kind volunteer would put a bit of signage up to direct you from where the bike path ends for the last 2-3 blocks to Penticton station.

Thanks Dan for the great book... Looking forward to v.4 --- Brian Hampson 40th Marpole Scouts, Vancouver

Aug. 23, 2009
Krista Kaptein
Km 0 to Km 68

We just completed the section from Midway (mile 0) to Beaverdell (km. 68) & back, from Aug. 19-21. Had previously (before the fires) done the Chute Lake - McCulloch section which we greatly enjoyed.

A few notes: for accommodations in Midway, the Kettle River Inn/Midway Hotel is no longer officially open for business, the choices are camping or the Mile 0 Motel (full when we were there). There is a fairly new cafe called the Glenburn which has great food & internet access, open at 7a.m., owner is John, a great fellow. The Midway Museum is worth a visit.

I was a bit surprised at how slow our progress was along the trail - we averaged only 6-7 km/hr ! Partly I suppose due to sightseeing, water/snack breaks, but also many gates/fences, a few sandy/soft gravel sections difficult to cycle through. However there were no rock slides blocking the trail irequiring detours at any point, which I had been expecting. We camped at Kettle River Rec Area , excellent swimming after a hot day (we started earlier every day in order to stop cycling around 1-2 pm: too hot to continue) Bonus to starting the day early: you see more wildlife (coyotes, bears, deer, ground squirrels, as well as many birds)

The Cyclists Rest Stop at Rhone is a landmark of course. Some of the route is on paved road which was much appreciated compared to the bumpy trail. I had hoped to see some interpretive signage at the few remaining historical remnants approaching Beaverdell. The big info signs at Midway & Beaverdell were great .

In Beaverdell, the Hotel is closed & we were skeptical about the Tamarack Lodge, but Zacks Campground is excellent, also has rooms as well as indoor bathrooms, highly recommended. The General Store is open till 8 pm whereas the few remaining cafes/diners close at 5 or whenever they feel like it. Only two other campers at Zacks, one fellow from Germany doing the Trans Canada Trail from Vancouver to Castlegar. He had come from Chute Lake to Beaverdell that day, 100 km. We saw no other through-cyclists on our trip.

We took highway 33 back from Beaverdell to Midway, follows the trail & river essentially, with several access points to the trail if you felt like going back onto it. The road shoulders are wide & mostly free of gravel, excellent for cycling , downhill all the way back of course except for a few inclines near Rhone (a couple of which could be bypassed by taking the Rhone road) and then an incline up to the Ingram bridge just before Midway. Took less than half the time on the way back, made for a nice circle route. We stopped at the halfway point (Westbridge) for breakfast on the way back, the General Store opens at 9 am .

Overall, a good trip, lovely scenery, peaceful & pastoral. Several folks in Midway & Beaverdell said the visitor numbers are way down, meaning increasing difficulty staying in business providing services to cyclists.

August 22, 2009
Lost camera on KVR near Naramata

August 13th - Has anyone found a black Lowepro camera bag with a video recorder and camera lens on the KVR trail near Naramata. We had a great day exploring the area around Naramata. We went out on the trail above the town 4 or 5 km or so, just past the tunnel and took some amazing pictures. We later realized we left our camera bag there at a spot just past the tunnel. We went back the next day but it was gone. If someone picked it up we would be grateful to have it returned. The video camera has some videos of our four month old son that can't be replaced. Thanks!

August 10, 2009
Daryl Foster
Otter Lake section of KVR

Recently my wife and I took my daughter to the otter lake section of the trail. We had ridden this section several years before and found it challenging but the trail was not too bad. this time however the ATV traffic has destroyed the trail. It is no longer passable on a bike. There are signs in Tulameen that say no motorized traffic but they are completely ignored by locals.I also believe we saw a ATV tour group!! on the trail,obviously if people are going to profit from the abuse to this trail there should be a way to recoup some money to help repair it. It is really too bad that people cannot respect the rules as it ruins the trail for everyone.

July,17 2009
Linda (from Kamloops, BC)
Our Trip

Two cycling chix. We got dropped off in Midway June 27th with the goal of going to Brookmere. We were self supported. Camped at KV provincial park just past Rock Creek where the Gold Pan Restaurant has yummy pie. Thanks to the park hosts who let us stay in the overflow day use area for our one night.

The next night we camped at Zacks in Beaverdell nice to be in the "cyclist village" with over sixty cyclists camped there. Everyone complaining about the stretch of sandy washboard on the trail that ended just when we thought it we couldn't take it anymore.

The next day we made it all the way to Mcculloch again arriving to a whole city of cyclists. One family pulling a three year old in a trailer, a six year old on a tag a long cycle and having their nine year old ride loaded on his own bike. On alternate days the dad would ride back to the previous nights campground and bring along the food. (thus riding it three times) There was a fellow visiting campsites in search of free food and water at Mcculloch Resort has no services so thus no water or food.

We camped at Chute lake, and were annoyed by the cars on the rail bed between Chute and Naramada, even seeing on loaded with tourists going to see the Adra Tunnels. Even the parks and forestry workers were driving on this section making it rough and dusty. This section has some new outhouses very clean and nice and a display of "Free water".

We took a day off in Pentiction. We would recommend making your break longer. The people at the Info Centre have no knowledge or info about the KVR. Actually told us the KVR Steam train is not accepting reservations...we had one. We would recommend taking the train on your day off if you want to see it. Very nice ride and worth the reasonable cost. However if you do then you start your riding day at 1p.m.

The sections from Summerland to Princeton are deep dry sand, horses, ATVs and Trucks. The river beds are often to far away to throw yourself in which is what you will want to do. One section took us five and a half hours to do 19km. The Trout Creek Forestry campground is free has a lovely stream. One non usable outhouse(no door, filled with waste all over the floor).

The campgrounds and homes from Osprey Lake on are filled with ATV families and the sounds of them ripping up and down the rail bed will alert you to their approach. Children as young as seven have their own little ATVs and while it is nice to see so many families having fun it does have a huge impact on the rail bed.

We road the highway #3 into Princeton where we decided after eight dusty days to finish up by calling home.

What we learnt.
-We met tourists from England, Germany, Russia and the USA. All had been lead to believe that most of the trail was like the pictures they had seen from MYRA canyon and were vehicle free. We have a lot of work to do to match the rail beds in other countries.
-Water is a premium everywhere. Pack as much as possible or carry tablets or a filter.
-Pack really light. Since there are few services you won't need those cloths and the fry pan. Dehydrated just add water meals are the best after a full days riding.
-It can get cold at night only 2 our morning in Beaverdell.
- all the stories about Paul At Rhone's Rest are true. Great man, great place. -there needs to be more facilities, even as simple as a bench or picnic table between campgrounds.
-the book is a must have and someone should convert the maps to a handlebar bag style like Adventure Cycling Maps.
-the best parts of our yearly cycling trips are still the sudden oh my gosh views and the people you meet.

Would we do it again? McCulloch to Pentiction yes. The rest nope. We have done Brookmere-Kingsvale and Princeton-Brookmere on wetter years and the trails were still heavy with ATVs but not to bad, with the dry weather this year the trails have taken a beating. Linda (from Kamloops, BC)

July 14, 2009
Bob Whittaker
ATVs on the KVR?

Hi friends in BC. Any news or new developments regarding ATVs on the KVR? We are still under pressure from a few ATV advocates to motorize sections or all of our proposed 29 mile rail tail in Ferry Co. (just below Grand Forks). I am looking for any new info or contacts that may be a resource for me. Our trail group are trying to show our commissioners here the reason we need our corridor designated non-motorized (like 99% of rail trials in north america..) and move on towards planning and funding.
Thanks Bob Whittaker
President Ferry County Rail Trail Partners

July 8, 2009
Glenn Siverns
Canada Day Trip

We cycled from Carmi to Naramata July 1st to 3rd. Our group consisted of my father (72), my son (14) and myself (45), with my wife and my mother driving to our campsites with food and lodging.

Starting from Carmi station we headed up the trail following the south bank of Wilkinson Creek. With a steady uphill grade my father decided that he would not complete this day and headed back out the logging road to meet the cars. My son and I completed the 50 Km up to the Hydraulic Lake forestry site in about 5 1/2 hours, but I must admit I was exhausted. This section of trail has some beautiful views including a great new camp site at Arlington Lakes and certainly gives you a sense of accomplishment when you're done. The railbed gets a little sandy as you reach the top as well.

Day two Dad joined us again and we completed the 50.0 Km (exactly according to my GPS) to Chute Lake. Lots of different views of Kelowna along the way and of course the Myra Canyon is not to be missed. We took plenty of time through Myra and stopped for a lenghty lunch. With my father tiring toward the end we took 9 hours to complete the day, but complete it we did. There are some uphill grades on this section and plenty of sandy areas. The last few Km before Chute Lake is very sandy.

Day three we were pressed for time so my Father again decided to stay with the "support team". My son and I rode the 30 Km down to Naramata in about two hours taking time to stop and look at Adra from both ends and a number of rock ovens. We considered deflating our tires, but found that riding hard through the sand on this section kept our bikes pretty stable.

We had gorgeous weather the whole way and I'd like to send a special thank you to Dan for writing (and updating) his book. It was a very valuable resource in planning and riding.
Send an email if you have any questions that I can answer.

July 5, 2009
Rock Creek to Penticton Mom & Son adventures

We too just finished Rock Creek to Penticton - June 25-29, It was fabulous!!! We did it the easy way, B&B’s and family camping in the aria.

Well the trip didn’t exactly start in Rock Creek as planned. The Gold Dust Motel rented my RESERVED room before we got there [there was my name in the book…plane as day] So the first night we bunked in with family at KV Provincial park [beautiful place]. My son got to have a campfire & caught a fish before we set out on our ride. Although I would have liked to see Rock Creek – KV Park, I didn’t have to bike as much on day one. [that was a good thing]

From the campsite we started on the trail in the am of Jun 25th . My 15 year old son and myself [an out of shape Mom] biked to Beverdale [that was to far for mom!!! ] After a majestic mornings ride we stop in Rone to check out “Paul’s Place” a rest stop for cyclists. Paul replenished our water and showed us around… …great place…great man!! [very clean outhouses] He doesn’t charge anything, however he will except donations for the flowers around the memorial. After receiving our fresh cold water and getting the tour, [you can stay in his life-size replica caboose] we set out again.

After riding through some of the best that BC has to offer, [& ringing our bear bells] we eventfully got to Beverdale. Family picked us up & we all drove to Ravens B&B at Idabel Lake.[Great hospitality…great food] The plan for the next day was…. Family drives us to McCulloch Lake, we ride to the canyon, meet back up with family & and all ride the Canyon together… nope …tired mom decided we’d all drive to the canyon!!! We all road the incredible canyon & my son & I continued to the B&B at Myra Ranch [5k down a steep logging road… the 15 year old LOVED the ride down! Keeping in walkie-talkie contact he got there 30 min. before me] The Ranch stay was lovely & for a small fee they drive you back up to the trail the next morning.

As we rode to Chute Lake we were overwhelmed by the fire devastation!!! We spent two nights at Chute Lake. My son caught a few trout …and I caught a rest. If you stop here you must ask Gary about his days of building the place by hand!!!! And his absolutely incredible story of making it through the fires!!! WOW what a guy! My son & I stayed in a room [not built for sound reduction… but that just added to the novelty] and family met up with us, spending a night in the campsite. …[Be sure to preorder your pie] My son really wants us to go back to Chute Lake someday!

After our two night rest it was off to Penticton!!! WHAT A RIDE!!! I loved it!!!!!. At one point, my son decides to take a signal-track-trail shortcut …Panniers, fishing road & all! I continued along the long switchback and we met up nearer the tunnel. When we arrived in Penticton, we were just as exhilarated as we were tired.

It was a great trip! I would recommend it to any family. The time spent between teenager & mom was a once in a life time experience…and as far as the ride… … if I can do it …anyone can!!!! …Of course it helps when you follow this ride with stay in Penticton and a 3 1/2 hour float down the canal!!!

NOTE: I started making reservations in the 3rd week of March. It was almost too late. I had to switch around my original planned dates to fit in to what was available. I would recommend booking no later than the middle of Feb. to be able to get all your 1st choice accommodation stays synchronize. June was the perfect time to go… not to hot & long daylight hours.

Any questions:


May 15, 2009
Rock Creek to Penticton advice

Just finished Rock Creek to Penticton - June 5-8, KVR bible in hand. Nine folks, Great weather, awesome trip. Only came across 2 ATVs and 2 motorbikes - otherwise very peaceful. Some parts were a bit washboardy, but didn't find it a problem anywhere (just deflate a little). Used Monashee shuttles (can take up to 10 bikes/people) to get from Penticton (the casino resort has lots of parking for $5/day) to Rock Creek. Rock Creek Prospector Pub is great (staff, food, ambiance), the accommodations so-so (but hey, it's $30 - 9 rooms/beds). Stayed at Highland Cabins (Ellis, ~5 cabins, lots of space) in Beaverdell - excellent spot - especially the use of the BBQ, picnic tables, and 1 block walk to the grocery/liquor store. Raven's B&B (Louise, ~9 beds) in the McCulloch area - again excellent, although the bedroom for five in the attic gets very hot. The prepared dinner was memorable and definitely worth it, especially given the tiring day. Chute Lake Resort (Doreen, 8 rooms/beds in lodge) was also excellent - best burgers/pies/breaky. Summerhill Winery on trail into Penticton is a must for lunch/wine tasting. Lakeside Resort hotel (Penticton) is expensive but was a nice way to end the trip. Hope this helps someone - JC.

P.S. Would love to hear someone's advice on the Castlegar to Rock Creek section which I'm thinking of doing.

May 14, 2009
Dawn in Calgary
KVR with kids was great!

Our family just completed a fabulous 3-day trip from Myra Station to Okanagan Falls, first week of June/09. We had warm, dry weather (up to 30 C). We toured with 2 other families, totalling 6 kids and 6 adults. Kids were aged 3, 6, 6, 8, 8, 8. The 8-yr-olds all cycled their own bikes and the 6's trail-a-biked, and the little one was in the trailer. These were no ordinary 8-yr-olds, though, they trained before and were very tough on the trail! The trail-a-bikes were perfect for the 6-yr-old girls and I never heard them complain once. They even pedaled! :)

We cycled 32-39 km each day and this was lots for our kids, but we saw a school group of gr 6-7's doing 50 km or more each day (not carrying gear). Our pace was pretty slow taking about 6 hrs to cycle 39 km, including all breaks. Note that our route was all level or downhill, no ups, and the kids were still spent by the end. Sandy dry sections were the toughest and there were plenty of these (trail was pretty sandy all through). Toughest cycle was from about Ruth Station to Chute Lake (little shade, hot, very sandy). Chute Lake to Naramata was fine, some sand but noticeably downhill. From Penticton to OK Falls was actually great, along west side of Skaha Lake, the trail is in good shape.

Our biggest highlights were: Myra Canyon, tunnels (very popular), Chute Lake Resort (very Canadian!), Rock Oven Park, Naramata gardens and wine store, Skaha Beach in Penticton, and our final destination La Villa Motel in OK Falls (great spot for families). BC Motel was also a great cyclists' motel, clean, equipped, friendly, near restaurants.

I recommend for kids (8-10) cycling - Camelbacks to stay hydrated, gloves with full fingers, small or no load, lots of bandaids in FA Kit, and lollipops! As well, travelling 3 families together was great for the kids (and adults), they encouraged each other.

Trickiest issues - getting out of Naramata required some road cycling with the kids, since it is so far below the trail. Not perfect. Also, getting through Penticton was tricky, check your route out ahead of time.

We also stayed at excellent Idabel Lake Resort before starting, there are great trails all around to "warm up" on, and we were shuttled up to Myra by Monashee Adventure Tours, worked great (this meant kids didn't have to bike an extra 20 km that day, but older kids could do it all). I would highly recommend this trip for families

May 6, 2009

Suggestions needed
My family, consisting of two parents and three kids ages 10, 12 and 14 are considering cycling from Rock creek to Penticton in early August. Can anyone tell me what the temperatures are like at that time in the Valley? Is it reasonable to expect to ride 50 km per day? This will be our first biking trip so we are looking for advice from veterans. Thanks

May 6, 2009
Beaverdell Hotel

Just finished biking the entire Carmi sub Beaverdell Hotel is again closed stranding 2 different groups that had reservations Fortunately we were camping and stayed at beautiful Arlington Lake Gov,t. Campsite that should be marked on your map but is not, Dennis

March 6, 2009
Léon Lebrun
Trans Canada Trail Challenges 2009


This year we are offering two Trans Canada Trail  challenge events

2009 Challenges

Due to the increased uncontrolled ATV and dirt bike activities on the KVR it is not prudent to organize an event that involves cycling on this venue this year.  The rail surface is becoming much too laborious for cyclists to make this a pleasant event.  While the KVR is designated for non-motorized trail users, regulations are not in place to enforce this at this time.  Hopefully, by 2010 this will have been remedied allowing the surface to be repaired on a substantial section of the KVR so that an event could once again be considered on this portion of the Trans Canada Trail. 

At this time we are offering two TCT Challenge events in the Lower Mainland or Fraser Valley. 

 Both are fun oriented non-competitive personally challenging event

Golden Ears Bridge TCT Challenge 2009 - October 4

Cyclists - Walkers - Runners

We hope to organize this event in conjunction with the opening of the new Golden Ears Bridge which will cause a re-routing of the Trans Canada Trail. It is intended to be a 54 km course from Rocky Point, Port Moody to Fort Langley.  Once, again this should be an exciting and featured course for our participants. Registration from the Trails BC website will begin in the second week of April:


Destination Maillardville Challenge 2009 - Sunday, July 12

At the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of Maillardville.

Cyclists - Walkers - Runners - Voyageur Canoeists

Destination Maillardville’ is an event planned for the Maillardville Centennial (1909-2009).  The activity will highlight the discovery of Maillardville’s heritage while walking, cycling, and paddling Voyageur canoes from points outside this French community.  The cyclists and walkers will be starting from points along the Trans Canada Trail.  Those in Voyageur canoes will start from Fort Langley a 23 km paddle and 6 km walk.  Cyclists and walkers will have options of up to 34 km from Port Moody, Port Coquitlam or Colony Farm.

Everyone is invited to register and participate in this 'challenge' event organized in conjunction with the “Fair in the Square” event at Place des Arts.  Shuttles (buses and trucks) will be provided from Maillardville’s Laval Square to the starting points on the Trans Canada Trail.  Participants will work their way back to Laval Square in their chosen activity.  On the way back you are invited to participate in the heritage activities at Place des Arts  between 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. where you can enjoy food, music, the museum, train station, Maillardville tours etc.

For detail information and to register follow these links: English version         French version  or go to:


Registration is now open online and otherwise.  Register early because spaces will be limited.

March 3, 2009
Michele Dixon
Teepee Lakes Resort

Hi Dan I am not sure if you are the correct person, but we would like to have a link on the website after 66.7 Bankeir to include us. If this is possible, or if I need to contact someone else, can you let me know? Thank-you Michele Dixon

December , 2008
Princeton to Hope to Abbotsford?

My friends and I have done all the sections of the KVR, except the portion between Brookmere and Hope. This coming summer we are hoping to do the section between Princton and Hope then jumping over the river and head back into the States in Blaine WA. If anyone has any information of decent routes to take between Hope and Blaine any and all information would be greatly appreciated.
On a side note we did the KVR from Westbridge-Little Dipper Campgroung to the other end of Myra Canyon. That is a section we've done twice before, loving Myra Canyon. We were thrilled when we heard it had reopened.
Zacks in Beaverdell was nice, we've stayed there three times now. Zack is a hoot. He recommended the Tamarack for meals and I have to say the food was great! The owner opened up for us on a day she is usually closed and send us off with a great breakfast. Apparently word got out that she was opening up and all the other bicyclists showed up for a meal too.
Stay away from the campground at Hydralic Lake, noisy as all hell, drunks and ATVs everywhere. We did an up and back from the Lil Dipper to the end of Myra Canyon and back to BEaverdell. There we jumped off the KVR and took Forest Service roads over the mountian to Christian Valley and the Kettle River. It was long hot and steep, but the Kettle River was a wonderful reward at the end of a long day. Found a great swimming hole!!!!! Yeehaw! We then proceeded on the Westbridge and back to the Lil Dipper and our vehicles. The family at the Lil Dipper was kind enough to allow us to leave our vehicles for a few days and seeing Paul Lautard on the last leg of our trip was wonderful. He is a legend on the KVR and I hope to see him again.

September 22, 2008
Beaverdell Hotel is open!!!

Hi everyone. I would just like to let all the cyclists know that the Beaverdell Hotel is under new management/ownership and is no longer associated with previous management! We are open and ready for hotelroom bookings. We upgraded the kitchen and are expecting it to be open later this week. We are very sorry for any inconviences in the past. Our New Number is 250-484-5351 or u could reach me at our staff would love to help you!!

September 21, 2008
Wayne and Donna Dudych
Lakefront Sports Centre

Hi Dan, We operate Lakefront Sports Centre out of the Grand Okanagan Resort and were wondering if it would be possible to be added on as a link as we do cycling tours to the Kettle Valley Railbed.
Regards... Wayne and Donna Dudych
Lakefront Sports Centre
Kelowna BC
Kiosk 250-862-2469
Home 250-765-6178

September 17, 2008
Diane & Bob Sterne
Moszey-On-Inn Coalmont

Hello, Dan...

We have recently opened a new 3-unit themed Motel in Coalmont. We would very much like to be listed on your website "Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway" as we are only about a block from the KVR / TransCanada Trail. We get lots of cyclists coming through town, which is why we put up the "Trans Canada Trailway" sign with the mileages in Coalmont. We have been giving out free Tourist Brochures for several years now, over 750 to date. Below is a photo of our Motel, the Mozey-On-Inn:

Please let us know if there is any further information you require. You can view the details of our Motel on our website, URL below.


Diane & Bob Sterne
Box 3B, Comp. 10,
1841 Main Street,
Coalmont, B.C.,
Canada V0X 1G0
Ph: (250) 295-4355

September 9, 2008
Beaverdell Hotel

Hi Dan We did Beaverdell to Penticton a few weeks ago with thunder and lightening and puddles-oh my! Stayed at the Tamarack Lodge but got a tour of the old Beaverdell Hotel from the new owner, Bobby Jackson from Kelowna. He seems to have lots of energy and enthusiam and is upgrading the kitchen facilities and generally sprucing the place up. The tall fence had been put in place to have 'rock' concerts, and he still may offer those occasionally. On another note, lodging at Idabel Lake Raven Inn was nice, but the 4 km off the trail, much of it uphill, to get to it, was not so welcome. Just after the Myra Canyon we stayed at Myra Bed, Bale, & Breakfast in an outfitter tent. To get to it is a nasty 4 km downhill on steep,rough road. The $10 spent to get back to the trail was worth every penny! Shelly

September 5, 2008
Anna Bartlett

We need your help to bombard the RDOS offices with calls in opposition
of the following issue... (the gravel pit they are accessing is behind
our house). We live off the KVR just North of the Penticton/Naramata
trail boarder - directly across from the gravel pit. The 2 km stretch is
from the gravel pit and on north to the Winifred Road extension (Arawana)....
The KVR is not a place to be running dump trucks, its a
recreational trail for the use and enjoyment of everyone... some of
you use it to cycle and we have all taken a walk on it. The idea of
running dump trucks along it for any length of time is ridiculous.
So, those of you who can make a call, please do - save the KVR or
Thanks guys - your support is appreciated.

So, here is the issue.

2 kms of the KVR Trail are being utilized to haul gravel products for
road construction on their subdivison. This disturbance makes it
difficult and dangerous for recreational purposes of the KVR as the
gravel trucks take up the full width of the right of way. Apparently
an application is underway to run dump trucks along the KVR over the
next 4 yrs. We feel this must come to a halt immediately. If you
agree and would like to add your support, please sign call the
following people:

Al Hare
BC Minister of Crown Land
250.490.8200 or 250.490.8231

Stephen Juch
RDOS Subdivision Supervisor

Tom Chapman
Naramata RDOS Representative

Bill Barisoff

August 28, 2008
Diane & Bob Sterne
Mozey-on-Inn Coalmont

Hi Dan: We will soon be opening our small, three unit themed Motel in Coalmont. We offer accomodation in the Bank, Saloon or Barbershop. The Mozey-On-Inn is located just off the Kettle Valley Railway/Trans Canada Trail. Our website address is Please advise us how we can be added to your site.
Thanks. Diane Sterne

Box 3B, Comp. 10,
1841 Main Street,
Coalmont, B.C., Canada
V0X 1G0
Ph: (250) 295-4355

August 28, 2008

Dan, Thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you.
My name is Dale; my wife Sheryle and I live in Dallas, Texas. I am originally from Alberta but have now live in Texas.
Recently while visiting my retired parents in Kelowna, my father drove us up to Myra Canyon for a hike to the trestles.
We were fascinated by the history of the rail line and intrigued by the remarkable hike and bike opportunities afforded by the abandoned lines.
We immediately started our research by a trip to Cycle Path in Kelowna, they told us of your book, wow were we excited, a book dedicated specifically to our new found goal of a cycle trip on the KVR, so we hustled across the street to the book store and purchased their last copy.
The next morning we left Kelowna for our return flights back to Dallas. By the time we arrived home that night I had studied and highlighted much of the book, Wow are we impressed with all the work and detail you have invested in this book. We are so very grateful for your passion and your writing of the book .
We are now planning our first KVR biking trip for next summer.

August 27, 2007
KVR Updates

Hi Dan,
Thanks for the pointers when I called you the other day.  The trip went well, but it started raining pretty hard at Portia so the whole group decided to shuttle to the tunnels, so we didn't do the last few KMs.  Nothing other than the tunnels can really compare to the Coquihalla canyon anyway.
A couple of observations:

      - Waldemar

August 19, 2008
Some KVR feedback and thoughts for the 4th edition

Hi Dan, Your book is a fine resource, and I look forward to seeing your 4th edition out next year.
My wife & I have been trying to explore some parts of the KVR over the last two weekends using the 3rd edition of your book. One thing that struck us was how hard it was to find our way to some of the road crossings and other access points (besides the obvious "0 km" ones like Princeton, Penticton, Merritt, Brookmere, etc). I'd suggest that an appendix giving some driving directions to some of the access points would be helpful, e.g. how on earth would I find "Patchet Road" ? Maybe a good subset would be access points that are ~10km apart or at some major discontinuity (e.g. before or after an Indian reservation).

We've now ridden:

The ATVs are annoying, but I don't see an easy solution. They have almost all been courteous when passing us, but in a few cases been a little unaware of the dust volume they are raising. It occurred to us rather late, but let me share this idea as food for thought. When we first met ATVs we tended to be the first to stop and move over to let them pass by. This encourages them to "get past you and out of your way" in a hurry, which means a bit more dust, noise, & exhaust. When we kept riding towards them, they pulled over and let us pass on the trail. Which was much more civilized from our point of view. Of course there are some safety issues around this approach, but I think it works better overall. So perhaps we should be willing to settle for pedals-have-right-of-way-over-ATVs. I'd rather not see them at all, but based upon what I saw in a few days, I don't think that'll happen, e.g. there are tour operators with groups of 15 or more around Brookmere. Still, I'll be sending e-mail to whoever I can think of asking for some restrictions, limitations, or exclusions on ATVs on these abandoned rail lines. But to be realistic, there are a lot of ATV owners that are going to want to ride somewhere. Cheers, ...Rob

August 11, 2008
Nancy and Ian
Re: question regarding the KVR

Hi again Dan - just thought I would let you know that we have returned home after enjoying a wonderful trip from Rock Creek to Penticton. Our girls did fantastic on the trail. I must admit that it was tough going through much of it as the sand made travel slow at times with each of us having to focus all the time on the ground closely in front of us! Having said this, the scenery was brilliant with the highlights being our ride through Myra Canyon on the tressles and finding lots of great swimming holes to cool off....and dust off too! McCulloch Resort is currently closed due to a massive renovation and sadly Chute Lake Resort is struggling to find people to work there and keep the place going (what a cool spot though). Your book certainly came in handy though....enjoy your future adventures on the bike!! Cheers, Nancy and Ian

August 10, 2008
Jaynie Mille
kettle valley questions

Hi Dan, We are planning a trip to the KVR - leaving on Wednesday - with our 51/2 year old daughter who will ride on a trail-a-bike. The plan is to start at Mcculoch Lake finish at Pentiction. Have you heard anything about the "soft spots" on that part of the trail? Any suggestions for camping spots apart from Chute Lake? Any other advice? Jaynie

August 9, 2008
Lisa Bramson phone 250 825-9282 subject: post message Message:

We have hired a shuttle van for Sunday Aug. 17 around 1:00 PM from Naramata/Penticton to Beverdell via Carmi. If anyone wants to join in and share the cost, please notify us now! Phone: 240 825-9282 . (leaving home Mon. Aug. 11 around 11:00 AM) Thank you Lisa Bramson

August 8, 2008
Trevor and Stephany Dinn
Kids and the KVR

Hi Dan, Good to see all the updates on the website. I like the pic below of us too! Just thought I'd give some thoughts on our experience on our 4 day tour in June from Beavedell to Penticton with our 2 girls (2 and 1/2 years old and 8 months)on the KVR. 1st. We all loved it, its been the highlight of our summer! The toddler still talks about it today! She really enjoyed the camping, lakes, fishing, and the cycling. It really is a wonderful way to experience some great BC wilderness. I'd highly recommend it for anyone. Since there wasn't a lot of info out on the web about cycle touring with kids, I thought I'd share some of ours. We had a 2 child chariot with suspension, pulled by a commuter bike, and a Bob Yak trailer pulled by a mountain bike. Since there was some sandy sections and at times rough and short rocky sections, I'd highly recommend a child trailer with suspension. We were glad we had it. The trailer was for the most part fine to pull, however some wider tires on it may have helped in the sand. The Bob was pretty good since it tracks behind you on the single path of the trail. It worked great when its not too over weighted, but unstable with a heavy load. The 2 wheeled trailer would straddle the path and therefore had a bit more resistance. I also had to constantly think about how to get my bike as well as the additional 2 wheels (and the important cargo between them) around bumps, rocks etc. The commuter bike did the job and without flats, but I wouldn't do it again. the 1.4 inch slick tires were too narrow especially from Myra Canyon to Penticton. I'd recommend tires 2.0 or larger and with some offroad tread. The kids were very good, however they did get bored and cranky at times so we had treats for them, as well as many breaks. We averaged 40 km per day (30km-60km) at an overall average cycle speed of 12.6 km/hr and that was enough for both parents and kids. Since we didn't have a shuttle arranged, we rented a car in Penticton and drove it to pick up our car in Beaverdell. I'd highly recommend the rental agency. Very helpful, I bet he might be even able to help someone with a shuttle. The agency is on the web at I'd also recommend the General store in Beaverdell. They were very helpfull and helped us with parking the car. We are now thinking of doing some more cycle touring with the kids. Can you tell us how the rest of the ride was to Hope? or about rail/trails in Idaho? Thanks for your great work on the website and book. Trevor and Stephany Dinn (and kids), Kamloops, BC

August 8, 2008
Lisa Bramson
Shuttle wanted

My husband and I are biking Beverdell to Naramata (or Pentictin), starting Tuesday, August 12. We are looking for a shuttle back to Beverdell on Sunday August 17th. Can anyone out there help? We have contacted Wildways and Monashee Mtn. Tours, but are trying other folks out there. Please respond email or phone 250 825-9282 (Nelson BC). Many thanks, Lisa

August 2, 2008
Doug Werme
quads and dirtbikes

Dear KVR, I just returned fron a wonderful trip, cycling the TransCanada trail from Fernie to Kelowna.
The only lowpoint of the trip was the rail trail between Grand Forks and Greenwood. We rode that section on a Sunday, and it was full of motorized traffic, ignoring the closure signs, flying around blind corners and actually pushing us off the trail on occasion. When we pointed out that the trals is closed several became very angry and aggressive, complaining about "people from out of town" It would appear that this section has been taken over by the local motorsport community. The signs offered an RCMP number to call, but there was no cell phone coverage,
I would suggest that this section needs local enforcement, and it should be rerouted if is not possible.
Do you have any suggestions as to who I might contact to relate my experience?
Thanks, Doug Werme Fernie, BC

August 2, 2008
Dan Langford
Re:quads and dirtbikes

Hi Doug, Had a similar experience last month. Was guiding a tour and doing research for the next edition and found the same thing. Got lots of pictures of the yahoos. Had to stop and let the dust clear every time. There were places we did not make much progress. It's also one of the reasons the Europeans are not coming back to do the KVR. This problem was starting to find it's way into magazines in Europe and I started getting Emails asking whether it was worth coming to Canada just before the trestles in Myra burnt down. They were wondering if they would just find the trail all chewed up and be bothered by all the dust and noise with all the ATVs. The trestles burnt down just as this was becoming a major issue. With the trestles gone, there were very few cyclists on the trail. That is now starting to change. Sandra called Tourism BC (Spirit 2010 ) a couple of weeks ago and they seemed totally oblivious to the problem. They technically are the owners of the trail and with their big promotion of the trail coinciding with the winter Olympics you might think the problem of quads and dirt bikes might make them wake up and do something. I would suggest going to Tourism BC (Spirit 2010), Minister of Tourism, TCT, Trails BC. All are stewards of the Trail. The more they hear there is a problem maybe they might get the message. I hope they hear you. Good luck, Dan

June 2008

This may explain why there is a problem.

August 2, 2008
Pale Face Pass

On September 2nd two of us are riding from Kelowna to Hope on the KVR. If we have spare time available and the weather is favourable we are thinking of riding through to Cultas Lake via the Silver Hope Trail descending though Pale Face Pass. Can anyone give any current information on the condition of the Pass, being passable or impassable due to WASH BARS and other obstacles related to this area. We are towing Bob Trailer for this trip. Perhaps that fact may make it very difficult and not feasible? Any help information would be greatly appreciated! Please respond too: also Thank you Alex Galitzine

July 31, 2008

Hi Dan, Just cycled the new Myra Canyon section and it was so fabulous....good on the gov for restoring it and not charging fees to use it. Heard great reviews about your book from a fellow cyclist on same route and I would like to know if you are currently writing a 4th edition and if so, when would you expect it to be ready for distribution? Thanks, May

July 31, 2008
Dan Langford

Hi May, Working on a new edition right now. Will not be out until next year. Dan

July, 29, 2008
Sally Thicke

I there, I'm hoping someone can assist with information regarding getting riders from the vehicle end spot (Chute Lake Resort) to the start spot (Rock Creek) on August 10th. There would be 2 people in need of transportation. Any suggestions of how this could be done would be much appreciated. I am also looking at leaving a vehicle in Naramata which would mean that the riders would need to get from Naramata rather than Chute Lake to Rock Creek. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Sally

July, 28, 2008
Nancy and Ian
question regarding the KVR

Hi Dan - we have been looking on the various websites regarding the KVR and are interested in cycling parts of it with our two daughters aged 8 and 12. My husband and I have bike toured a fair amount and we have recently started up again with our girls doing some great trips over on the Gulf and San Juan Islands. We would like to get some more information on the KVR and do plan to purchase the latest edition of the book that is available. My question to you is what would you suggest as a good starting point for us on this trip. We live in Victoria and would drive up to the Interior. Time is not really a factor for us as we are both teachers and have the summer off. Our farthest bike trip with our girls to date is 7 days and they are happy to that plus perhaps extend to 10 days. With this in mind, I would really value any input you might have on cycling this great looking route on the KVR. I can appreciate that you may not be able to extend us any info but if you're able to pass any little amount our way, it would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to head off shortly so if you're around it would be great to hear back from you. Thanks so much.... Cheers, Nancy and Ian from Victoria!

Hi Nancy and Ian - Tough question. I have boys the same ages as your girls and was some what surprised the two did an 80 km day with Sandra and I this summer on the KVR. I think the biggest problem is the trail surface is getting chewed up from the ATV traffic which makes biking on the KVR more difficult. I was finding that what would normally take me about 4 hours to do was now taking just over 6. Just make sure you have wide tires on all the bikes (2.1 or better and low air pressure). Have a great trip, Dan

Hi Dan - thanks so much for getting back to me on this...we went out and bought the latest edition of the KVR and it's been great to read through. Have also talked to a few people since and found lots of varying opinions on which way to go etc...have decided to start at Rock Creek and cyle round to Penticton. Have friends in Penticton where we can leave our vehicle and also had two sets of friends that went this way and enjoyed it a great deal. We have set our expectations to travel 30-50km per day but I also feel that our girls may be able to handle more if they wish. Have got lots of time on our hands so don't need to be somewhere by a certain time which is a nice situation to be in....I'll let you know how it goes!!! Thanks again for getting back to me and also for putting this book together...great resource... Cheers, Nancy and Ian

July 28, 2008
John Flaherty
KVR Trail updates - Carmi Subdivision
Hi Dan,

My wife Virginia and I just finished a great bike tour of the Carmi Subdivision of the KVR. We printed up the latest updates from the website and were carrying the 3rd edition of your book. Here are some changes that were not documented anywhere we could find. Note that when we click on many links on the updates section, it said page not found – perhaps these things are already documented, but we couldn’t view them.

1. 33.0 km. The Westbridge General Store burned down 2 years ago according to a local source. No place to buy food in Westbridge. We ate Saskatoons and thimbleberries on the trail instead.

2. 39.9 km. Paul Lautard’s place now has a replica caboose that sleeps 3 people free of charge. Great stop.

3. 68.1 km. Beaverdell Hotel was temporarily closed when we arrived. We had reservations and no one contacted us to say it was closed. We ended up at Tamarack Lodge across the street. Vicky is the manager/owner of Tamarack and was very nice. There was a sign on the Beaverdell Hotel directing people to Zack’s Tenting and Cabins. Zack’s seemed like they would accommodate people if they had room. They have 4 rooms. We heard some very sordid stories (drugs, beatings, mean to customers) about the owner of the Beaverdell Hotel.

4. 118.1 km. The Idabel Lake Resort only accepts reservations for a minimum of one week. Not good for cyclists on the move. Louise Middlemiss and the Raven B&B are the only game in town for cyclists wanting a one night stay.

5. 121.8 km. McCulloch Lake Resort still closed. Louise at Raven B&B tells us that when they re-open it will probably be like Idabel Lake Resort with longer stays only, so no good for cyclists passing through.

We had a great time on the trail and really appreciated your guidebook. Thanks!

Cheers, JOHN

July 24, 2008
Shelly Hayes
no accomodation at McCulloch Lake

Greetings from Chilliwack Dan, We are planning to ride the section from Beaverdell to Penticton in the 3rd week of Aug/08. Having a little trouble finding accomodation and would appreciate your help. I've have finally received an email from McCulloch Lake resort, they are currently under construction and no not offer accomodation at this time. Do you know of anything close by? We were hoping that we wouldn't have to bring camping equipment but will if we absolutely must. Other news, Chute Lake Resort isn't offering accomodation in the lodge (Doreen says they are having trouble securing staff for it) It sounds like there are a few B & B's around there (very expensive) and offer accomodation for a 2 - 3 night minimum stay. Do you have any suggestions for that area? Shelly

July 21, 2008
Some questions on the Kettle Valley Trail

Dear Dan, My husband, 2 year old son and I are heading to Penticton/Osoyoos/Princeton to cycle for about 9 days on the Kettle Valley. We're looking at your book and trying to decide if the bike trailer and the distances and all that will work for the amount of time we have and the trails. I wanted to double check that they are in a condition that a chariot trialer can be towed on them and ask for any advice you might have. thanks Yvonne

July 14, 2008
Bike trailers & the KVR

Hi Dan - my wife & I are planning a 2wk trip camping the KVR from Castlegar through to Princeton (possibly Hope?) this August. Is using a bike trailer a reasonable option, or will it bring so much frustration that we should scrap the idea? Would appreciate your counsel... Ron

July 7, 2008

We are hoping to cycle the Kettle Valley Railway from Kelowna to Penticton the week of July 13th. Can you tell me WHERE we can rent bikes for the day?? Also is there a shuttle service available from Penticton back to Kelowna. We would like to remain independent and are not interested in signing on with a tour. Any information you could give to us would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! Sheena Brewer

July 7, 2008
Jamie McMillian
Kettle Valley trail recommendation

Hi Dan, Thanks for all of the great info on your web site, I found it very informative and helpful. My son and I are experienced riders and looking at cycling part of the KVR in Sept. and would like a suggestion as to what section would be good in terms of scenery and camping availability. We'll only have 3 days of riding time available and will be coming in from Vancouver. Would it be best to start at the Hope end or drive farther into the Interior to take advantage of cycling above Okanagan lake? We have the use of a 26' travel trailer with a friend who would go ahead and set-up camp but will this size of trailer be problem in terms of sites? Any help/feedback is appreciated and I'll be purchasing your book before we leave for reference. Thank You Jamie McMillan

July 7, 2008
Dave Aldous
GPS waypoints and shuttles

Hi dan

Firstly, thanks so much for putting all of this helpful information about the KVR on the web. My wife and I are going to cycle Midway to Pentiction in august and your book and web site have planning a snap. I have a couple of questions that I was wondering if you could help me with.

1) I am trying to find a shuttle from Penticton to Midway, do you have any suggestions?

2) I just bought a garmin GPS and am excited to use it on the trip. I don’t know just exactly how it works yet but I assume/hope that out there in the internet are some waypoints or other downloadable route data for navigating the railway and for marking points of interest. Are you aware of any that you can point me to?


Dave Aldous


Dan I did some more searching after my last email and found your site detailing the maps and calibration files. As well as the site with the myra-bypass.gdb file. If you have anything else feel free to pass it along. Thanks, Dave Aldous

July 7, 2008
Heather Daynard
Trail Guidebook Suggestions

Hi Dan.

We just completed the KVR from Rock Creek to Summerland and really enjoyed it. I am so glad we had your guide with us – it was invaluable and I would strongly recommend that anyone doing the trail have a copy with them. It would be difficult to follow the trail in some places without it.

Some suggestions I would have your next update of the book:

Don’t list Beaverdell Hotel as a potential accommodation. It is completely unreliable and at $95 a night, it is a total rip-off. We had no hot water, no key to lock our room when we were out, and the incredibly loud music that started suddenly late in the bar kept us awake for two hours. We were shown a TV that we could watch and a frig that we could store food in….but after the staff person left, we found they did not work. There was no one around to answer questions or help us. Most of the lights were missing lightbulbs and there was no running water in the bedrooms (even although they all had sinks). We had planned to get dinner and breakfast there but quickly realized that was not going to happen. Luckily, we found out in time to buy some supplies at the store. Unfortunately, the Tamarack Inn and the Mama Mia restaurants were both closed. Others we met on the trail had booked at Zack’s – it didn’t look very lively when we were there but from all accounts, it is far superior to the Beaverdell Hotel. It’s too bad that the Beaverdell Hotel is just a façade – I think the owner has merely restored it to serve as his own private party house.

I would suggest you include more info about the surface material that bikers will encounter on various parts of the trail. We weren’t expecting it to be so challenging – neither the very rocky parts between Rock Creek and Beaverdell; nor the very sandy/gravelly parts from Beaverdell to Myra; Ruth to Naramata; and Penticton to Summerland. We had no problems and were able to navigate it with hybrid bikes. But fatter tires would be better and I think more info on the trail surface would help riders be more prepared. They need to know that they will have to peddle even on the downhill sections and to work to keep their front wheel straight most of the time.

I’m sure you already know that Chute Lake is now only operating as a campsite. Too bad – it must have been a lovely resort to stay at. And also that McCulloch Lake Resort is not available. We stayed at the Raven’s at Idabel Lake and it was great. Louise provided a meal package (dinner, breakfast and a packed lunch) for $48 each and the suite was terrific – a much better deal for $100 than Beaverdell Hotel for sure.

Add an odometer to the list of things to bring. It would be hard to know where you are on the trail without one.

Thanks again for your book – it really made a difference!


July 6, 2008
Wendy Jansen
Arlington Lakes

I was just having a look at your website and I didn't notice any mention of Arlington Lakes as a stop along the route. I was just there camping, and hiked a small portion of the KVR, but they have camping ($10/night) and a small store has opened there as well that is run by the hosts (water, pop, soup, Kraft Dinner, ice, wood, fishing bait, etc). Your website and book look like great resources as I look to hike/bike more of this route. Thanks, Wendy

July 4, 2008
Bill Chalk
KVR Carmi bike trip webpage

Anyone interested in seeing recent pictures (June 9 - 12, 2008) of the Midway to Penticton portion of the KVR, I've made a webpage at:

July 3, 2008
Chute Lake Resort

The resort is not open due to the lack of availability to find staff. I called tonight as a group of us were wanting to stay there this month
Note: Camping only

July 3, 2008
bike ride
Louis Doescher

Hi Dan: I got from the website your first name and email address. I'm planning for the first two weeks of Sept. a mountain bike camping trip on the KVR. There will be three or four of us and we plan on camping for two nights and staying in B&B's or motels on each third night. I have the book, Cycling the Kettle Valley Raildoad, but need to know, or where to find out, whether the campsites along the KVR are reserved sites or first come first served. Also whether we can camp most anywhere along the route. Will the sites be crowded in Sept, or is the busy time earlier in the summer? Any information, or where to find such information, you could email me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You,

July 3, 2008
Ken Gross
Princeton Subdivision

bankier there lakes store closed as of may 2008 atv's and motorbikes have made trail soft and hard to pedal, from chain lake to trout creek logging road this part of trail is destroyed

July 1, 2008
Irene Fast
Beaverdell to Coalmont

Hi Dan.....I hope this is the right email.....I gave Liz the book back before I copied the email address but got this one from a website. Attached are a couple of pics for now.....maybe I'll try to figure out how to download them all on a website or something. Thank you again for being a great tour guide - I enjoyed myself sooo much!! Irene Fast

Dan Langford and Léon Lebrum (Southwest Director Trails BC) at the Myra Canyon Trestles Grand Opening.

June 28, 2008
request general info

Hi Dan – I’m an avid cyclist, but have mostly done road routes, e.g., cycled Victoria BC to St John’s NFLD in 2003 with my son. Since returning from that trip, I’ve got my wife into cycling, but again mostly on roads and she likes to avoid major mountain ranges and heavy traffic. We tend to do a lot of cycling to and from B&B’s around Victoria and the Gulf Islands, using the old railbeds of the Lochside Trail and Galloping Goose bike trails as much as possible. I thought that the KVR might be a perfect trip for the both of us as it is on old railway grades and therefore presumably is pretty flat and has no cars except for the odd road crossing. In doing some background checking I came across your website and wondered if you’d mind answering some questions.

How recent is your info on the website and in the 3rd edition?

I’m used to doing 100 km a day on long road trips, and my wife has done up to 80 km on the railway bike trails here. From what I gathered on your website, there appear to be some portions of the KVR that are slow going – for the section from Midway to Princeton, what would be the average, easy day’s ride in km.

Are there B&B’s spread along the way so that we could hit one every night, or is bring camping gear a must?

Similarly, are there food sources along the way?

Most importantly, is a mountain bike a necessity? We both have hybrids which are more comfortable on roads, but can easily handle the Goose and Lochside trails on old rail beds in Victoria where the surface is mostly packed gravel or hardpan. Are all the answers to these and other questions available in the 3rd edition? I bought a book on the West Coast Trail before hiking it and found it invaluable as it was very recent and therefore accounted for every km of the route accurately. I know that the fires in 2003 caused a lot of problems for the KVR and wondered if the 3rd edition was published since then after the repair work was done?

Oh, one more thing, we were thing of driving to Princeton, leaving the vehicle their and somehow transporting ourselves and bikes to Midway and then riding back to our vehicle? Are there places in Princeton to leave safely the vehicle and what would be the best way to get us and our bikes to Midway?

Thanks for any help you can provide. Cheers, Myke

June 26, 2008
Re Princeton Subdivision

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. You must get tired of answering the same questions over and over again. Since I emailed you, I checked out the news section of your website and found a lot of very helpful info. Looking forward to this year's trip and re-riding the Carmi section when the trestles are complete. Keep up the great work. Paul

June 25, 2008
Bryan Kingsfield

Is there any area along the KVR where bears are an issue. Does one hang ones food in the trees anywhere?

June 24, 2008

Hi Dan - I am a big fan of the KVR in from Toronto for a few days. I have done most of the eastern portion and now wanted to do some around Merritt. I hoped to do the NK&S later this week. Any advice? Best direction? Bike rentals? Shuttles? Cheers, Pat

June 23, 2008
Jim LaMorte, Email NO
KVR - Penticton to Castlegar

The wife and I pedalled from Penticton to Castlegar from May 24 to May 31
2007. Absolutely one of the best vacations we have ever enjoyed. In our “fit
fifties,” we decided to book B&Bs along the way. Our stops:

Chute Lake ­ Chute Lake Resort, 250-493-3535, ask Gary and Doreen about
their experience with the 2003 wildfire. Great tales!
Hydraulic Lake ­ Louise Middlemiss at Idabel Lake,,
250-484-5490, about 10 km off the trail, but great service, great food.
Beaverdell ­ Tamarack Lodge, 250-484-5490, where Monique and husband Rosie
can share some incredible stories.
Rock Creek ­ Grouse Ridge B&B, 250-446-2890, Carol and Wilf at beautiful
site near Johnstone Creek, great people, great food, and you have to meet
dog Nook and cat Bubba.
Grand Forks ­ River Bend B&B, 250-442-5171, Susan on 19th Ave.
Christina Lake ­ Brio B&B, 250-447-6393, where Joan offers a cozy cabin.

Heading east from Christina Lake, an unofficial sign at the trail kiosk said
“Trail closed, Fife to Ferron” for logging, but we went anyway and saw no
trucks. Also, some kind souls built a bypass around the washout east of
Lafferty (about 19 trail kms north and east from Christina Lake). Check with
the Wild Ways adventure shop in Cristina Lake 250.447.6561,, for the latest news on access.
We found two great places for milk shakes along the way ­ The Copper Eagle
Deli in Greenwood, and the Great Canadian Ice Creamery in Christina Lake.
Next trip, we will also try to spend a Saturday evening in Penticton for
music night at the Dream Café (check for entertainment
We returned our bikes to Penticton by renting a one-way UHaul, but Wilf and
Carol at the Grouse Ridge B&B in Rock Creek say they will transport people
or vehicles to help KVR cyclers

June 22, 2008
Princeton subdivision

I am planning to cycle the Princeton subdivision in October 07. I would like to start in Penticton and finish at Brookmere. I would like to travel light and stay in motels, cabins or whatever is available along the way. I have cycled the Myra Canyon section (before the fire) and enjoyed it immensely because of the great accommodations along the route. I can easily cover 50 km per day but would prefer a little less to make it a more enjoyable, relaxed trip. I have your book and it looks like there is access back to Hwy. #40 near Trout creek, Kirton station. For the second night I would like to stop near the end of Chain Lakes, then on to Princeton for the third night. Stop over near Coalmont for the fourth night and on to Brookmere for the fifth night. I will also need a shuttle ride back to Penticton from Brookmere. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks, Paul

June 20, 2008
Mark Fisher
update on trestle reconstruction

Hi Dan… I’m guessing you probably gets lots of request for what I’m going to ask – can you advise the status of trestle reconstruction on the myra canyon area – I’ve cycled there before, but thought I might take my wife to the area this weekend only if I can get her to experience the trestles, or part of… Thanks Mark Fisher

June 19, 2008
Greg Egan
Accommodation by the KVR

Hi Dan , Thanks for the reply . Again , a quick perusal at may help . Thanks from Greg & Marietta Egan

June 18, 2008
Biking from Beaverdell to Penticton

We are planning to bike from Beaverdell to Penticton along the KVR trail the first week of July, and want to know if there are any B&B's along the way... have been unable to get the book at Chapters and time is running out... help.... any advice re the route? We are not super bikers, just recreational...

June 17, 2008
Info on KVRR bike route from Midway to Osoyoos via Penticton

With the re-openning of the Myra canyon, we are planning a trip to bike the KVRR from Midway around the horn to Osoyoos the later part of July 2008. I have a copy of your book (edition 2) but was hoping to get some current information on the trail. Any information about the trail that differs from the book we have would be greatly appreciated. We want to stay off the highway as much as possible.

June 15, 2008
Shuttle Service

Hi Dan – could you point me in the right direction. I was wondering how to get from Penditction back to my car at Midway – I am prepping for a bke tour along the railway in the first week of July.

June 15, 2008
Shuttle from Osoyoos to Midway

We are planning on doing the Kettle Valley Trail from Midway to Osoyoos in the later part of July and are looking for a shuttle service to get us from Osoyoos back to our vehicle in Midway. If any one knows of a company that offers this service we would appreciate the information. Thanks,

June 14, 2008
Bill Chalk
Carmi subdivision trail conditions

Eight from Victoria did Midway to Penticton, June 9 - 12, 2008 with stops at Beaverdell, Idabel Lake and Chute Lake. There are a number of big puddles on both sides of Myra canyon, with water up to the axles (the panniers were dragging in the water so lining them with garbage bags is a good idea). We rode through most, although some have fist-sized rocks on the bottom which are hard to see and steer around, so some of our party walked. The edges are walkable but not without getting soakers. And it's of little consequence, because the four - five kilometers of trail between Ruth and the Bellevue trestle is a mud-bath- impossible to avoid by cycling because it's so irregular and sticky, so expect to be walking in a few spots with mud over your ankles. This stretch of the trail is chewed up by logging machinery and with all the rain it's just turned into gumbo in places. To wash off the mud we literally dunked our bikes into Chute Lake off the dock. Everywhere else was fine, trailwise. Other advise- If you are not camping, the accomodation/food situation is a little chancey. We were lucky to get places and meals as some of the individuals are getting tired and worn out and may not offer services soon if they can't get a break.

June 10, 2008
Inge Wilson
Secure Parking - Hope

Dan - Greetings from Hope - you are welcome to leave your vehicle parked behind the Hope Museum for the duration of your travels but there is no security here... we would need you to leave your name, contact #, vehicle description & license plate number with our staff on the day that you park your vehicle - we would check to see that it was parked in an appropriate location we would want you to confirm the date of your return with us. I would not leave anything of great value in the vehicle.
Other options are the Silver Hope Mini Storage (604-869-5288)or Storage Max (604-869-2000 - this facility is located centrally behind McDonalds and the cost should be about $30 for 2 weeks) - these locations are secure. You can contact them for details. "Hope" this helps.... Inge Wilson Hope Visitor Centre & Museum Complex Destination Hope & Beyond Services P.O. Box 370-919 Water Avenue Hope, B.C. V0X 1L0 T 604-869-2021 F 604-869-2160

June 7, 2008
Cycling for older adults

Looking to cycle a part of the KVR later this month. It would be a day trip, we are older adults seeking a fairly level part of the trail - would you have suggestions as to where we should go? We will be in the Okanagan, Osoyoos to Kelowna areas. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Geraldine

June 4, 2008
Jim B
Midway to Penticton snowpack level?

We are planning to finish the KVR ride this year, in 2005 we did the Castlegar to Midway hop (excellent!!!) but stopped because the Myra Canyon trestles links were not rebuilt yet. We are hoping to ride in the last week of June'08 from Midway to Osoyoos...anybody have any idea of what the snowpack conditions on trail may be like then? Considering the cold spring we have so far, one wonders if the trails will clear enough. Thanks...

June 4, 2008
Jim B
south of Penticton trail

Last time I rode the westside (Skaha Lake) trail from Penticton to south of OK Falls two years ago, there was no problem. Remember this right-a-way was purchased by the BC Gov't for public use, there is some private encroachment but the access to the trail is open (maybe the odd gate or two)...

June 4, 2008
tom lloyd
Hoping to cycle the c&w in mid aug.

can anyone tell me what kind of shape it is in. Thanks Tom Lloyd

June 2, 2008
McCulloch Lake Resort

Hi there, McCulloch Lake Resort has a website now. We will be detailing more about the cycling in short order. ~D

June 2, 2008
Barb Email:
Skaha lake trail

Our group consists of 5 women and we are in the final planning stages of our trip from Rock Creek - Penticton - Osoyoos from July 30th to Aug 4/5th. We are having a hard time getting consistent info for the section south of Penticton. We have been told that the western side of Skaha lake can be restricted due to riding on private land so take the Eastside road but then another person said that the westside trail is wonderful. Does anyone have current info that we can rely and plan on? We would like to stay off the highway as much as possible. Also does anyone have a phone # or email for McCullough Stn? We are planning on camping but would like to pre-book sites if possbile. Thanks for any and all help.

June 2, 2008
Mary Jane Terzi

Hello, Four of us are riding the KVRT in early Sept. from Midway to Princeton and are in need of transport back to Midway from Princeton. Any info re a shuttle service would be great. e-mail address is: Mary Jane Terzi

June 1, 2008
Dave & Heather Remillard
Midway Mobile Home & RV Park

We are the new owners of the Midway Mobile Home & RV Park, which we purchased Oct 30/07 from Jack & Barb VanRyn. We have beautiful park-like grassy sites and want to invite all bikers of the KVR section of the transCanada trail to camp here, directly behind the Railway Museum, we are at 925 Thirteenth Avenue in Midway. We have a very accessible, quiet park and will give special discount rates to groups, but charge only $10 including showers for single riders. We want to encourage enjoyment of this beautiful section of the trail and if you look under the Village of Midway site, you will see us advertised there under accommodations. Our names are Dave & Heather Remillard and our telephone number is 250-449-2739.

June 1, 2008
Lynn Asquith
Bike hire and access to Myra Canyon

We are planning a trip in late October from UK and would like to rent bikes and cycle the Myra Canyon section. Any suggestions on nearby bike hire locations and access/shuttles up to the Trail would be much appreciated. Thanks.

May 26, 2008
Dave Cason
Chute Lake?

Hi Dan, First off the site still rocks! You do a really good job on keeping it current. I've done the KVR about 5 times and want to go for a frolic again this year. So I know that all the trestles in Myra Canyon are alive again but do you know if Chute Lake Resort is open and alive? That's was always a favorite haunt of ours. Since time might be a factor this year I was thinking of Beaverdell and then up and over the top to Okanagan Falls .... and the if the lads are ambitious further south Osoyoos and call it done .... what do you think? Do you know what's still up for detours along that route at this point? Cheers' Dave Cason

May 20, 2008
Kelowna area

To Dan, A group of us are interested in biking part of the kettle valley railway around the Kelowna area. We have two days to bike. Therefore I was hoping to get some information from someone who was directly in the know of this area and how to maximize our time.If you can help us out that would be great.Thanks. Brenda

May 15, 2008
Simone Unsworth
Trail at Kaleden

Hi. Not sure if I am sending this to the right person. I am a resident of Kaleden and use the KVR to bike into Penticton to work daily. I wanted to know who is in charge of maintaining it? It is very rocky this year and needs a little tlc. I have to fight just to stay upright a lot of the time. Also there have been motorcycles ripping up and down the tracks destroying the path as well. Is it possible to get signs put up for no motorized vehicles? The path all- in-all is very unpleasant to ride. Thank you, Simone Unsworth

May 14, 2008
Linda Hill
Three Lakes Store in Bankier / Soaring Swallows B and B

We will be cycling from Princeton to Penticton next week. We just found out that the Three Lakes Store in Bankier (on the Kettle Valley Trail between Summerland and Princeton) has permanently closed down. We have booked to stay at Soaring Swallows B and B. Carol Terry (owner) will be cooking dinner for us, putting us up in one of her cabins, cooking breakfast and making us a bag lunch. The cost of this great service will be $65 per person. She was saying that Bankier is at the Summit and the snow is finally all gone.

May 9, 2008
Terry Malanchuk
It was a Good Blakeburn

* * * * * * * * ANNOUNCING * * * * * * * *

May 8, 2008
Dog restricitons

I am planning a few days of cycling along the Kettle Valley railway and would really like to bring my dog along. Are there any restrictions about dogs on the trail? I am a responsible dog owner and will gladly pick up after him and leash him as required. I just need to know if he is allowed on the trail.Thanks Greg

May 4, 2008
Great Exploations
Myra Canyon Opening Tour

Great Explorations
Kettle Valley Trail, British Columbia

It’s one of Canada’s most prized assets- an off-road trail that crosses British Columbia from Castlegar to Hope, a distance of over 700 km. Incorporated into the Trans-Canada Trail, this route has garnered attention around the world as one of the premier trails anywhere-Outside Magazine called it one of the top trips on the Planet. The forest fires of 2003 damaged the trestles through Myra Canyon but they have since been re-built and are re-opening to the public in June of this year. To celebrate, Great Explorations has planned a trip to coincide with the formal opening and noted historian and author Dan Langford will be riding.

June 20-26 2008
Click here for more information

May 4, 2008
Re: Camping Beaverdell to Chute Lake

We are cycling at the end of June/beginning of July and I am wondering about good camping options between Beaverdell and Chute Lake. Also, are bears more of a concern in some areas? If so, which sites are more likely to be visited by bears? Thanks.

May 4, 2008

DEAR READER, This brief letter is to announce that the Blakeburn Project is expanding! I am excited to report that I am combining my efforts to document the historic past of the Similkameen and to promote tourism in the area with those efforts of the TULAMEEN PROJECT. With the continued support of the Princeton Museum, together we intent to create an exciting future for those such as yourself who have developed a love for the area and its past. You will soon be seeing a number of changes to the Blakeburn web-site to better reflect its renewed focus on the area outside that old coal town. You will also be receiving e-mails from the Tulameen Project under the banner of : TULAMEEN TREASURES Follow the many exciting additions to the two Tulameen web-sites : You will soon receive details on the Tulameen Treasures Photo Contest and much more. It is for our love of this beautiful region of the Similkameen that the combined efforts of many local historians and business people is now being channeled into better informing everyone of the many treasures that are out there. What treasures you ask? Well, just come on board, tune in and find out. This will be quite a ride. Yours Gratefully, Terry Malanchuk

April 30, 2008
Dawn Davis
Pringle Road Guest House

Dear Dan, I would like to know if it was possible to get my guest house on your info web site. Please let me know how to proceed. My guest house can be accessed at, then Pringle Road Guest House. Sincerely, Dawn Davis 250-484-5126

April 15, 2008
Steve Chapman Virtual Outdoor Adventures
interactive map

Hello Dan, I noticed on your KVR website that you are looking for other relevant websites to link in. I would like you to consider our website: for inclusion. We are currently working with Leon Lebrun of Trails BC to create an interactive map for use by participants in the 2008 Trans Canada Trail Challenge. A link to the map can be found on the “Demos” page of our website. It covers the section of the Trans Canada Trail from Myra Canyon to Penticton. The ultimate intention is to use this interactive map as part of a DVD product that we intend to market. This product will combine the map with 360-degree photography, route descriptions and GPS support – a kind of digital guidebook if you like. The focus of this product will be detail, and so it will only cover the region covered in the map (Kelowna to Penticton). I understand you have your own guidebook for the KVR, so I would fully understand if you didn’t want to include our site because you viewed our upcoming product as potential competition. I would however hope that you would view the two guidebooks as “complementary”. I have taken the liberty of attaching our company logo should you choose to include us! Thanks for considering us.
Best regards, Steve Chapman Virtual Outdoor Adventures …leading edge technology……a new view of the World
e-mail: web:

April 14, 2008
dave weidkamp
cycling the KVR

We were thinking of trying to bike the KVR - just started looking up information - we perfer to stay in motels or B&B - not much into "camping". I would like to find good maps and possibly photo(s) of the trip. Last year we did the trail of the Coeur d'Alenes - it was fnatastic.
What ever info you can point me to is appreciated

April 13, 2008
Robert D. Jirava
questions re Kettle Valley Trail

Hi Dan: First of all let me thank you for your efforts in making the guidebook for the trail. It has occupied a coveted spot on my bedside and more importantly it has helped me to navigate the entire KVR length, solo, from Castlegar to Hope, back in 2003 just one month before the tragic fire. Couldn’t have done it without you. Next I would like to know if you are still involved in exploring other railtrails in BC or elsewhere, which are not listed in your book. If so we’d like to know where the trails are. I wonder if there are any nearby the Lower Mainland, but I think there may be slim pickin’s out here what with the railways keeping their properties in service. This year I will likely be going Castlegar – Hope again – are there any areas I should particularly watch for (good or bad) that the guide book has not covered? Thanks. Best regards, Robert D. Jirava

March 24, 2008

Carol Carlton Grouse Ridge B&B, Rock Creek
Myra Canyon Open

March 21, 2008
Trail is now open!
It has been over 4 years in the making, but we are very happy to report that the trestles have all been completed, and it is now possible to travel over the 12km route between Myra and Ruth trailheads. At the time of this writing, there is still, of course, snow on the route, but that will soon be gone. The trail will be re-surfaced once the frost has left the ground, and other finishing touches will be underway, so it will be necessary to watch out for these activities. Enjoy!
Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society

March 16, 2008

Idabel lake
Hi, Dan! Our cabin has a web site already, it is(

February 21, 2008
Where to get Book?

Hi Dan - A few of us women are going to probably do Midway to Coalmont starting June 18th. We are trying to locate your newest book. Tried at the Otter in Nelson a few weeks ago on a ski trip, but they didn't know when it would be in. Do you? A friend of mine is going to Nelson and Slocan Valley area next week and I'm wondering if you know if they have been distributed to those areas yet. Let me know. Thanks. May have more questions as time goes on.

February 19, 2008
Dick Johnson
Trestle Update

Could I get an update on the Myra canyon trestles? I have done the Coquihalla section of the trail and from Castlegar to Rock Creek but have yet to do the “middle” section due to the destroyed trestles. I am planning a trip on the KVR in August. I will go regardless of the trestles but it would be nice to avoid the bypass trail if possible. Thanks

February 17, 2008
Léon Lebrun
Tran Canada Trail Chanllenge 2008

Trans Canada Trail Challenge 2008

 Myra Station to Penticton Trans Canada Trail Pavilion

An 80-km section of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail

Sunday, July 6

 The following is an invitation to you and members of your group to participate in this year’s Trans Canada Trail Challenge event.

 Trails BC, the Myra Canyon Trestle Restoration Society, the Naramata Woodwackers, and the Summerland TCT Society along with regional communities/jurisdictions are pleased to offer its 8th Trans Canada Trail Challenge.  This year it will be held in conjunction with the re-opening of the Myra Canyon and the Penticton Centennial.  Participants will be able to discover and explore up to 80 km of the Trans Canada Trail on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

 You can choose to cycle, walk, run, or ride your horse in this non-competitive and personally challenging event.  Cyclists can choose to ride the full 80 km while walkers along with cyclists and runners can choose to do shorter sections that include the spectacular Myra Canyon with all its re-constructed trestles.  In the Myra Canyon alone there are 18 trestles and two tunnels.  Equestrians will be able to combine a ride with a walk or cycle in the Myra Canyon.

 If you haven’t already done so, go to our website: for more details and to register either online or by regular mail.  For information about the Myra canyon and its location go to:

 We sense that this will be a very popular event and registrations are limited.  Register early to avoid disappointment.

 Questions or comments can be directed to:

 Contact: Léon Lebrun


Phone: 604-942-6768

February 15, 2008
Joe Smuin
trestle at mileage 88.6

Hi Dan: I was just taking a quick poke through your website and see that you didn't know the status of the by-passed trestle at mileage 88.6, between what I think is now bridge 2 and 3. The remains of the trestle were burnt completely. I was in there last summer with the engineer in charge of the bridge building project and had a good look around. You'd never know that bridge had been there now. regards, Joe Smuin

Janaury 26, 2008

John Grant
good section to bike with an eleven year old alongside ...
Hi, wondering if you had a recommendation of trail section(s) that myself and my eleven year old son would comfortable enjoy. We're urban recreational bikers and are preparing to do a portion of the Kettle Valley Railway trail this summer. My idea is that we would tackle a section each year eventually completing the entire trail. My thought was a four day bike ride for this seasons outing with camping at night and possibly one hotel overnighter if the days and locations line them selves up accordingly. My wife and daughter will be camping at Gallagher Lake between Okanagan Falls and Oliver. We were thinking of planning a bicycling route that we would be dropped off at (as the family's driving out to Gallagher Lake). We would then bike out to Gallagher Lake via the Kettle Valley Railway trail. My son and I will be doing a dry run bike trip to simulate the length of day we think we can handle. Right now I'm thinking about 50K days but that might be on the short side. Anyway, lots of information here ... hopefully I'm not overwhelming you with questions. Appreciate any thoughts you have. Cheers, John Grant

Janaury 23, 2008
Karen Howorko
Summerland to Hope at end of June

In 2002 our family cycled from Rock creek to Osoyoos. This summer we want to complete the KVR and cycle from Summerland to Hope. Is this section of trail passable and in good shape the last week of June or can we expect snow or freezing streams to fjord with our bikes and gear?

Janaury 15, 2008
R. McDonald
Signs along highway 33

Hi: It was brought to my attention today that signs have been placed along Highway 33 from Midway to Beaverdell saying something about Trans Canada Trail 2010. What are these signs all about? Who posted these signs? I am interested because I thought the Trans Canada Trail on the old Kettle Valley Railway Bed and I was in Beaverdell at the ceremony acknowledging the Trail. Can you clarify these signs for me? I have not seen them myself so I don't know what they look like. Thank you. R. McDonald

March 14, 2008
Dan Langford
Re: Signs along highway 33

This web site should answer your questions.

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